Here's where to find the coordinates of Planet X

Nancy and the Zetas recently blew their cover by posting pics of Steve Havas' siting of X on their site with NASA identification trailers still attached.  This means the zetatalk site is likely a NASA/CIA disinformation site designed to mix a lot of good information with bogus coordinates on where to look for X. Doesn't mean you shouldn't read the information on the site as it paints a pretty good picture of what is to transpire; but go to my letters page at  for the most accurate information on when and where this planet is coming in from.  It is now felt the zeta site is geared to getting us to look in the wrong place to keep the ship intact for as long as possible at the expense of the common person. 

I can no longer believe the coordinate information posted at 

This has gotten to be a more complicated issue than just posting some coordinates. 

Note:  This graphic, found at  has been designed so that it is rotated 90 degrees to the right in order to better utilize available web-page space, therefore PX's oscillations appear to be vertically oriented as opposed to horizontal, which is actually the case.

Planet X as a SMOLDERING Planet

Planet X as a RED Planet 

Planet X Distance, Speed, thus SIZE

Planet X and the PASSAGE Path

When the passage is due in 2003, there is an exponential
increase in speed during the last years ...

Weeks Px Dist  Date            S-P Units           Billions of  miles
in to go

39                     8/7/02           6.68259             24.558

26                     11/7/02         5.2965               19.464

13                     2/7/03           3.1865                11.71

Table of Distances, by Robert


The speed of Planet X is sufficient to move it from one side of Saturn's orbit to the other in 3 short months, 818,342 mph!

ZetaTalkô: Slowing Influences

SIZE:  Assuming the viewable swirl of red dust and moon being 4 times the Planet X body size, the swirl would be, on Sep 15, 2002:

3% the size of Jupiter
33% the size of Uranus
15 times the size of Pluto

Computed Size, by Jim

According to the Zeta, for the last 50 years, the American government
has been aware of 2 things;

1) That extraterrestrial species do exist and would introduce
   themselves, if government did not introduce them sooner, after the
   time of a poleshift, predicted to occur in 2003.

2) That a poleshift of Planet Earth would occur in 2003, due to the
   return of the planet called Planet X or 10 by our scientists,
   called Niburu and Marduk by our ancestors.

The introduction by the Zeta in the 1940-50's, was to inform the US
government of future events and allow the world to prepare.

In its wisdom, the US Government has followed a different path, and
hid this information from both its public, and its elected
And continues to do so.
Further confirmation of the observations and predictions made by the
Zeta about Planet X will undermine confidence in the US Government,
unless the US Government reveals its knowledge of these matters.

Regarding this debate, consider;

How does a species that only communicates by empathic method prove its
existence to the human species that will not except any possibility of
any things existence without physical proofs (scientific method)?
And how will they speak to the human species when recognized?

The Zeta have provided specific coordinates and details regarding
planet x.
They have provided further predictions that can be seen at regarding its location,
passage, and effects.

They indicate that this planet returning is a normal activity within
our solar system. It has occurred numerous times and follows an
approx. 3600 year orbit of our Sun.

They wish to use Planet X returning at this time, by providing their
observations and predictions in advance, which are clearly unknown to
us, as proof of their own existence.

The Zeta are preparing for;

1) Contact between species

a)  First contact will be empathic between we and they
    and will not occur until acceptance of their existence is
    on an individual basis.

b)  The contact, when made will be limited to those individuals who
    without fear and anxiety, are able to interact on a peaceful
    They want us to be curious, not afraid. To make a journey of

c) Empathic communication includes conceptual thought, emotion,
   feelings, and identification of others point of view,  ie:
relating to
   anothers point of view conceptually and emotionally.

d) Empathic communication requires relating of common elements of
   culture. Through the work of the telepath Nancy Lieder over a seven
   year period accumulating data from answers given by the Zeta to
   questions asked from people all over the world. The Zeta have
   developed a library of information that is now available for the
   population of Earth to read and explore. Through this understanding
   gained from the information available at the Zeta
   believe that Earth's citizens will be better prepared to culturally
   identify with the Zeta culture and begin peaceful interaction.

2) Poleshift

a) The poleshift will occur May/June 2003 and will have effects upon
   society and the planet earth as stated in the predictions of the

b) By early recognition of this upcoming event and cooperative effort
   by individuals and communities before and after the poleshift
   more can be done to ensure physical survival of the human species.

There is no doubt that further events and images will determine the
validity of this issue, and will confirm what I as the proponent am
stating. Where years ago, when I first began looking at this issue I justified
my belief as;  "I'd rather be wrong, and called a kook.
Than right, and have failed to act."

In my mind, with the evidence we have today to support the proposition
that is laid out above, there is confirmation.
For each and every one of you, you also will reach the point of
confirmation or denial of claim.

Preparing for the possibility is prudent, working together to achieve
Co-operative coexistence before, during and after the poleshift is
critical. It will not occur by government decree and top down
management. It will succeed because of cooperative efforts of family,
friends, and community dealing on a local level meeting local needs.
In this time, the human spirit will rise to its full potential.

In this debate,

We are here to prove that Planet X, Niburu of our ancestors, has
How can we make such bold announcements and assertions to an
assembled scientific community?
How does Nancy Lieder give us Coordinates and Times of Observance here
on Earth, concerning something that is 20 Billion miles away

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