C-Gold   Fees
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Not many people can do the math to figure out just what C Gold's transaction fees are.
Here's some examples to help you.

Example of what a receive fee does to you. This was on a day when gold was $30.1959/gram.
On 7-28-2009 a man sent me $207 in STP to be able to receive $200 in C Gold. STP deducted 1.5% plus 35 cents
from the transaction and left me only  $203.65 - they took $3.35 in a receive fee. That's actually 1.618% for me to be able
to receive the money from this man. 
I spent $203.65 to the man's C Gold account but he only received $198.25 which was another $5.40 loss, or receive fee on his end.
$5.40 divided by $203.65 = 2.65%.  When all was said and done, C-Gold charged him a 2.65% receive fee
or transfer fee to be able to receive the $203.65 so as to cause him to only receive a spendable  $198.25

Note that in the C Gold fee chart below you have to convert grams of gold to dollars for it to make any sense to you and it varies; 
the higher the transaction amount the less the percentage of the gouge. If when you do swaps you figure in a 3% receive fee 
you should be covered, except for very small spends when they charge 5% plus.

Continuation of the example:  I sent the guy in the example above another $5 so he could get the full $200 he needed to fund the program he was interested in funding. $5 divided by $30.1959/gram was .165 grams I transferred. They state below that the transfer fee for that is 1.25% + .00375 grams, which should have been then  .0125 x $5 + .00375 x $30.1959/gm = 6.25 cents plus 11.33 cents = 17.58 cents     17.58 divided by 500 = 3.5%.  The receive fee for a $5 transfer was supposed to be 3.5%

However, the man received the money and proceeded to do the $200 spend but only ended up with $1.38 left in his account after the $200 spend. So in reality of that $5 spend, $198.75 + $5 -$200 = $1.38 means they charged him  $2.37 for that $5 transfer. 
But that isn't quite correct either because he didn't notice exactly what was in his account at the exact time he received the $5 and did the $200 spend. C-Gold deals in gold which fluctuates in price every ten minutes or so. So your account is going to fluctuate depending upon what gold is doing at that very moment also. 

c-gold is accounted by weight (G), not USD or any other National Currency unit. All fees are specified in grams (G) of gold, and are based on the weight of gold transferred or held.

Transaction Fee
deducted automatically from the recipient account upon receipt of the payment.
Storage Fee
the c-gold equivalent of an account maintenance fee. It is nominally 1% per year, but since your account balance will normally change as you make and receive payments, the storage fee is deducted monthly, based upon the average daily balance of gold in your account since last assessed.
Transaction Fee Schedule
c-gold Transaction Fees are deducted from the recipient account upon receipt of the payment.
for c-gold Transactions...
>= < Formula
0.0004 (G) 0.1 (G) 5% + 0.0002 (G)
0.1 (G) 0.5 (G) 1.25% + 0.00375 (G)
0.5 (G) 1 (G) 0.01 (G)
1 (G) 5 (G) 1%
5 (G)   0.05 (G)

Note: the minimum transaction amount allowed in the c-gold system is 0.0004 (G).

Storage Fee
The c-gold Storage Fee is the system equivalent of an account maintenance
fee. Nominally it is 1% per year. It is deducted monthly, calculated as follows:
Storage Fee = (Avg daily balance since last Storage Fee) x 0.01 x (Number of days since last Storage Fee) / 365

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