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AudioGenerator™ was specifically designed to make online marketers (like you and me) more money with the least amount of financial outlay possible.

1. "What is AudioGenerator and how does it work?"

Answer: AudioGenerator™ is audio recording and hosting service that often doubles the pulling-power of direct response Websites. All of your audio messages are automatically converted into a single of code that gets uploaded to any Website!

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This one-of-a-kind online marketing service is convenient and cost-efficient because we “host” your audio messages on our servers and give you 24-hour access to them, once you become a Member.

2. "What is my recording time limit?"

Answer: Although AudioGenerator’s record-by-phone and voice testimonial recording feature have a 5-minute limit, you may upload your own audio messages with up to a 30-minute limit.

3. "How long does it take for my Phone Testimonials to become live?"

Answer: Just seconds!  Once your audio messages are called in via our Toll-Free Number, Audio Generator instantly transforms each one into a single line of code that’s quickly and easily uploaded to your Website.

4. "Where does AudioGenerator™ put my audio messages?"

Answer: Each audio message created by you or your customers is conveniently archived in our Members Area.  Once you subscribe, you’ll get a private User Name and Password that gives you 24-hour access to manage your audio messages.

5. “What audio format does AudioGenerator™ use?”

Answer: Because of its excellent sound quality, speed and universal use on 98.7% of PCs and MACs worldwide, AudioGenerator™ uses the FLASH™ audio format for audio messages.  Unlike Real Audio™, MP3 or Windows Media Player™, FLASH™ does NOT require any software and that’s why it’s the audio format of choice for top online marketers.

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