Cherry Shares    updated 12-13 -2010

Cherry Shares website has been down for almost ten days now. The original post in a forum stating it was 
due to a DDOS attack and they will be back shortly is probably false information. If that were true Dane and Dominik 
would have been in contact with key people who would have kept us updated. There has been no contact with 
them to my knowledge with anyone.  And, I just go word that one of their support people, a friend who was working 
as their support person was just left hanging without a job, with no notice, or communication of any kind.
It appears at this point in time that cherry shares has run it's course and withdrawals were exceeding income 
and it was time to pull the plug and do the old cashtanker exit as happened to us last December. Even withdrawals 
to AlertPay were not honored in the last days.

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On 10-16 -2010 Cherry Shares issued  an email to all participants regarding new rules that will take 
place on Jan 1, 2011. I have included that memo  here  at the bottom of this page.  Some changes are 
slight, but the big change is if you don't have $5000 invested with them by then, your referral link will no 
longer work and you will not receive any further referral commissions. This was necessary because some 
people are abusing the referral system by cheating and this move will take care of most of that. A second 
biggie is that they are not going to pay any referral commissions on the short term plan, the 5% to 5.9%/week 
plan, the first one. The medium term plan is the one to target for. $5k gets you 34.8%/month income and 
you can add to your account with as little as $50. That's $1740/mo profit on your $5000. In less than 
3 months you are in profit. 

At the above link click on the menu items at the top of the page  "who we are" and "what we offer"
to get a good overview of what this company does and what you can earn from it. This company has not 
missed a payout or withdrawal request. I know, I was at a low financially when Cashtanker and GNI crashed 
and had to take a lot of little withdrawals from here.  Each one was always paid on the same day, often within 
minutes.This is probably the most credible plan in my portfolio at this time. Although most of us have to start off with 
the short-term or daily plan, it doesn't take long to get to medium term plan status where real money can be made.
Again, $5000 in the medium term plan produces 34.8%/month. That's $1740/mo profit on your $5000. In less than 
3 months you are in profit. 

While we are all wondering how he pays so much, it appears he is making a killing with our money.
His news update of 7-29 says this: Good news on the earnings front. Mainly due to strong sales from the
iPhone 4 and iPad from US to different countries, earned income fluctuates between 30% and 50%. This 
is the income from each contract!
  That's not per month. That's on each contract and he does many contracts 
a month. So it looks like even though we think he pays too much to be real, he easily earns that much and more. 
Uses AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Bank Wire

Four investment plans offered: short-term, daily, medium-term and long-term
5.8% weekly
50.00 USD/EUR
1.1% daily
315 calendar days
50.00 USD/EUR
8.7% weekly
50-week pay periods
5,000.00 USD/EUR
9.9% weekly
75-week pay periods
20,000.00 USD/EUR

Short-term – allows you to invest funds with possibility of weekly interest withdrawal. Usually we advise our new clients to start with this investment plan, since it lets people to check personally on how our project operates.  
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 5.8% weekly
3. 50 percent of the short-term balance available for withdrawal after 2-week pay periods**
4. 100 percent of the short-term balance available for withdrawal after 3-week pay periods**
Daily – Allows you to invest funds with possibility of daily interest withdrawal. For clients with sufficient funds and those with medium amounts of liquidity.
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 1.1% daily
3. Investment horizon is 315 calendar days (45 weeks), begins when an initial deposit is made
4. Balance of the daily plan will be available for withdrawal at the investment horizon's end
5. Compounding
6. ‘Compounding Cap’ is 50,000,000.00 USD/EUR
Medium-term – this plan is in demand among investors who want to earn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. It is extremely popular among investors who need to pay back debts or cover any mortgages or credits.
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 8.7% weekly
3. Investment horizon is 50-week pay periods, begins when an initial deposit is made
4. Balance of the medium-term plan will be available for withdrawal at the investment horizon's end
5. Compounding****
Long-term – Any serious investor has to think in global terms! You will be able to make a huge profit and provide well for the rest of your life. We used to offer this plan only for a limited number of people, but recently it became incredibly popular because of financial crisis. Probably soon we will have to quit accepting funds from our new users, keeping it only to those who invest with us for a long time.
1. ROI* 9.9% weekly COMPOUNDED***
2. Investment horizon is 75-week pay periods, begins when an initial deposit is made
3. Balance of the long-term plan will be available for withdrawal at the investment horizon's end
4. ‘Compounding Cap’ is 50,000,000.00 USD/EUR
If you're debating whether the best place for your money is medium-term or long-term plan, the answer depends upon your individual financial situation and investment objectives.  Currently we can handle amounts up to $10,000,000.00 USD per week. If you decide to invest more than this please contact us for details. We pride ourselves in working with individuals that are qualified and serious on the delivery of our services.

Due Dilligence
The head man is Dane William Wolf, Managing Director of Cherry Shares a private investment pool 
(Brooksell Universal Limited Company - New Zealand)
I have a copy of Dane's passport, minutes of incorporation meeting Aug 2008, and a copy of their 
certificate of incorporation.
I had followed this one for some time before putting it out to my list. I have been with this program over a year now.  
It operates flawlessly. Payments are very very prompt.  I have taken at least thirty withdrawals from this program 
over the course of a year or more and they have all been same day.

How they make money
is by converting currency at a
1 to 1 rate, mostly EUR and USD through China, since October 2008.
1. Their company, Brooksell Universal Limited Company - New Zealand,  pools funds to a company which Trades with China.
2. They buy goods for USD (For example 1,000.00)
3. But they sell the goods for EUR (Not 1,000.00 USD but 1,305.65 USD)
As a  result they pool USD and get EUR back at their Bank account and pocket the exchange the difference.
Payments are handled via bank wire with all the legal documents.
They have been doing this through Brooksell since Sept 2008.
Click on "Who we are" on the opening page for more info.

Referral Program
They are currently paying for referrals according the following schedule

1 - 5 3% 6% 10%
6 - 15 5% 10% 15%
16 - 35 7% 15% 20%
36 - ANY 10% 20% 25%

Commission is transferred into your account within one minute after a successful deposit by your referral, and neither hold-periods nor fees are applicable to them. You can apply for payment in an instant. No need to be an investor yourself, 
it is enough to simply have an account registered and to visit an ‘Referrals’ section where you will receive your unique link and watch for your referrals statistics.

Changes to Cherry Shares effective January 1, 2011

My Dear Members and Investors,
There have been rumors, discussions, and assumptions regarding the changes with the mighty CherryShares program. These modifications are necessary for the best relationship between us and the investors. Both technical and financial factors have been considered in making these decisions. We want you all to know that your financialhealth is on the 
top of our must-do list.

Here are the changes (Effective  January 1, 2011) :

1 - Short-term investment plan :
ROI : 5.0% weekly (First 3 weeks), 5.9% weekly after 3 weeks.

We know that this one of the most appreciated plans because it offers a quick return of  principal. 
From Jan 1 on, the conditions are :

After just 3 weeks all the money will be available for withdrawal at any time. The percentage in the first three 
weeks will be 5% per week, after that it will be 5.9% per week.

2 - Daily investment plan:

ROI: Deposits that were made before January 1, 2011 (Daily Old) :
1.54% daily (7.7% weekly)

This plan has been chosen by those who wanted greater returns than the short term plan. Of course, it 
doesn't have the quick return of principal as the short term one has. And interest will be paid just 5 days
a week, not 7 as before. Principal is tied up for 315 calendar days.

Deposits which will be made after December 31, 2010 (Daily New) :
1.52% daily (7.6% weekly). These deposits will be displayed in a separate block on the page balance.

3 - Medium-term investment plan :

No changes. Pays 8.7% weekly, paid weekly, and requires a $5000 principal amount and that principal 
is tied up for 50 weeks.

4 - Long-term investment plan :

Deposits to this plan can be done before December 25, 2010. After December 25 new deposits for 
long-term investment plan will not be accepted. We have reached the maximum of clients we wanted 
to have for this. Pays 9.9% weekly. But requires $20k to participate in this one and principal is tied up 
for 75 weeks, about a year and a half. 

New members :
We have a huge database already and this is why registration for new customers will only be possible
 through the referral link of any of our clients who have  a balance of at least $5,000. This will give our
program a new, professional outfit.

Affiliate program :
For  deposits made on a short-term investment plan the referral commission will not be paid. The referral 
links of customers with a balance of less than $5,000 will not be active. Therefore, new registrations via such 
links would not be possible.

We shall close this big announcement with a quote:
There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction
                                                 - Winston Churchill

Sincerely yours,
Dane W. Wolf
Managing Director

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