Asteroids in June?  Real or a big hoax to continue the boy who cried wolf routine the PTB is putting out to dumb down the public so when X really comes they will also think it is just another hoax. The below constitutes virtually all the available information on this event - three asteroids coming in and hitting earth in June 2004. I strongly suggest you read this whole page.

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"Earth will be hit around 5:30 GMT on June 20th by a Meteor."
 5:30 GMT is about 10:30 A.M. PST this msg has
many links for you to investigate. The author of this glp post is
claiming to know that the worlds navies are out on the seas for one
reason only to shoot down an asteroid. These excerpts are from a 
godlikeproductions post. I will send the whole post if you like.
Here is title data and a few lines of it. the main point of it is
upcoming asteroid hits and how the military knows all about it.
Scroll farther down I found some links I did search for
the AEGIS BMD which is mentioned in the post etc. 
GET IT BEFORE ITS GONE 6/11/2004 post glp
QUOTE All what will happen is: Earth will be hit around 5:30 GMT on
June 20th by a Meteor.
100000+ dead total.
And probably with a second meteor on June 24th.
If it hits, too: 250000+ dead total.

And thank God less probably with a third - nasty big one - on June
If this one hits: no prediction - many.

The impact(s) will cause serious flooding (water impact) (and/)or
earthquakes (land mass impact).
This all surrounded by a worldwide storm of mini-meteors. So itīs
gettin bright, dusty, and loud in a place near you.

Additionally we have major problems with Asteroid Toutatis around
September 29th. Check, why Toutatis was named Toutatis!

And all that is only the prelude for much more bullshit to come in
May 2006.

Thatīs exactly the reason why the most of programs for the balistic
missile defense are tailored to be prelim. op. in September and full
op. in April 06.
The whole program of BMD is not for the eight nukes of North Korea.
Itīs for planetary defense.
Wanna more? check the programs for SM3, Patriot PAC3, LRALT,
Minuteman III upgrade / VX retirment etc.
Wanna more? check the testimonial before House and Senat in 2004 for
the 2005 BMD Budget. Itīs quite in there.
Wanna more? Check what hit-to-kill means: You save the warhead on
the missile so your missile is faster (needed for meteors) and
lighter (more range). Only prob: If you take on a nuclear warhead
with a Hit-to-kill missile you could produce enougth neutrons to
ignite the chain reaction. Result: Hit-to-kill missiles have NOTHING
to do with Ballistic Missile Defense. Q: Why you develop and deploy
then these missiles in at least three major pograms?????? 

Interesting the US has put out 10 or their 12 carriers to sea right now and battlegroups are stationed in the Baltic Sea (to shoot down the asteroid supposed to hit Siberia???) and in the Atlantic off the east cost (to shoot down the asteroid supposed to hit just off New York????)

It's getting better HAHAHAHA ..... 18 warships patrol ... and where?
THE MID ATLANTIC! Jeez ... why don't they just tell us right?

So now we have TWO coincidences ..... warships in the baltic for the
siberian impact and naval ships on the Eastern seacoast of America
for the mid atlantic impact....

The Aussie Bloke Affair

The End Of The World As We Know It, Or Anatomy Of A Hoax?
This is the latest received on June 13th, from  source other than Aussie Bloke.
QUOTE - what will happen is: 
Earth will be hit around 5:30 GMT on June 20th by a Meteor.
100000+ dead total.
And probably with a second meteor on June 24th.
If it hits, too: 250000+ dead total.
And thank God less probably with a third - nasty big one - on June
The impact(s) will cause serious flooding (water impact) (and/)or
earthquakes (land mass impact).
This all surrounded by a worldwide storm of mini-meteors. So if itīs
getting bright, dusty, and loud in a place near you?????

Additionally we have major problems with Asteroid Toutatis around
September 29th. Check, why Toutatis was named Toutatis!

The Aussie Bloke warning
Our tale begins about 25 years ago when a group of astronomers
allegedly discovered something in distant space that is being
referred to as a Debris Cloud. Such concepts are not alien to
astronomy as something known as the Oort Cloud – a strange dark
portion of the galaxy has been verified to exist for many years.

The story goes that the Debris Cloud was in the path of our solar
system as it moves through the galaxy and that in about 20 years in
the future; the Earth (and the rest of the planets in our solar
system) would pass through it. The future has evidently arrived.

Fast-forward to early this year (2004) when a bizarre account
surfaced in Ham radio and Internet circles. An unknown ham operator
supposedly intercepted a transmission that was apparently supposed to
be classified, but was accidentally sent out unencrypted.

This transmission was said to occur between 2 parties – "Snowball
Net" and a station called "Burrow." The transmission took place on
January 26 2004. A transcript of the brief communiqué follows:

Snowball Net: Snowball Net comms check. All stations, clock sync,
(pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link.

[burst of digital data]

Burrow: Snowball This is Burrow. You are not secure! Repeat not
secure! Go green, go green!

[end of transmission]

At least one web site of the many that reprinted this intriguing
exchange has noted that there is apparently a classified group
monitoring astronomical bodies by the name of Snow Ball Net. The
bottom line of the reputed incident was the information that an
impact would occur in "146 days" and – a time frame that calculates
out to June 20th.

The interest in the possibility that something is indeed coming at
us really started in earnest sometime in April as certain anonymous
messages began showing up on websites, discussion groups, forums, and
bulletin boards from a purported insider in the astronomy community.
Someone using the name "Aussie Bloke" placed these posts, and the
colloquial lingo showed an Australian wrote them with some degree of
familiarity with astronomy.

This person claimed to have been in an astronomical group that had
been aware of a Debris Cloud in the Crab Nebula at least 25 years
ago. As Aussie Bloke continued to interact with several others over a
period of weeks, his temperament became increasingly agitated as this
person presented the view that a series of doomsday impacts would
occur in the month of June 2004.

His statements indicated he had a passing familiarity with the
conspiracy culture that is somewhat well known on the Internet. Those
who don't understand the nature of governmental tactics and
disinformation are at a disadvantage in this regard, but suffice it
to say the history of the international efforts to conceal the
catastrophic future of all mankind is well documented.

As central planners in what I refer to as the cryptocracy are
acutely aware that some degree of leaks are inevitable as the events
discussed draw nearer, they have a history of utilizing
disinformation and misdirection as a way of deflecting an
uncontrolled response in the public sector. Skeptics are asked to
consider, for just a moment, this mindset. To put it bluntly, if the
governing powers were aware of an impending global catastrophe, it's
extremely unlikely a general alarm would be sounded.

A better plan, in their estimation, would be to allay any concerns
so the ruling cabal is then free to make whatever logistical
movements are needed to insure their own survival – and the survival
of those they deem to be the most worthy to continue to exist.

Thus, those that have even a modest grip on the true nature of our
present world order have no difficulty in grasping the concept of
governmental forces that are so hideously evil that they view the
body of humanity in such provocative terms as "useless eaters" – an
oft repeated phrase that was leaked to the public some years ago.

Whether or not the so-called `Aussie Bloke' had any familiarity with
the intercepted Ham radio message remains to be demonstrated, but as
his Internet posts grew more frenetic and urgent, the specificity
increased. For instance, on May 13th, he wrote:

You will not need special equipment or southern location soon. And
when it arrives it will happen overnight and catch everyone off
guard. It is moving that fast. Then will come the rain...a rain of
small objects first. THEN we will be shaken by two major impacts
about two days apart, THEN...about a week later....along comes the
wild card....and if IT hits us we are all well and truly stuffed.
Along with this we will be dodging satellite debris and choking on
toxic fumes. And if that weren't bad enough we will also be
experiencing major volcanic eruptions and massive tidal waves all
over the world.

As some challenged his assertions, it became apparent this person
was concerned for his own safety. Obviously, whistle-blowers don't
fare well in the present social climate. While it is self evident
that some have been murdered, others that have knowledge that is
threatening to certain sub-structures in the globalist hierarchy can
find themselves discredited -- or worse.

Unfortunately, the anecdotal history of a deadly manifestation of
political point and counter-point is frequently ignored by the
public. A good example of this would be the veritable epidemic of
microbiologists that have mysteriously died in the last few years. By
our count, about 44 of the world's first and best line of defense
against a biological plague have met with mysterious "accidents" –
yet the citizens go on blindly ignoring such ominous occurrences.

Aussie Bloke began to describe 3 objects in the Debris Cloud – the
first two being comets, and the third something he claimed cannot be
identified and should thus be referred to as an anomaly:

"anomaly" will have unknown effect but current estimates are not too
encouraging. Diameter uncertain. mass uncertain. What IS known is is composed mostly of a crystalline substance of unknown
consistency. Some have speculated that it could be a chunk of diamond
from the core of a gas giant as noted here

this fits it as well --
who knows. But it is weird and fast and coming this way. It is NOT a
comet...NOR a is nothing like we have ever seen before.
That is why we do not know what it will do if and when it hits us.
Have a laugh now...I know you will..WE did at first too when we first
detected it.

The first link referenced an astounding recent discovery of a
gigantic star that is believed to be a pure diamond. Thus, the
statement about the 3rd object's alleged crystalline features is

As Aussie Bloke's posts continued, more learned observers began to
challenge certain statements of his as having inaccuracies and errors
that would not be committed by someone as close to the true data as
the `bloke' claimed to be. His defensive posts went on to describe
the effects of the Debris Cloud:

ALL this weird weather and upset is simply due to the outermost
tenuous fringes of it....the thickest part is yet to come. The Oort
cloud has been stirred and some debris is headed this way...LOTS of
it. NOT to mention the debris of the storm itself. Why do you think
they said the storm itself would be mostly harmless? Because in and
of itself it IS mostly harmless...but it WILL block out the light
somewhat and there will be a dazzling show as all the satellites come
crashing down and we all start to choke on toxins and rads. BUT they
didn't mention the disruption of the Oort cloud DID they? And I
cannot blame them. NOW we have comets coming left right and bloody
centre...last after another...and THIS year...same again.
It was just a matter of time until some of them headed our way. The
belt was stirred too....and look at Mars....WHY the sudden interest
in Mars? YOU work it out. USE YOUR BRAIN.

Two weeks after the post reminding people that the increased pace of
space rocks impacting the Earth is related to this approaching mega-
catastrophe, the Associated Press reported a spectacular meteor
impact occurred in Washington State on June 4th. It read

Meteor lights up sky over Washington -- Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) - A meteor about the size of a computer monitor lit up
the Northwest sky early Thursday, setting off sharp booms as it
flashed across the sky."There was some question as to whether it was
a piece of space junk burning up, but it was not," said Geoff
Chester, a spokesman for the Naval Observatory in Washington,
D.C. "People always want to know, was it something we put up there
coming down again? As far as I've been able to figure out, it was
simply a rock falling out of the sky, as they are wont to do on

Just days before the Seattle meteorite impacts, a strange fireball
was seen flying over a town in New Jersey. A website that has been
tracking the Aussie Bloke Affair posted the following story:

Startled New Jersey residents tied-up the phone lines late this
evening calling authorities to report a large orange fireball that
passed over the town and apparently hit the ground several miles west
of Groverīs MIll.

No reports of fires or injuries from the area have been made, but
locals expressed concern that the unknown phenomena had made a
rumbling noise when it passed over that was strong enough to rattle
windows and frighten pets.

"I thought a jet was coming down right in the street," said Betty
Ocker, a housewife in Groverīs Mill, "it was loud, and I mean really
loud." Police have asked residents to clear up the telephone lines
and use them only for emergency purposes until things get worked out,
said a town spokesperson.

Apparently the local districts received so many calls after the
meteor passed overhead that the lines jammed and they have been
unable to handle normal calls for police assistance. Local fire teams
were dispatched to the woods west of town to make sure that no fires
were started by the space rock, but none of them have reported
finding anything as yet.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, yet another fireball was seen – as evidenced by
this post from skywatcher and author Mark Hazlewood:

Residents of Barnardīs Cove Alaska witnessed a startling green/blue
fireball that streaked through the skies approximately north,
northwest of town. They said the fireball came in with a rumbling
noise that awakened people early this morning who looked out their
window to see the whole skies lit up green/blue by a fireball that
exploded at least once, then appeared to the ground several miles
away. Numerous reports of the ground shaking briefly after the
sighting, so callers say they are sure it hit somewhere close.

To place this into perspective, the comments by the Australian began
to take on a new credibility as the timing of these actual events
coincided with the idea of an approaching cluster of meteors.

Meanwhile, large portions of the United States have been smacked by
extremely severe weather fronts including rainstorms of deluge level,
and over 100 tornados in a single weekend. Erratic weather is
precisely what is expected in all versions of the impending cometary
disaster scenario. This tied in well with the projected dates set for
the arrival of the Debris Cloud, and the chronological statements
made by the Australian:

May God be with you all in these last weeks, Please forgive an old
man for the way I have carried on sometimes. I apologize to you all
with all my heart. I will be away for a week or two…must see some
family and grandchildren for a bit. So before I go I will give you an
approximate date to expect the arrival of the cloud in full force.

18th-20th June Impact 1

24th-25th June Impact 2

26th-27th June "anomaly"

The Australian's posts took on a somber note as he indicated he was
saying goodbye to his family as the cataclysm associated with the
Debris Cloud would likely take his life along with hundreds of
millions of others. Clearly, if this was a hoax, this person was
going to extraordinary lengths to continue his fraud:

Tomorrow I am off to see my family and friends. It will be hard to
let go but I am old and dying anyway so I was prepared in any case. I
know the revelations I have given are shocking and I am sorry if you
are upset...but someone had to tell sooner or later. You say I am
lying just because I have not told you all exactly who I am. I have
already done so many times...all you have to do is add it all up and
like I keep saying USE YOUR BRAINS....but there is room for doubt. I
must remain in the shadow of doubt at least until I can spend some
time with my family. THEY know the truth. I have never concealed it
from them and we all want to say our farewells to each other in
peace. When I return I will reveal a big can count
on it.

After repeated interactions with doubters on the Internet, the
anonymous poster dubbed Aussie Bloke allegedly (and angrily) posted
his identity on May 29th. This is the last communication from the
person that has been making these posts that this writer is aware of: it is. I AM DR GARTREL. Happy now? As for what I
know....I've already told you. You want bloody have
them already. You want to know what will happen? the above
posts. You don't believe me?...YOUR problem! YOU have brains...USE I've encouraged you all to do all along!!! READ THE BLOODY
SIGNS>>>>>>>but no...some remain flaming BLIND!!!! because they WANT
TO. Wont change a thing. I am screwed now...cats out of the bag
now...I am who I am....and who gives a ____. IM BLOODY ANGRY!!!!! DO
you people have ANY BLOODY IDEA at ALL what it has been like for
myself and others who have known about this for BLOODY TWO
DECADES!!!!!!!! But no...WELL BUGGER IT ALL!!!!!!

The posting identifying "Aussie Bloke" as Dr. Gartel had no sooner
been uploaded than Internet observers tracked down the name and
determined there is indeed an Australian scientist by that name.
Furthermore, Dr. Elford Grant Gartrell has been involved in tracking
meteor streams in the Southern Hemisphere: Bibliographic Meteor Database -
METEOR STREAM DETERMINATION Austral. J. Phys. 28, 591-620 Olsson-Steel, D.I. &
Elford, W.G., The Use of Radars in the Detection of In falling Space
Debris International Dark-Sky Association -- Information Sheet 44
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 17 08/98

The careful reader will immediately note that Aussie Bloke has
apparently misspelled his own name in his `confession!' While others
had previously noted the down under netizen's occasional
misspellings, one would think he'd have his own name down by now.
Thus, the fabric of this apparent elaborate hoax quickly began to

On June 2nd, an Internet group calling themselves "the monitors" took
credit for the Aussie Bloke phenomena. The anonymous group, claiming
they feared legal repercussions, made an Internet statement stating
it was all part of an experiment to gauge human behaviour. They
called it Blind Skies:

You are all to be commended for your exemplary performance these past
several weeks. Your unwitting participation in BLIND SKIES has proven
most informative, and quite frankly entertaining to many project
members. To say that it got out of hand would be an exercise in

Our initial hypothesis was straightforward enough: Given the barest
minimum of verifiable evidence, ordinary citizens of average to above-
average intelligence could be duped into wholesale belief in a
catastrophe scenario, provided there was ample corroboration from
equally ambiguous, non-credible sources.

For our own protection, because itīs becoming abundantly clear that
civil/criminal litigation may result from this experiment, we cannot
and will not identify ourselves, nor will we reveal any details that
might readily be traced to us.

BLIND SKIES began with an idea. The now-legendary SNOWBALL INTERCEPT
provided the impetus we had been looking for, the final piece of a
puzzle that had been confounding us for the past 14 months. It was
the perfect backstory for a disaster scenario that would be easily
accepted. Few people have any real knowledge of astronomy. Fewer
still know much about the socio-political environment that modern
astronomers operate within, and when one of our members suggested
using an invented Australian astronomer to further muddy the waters,
we knew it was time to release.

To be honest, we have no knowledge of the validity and/or credibility
of the so-called SNOWBALL INTERCEPT. We have no affiliation with it
whatsoever. We only used its existence to further our agenda. That
current world events have proceeded in such a way as to lend
perceived credibility to our fiction is by no means our fault. Many
of you fail to appreciate the power of coincidence. While we had
anticipated that at least some activity in current events would
affect the outcome of the project, we never expected nor modelled the
possibility of so many "dots", as some of you have called them,
coming together around our story.

We did hire an astronomer to assist us with the final stages of BLIND
SKIES, so that we could craft messages containing sufficient truth to
warrant further investigation. Following up with AUSSIE BLOKE, we
added fuel to the fire in the form of a fictional, curmudgeonly
astronomer whose conscience had finally moved him to reveal the
details of an impending catastrophe to a select group of forum
visitors on an obscure website.

BLIND SKIES is not, as many have claimed, a īPSY OPī. Although we
have an affiliation with the government, our mandate was not intended
to be any sort of disinformation campaign, mass brainwashing, or
subliminal manipulation. We conducted a serious experiment to study
the panic reflexes of a virtual community, and quite frankly the
experiment ran away from us. AUSSIE BLOKE has now become our
Frankensteinīs Monster.

The ironies in this strange tale continue to mount. This group is
claiming to be the hoaxer – and they even stated that they "have an
affiliation with the government." Whoever this is has also stated "we
did hire an astronomer to assist us with the final stages of Blind
Skies…." Actually recruiting a professional in order to deceive a
significant number of people morally places these people two steps
below the snake in the famous garden -- to say nothing of clearly
criminal behaviour.

In short, someone that claims they are paid by the government has
now stated they are the 21st century equivalent of a moron that has
maliciously shouted `Fire!' in a crowded theatre.

Concurrent with the so called "monitor's" statement, another post,
represented as being written by the "real" Dr. Gartrell, made its way
to the global readership:

I have just returned home from a week interstate caving to find my
answering machine full and more than 60 emails awaiting me. It has
taken me most of the night to find out why. Several people have
recently contacted me, and thus have drawn my attention to claims
being made in my name concerning the prediction of imminent
cataclysmic cometary impacts. Please be advised that I have no
knowledge of the identity of the person "Aussie Bloke" who claims to
be me.

I am very displeased to be caught up in a hoax in this way, and while
I do not regard myself as a vindictive person, I do not think that I
would be too upset at this moment if a small "personal sized"
heavenly body fell out of the sky and flattened "Aussie Bloke," or at
least knocked some integrity into him. Kind regards, Grant Gartrell

  Although the data now firmly suggests the Aussie Bloke Affair was
indeed an elaborate scam, there may still be more to come in this
bizarre episode. While the "monitor's" statement seeks to
psychologically manipulate the readers into feeling foolish for
having believed such a catastrophic event could be imminent, we
choose to assign zero credibility to self confessed liars whose
admitted fraudulent activity was so brazen.

In fact, the totality of confusion intrinsic to the entire matter has
mephistopheles' odorous smell all over it. The net result of the
episode is to spread the culturally reverberating message that when
anyone does hear of such an impending cataclysm from the skies, they
can then simply retreat to the intellectually safe ground of `Oh, I
heard that was all a big hoax.' Thus, we're now positioned in such a
fashion that even if some intrepid astronomy sees something coming,
he will be discredited before he sets his fingers on his keyboard.

In the midst of such confusion, it's comforting to recognize that the
Biblical prophecies of a stellar judgment in the present generation
are also accompanied by statements that we "shall hear of….rumours"
and that "when ye shall hear of…[such] commotions, be not terrified:
for these things must first come to pass…" (Matt 24:6, Luke 21:9).

The term `misdirection' may be the most applicable here. When one
stops to consider the fact that the Internet crowd is usually the
first to jump on emerging data, the major powers of the world are
almost compelled to employ misdirection in order to keep large
numbers of people from recognizing hugely significant events. For
instance, in the midst of all the rumours of stellar commotion, the
world's major military powers have quietly begun massive movements of
sea-faring military assets.

The USA has deployed 7 full carrier groups to the world's oceans in
what amounts to the largest naval dispatch since World War II. Many
failed to recognize that the Russians have almost simultaneously
dispatched a huge naval force as well:

SEVEROMORSK, June 3 (Itar-Tass) - The Russian Northern Fleet's
Marines will be sent in the coming days to massive exercises in the
Pacific Ocean, Defence Minster Sergei Ivanov said on Thursday. "The
Northern Fleet is to actively work in the sphere of exercises. In the
nearest days, marines will be moved to the Pacific Ocean. Naval
aviation will take part in large-scale exercises in the Atlantic.
Submarines will conduct combat training launches of missiles,
including ballistic ones," Ivanov said.

Meanwhile, Washington has broadly stated they are convinced there
will be a spectacular terrorist attack on the United States during
the coming summer months. In view of the fact that about 7 months
ago, an Islamic cleric pointedly announced that Al Qaeda has 7
nuclear weapons on American soil simply waiting for the green light,
and the Homeland Security Agency announced in the last week of May
they were aggressively seeking 7 unaccounted for Islamic extremists,
while we're all looking skyward for comets, we may very well be in
for a military holocaust originating much closer to home.

Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve has announced they are
injecting "emergency" levels of currency into the American economy in
the largest cash infusion in the history of the United States.
Billions and billions of dollars are being quietly moved into the
system In an apparent effort to sustain the viability of our economic
order. Here is a current statement from just one financial analyst:

"….the Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast
by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another
46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see?
Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-
3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that weīve never seen before without
a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion
annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth!!! There
must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal
Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough
liquidity in place to protect our nationīs fragile financial system.
The amazing thing is, the Fedīs actions mean they know what is about
to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event.
What could it be?"

Last but hardly least, while many look at such `doom and gloom' news
items as so much folly, the book of Revelation plainly describes
chaotic conditions that speak of enormous military conflict
coinciding at a time when cataclysmic events are occurring in the

Revelation 8 describes a series of devastating events that are
characterized as "trumpets" in which terrible destruction falls on
the Earth from the heavens. The first trumpet brings about

"…hail and fire, mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the
earth; and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass
was burnt up." (Revelation 8:7)

We see from the scientific data that the results of the theoretical
Debris Cloud actually resemble this Biblical description. The energy
released from a cometary impact has been detailed to the degree that
the resultant thermal exposure would make everything from clothing to
green grass ignite. Indeed the Biblical prophecies give the
implication of a series of sudden, unexpected cataclysms.

Revelation's text doesn't tell us the interval before the 2nd
trumpet, but it appears to be of the same nature:

"….as it were, a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the
sea; and the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part
of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the
third part of the ships were destroyed." (Revelation 8:8,9)

By the time the third trumpet hits, things are obviously very grim
throughout the entire world:

"…..and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as though it
were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon
the fountains of waters. And the name fo the star is called Wormwood,
and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died
of the waters, because they were made bitter." (Revelation 8:10,11).

When the 4th trumpet arrives, the description of events that appears
to involve direct impacts shifts to another type of judgment. The
reader will quickly recognize that these 3 judgments all involve
impacts that are "cast" upon the earth.

Because we believe the events so vividly described in Revelation to
be imminent, it is no wonder that episodes such as the cometary
predictions from Australia have captured so many people's attention.
Furthermore, we recognize the spirit of deception that is inherent in
such hoaxes and other efforts to discredit those that believe these
things are soon to come upon the earth.

The clarity of the Scriptures cuts through all the disinformation
and the confusion surrounding the various people with a dishonest
agenda. One day very soon these things will be upon us, and all the
arguments will be rendered moot. All the posturing and the posing
will be irrelevant. All the hidden things of dishonesty will be
burned away, and only those that have learned the true identity of
the truth, and embraced Him in every way imaginable, will be able to

James Lloyd

The REAL Dr. Gartrell is gone

I live approx 18 km from Grant Gartrell in Adelaide SA. Let me say
this will be my first and only post. Iīm using an anonmyous proxie
and posting from a public cafe. I will never be here again!!!

I first met Grant in the early months of 1982. I was studying to
become a teacher first at ANU in Canberra then in 1973 at Darwin
Community College (in my home town Alice Springs). My father was born
in the states and was an electrical engineer for government
contracts. To my knowledge he never worked on anything super secret,
from what heīs told me mostly he was in charge of upgrading and
maintaining various military bases electrical systems. ANYWAY! My
father must had some influence over me because a year after I was at
Darwin I went to see him in the states.

Long story short I dropped out of uni (well not really a uni I
suppose) and was accepted into a MAJOR engineering school (in the
US). I majored in Eletrical Engineering with a minor in Computer
Engineering. A few years into my degree I switched to Computer
Engineering, as it seemed it was on the rise. I returned to central
only to find a lack of jobs in my field. In late 1979 I finally
landed a job at Pine Gap (partially due to my dual-citizenship, as
well as my father friends).

I wonīt give out details, but Pine Gap is ran by certain US gov.
agencies. Itīs an intimidating place, with about 15 big golf ball
looking structures (which are actually hide various rotating sat.
dishes) I donīt know the entire picture, everything was hush hush.
They sectioned the employees apart with color coded ID bages, I donīt
know of anyone that wasnīt a high ranking gov. offical that had
access to the entire base. My job was to help keep the bases computer
hardware operational, install upgraded equipment (usually IBM junk),
troubleshoot any related problems, etc. Because of my job I was
allowed greater access to the base, but I still donīt think I knew
more than 60% of the place.

Again, I WILL NOT give out details mainly because I donīt want to
disappear or get locked up for violating my NDA. At the time it was
generally thought that the base was being used for the CIA or NSA in
some type of intelligence gathering on the Soviets. Iīm not sure, but
it seems to be at least partially true. Around 1981 things started to
change. They started bringing in astronomers - mostly americans. A
few months prior they began HEAVY construction of both new buildings
an a few more "golf ball" dishes.

Thatīs about the time when I met Dr. Gartrell. There werenīt many
aussies in the more secure areas of the base. But he was one of them,
I think he naturally became friends with me because the majority of
the people he worked with were americans. We would hang out after
work at the pub do the usual BS etc.. From what he told me he was
there as more or less a consultant. He was working to help the US to
better track and target incoming objects from space. (I was under the
impression that the US wanted this to track the Russian space program
in more detail) And that was that, we didnīt talk all that much shop.
After 4 years I got offered a better job at my current location and
moved out to south australia. We really didnīt keep in contact.

It wasnīt longer than a year or so ago that I ran into Grant. He was
up in Adelaide on holiday if Iīm correct. I have to say seemed like a
completely different person. He told me about his new life working as
a blueberry farmer living a nice quiet life. We would occasionaly
meet and he acted like a normal person, just not the man I had met 20
years ago. It was only when we would go out drinking that he would
bother me. "You know it doesnīt matter anymore...", "Nobody listens,
NOBODY!", he never told me what was wrong. I thought he was having
problems with his finances or love life, never did I think he was so
depressed because he thought the earth would be hit by some type of
space anomalies. I got a call about two weeks ago telling me to get
somewhere safe and to pray. He started to talk how we used to work
together at Pine Gap. He began to explain what he was working on
something about the SDI and itīs real purpose. Then silence, the
phone went dead. I tried calling him back but it just rang and rang
and rang da-da, da-da, etc. I tried visiting him but he apparently
went out of town. Yesterday I tried calling him and someone else
picked up the phone claiming to be him. So today I drove by his house
but nobody was home. I really donīt know whatīs going on. Iīve never
spoken to him on the internet but tried to find him via the net. Then
I turn up this site, apparently he has been posting here. I can not
confirm his writing mannerisms or whether these posts were by him.
Certainly by someone that knows him or did their research. I really
do not know what to believe. Itīs plausible, but Iīm still unsure. I
know he was having problems, he was drinking, and very depressed. I
have to go now, people in line for this PC.


This story jives with this post I saved from the now missing threads -

Ex Australian Intel
12:07 am EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#1

Iīll tell you a little about your friend Aussie Bloke. For starters
heīs worked at the joint US/AUS facility at Pine Gap in the Northern
Territory. How do I know? Itīs in his speech patterns and the things
he aludes to. No one could have these patterns and knowledge unless
heīd worked at merino for an extensive period, I know, believe me!
Merino is touted as a ground station for intel satellites and a
clearing house for NSA and NRO data sets but the real story runs a
lot deeper than that. Try deep space tracking for a start and then
add to it SETI. Thatīs right, you ever wonder why they built the
facility in a natural basin surrounded by iron ore bearing
formations? Iīll tell you why, the whole 1500 acres is the reciever
dish of a giant radio telescope, the natural formations augmented by
a lattice structure of copper-ferris cabling that has a focus below
the largest of the 12 radomes.

This is the real purpose of the Pine Gap facility, the russians know
it and so do the chinese. No one in their right mind builds an
intellegence station out in the open and then advertises it to the
world, not even the americans.

As to what Aussie Bloke learnt while he was based there is anyones
guess but Iīm quite surprized that heīs around telling anyone about
it. If he had mentioned Merino in his first post he wouldnīt have
made a third! I for one will not be posting here again and I
certainly wonīt ever be coming back to this public library again,
anytime in the next 50 years.

Remember when Aussie Blokeīs first posts appeared here on GLP ...
Remember when he referenced that he had been working on METEORITE
RESEARCH for 5 years???

** Now Think ** That would mean Dr. Aussie Bloke was working on
METEOR RESEARCH in 1999 which was when the discovery was made AND the
FRENCH CABLE CAR CRASHED that same year, killing 20 Astronomers!!!

Plug in the puzzle piece clues here ,,, If the discovery of this
threatening Debri-Dust Field was made in 1999, 5 years ago, then that
makes all the deaths and fires relevant to his information. And it
also gives us a deeper understanding as to why Dr. A Bloke would not
want his identity known!

Also note this ---- > The telescope that was searching for these
asteroid clouds - dust / debri fields appears to have been the one at
MOUNT STROMLO. It was specially equipped to look through DUST - more
info/pics referenced at MACHO SITE in links above!

Remember, that entire MOUNT STROMLO Observatory was completely burned
down in the Australian widlfires. STROMLO was one of the worldīs
biggest with all leading Astronomers going there. See links above re
PROJECT MACHO at the STROMLO Observatory and how it was delayed for 5
years due to the fires,,, hmmm!!!


Here is documentation about Aussie Blokeīs posts from CYBER SPACE
ORBIT Master Page on him:

Re: What I am Part Of, And have known for 5 years now

Aussie Bloke:
AHHHHHHHHHH.....I LOVE the smell of meteorites impacting in the
morning. Hmmmm....seems you have done some research...and yes...your
hypothesis is reasonable and would also explain a few anomalies of
late....well done I must say. Its time to wake up people...we have
few weeks left. The movie "day after tomorrow" is nothing compared to
what will REALLY happen. They are still on the job pshycologically
preparing us all for what is to come. AND NO!! I will NOT tell you
EXACTLY until the LAST MOMENT what is your own homework
as some of you have. You are very close...and getting warmer. Look
up "SUPER NOVA" AND 2-0 bc. that is one clue and only a part of the
puzzle. At the time we discovered these things we could only we know our original hypothesis was indeed correct.
The oort cloud has been stirred. Soon the sun will vanish behind a
cloud of thick dust...and all hell will reign on earth as we recieve
impact after impact. Why do you think they invented a telescop that
can look through DUST!! HMMMMM??? they will NEED it very shortly to
plot the course of incoming objects so as to try to blast them out of
the sky. WHY do you thing they have re enstated the cold war weopons
of missle defense???TO SHOOT THE BLOODY THINGS DOWN!!!! Boys and
girls...its time to get real here. We are all in very VERY close
range of our doom...and STILL some of you are to brainwashed by all
the distractions to see what is REALLY going on. called DO do a good job of keeping the controversy going.
Wont matter anymore anyway. You are all in fact already DEAD and are
just waiting for the reality of it to sink in. YOU will walk blindly
to your deaths laughing all the way...when SUDDENLY the sun will
darken...and the moon WILL turn the colour of blood...and death will
raind down in the form of nickle-iron chunks of doom moving VERY VERY
FAST!!! and you will have only a week or so to realise your death is
imminent...and you will remember my words and the warnings of
others...and think to yourself:-
sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t>>>>>>>THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!