Oral Chelation &  super products for life extension

I don't sell anything here or get a commission off this but these are sites of super products for life extension and blood pressure reduction without drugs.



Herbal Healing Academy's URL..    http://www.herbalhealer.com/ 

"For an even less expensive formula, see...

http://www.herbalhealer.com/    ... which, incidently, does not use EDTA."

Their products are called:

ORAL CHELATE (obviously, oral chelation)

INFLAZYME FORTE ("...enzymes will help break up cholesterol

plaque and other debris already in the blood system. After this it is

safe to begin Oral Chelation formula.")

HHA CIRCULATION PLUS POWDER (another variation of

oral chelation, in powdered form, and specifically for cholesterol control)

HHA CHOLESTEROL BALANCE (a natural alternative to drugs)

For Oral Chelation, also see...      http://www.extremehealthusa.com/

... for a much more affordable formula. This is important, because, ironically, a lot of people will prefer heart disease to spending a few bucks!

For an even less expensive formula, see... http://www.extremehealthusa.com/  
... which, incidently, does not use EDTA.

My job - a nuclear reactor operator, with auxiliary duties as a fire brigade member - requires an annual "stress test", where you run on a treadmill with an EKG hooked up. This experience provided a convenient "before and after" test measurements and documentation of the effectiveness of oral chelation. This stuff literally saved my life and my job. Furthermore, the "doctors" immediate response was to give me an angiogram, which required me to give them blanket permission to perform angioplasty, if they decided it was warranted, since I would be already "on the table".

Consider these statistics:

=== Begin Quote ===

In a mind boggling article published by The Journal of the American Medical Association - Vol. 284. No. 4 - July 28, 2000 the research finally admits to mainstream that they are killing 250,000 Americans per year. They estimate the figure to be low and say remember these are only the death figures, not the adverse side effects associated with disability or discomfort. Complete article is on the web site.

12,000 - unnecessary surgery

7,000 - medication errors in hospital

20,000 - other errors in hospitals

80,000 - nosocomial infections in hospitals

106,000 - adverse effects of medications

=== End Quote ===

Instead of the angioplasty/angiogram, I elected to simply use oral chelation. My investment was a few hundred dollars, spread over 6 or 8 months. In extreme, or urgent, cases, it might be appropriate to use the stronger,  more expensive formulas, or intraveinous chelation (i.e. injections work faster).

Another thing to consider is that "prevention is the best medicine". It doesn't make sense to wait until symptoms appear (which incidently might not happen until some veins are 90% blocked!).

In 1993, "Linus Pauling recommended that every adult should take at least 3 grams of vitamin C and 1-2 grams of L-lysine per day as a preventative against heart attacks and stroke." see...


This is cheap, simple, and effective. It is much better than quadruple bypass surgery. But... will your doctor tell you this? Not likely! Press on!