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See Mark Hazlewood's sites at  

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regarding the "when"

For more emergency planning/preparedeness information go to


For a great summary  of the current state of affairs go to here

What you need to know about credit card processing

Get a video and much historical information at this site :

see also 

Awesome conspiracy website 

NASA information not available to the normal public available at 

Many Harrington articles here 

Bruce Raphael's site 

10 Super Homemade Insecticides And Bug Repellents:

Reflexology Hand And Foot Charts:

Top 14 Uses Of Ginger:

What Food Cravings Are Telling You About Your Nutrition:

Bees Can Be Trained To Detect Early Stage Cancer In TEN MINUTES:

How To Get Rid Of Moles With Apple Cider Vinegar:

Top 10 Herbs For Pain Relief:

How To Make Reusable Peppermint Kitchen Wipes:

Good current coverage & pics of solar flares & asteroid news 

Is X still coming?? 
shows it is - sequence of shots over time.

See  for history of poleshifts on earth.  

Much straight McCanney info here 

Scallion's earthchange map site  is at 

Many resources here 

you can even order a video of Planet X  here 

Di's site at 

A new site at  contains a great look, much information, and many additional resources 

NASA information (that they didn't hide quick enough)

Evidence, be it direct or indirect -- any court trial needs evidence in order to decide a verdict. However, indirect evidence, even though it may not be sufficient to convict a person who is suspected of committing a crime, sometimes is enough to show exactly what took place and how it took place. Such a case is lying before us now. The case is whether we should indeed talk about hysteria or about fact when discussing the possibility of a Planet X Flyby In 2003. A great amount of evidence has been presented already, but the jury is still out. The scales of justice on this matter have not tilted to either side yet. In this article additional evidence is presented. The question is, will it start to tilt the scales to one side or the  other? Lots of great info at this link.    a welldone site dealing with the apocalyptic aspects of the coming of Niburu. I do not agree with all that is presented here but it definitely gives a different perspective of the situation. 

Mayan Calendar - does it really predict the end of the world in 2012?

PX doesn't exist, then it's quite strange that scientists & astronmers are writing articles about it in the journals............even as far back as l988.............hmmmmmmmmmm!  A scientific Abstract Paper by Professor Harrington (who was assassinated for his trying to get the truth out) , written in  1988, on Planet X:

Comet Impact Predictions - "Before the time of Newton or Celestial Mechanics, during a time when witchcraft was widely believed, Mother Shipton and Nostradamus foresaw comet impacts on Earth near the beginning of this millenium, nearly 500 years in their future. Three thousand years earlier, Moses recorded the Hebrew Pentateuch that contained encoded dates of these impacts. Other biblical sources including Christ, Daniel and Zechariah warned of this danger. Recently, (alien) abductees, an alien crop circle and even "mystic"
humans have warned of these pending events. Surprisingly, all these sources
form a consist description of the impending catastrophe." Dr. Barry Warmkessel - The Divine Cosmos

Another excellent site for information on Planet X is 
Dennis' Blindsided web pages, 

Much info and many pics and links on this site    and 

Much extensive information including prophesies, pole shift info, global warming and earth change data, many planet X links and a very unique book called the "Cosmic Manuscript" can be found at  

Planetary Dynamics of the 12th Planet

This site goes way back with Niburu 

One of the best collections of solar flare anomolies; showing extraterrestrial spacecraft caught in the images 

Positions of X in relationship to the other planets come May 15, 2003 

For a fascinating presentation about the Sumerian information in a very detailed explanation with lots of diagrams, pics, and cuneiform tablet shots - go 
to    here   and click on "Evidence for Planet X". On page two is a great animation on how our earth segregated into continents.

Creator of , Jason Martell has one of the most
informative websites about Planet X on the Net. Featuring an
extensive multimedia library, including lectures he gave for
MUFON, Jason does a thorough job of linking Planet X to Zacharia
Sitchin's Nibiru through science. Watch his multimedia library at ; fascinating information!
: Good beginners guide on information 
pertaining to the Summerian's 12th planet

Zecharia Sitchin, world renown scholar/acheologist speaks of the planet "Niburu" and it's return orbit;  info can be found  here

Also see this site for someone who thinks Sitchin is not accurate:

The ZetaTalk site is one of the most extensive Planet X sites on the web - much information! Don't pass this site off as heresy; it contains information you just can't find elsewhere such as incoming position vector points and velocity of Planet X.  For the latest in updates from the zetatalk site go to

Good information on Earth stopping its rotation  when Planet X passes along with a map of who is in daylight and who's in the dark during this time can be found at :

PJ Stewart has considerable info on Planet X   here  

Mike Lewis has an extensive site devoted to PlanetX at 
Description : Learn about Super Volcanoes, Nuclear War, Asteroid Impacts,
plagues, Mega Tsunamis and more

For a very extensive site of links on Planet X go to :  

Another site with many links can be found at

Another great site for Niburu Information as well as galactic information 

For a map on how the earth may be changed by this passing see   In essence, if you live at an elevation of 1000 to 1500 feet or lower; you might want to consider moving to higher ground. If the above link does not work, I have the pic posted  here  also; along with a pic of what Europe will look like.

Web Sites For Earth Change Maps can be found at

Another look at  what our planet is suppose to look like after the
earthchanges? Go here and click on the "I Am America" map:  
Their website is  

More info with several pics can be found at  :

Jim McCanney also has a site on Planet X and astronomy; to 
order  his book  "Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes" go to 
Go to  
for a listing of Jim Mc Canneys archived radio talk shows. 

Andy Lloyd - Excellent site on perturbation theory; lots of pics  tollfree 1-888-707-7634 x297

Has Planet X been by before? There IS proof! 

More info on X

Here is the link for the original 1983 Washington Post announcement of Planet X by our government:   Also see the text of the announcement  here 

For a great discussion on past pole shifts and pole shifting from a scientific bent complete with formulas, go to : : A good beginner's primer on the 12th planet and the poleshift : A great comprehensive site on a more IMMEDIATE threat from our own government, prior to the coming shift. : A 3-d modeling project describing the mechanics of the poleshift : Andrew Lloyds Dark Star Theory Webpage. Great scientific source on validity of 12th planet, an extension of the work of Zacharia Sitchin : A Site with numerous links related to the return of the 12th planet

Books and sources on the greater cosmic reality humanity is now being introduced to, i.e. the true word of God. : Kithra's Krystal Kave : Another's take on the Planet X /2003 scenario. : Source of the RA material books, answers the larger questions you've always considered unanswerable There are 5 books that contain the transcript of the channeling session between RA, and Jim. : Excellent source to the spirituality and mechanics of the transformation : A sight by the wanderer Scott Mandelker. Great informational source on wanderers and soul evolution

March 18, 2002  Large Object Discovered Orbiting Sun 
pic included

A far out theory on dating 

Reading list:

The following reading list , mostly plagiarized from  ,  is EXCELLENT reading material that pertains to this message and underscores its validity and accuracy. You can  go to your local library and check most these books out.

The highlighted books in bold are ESSENTIAL reading. The most important work you will ever read is the RA material and I have highlighted it especially in YELLOW. This work is the most important work ever written in the history of humanity and should be read by all. It makes the coming cataclysms seem trivial.

"Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes" by Jim McCanney 
It will tell you what to look for as well as the wide range of earth-changes you may see or experience upon an encroaching Planet-X.  Learn why it will ignite into a huge comet as it enters the solar system and the "actions-at-a-distance" that could drastically affect life on Earth. Learn why the information NASA will tell you is disinformation based on incorrect archaic astronomical theories.  "A must for understanding future events."- go to  to order

Blindsided, Planet X Passes in 2003, EARTHCHANGES" 
by Mark Hazelwood see at 
Order from  or phone 1-888-707-7634 - covers a lot of ground

"Earth in Upheaval", Immanuel Velikovsky : Probably the best introduction to scientific evidence of prior earth changes. For this previously skeptical author, it was the gateway to understanding this whole business.

"Worlds in Collision", Immanuel Velikovsky : Establishes the records of the 12th planet last passage at the time of the Jewish Exodus, though to be some time between 1650-1500 B.C. (Note: Albert Einstein, a good friend of Velikovsky, had this book open on his desk upon his death)

"Mankind in Amnesia", Immanuel Velikovsky : Good reading about why the modern scientific establishment seems to know NOTHING of these events

"Pole Shift", John White : Introduction to the concept of what a pole-shift is

"The Path of the Pole", Charles Hapgood - Evidence of prior poleshifts and discussion of poleshift dynamics

"Newton's Clock", Ivan Pavlov - Illustrating the difficulties mankind has in making Newtonian math conform to observable orbital mechanics of planets

"Maps of Ancient Sea Kings", Charles Hapgood - Stunning evidence of earlier civilization wiped out by some global calamity

"Above Top Secret-The Worldwide UFO Cover-up", Timothy Good - Presents the evidence of the government cover-up of the UFO situtation.

"The 12th planet", Zechariah Sitchin - 1st book in his series presenting the archelogical evidence of 12th planet and its giant inhabitants, the Annanaki.

"Communion", Whitley Streiber - Excellent account of alien visitations and of alien visions being given to visitation subjects of a world-wide cataclysm

"Killing the Messenger: The Death of JFK", Professor Lawrence Merrick - JFK assassination in light of the alien situation

"The Oahspe Bible", Unknown Author - A channeled source of spiritual information relating to soul development, growth, and death and description of harvests and transformations of spiritual and physical densities

"The Shift of the Ages", Greg Brandon : A good informational source about the coming transformation and related poleshift, indicating that this is a very universal message and theme echoed by MANY, MANY authors.

"Mass Dreams of the Future", Chet B. Snow -Views of what life will be like in the aftertime - the future we are heading in to...i.e...descriptions of life in the after-time (although the date was off by five years).

"The RA material", Jim McCarty & Carla Lisbeth Rueckart McCarty ( - Excellent introduction to the Law of One - an answer to the larger questions, if you are so inclined

"The Children of the Law of One", Jon Peniel : provides good description of this VERY ancient religion and how it was practiced by previous civilizations destroyed before ours came in to being

"Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan" - Scott Mandelker, M.D"

"Passport to the cosmos : human transformation and alien encounters" - John E. Mack, Great Introduction to alien abductions


Right now the Nibiru issue returns so much debunk that I've had to cozy up with science which is not my favorite thing to I respect the Channelers immensely; they are more like me.

Here is the best leverage so far, two NASA files indicating their serious search for Planet X:

Also the courageous work by astrophysicist James M. McCanney

The best data I believe to come from Sentinel who not only dares explicit star charts, but also indicates that the powers- to-be have us all looking in the wrong direction:
Sentinel's latest

Be sure to track the other Sentinel links at page-bottom.

In supplement to the above the next series of best clues comes from the study of the Ancients, especially Sumer. The recent ORBIT investigations go strongly there and what we find is AWESOME!

Also look at



Also look at the NORLOCK investigations, which took an amazing dogleg toward archived SOHO files

Also keep in mind that Planet X may in fact refer to event of a total different nature including Nemesis, the sun's twin, events out of Dark Matter and Novas and superwaves. See chart at:

Please forward this information where necessary to let people know what approach is underway at ORBIT.. (PX Page)
Orbit's Planet X Pages (Google Search) search for: Bush
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Police State Planet X pages (ms ie 5.0+ required)
Morgana's Mother Shipton's Prophecy
Hopi Prophecy- Google Search
Albert Einstein Planet X
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Edgar Cayce Pole Shift Google Search
Zecharia Sitchin
Immanuel Velikovsky (CIA Disinformation?)
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