A discussion of where to draw the line restricting freedom of speech versus protecting the consumer from internet fraud.

Today more than ever both opportunities as well as pitfalls abound on the internet. Government agencies from all countries are scrambling to find solutions to both protecting their people from scams as well as protecting themselves from lost revenues which some obtain from net activities but don't claim as income come tax time. It is becoming more frequent for government agencies to single out individuals and try to make examples of them claiming they are promoting ponzi and pyramid schemes to scare others into not participating.  And although many of these cases are being lost by the government in the end, reputation damage is needlessly done to the individuals involved who are just trying to share ways to get ahead with their friends.  And of course there are those on the net simply setting up and promoting programs that are only designed to steal your money.

The big gray area is the untrodden ground that lies between investments and scams. I think ponzi and pyramid are obsolete non-applicable terms in this environment.  It's a matter of separating real opportunity programs  from outright fraudulent attempts to separate you from your money.  The problem now is becoming that with big brother snooping and stepping on the  single ant more frequently; the rest of the nest is going into hiding underground and instead of us being able to receive good information on programs to determine whether or not to participate we are now receiving more limited sketchy information and secure contact sources via hushmail and ziplip to attempt to communicate with. As our freedom of speech rights are removed; it isn't going to make the opportunities go away.   It IS going to make the decision making process on whether or not to enter those  harder however; and without guidance from someone; whether it be information based individual websites or government run scam information websites ; developing a program of consumer education has to be the key to slowing down entrapment in internet fraud schemes.

The truth is; many good opportunities to add to one's cashflow DO exist on the net; even programs  that do not have long track records. Will they last??   Will the stock you bought today be worth more a week or a month from now??  Who knows??   But there are strategies for determining and minimizing risks so we end up with black ink as an overall average that need to reach the consumers; especially the newbies exposed to all the hype and promises they will never see.

The first thing governing agencies need to determine  regarding the mission of consumer net fraud protection is if they are out to win a battle or would they like to win the war?   Proving their might in squashing one ant in a battle does not win the war of protecting the consumer from internet fraud.  If they are true advocates of consumer fraud protection for internet scams, then sites like this one are on the same mission and should not be considered an adversary.   A pooling of resources needs to be accomplished to be effective to the mission at large.   And even though sites like this one that attempt to educate and  warn as well as provide opportunity may be considered on the same mission; they are usually not on the same page with big brother agendas. 

My weapon of choice in this mission has been to build a a website that informs people of all of their options and offers guidance in how to spot the scams, warns of the risks involved, and offers rules in how to play in the internet arena. Big brother normally chooses as his weapon of choice a lawsuit  to squash one ant that has been trying to accomplish what they to accomplish because that ant provides opportunity information as well.  Keep that thought as you read through this.  

 I do not charge people for the information I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching to bring to them to try to keep them from stepping on the minefields awaiting us on the internet. I HAVE spent my own money to be privy to the information in certain due diligence forums to try to scrape up dirt on  programs so I CAN warn others when risks become apparent.   Websites that promote 90% scam stuff THAT THEY KNOW IS A SCAM,  use Homestead, Tri-Pod,  HotYellow and other free website domains with webwizards to build them with and hushmail or ziplip addresses to remain invisible.  These guys are free to plunder the masses; and they WILL if we donít stop them and offer an alternative. This war will be won by educating and offering alternative considerations, not by thwarting a few websites that pop up in particular areas of the world promoting programs and opportunities.

About four years ago I decided to take my brick and mortar business to the web and sell stuff over the net. But I discovered webhosts wanted anywhere up to $5000 to build a website, $50 to make a change to it, $10 to post a pic on it.   I could see that wasnít going to work for me at all. I donít make a lot of money to throw it away on that.   I then set out to learn html and build a website; well, I boned up enough on html to do that and then Microsoft Frontpage came out as well as Adobe Pagemill.  This is major trouble for big brother,  because now any moron with a hundred dollar bill can build a good website to promote all the opportunities found on the web. Itís a little harder than using the webwizards found on the freebie places; but not much. If you havenít noticed, websites promoting programs, opportunities, and gifting clubs are popping up all over the place. If states think they can control them by shutting down a website or two within their state; they are sadly mistaken about how the web works.  

As soon as they shut down one person and news gets out  , the rest will  get smart enough to go outside the state or offshore with their website, remain invisible with hushmail and ziplip addresses and be free to promote irresponsibly for that state's citizens to get burned by also.  This is happening now; Iím seeing more of these surface all of the time.  And even more people are putting out on the web the same material we find on websites but in the form of email. I get between 300 and 500 emails a day; and a constant bombardment of new programs and offers via email big brother could never track down.

  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I got sidetracked on a lot of these little biz ops along the way and after a couple years of pursuing this discovered that a lot of this stuff was for real and we really didnít have to choose between a 5% CD, 4% bank interest, and poverty for the rest of our lives.  Many of the investments on the web now  DO have track records with many people being paid out showing they do what they say; maybe not LONG track records but keep in mind the web is still in diapers and many longtime offshore traders are now coming to the web to refuel their seed money.  Iím here to give you the wake up call and turn on the light bulb for you; people donít have to stay broke any more.   But along with programs and opportunities that work comes two types of pitfalls; a virtual minefield of true frauds; and programs that start off good  and are true trading programs - not just pyramiding of other peopleís money, that fail sometime downstream for one reason or another. Several of these that failed have surprisingly come back and paid people back all or part their investment money also. I personally feel good about finding honest opportunities on the web today, and would put my money here much sooner than in the stock market. 

  As a Christian, I am very gullible. I believe that mankind is good until proven otherwise. I have a hard time understanding how much of the world that lives in poverty accepts dishonesty and thievery as a way of life. But that IS how it is.   I saw it in Brazil with iron gates on every shop with a guard outside included; I saw it in Mexico; and I especially saw it in another country where you couldn't even show your wallet in public; you only pulled out of your pocket just enough for the goods being considered. This means be prepared to be exposed to the scam artists with no conscience. This is where big brother needs to come to the rescue with education; he can't stop them because they go away and resurface under a new name and e-gold number every other week; but he CAN give the consumer criteria for how to recognize these guys; as I try to do on this site.

Regarding losing money on the web, thereís the moral issue of whatís the difference between that and losing your money in the stock market  or lotteries or casino gambling that is now state legalized. What a double standard. You see it's alright if our state runs a lottery where 99.999999% of the population throws their money away because the chances of winning are millions to one.  The probability of winning a 6 ball lottery folks is 99 x99 x99 x99 x99 x99 to 1.  Are those good odds??? I have never bought a lottery ticket.  But if I try to show someone on my website how to earn 20% to 25% a month on their money in an offshore investment that IS paying ; I am committing a crime of fraud or running a ponzi or pyramid scheme according to big brother. If government thwarts this in the wrong manner they  WILL create a revolution here.   This point is brought out constantly by people from all over the world. 

  AND; we are allowed to invest our money in the stock market and lose it quite readily there and it is considered acceptable regardless of the amount of loss. AND pay substantial brokerage referral fees and commissions without them being considered ponzi or pyramid.  I figure Iím a pretty smart boy but I lost more money in the stock market in a couple years than I will EVER lose on the web. And I hear from  a lot of other people that they look at it that way too.

  Big brother's ďsquash one antĒ in one battle approach will provide no  protection for consumers from net fraud and hereís why.  Any state or province is but one small part of the world.  Duh! The worldwide web isnít called that because it is located in just one state. And the people from that state are going to get bombarded by scams and fraudulent programs from people set up in Russia, Dominica, England, Canada, and other states, provinces and countries without them being able to do anything about it.   People in any state upon hearing about a webrelated lawsuit that want to play in this arena will simply build websites hosted by servers located outside of the state and use hushmail addresses to remain invisible to state authorities.  With the quantity of real perpetrators surfacing on the web today any state office couldnít possibly produce the manpower to police the situation from an enforcement angle.  And you know what; as a taxpayer I would have a hard spot with that as well because I know  what a waste of money that would be; and I DO NOT like wasting money.

You have to approach the problem from the angle of education of the consumer; not spanking the .000001% of the websites big brother will be able to shut down; and big brother certainly canít stop the same programs from being distributed via email that are also found on the proliferation of websites occurring.  What a lost cause and big brother  must realize that.   The answer??  Give the people a place to go that is well publicized to get the knowledge and advice they need to make intelligent decisions.  Quit playing policeman and play friend and tutor for a change.   People are sick and tired of Government telling them what they canít do. Wouldnít it be a refreshing change if big brother provided a site and information that told them what they COULD do?? Perhaps a combination of a state site  with rules, regulations,  guidelines and required warnings,  and reference to a private responsible site  tailored into a model people could pattern after that would contain acceptable content. Think people might like that approach better than someone always shoving something down their throat??  People like guidance. People despise being told what to do.  Tell someone he canít put up an opportunity website and he will do it.  He might go underground to do it; but he WILL do it.  Give him some guidelines on how to do such and big brother might  see acceptable content surface on it. Require each site to have the warnings and risks covered on it just like mine does. Donít try to control the programs; control the informational warnings required to go with the programs. Just quit telling people NO. Instead of inciting the battle reflex, big brother should promote the respect he could gain if he took the right positive approach.

  Ah, you say but what if big brother tells them they can do something and they get burned?? Now you see the boat Iím in and why I had no rating system for so long. The honest answer is we NEVER know for sure; but the same applies to stocks we buy and absolutely applies to the lottery tickets people so freely waste their money on because states PROMOTE their ďyou too can be the lucky dogĒ scam when they know darned well one lucky dog out of two million people is the worst odds imagineable.  Where is their conscience , folks??

How many low income families that are so desperate to win spend 30 to 50 bucks a week on lottery tickets? You know thatís true and I know thatís true.  30 to 50 bucks a week put into the right programs on the web could literally  set them totally free in a couple years. 

The other part of the answer is that we CAN develop guidelines people can use to greatly improved their chances of not falling into the pits or stepping on the mines.  Like I have in my FAQ, and my introduction pages to the investment section, gifting section, art ops section and  the disclaimer page people have to read before they ever enter my site.  
All websites displaying programs and opportunities of risk should address these issues up front; but not many do.

If you spend enough time on the web to get this figured out like I have you will realize that big brother is  going to have to cut some slack in their thinking if they want to be effective.  Take a site and work with the owner to produce a content acceptable site for this arena. You canít protect people from everything; but  you can forwarn them of the pitfalls of their decisions and provide sufficent education  to give them a better chance for succeeding.  Just to call everything that has referral money associated with it a ponzi or a pyramid is  1800ís thinking. Hey ; federal tax law says I can give or receive up to $10,000 a year as a gift to any particular person before it becomes taxable. With 60,000 people coming onto the web each day with a logarithmic progression over the next five to ten years; gifting clubs will not run out of people to join them.  Many of the gifting clubs are being run on straight line matrixes with NO recruiting requirements whatsover. To just do a blanket banning of gifting clubs will be ineffective. Websites from states breaking out their cannons would simply go to hushmail addresses and email to promote them.  A better approach might be to limit initial dollar participation.  The truth is, gifting clubs do work for most people. Does big brother want to see them all go underground and continue on; or set some rules to control them most effectively. One gifting club out of southern hemisphere country has been going three years now and has never had a loser. Why? Because if someone got tired of waiting for his gift he sold his ticket  to a newbie coming in and walked away and the newbie made out because he got a position higher on the board than he normally would have.  What Iím trying to tell you here is that we need to set guidelines the people will find acceptable and will actually follow. Laws people will hold big brother  in disrespect for do no one any good; increase the enforcement burden, and create defensive attitudes and behavior towards government. Government is supposed to be working for the people; not against them. If big brother wants to protect the people; establish policy they will accept, feel a part of, and want to be protected with. Donít keep establishing policy that sends the message that big brother is just a bully and is taking more of their rights away from them.

People are going to invest in these kinds of programs with or without big brother policing them, because he canít police 99.9% of the sources that are outside  jurisdiction; and soon most of them within  jurisdictional boundaries also because they will come to the net with no face. Nothing states do to a few websites inside their state is really going to protect citizens of that state from the barrage of emails and websites that they are being exposed to and will continue to be exposed to.  Taking one site down will just cause it to resurface offshore under another domain , with maybe even a different owner name and no face or means of real contact associated with it other than a hushmail address.  Is that what big brother wants??  Sites like mine are looked at as protective devices; not ponzi machines.  You see the truth is, word is out; people ARE getting ahead with these programs and opportunities if they apply the strategies.  Big brother hasn't  put enough time on the net to understand that.

Oftentimes the difference between a suicide and living is $50 - $100 a month.  America is broke. Taxation and legalities are making slaves of the people. They know this. They know that banks give them 4-5% on their money and take it offshore and make 30% - 50% a month on it easy. Only a couple hundred dollars a month can make the difference between a family environment which is amicable as opposed to one which displays continuous anger and screaming at each other because financial stress is crushing their foundation. Why do you think the devil tries to keep us all broke?  To break our spirit and create turmoil within the family unit; and leave us no time for the Lord.

I know many women who instead of dropping their kid off at daycare and going to McDonalds for 8 hours to pay the rent and buy a few groceries are now using their computer and the net to make more than the $30 a day net after daycare costs they were earning; and therefore are able to stay home and raise their child properly.  Some are doing quite well, in fact. One just retired her husband from his carpenter job. Starting into a  low cost program can then give them enough to start funding 20% a month investment that could blossom and buy them some real freedom someday. That is one of the problems of doing what I do; you never run out of an abundance of people that need help. It is one of the reasons I continue my search; especially for the low entry cost programs in the 10-25% a month increase category; as those are the real ones that continue to pay it appears.

How many families could survive on $1500 - $2000 a month??  The answer is many . My friend doesnít earn that working as a janitor at a school. How much would it take to have vested in programs to reach that level of income using just 20% a month ventures?? Ten thousand dollars???   Thatís not a lot and thatís pretty scarry isnít it? How much do we spend on welfare for a woman and a couple kids each year? And thatís money spent once and isnít around for next year.  Interesting.  

What if it doesnít work and we lose  money on programs on the net; then where are we??    Do you buy one stock and hope it will bring home the bacon?? Or do you buy a whole portfolio of twenty or thirty stocks so if one or two go down the rest will still keep your finances intact?  I got news for you friends, the "illuminati" are hellbent on crashing the stock markets so you lose all your money. Who are the "illuminati"??? The best definition comes from the David Icke site at http://www.davidicke.com/icke/visitor.html   "The Illuminati have been working towards a long planned and coordinated agenda to create a world government, central bank, army, and a micro-chipped population linked to a global computer. Anyone with an operational brain can see that all these things are now emerging ever more rapidly."  I have many more sites to peruse if you are interested in this  subject.  It is not a hoax and the mechanisms are in place to carry it all out, including chemical spray testing, and over 130 concentration/labor camps already established in the US. 

Putting money in programs and opportunities on the net is no different; you take your $10,000 and put it in twenty different  20% a month programs at $500 each so if one or two go gunnysack you arenít crippled.  This is teaching the people that are going to do this anyway in spite of big brother and his warnings, so they  may become winners instead of wards of the state.  To those of us that get by and have a little extra each month, we donít truly understand what itís like to need to go down and buy milk and have NO means with which to do so.  And then there are those of us that have enough money for basic living but have no free time to go along with it because we are spending all our time to have enough money. The devil loves
us also.  No time for family, no time for God.  What a novel idea to be able to have a little free time along the way and not be stressed with panic finances all the time.  

You see, here's the glitch. If you needed a $4000/month income to retire, at 5% annual bank or CD interest how much would you have to have in the bank to do that.  Answer, a million big ones; which isn't reality for 99.9999% of us. We can never get there and government knows that which is why they do not want us investing in things outside the US - to keep us broke and in JOB slavery. However, at 20% a month interest how much would you have to have working for you to earn a $4000/month income???   Answer, $20,000!   Now that's NOT unrealistic for most of us to come up with.   Is that a problem??   Yes, for big brother. Money is power and if we don't need a job; big brother loses power over us. SEC and FED shutting down programs and freezing bank accounts and filing phony lawsuits against many of these programs has little to do with consumer net fraud protection and everything to do with keeping us blokes broke. Think about it.

When I first started seriously considering ventures on the web to get involved with to make money ; I did so with a sharing standpoint. I was tired of going to different websites that didnít explain things well and didnít give me enough information to make an intelligent decision. I felt that if I was confused; what about the rest of the populace that might not be as bright.  So I decided to make a website , which I called detailshere.com; and for the things I was willing to vest my money in I would tell people  what they needed to know about the opportunity; both good and bad; so they could make a more  intelligent decision also, instead of hearing about it from some hype email or scammerís website that only told the good parts and not the whole story. Now the state says I can't tell you ANYTHING if it's not a SEC approved program.

And the issue of referral money??? Virtually everything on the web as well as in business has commissions or referral money associated with it. I earned commissions on oil when I worked at a gas station going to college. I earned commissions or referral fees when I sold insurance and serviced policies. I never put an item on my site based upon earning referral money alone. Because referral  money can be here today and gone tomorrow; itís an unstable income source. Referral money has to be treated as icing on the cake. The goal as I saw it was to find enough things in longer term category to get all of them vested with a total of 20-30 grand or better to get a monthly income coming in from those participations  of 5 to 6 grand; AND to put little bits in lots of things which is the only safe way I felt it should happen.  And I am doing that. And others are doing that; successfully.   Am I there yet? Of course not. At this point in time I have as much as a grand in some of them and as little as $50 in others but the idea is to keep funding the ones that keep paying with little bits each month; spreading out whatever I do have to invest with.  This does work, and pretty soon all those $20 to $50 a month payments add up to the $2000 figure and eventually the 5 grand figure. That's how this has to work.

Having worked both methods of getting ahead; stock market versus internet ventures; I would choose internet ventures any day as offering a greater chance for success,  whether I  had a site or not or referred anyone else or not.  I lost my tail in the stock market and I  continue to watch my friends that put in a lot of study time and think they are good at it continue to lose money in the stock market. I now have enough good things from the internet to choose from that I know work that I will not have to do my brick and mortar business any more if I chose not to in less than a year from now.   How long would it take me to reach that point using CDís or even the stock market with good picks?  I probably couldnít.

I think everyone understands the unchartered waters  of internet programs.  The use of the internet in this arena of participating financially  in programs and opportunities outside of the traditional stock market is new. I am in contact with  people who do make their living using these programs and investments from the net; who share with me and  others what they are doing. This sharing process from people all over the world also includes an early warning system on any program going bad or not doing what they are supposed to do so people donít fund them with any more money. Some programs  are extremely careful to do everything right all the time because they know that once the seeds of doubt are planted they arenít going to get more  money to do trades with. 

My site is not designed to show people how to  get rich quick . It is designed to show people what I and others are doing to gradually increase our residual incomes and with enough effort and determination we will be able to quit the JOB and focus  more of our time on family as well as ministerial matters. Or just have that little bit extra to make the difference in our attitudes and relationships with others.

I am in contact with many others who also do what I do, either with websites or via e-mail newsletters and share their input with me to share with others. The web IS a people helping people community along with those looking for the fast buck.   The concept is that "many heads should be better than one" to sort out the good stuff from the things we lose money in as there is a certain  potential for both making money on the net as well as for losing it. Sites like mine that share this information from others all over the world CAN make a difference in our success of avoiding the bombs as we walk through the minefields found on the web. 

Itís the ďhow many can we saveĒ thatís at issue here, folks. That IS the mission. The battles donít count if you canít win the war; and to win the war we need to reach the people and educate them; in a manner that they, the people, find acceptable. Donít forget that part. The message from the people in the trenches using the web as a  financial tool is that squishing the ant is not the direction big brother should be pursuing. Give guidance first; retain discipline for the blatant offenders that won't conform to offered guidance.

If I look at my website today compared to several months ago there have been a lot of changes in what is offered and how it is presented. I'm not saying I never had stuff I would consider questionable on my site by my own standards today; or that I still haven't removed or changed all the items I plan to that may still be on my site today.  My site undergoes continuous overhaul on a daily basis. I have no problem with bringing my site into reasonable content compliance with state's wishes.   When material was put there it was considered sound by as much due diligence as could be performed at that point in time until proven otherwise. Some programs have proven otherwise and I lost money in them also. Other programs such as the ones retained in the most proven categories continue to do well and accomplish the mission.  But the protection still lies in rule1, spreading oneself out wide enough in these with little bits of money, don't risk much in any particular program; and above all once the program pays you back a 2-1 or 3-1 play with their money - only respend after you get a payment. 

A website is like a house; my old home has been remodeled three times over the past 30 years and is ready for a next.  With each remodel it becomes more suitable, user friendly, and desirable - at least to me and my family. So it is with a website. Changes are incorporated to improve itís function and itís reason for existing. My website has escalated way beyond existing soley for my benefit.  Time on the net, communication with other net people as well as receiving constructive input from many people around the world has greatly improved  content of this website for all to share and the chances for us all to succeed and make the difference that it takes for us to be mentally healthy without the stress and anxiety of wondering where the money is coming from to pay  the next bill with.

  Making an example out of one website by flogging the owner publicly and humiliating him in the pillars for all to see as some governmental agencies are doing to weowners all over the US and in Canada too, in hopes others will not follow in his path is not the right tact to accomplish the mission of protecting the consumer from internet fraud.  It has to be accomplished by educating the consumer and big brother should  be using tools including the knowledge and help of "web savvy" people to accomplish such. 

I feel we still have a right to free speech and choice. We can choose to be informed and we can choose to enter any program we want to as long as we are aware of the hazards and risks ahead. 

If big brother truly wanted to be effective in protecting the consumer from internet fraud they   should develop  their own site that contains many of the same warnings and information that is displayed in my FAQ and warnings pages to educate the consumer and warn him of the risks ahead but make it informational and in the form of guidance; not KGB tactics. As it is they won't even tell you what is acceptable or not until they file a lawsuit against you.

Today it is very easy for anyone to create their own website and  by doing a little copy and paste; post programs they plagiarize from other's sites as well as those they receive via emails.  Shutting down websites and suing the owners in any particular state or province is not the answer to consumer protection. It is an exercise in futility; like whizzing against the wind.

States will never have the manpower to police and prosecute the numbers of such websites that will be coming to the surface as well as to control the proliferation of email being sent with the same content in it.  States should work with websites and the owners they find content questionable to revise the content displeasing to them, but concentrate their efforts and manpower on reaching the people surfing the net looking for programs even to the extent of having their own listserve at e-groups and a state moderated delphi forum

  The mission of consumer net fraud protection must be accomplished the peopleís way, so the people wonít feel big brother is cramming another grenade down their throats. Rules are ineffective unless the people feel a part of the process of making them and wanting them. The people of the states, as well as those from other parts of the world, need what can be offered to protect them from the sharks in this arena.  And big brother can have a much bigger voice that can be heard much further if he chooses the guidance approach instead of the "squishing the ant" approach. 
a. Attempting to control the programs or websites that display those programs that people will find out on the net  would be a monumental task and ineffective because many come and go within a week's period of time.
b. Use methods that  don't take away peopleís freedom of choice; educate the people  instead of trying to control what they are exposed to.
c. DO give  people  proper tools to analyze what's going on that they can use make an intelligent decision with.

But, this will never happen - it is not how big brother wants to play the game.

Big brother cannot stop people from playing in this arena. We know what financial accomplishments can be obtained on the net if we learn the rules to play by.   Big brother's job, as I have been trying to do, should be  to establish the criteria to minimize the burn time and maximize the black ink for the people as a whole; unfortunately he is only interested in burning the people trying to help other people.

And that's how I see the big picture of internet fraud.


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