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CANCER REPORT - Ecklonia Cava

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I have been doing some research on an amazing sea plant that appears to be almost a panacea for a majority of health issues. The name of this plant is Ecklonia Cava. One research team spent thiry million dollars in research on Ecklonia Cava. Following are some of the results.

Ecklonia Cava: A Review






• Ecklonia cava extract (ECE) is standardized from a specific species of brown algae (Ecklonia cava).

• ECE represents a unique category of polyphenols often called phlorotannins that have unique biological activities not found in land-based plants.

• Dr. Haengwoo Lee and his team of M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s have spent over thirty million dollars on research.



• ECE is 10-100 times more powerful than other polyphenols.

• ECE is substantially more powerful than green tea catechins.

• ECE is 40% fat-soluble; the half-life of ECE is up to 12 hours, compared to 30 minutes for water-soluble, land-based polyphenols.

• ECE has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

• ECE reduces or neutralizes DPPH radical oxidized LDL and peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite causes chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorder, Gulf War syndrome, and fourteen other conditions.

• ECE has demonstrated potent reducing power and radical scavenging activities against NF-kappaB and other inflammatory mediators.

FIBROMYALGIA - 8-week, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of fibromyalgia patients:

• Reduced the time it took participants to fall asleep by 47 minutes

• Increased total nighttime sleep by 1.6 hours

• Improved soundness of sleep by 80%

• Boosted energy levels by 71%

• Participants reported 2 1/4 more good days per week

• Reduced pain by 31%

• General condition improved by39%

WEIGHT LOSS - ECE stimulates the body to burn fat by increasing muscle mass.


• Dr. Lee found that ECE compounds inhibited DGAT more than 50%.

• 141 young adults were given a beverage containing ECE at 200mg daily. In two weeks their average weight dropped nearly 2.5 pounds, muscle mass increased by nearly 2.5 pounds, and body fat dropped by 4 pounds, or 7.48%.

• ECE contains natural compounds capable of suppressing triglyceride synthesis, while promoting cholesterol removal and cardiovascular protection.

• ECE provides additional cardiovascular protection for obese patients prone to CVD and CHD through lowering LDL cholesterol and scavenging free radicals.



• ECE has been shown to improve coronary artery disease (CAD).

• ECE is more potent at inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol than green tea catechins.

• ECE also reduces vascular inflammation by preventing oxidation.

Cholesterol: 6-Week Clinical Trial


• Researchers gave 39 adults (average age 55) low dose (100 mg) ECE compounds for six weeks

• Average cholesterol dropped from 228 to 224. LDL dropped from 141 to 135. HDL rose from 46.5 to 50.7 (highly significant).

• Triglycerides fell from 215 to 195, and the atherogenic index dropped 12.5%.

Hypertension: 4-Week Animal Study


• Upon oral administration of phlorotannin (99.4%, 50 mg/kg) or enalapril (commercial hypotensive drug, 10 mg/kg) SBP dropped to as low as 160 and 140 mm Hg. upon cessation of treatment, SBP increased again in both cases.

• Although ECE showed a similar pattern to the drugs, it also showed a slower rebounding of blood pressure during the no treatment period.

ACE Inhibition


• ECE tannins are potent natural ACE inhibitors, demonstrating more than 15 times the power to inhibit ACE as the most powerful land-based polyphenols.

Antiplasmin Inhibition


• ECE compounds are natural potent inhibitors of anti-plasmin, capable of efficient promotion of plasmin that performs fibrinolysis 40-200 times greater activity than synthetic compounds Flufenamate and Chloramine T.



• Dr. Lee’s group found that ECE can increase the velocity of blood flow in the carotid artery from an average of 36.68 cm/sec to 40.09cm/sec.

• An EEG study on brain waves of healthy middle age volunteers found that ECE compounds increase alpha waves.

• ECE compounds were found to prevent sleepiness in bus drivers and in high school students during daytime activities.

• ECE has recently been found to protect neuronal cells from ischemia-induced inflammatory reactions, which often occur in the aged and highly stressed brain.

• ECE compounds neutralize the neurotoxic free-radical peroxynitrite.

• ECE-treated mice showed substantial enhancement of acetylcholine in three brain regions related to memory formation, as compared with non-treated mice. Especially, 140% enhancement was observed in the frontal cortex that is crucial in long-term memory and associative thinking.

• In a mouse study, passive-avoidance memory testing was tested showing a 130-140% improvement.

• In rat study, ECE was found to inhibit beta-amyloid deposition in the brain. Beta-amyloid is the same substance that accumulates in Alzheimer’s disease.

• The rats also learned maze challenges faster, which demonstrated improvement in short-term memory.



• Dr. Lee and colleagues found ECE to naturally suppress inflammatory responses and neutralize inflammatory damage caused by reactive oxygen species.

• ECE’s natural anti-inflammatory and tissue-protective properties appears to enable dramatic improvement in both arthritis and neuralgia.

• ECE’s ability to treat arthritis was found to be comparable to Celebrex®, the prescription drug that reduces inflammatory cox enzymes.

• ECE compared almost identically to celecoxib (Celebrex) in the ability to reduce PGE2 by slowing down the lipoxygenase (LOX) system.

• Researchers recently studied ECE on 40 patients with neuropathy. ECE reduced nerve pain by 40% in four weeks. Overall, 80% of the patients responded favorably.



• ECE appears to significantly relieve allergic reactions without drowsiness, dizziness and other side effects of anti-histamine drugs.

• Dr. Lee and his team found that ECE significantly reduced allergic inflammation in mice.

• ECE reduced the migration of eosinophils to the lungs by 75%. Inflammatory white blood cells (CD4+4 T Cells, resultant cytokines Il-4, 5, 13) were reduced by 50%.

• ECE reduced mucus plugs in the airways by 75%. Airway epithelial hyperplasia reduced by 75%. Collagen-causing fibrosis in lung interstitium (fibrosis, airway remodeling) and smooth muscle cell thickness was reduced by 20% and 32%.

• These findings suggest that ECE compounds may prevent or reverse the progression of chronic lung disease such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

• One of the ECE compounds (8,8BE) significantly inhibits 5-LOX compared with other well-known natural medicinal compounds such as resveratrol and EGCG.

• The efficacy of ECE for asthma was demonstrated in an allergen-induced murine asthma mouse model by Dr. Emil Chi, Chairman, Department of Histopathology, University of Washington.

• The researchers tested an ECE product (KLS) in a mouse model of allergen-induced chronic lung inflammation and fibrosis. KLS was found to be effective in reducing allergic inflammation. KLS reduced the airway mucus plugging, and sub-epithelial fibrosis in the challenged mice.



• Scientists studied 31 men with erectile dysfunction (ED) for over six months. They compared eight weeks of ECE use to Viagra®.

• The researchers looked at orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, overall satisfaction, and erectile function.

• ECE performed better than Viagra® in all parameters, except for erectile function, in which it performed the same as Viagra®. No side effects were reported with ECE. See results below:

ECE Scores:








Viagra® Scores:





Orgasmic Function








Orgasmic Function






Intercourse Satisfaction








Intercourse Satisfaction






Overall Satisfaction








Overall Satisfaction






Erectile Function








Erectile Function






• The test population also had over 25% improvement in IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function) score, which was as high as 81%.

• Total IIEF score significantly increased from 29.1 ± 13.1 to 47.0 ± 14.5 with 62% of improvement.

• Scores on key questions regarding frequency of penetration and frequency of maintaining an erection after penetration were improved up to 74% and 77%.

• These results strongly indicate that the long-term administration of ECE significantly contributes to the neutralization of oxidative risk factors, thereby improving peripheral blood circulation around muscles and nerves involved in sexual function as well as the penile artery.

Nitric Oxide (NO)


• After a six-week study of ECE, flow mediated dilation and NO-mediated dilation increased by 60% and 50%.

• These results confirm that ECE can rejuvenate damaged endothelial cells to produce NO. (This effect was further confirmed in the study on erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, Viagra® works by increasing NO in the penile artery.) 

• ECE induces apoptosis in cancer cells causing them to die naturally.





• ECE compounds have been found to be potent aldose reductase inhibitors, which may be of benefit for patients with metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, or diabetes.

• A mouse study showed that ECE reversed fat deposition in liver and pancreas cells.

• This same study showed that ECE served to markedly inhibit NF-kappaB inflammation in the pancreas.

• A recent Harvard (Joslin School of Diabetes) mouse study directly implicates excessive fat deposition in the mouse pancreas as turning on the NF-kappaB inflammation pathway, resulting in full-blown type II diabetes and insulin insensitivity in the mice.



• ECE is manufactured from edible algae through food-compatible processes.

• Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have experienced ECE in various forms of product without side effects.

• To date, Dr. Lee’s team has not found any toxicity at any level.

• Several toxicity tests have been performed, and no adverse effects have been found at the effective human dose level of 1-10 mg/kg.

Glossary of Terms

Acetylcholine: a neurotransmitter involved with the neuromuscular system, the nervous system and memory.


Acetylcholinesterase: an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.


ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme): the enzyme that converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II in the body.


Angiotensin: vasoppresive substances that lead to constriction of the smooth muscles and arteries, which reduces blood flow and leads to high blood pressure.


Aldose Reductase: the enzyme that converts excess glucose into the sugar alcohol sorbitol in the body.


Diacylglycerol acetyl transferase (DGAT): An important enzyme involved in triglyceride synthesis.


Half-life: in the body, half-life refers to the length of time it takes for a substance to be metabolized and inactivated to 50% of its activity.


5-Lipoxygenase (5-LOX): an enzyme system that plays a major role in inflammatory and allergic responses.


Nitric Oxide (NO): 1) a gas normally produced by the body and present in expired air; 2) a vasodilator produced by the vascular endothelium.


NF-kappaB: a key inflammatory mediator.


Peroxynitrite: a powerful free radical that appears to play a major role in many disease processes.


Polyphenols: a group of chemical substances found in plants, characterized by the presence of more than one phenol group per molecule.


Phlorotannins: a unique category of polyphenols with a unique molecular structure that endows them with biological activities not found in land-based plants.


Plasmin: an important enzyme produced by the body that breaks down blood clots.


Antiplasmin: a protein produced by the body that blocks plasmin.











These are some other notes from the Internet?




This is a must have, as it also inhibits MMP-1 which is a good fight against skin aging and wrinkling as well.





greenteacup - TGF-b (Transforming Growth Factor-Beta) induces MMP-2, -9 expression ultimately resulting in apoptosis (degradation of the hair follicles).





There was a study done using only 200 milligrams once per day with impressive results on metabolism. It's too early to say what an ideal dose is--for hair loss, but 800 milligrams would not hurt.



An increase in MM-2 correlates with increased hair growth





This one basically indicates that MMP-9 may play a role in helping recover after a stroke..





Cartilage Protecting Activities – A study on rabbits showed an 80% reduction in cartilage degeneration.





Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitors have been identified as potential therapeutic candidates for metastasis, arthritis, chronic inflammation and wrinkle formation.





Improves skin elasticity and promotes hydrated skin.





Anti-tumor effects.





ECE had many superior properties beneficial to human vascular problems (cardio-, cerebro-, and penile), obesity, arthritis, allergies and dementia.





ORAC Antioxidant Levels of ECE vs other Antioxidants:
*ORAC=Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity.





1 Gram of ECE-----------------------------------------------8,368
100 grams of Raisins-----------------------------------------------------------2,830
100 grams of Blueberries------------------------------------------------------2,400
100 grams of Blackberries-------------------------------------------------------2,036
100 grams f Kale----------------------------------------------------------------1,770
100 grams of Strawberries----------------------------------------------------1,540
100 grams of Spinach----------------------------------------------------------1,260
100 grams of Raspberries-----------------------------------------------------1,220
100 grams of Brussels Sprouts-----------------------------------------------980
100 grams of Plums-------------------------------------------------------------949
100 grams of Alfalfa Sprouts--------------------------------------------------930
100 grams of Broccoli-----------------------------------------------------------890
100 grams of Beets--------------------------------------------------------------840
100 grams of Orange------------------------------------------------------------750
100 grams of Red Bell Pepper-------------------------------------------------710
100 grams of Cherries-----------------------------------------------------------670
100 grams of Kiwi Fruit----------------------------------------------------------602
100 grams of Grapefruit---------------------------------------------------------483
100 grams of Onion--------------------------------------------------------------450



Tocotrienols (cardio protection)-----------------------------------------------1,059
Catechins (cardio protection)--------------------------------------------------1,048
Resveratrol (Heart Disease/Cancer Protection)-----------------------------791
Krill Oil (Omega-3's)-------------------------------------------------------------40
Vitamin E---------------------------------------------------------------------------35


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