David Booth's Message given Oct 6th,2004

At Fatima in 1917 the Virgin Mary (or a demonic impersonator - as many of us believe that Mary , as a human, still lies in the ground awaiting the second coming like the rest of deceased humans - the bible makes NO mention of the ascension to heaven of Mary - this is entirely a Catholic contrivance) supposedly appeared to three children and delivered three prophecies. 

The website at http://members.aol.com/bjw1106/marian6.htm  covers the history of Fatima and the three girls and the first two  prophecies very well; the vision of hell and prediction of world war II included.  The website at  http://personal.lig.bellsouth.net/l/a/lasereye/catholic.html  goes into further detail on these visions.   I have one version of what the third prophecy was posted at www.detailshere.com/thirdsecret.htm

David Booth is the person who had the vision in 1979 of an airliner taking off and doing a rollover and crashing. This was all documented through the FFA and although they could never pin down the exact flight number or place, it actually happened. In Oct 2003 he had another vision. He was sitting out in space above earth and watched as a planetary object headed towards earth coming at earth via the south pole. He saw a massive explosion in northwest America that rippled all around the earth. Many think it was the super volcano Yellowstone Park blowing up.  As there is a great increase in earthquakes at Yellowstone right now, Mt. St. Helens erupting again, Mt. Hood and Adams acting up; and we all KNOW Planet X is inbound, NASA even has a site named Wormwood devoted to it at  http://planetxinbound.com/html/usgovpx.html  ; perhaps his vision is not so far fetched.  Sister Lucia, the last remaining Fatima child, now age 97,  requested David Booth's presence this last year and told to him the third secret of Fatima, as it matched closely with his vision. He was not allowed to tell what she had told him until Oct 6th,2004.  Below is the content of that message. In a nutshell it tells us that the Great Day of the Lord has come. If you don't know what that is all about, you best be pulling out a bible. See Joel 2, Acts 2:17-21, 2 Peter 3:10  and Revelation 6:12-17 for starters. It means time is up. God's wrath is about the fall upon us; and it starts Oct 13th, 2004. 

Sister Lucia was told that she would live to see all the Fatima messages fulfilled. She is now 97 years old. So she will see the persecution of the Church and theHoly Father, the martyrdom of the good, the annihilation of nations, and
the Virgin's Triumph.

Keep in mind that the devil's favorite trick is to mimic God. And in the end times, which we are currently in, he will deceive most everyone. What better way than to provide the children at Fatima with a Mary apparition complete with the sun dancing trick. And the devil CAN perform miracles and create disasters as part of his trade also. He knows his time is short. The website www.yahweh.com which I think is a bit on the radical side, but contains good info on God's laws we are breaking, states we are already entering the last  3 1/2 year tribulation period.  Our ex pastor, Juan ,recently came back for a visit and gave us a three hour talk on the timing of the second coming; an issue most pastors would never touch. In a nutshell he thinks we will see the second coming within the next ten to fifteen years and had some pretty factual evidence to support his belief.

Booth’s message regarding the 3rd secret of Fatima:

Next week on October 13th,2004, will be the 87th year since the Holy Mother last warned this world about these times and the events that must occur shortly.

The Church has not heeded this warning nor have the people of this world obeyed their God. The Holy Mother had stated that If her requests were granted there would be peace....they have not been and now there will be war, plagues and pestilence as the punishment for mankind that She has foretold.

From this moment forward the Lord will punish this earth and its people so they will know that he is their God and that we are his children.

Turn away now from all men and the buildings of men and I will teach you and lead you, commands God to the world of men today.

The Lord commands his people to turn away now from all graven images and to not put faith in objects of stone, silver or gold, because in God alone lies one's true treasure.

Listen to no man or group of men who say they speak for God for they are all liars and thieves and have forsaken the Church for their own gain. And likewise to give your gold and silver to any man who claims they speak for God is to partake of the wrath God has reserved for these false prophets.

This wicked generation of men have become lovers of death, adultery and gold and have created their own gods and even believe they are gods themselves.

This wicked generation of men have been led into the pens for slaughter by men who seek glory for themselves, and they will have their reward, the fires of Hell.

Our Lord has asked, can we not see the signs of the times? And has it not been written: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:"

This is for understanding. I will no longer be mocked by this generation and will visit upon them my full and utter wrath until every man bows down before me and knows that I am their God and they are my people.

God alone is now the Shepard for his flock and will lead them, for in the valley of decision the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is at hand!

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