Certified Mail

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Annual service is CHEAP if you decide you like it. With the degree of invasion of our privacy today from hackers and big brother ; this is a necessity !

CertifiedMail brings the concept of encrypted certified mail to the Internet.  It is now possible to send an encrypted email to anyone, anywhere, instantly and receive certifiable notification that the recipient has received and read the message. You will even be notified of the exact date and time the message was opened. As a member of CertifiedMail, you have the power to certify your email, add priority to your electronic transactions and build a sense of urgency in your messages. What follows are the top ten reasons to use CertifiedMail for your business and personal use.

Certifiable return receipt. Know when your messages were delivered and opened.

Get prompt responses to your messages.  Send your e-mail certified and the recipient will treat it with the urgency and importance it deserves.

Protect confidential information.  CertifiedMail uses the latest internet encryption technology to prevent eavesdropping.

Prevent unauthorized access.  Use our password feature to prevent unauthorized opening of sensitive messages.

CertifiedMail goes with you.  Access your account from any computer with internet connectivity. Don't be clamped down to your computer at work!  Send certified mail from home and maintain your corporate presence.

Sensitive Information. Send your tax data to your CPA, your mortgage information to your bank, and know that they received it.

Do you pay bills online? As a safety precaution you can send these payments and track its receipt.

Students - Certify your assignments. Use CertifiedMail to prove that you submitted your assignment on time.  Finally put an end to forgetful professors!

Parents. Keep in touch with children that are away at school.  Use CertifiedMail to ensure they received your message.

Party Invitations. Know who read your party invitation and whom you still have to contact.

For your eyes only! With the use of passwords, multiple users sharing one e-mail address can acquire privacy by restricting others from accessing their e-mail.

Get heard!   Finally you have a way of knowing if and when people are paying attention to you.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Keep relationships going by ensuring your messages are being received by the desired party.

Ideal sales tool. Schedule a follow-up call after your message was read.

Add urgency to an on-line promotion.  Use CertifiedMail to enforce a lock-in date from when the recipient was informed of your promotion.

Contact Software/Hardware Support.  Haven't received a response to an outstanding technical issue, use CertifiedMail to guarantee it gets read.

Show your boss you are doing your job.  Prevent message recipients from denying receipt of your messages which puts you in a compromising situation with your boss.

Demonstrate your commitment to internet transactions.  CertifiedMail shows you are serious about your work.

Tons of features.   Combining certifiable return receipts with a simple interface, 2mb of hard drive space, message attachments, easy to use address-book, on-line help and mobile design; CertifiedMail provides a friendly and useful feature set for your most important messages.

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