E-gold "spend","copy" & "paste" procedure

For many people who only use their computer to email others and are not "into" it heavy, a simple thing like copying something and pasting it onto another page someplace else can be a big "HUH????"

As many of the programs we are joining use e-gold to take in funds it behooves us to copy our "spend" page at the end of the transaction , and include it in our "confirmation of funds transfer"  email back to the program administration so they keep us and our transaction straight and distinct from the other gazillion people that are signing up also.

Transferring money from your account to someone else's e-gold account is called doing a "spend".  

  If you do not already have an account at e-gold or know nothing about e-gold I have full instructions which explains the whole process   "  here "   on how to create your e-gold account, and fund it . This document covers the "spend", "copy" & "paste"  part only.

To initiate a "spend". Go  to e-gold at www.e-gold.com, click on "access account", click on "spend" , enter in your e-gold account number and passphrase. It takes you to a form to fill out that has 5 boxes in it. 

First box 
Enter the ac
count number of the people you are sending the money to. Make sure this is absolutely correct, because e-gold cannot help you get money back sent to the wrong place. 

Second box 
Enter the amount of money  you are spending 

Third box (memo box) - Normally you would put your name , email address, and oftentimes a referrers ID or code in here

Fourth box
in your 6 digit e-gold ID number.

Fifth box
Enter in  your e-gold passphrase. 

Then click the "preview" button at the bottom.

On the following page which is the "preview" page, make sure everything is correct (especially the e-gold # you are sending the money TO - because you can't reverse it or retrieve it if you make a mistake) and print out that page before clicking on the "confirm" button at the bottom.    

After clicking on the confirm button be sure to print out the "confirmed" page that has the reference # on it that surfaces next.

ALSO, before you leave the "confirmed" page, and AFTER you have printed it out, "copy" it and "paste" it into a new e mail addressed to yourself so you have a copy of the transaction to copy from and to send to the program administrator as part of your "confirmation" of funds sent . It will contain your info and the reference number of the transaction on it.

Copy and Paste:
To "copy" the page we have to "select" what it is from the page we wish to copy first. Put your mouse arrow in front of the e in the words  "e-metal payment order - confirmation", hold down on your mouse button and drag it to the right and down diagonally across all the words, stopping at the end just past the reference number.  When you let up on the mouse button having done that; all of the text you dragged across is now highlighted.   This is called "selecting" what it is you wish to copy.

To "copy" to a clipboard that you can't see but is inside your computer, you have two choices. Hold down on the control button with one hand and push the "c" key down at the same time, called control-c,; or simply use your mouse and hold the mouse button down on the word "edit" in the upper left hand corner of your screen, and continue to hold the mouse button down as you come do the word "copy" in the menu that appears. When you let up on the mouse button the highlighted text will be "copied " to the clipboard.

Now, find a place to put it. Open up a new email and address it to yourself - did you know you could send yourself an email?? I include my own email address in my address book so I  can send myself a copy of an important email to save that I  am sending to someone else.  In that email place the mouse arrow in the body of the email below the subject line and click on it and it should turn into an I bar which tells you that is where the text will start. 

Then you do a "paste"; meaning you are going to paste what is on the clipboard onto the new page you just created.  You can do a "paste" also in two ways. One, simply hold down on the control button again (far left bottom or far right bottom of the text part of  your keyboard) and push the "v" key at the same time. Control-c is "copy to clipboard", control-v is "paste from clipboard". Or you can again go to the "edit" menu at the top, hold your mouse button down on the word "edit" and drag down to the word "paste" and let go. Then you should see the transaction you selected and copied appear on your page. Add a subject to the email so you know what it is and send it off. When it comes back, put it in an email  folder  such as "saved messages" for safe keeping and to retrieve later.

When you are asked to do a "confirmation" of your spend , you will repeat the process; coming to the email page you created  to "copy"  the "spend" information and then pasting it into the confirmation email with your other stats.  If the above is not clear enough; email me so at berry@detailshere.com and I will try again.     Ber