Crossing the pond full of crocs and gators
(or how to get through the minefield on the net without stepping on the bombs)

I plagiarized this from two people; one, a man (rth)  who sends out a newsletter called the xxxxx letters - if he reads this or you know who he is please contact me so I might get on his regular newslist. This is a collection of his letters. This is a very fascinating and accurate summary in parable form of what is going on with big brother and the HYIP's these days. At the end is an even more blunt look at the situation from another gentleman who wrote an extremely accurate description of the situation today.

 Dear friend,                         

What is involved here is much like crossing a tropical ocean pond, or a swamp as the case may best suit. There are croc’s in there and because you can’t see them you may relax or forget. So you take precautions like, using a boat. Let’s not dive in for heaven’s sake! The best programs are the ones you may never hear of. Blabbing attracts those nasty crocodiles. And remember, they control the pond any time they darn well feel like! Never forget! If I never mention this again you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER ! Most of you know what the rules are; THERE ARE NONE.
 Some internet offerings have a half-life shorter than an ice cube on a dune in the Sahara. And that holds true for both scams and otherwise. Don’t be complacent with ordinary thinking here.

And don’t rely on others to do your due diligence either. It is nearly impossible to do more than simply know whether or not the someone else who referred your sponsor up-the-line has actually pulled money out sometime before. But even SCAMS may pay-out, for a awhile. And remember those croc’s, there are no "rules". 

Furthermore..........we are concerned about spreading the risk. First we find risk,then we make him spread 'em...

Being witness to these $-mills eventually reveals stuff.

you begin to see clones,

you recognize common areas for domiciles of operation,

you notice familiar names in similar places, promoting similar offerings,

you see the same banks,

you talk to people and gather info,

you hear about problems with banks,

you hear about payment method problems,

you see patterns and learn stuff that starts to make sense

in completely unrelated matters,

you get smart and then you meet savvy.   That's risk's distant cousin.

  then you notice what savvy is doing, and it isn't at all what risk is up to.

savvy is quiet,

savvy is not boastful,

savvy likes to keep her mouth shut,

savvy says a lot about risk without talking,

savvy operates in a completely different way, and you learn.

            there are lots of risky deals around, right?

ALL programs are risky, and except for the substantial ones, I don't try to determine which will or won't perform at depth,  because I can't and neither can you. Some programs make money and others don’t.


Because the crocodiles control the pond!

they write the laws [OECD, FATF, WTO, NAFTA, IMF, UN, etc.]

they created the high yielding money machinery!

they say who plays in their game!

and, one thing is a certainty, THEY DID NOT INVITE YOU!!!

we get into the ones that we get into [for whatever reason] but,

          one looks for the savvy hard to find action all the while.

          one looks for what is away from the frenzy,

          one looks for calm water, not reserve accounts,

          one looks for difficult access or entry procedures,

          one looks for like minds and hearts,

          one looks for the programs that are out of reach, to become reachable.

          that's when you spread the risk.

          hype and frenzy---win and lose.

          quiet and savvy---win, but lose less.


Be cautious of programs that are visible 'cause the FED can see them too.

Look for the programs that you can't see. Learn to savor the savvy program setup.

So do I use night vision to find them? No. Just trusted friends’ advice.

Most people don't know how to recognize savvy and that's a good thing!

There are seat-of-your-pants programs that have formed, and all they do is spread your investment among various $-mills.  Great service!  These will be a huge hit 'cause that's what people want, someone to tell them they can spread the risk. Why pay others to do that? Because few people want to put the necessary time in. Few will do the research that elevates their understanding sufficiently.

  Here, you can learn without the enormous fees of asset protection

experts who don’t know this game anyway!

          but this is self-service and who wants that?

          I am about working together with you in an exclusive savvy group,

          the members of which can quietly help their families and allies

          does that ring a chord with you?

  People really don’t know what to look for. MANY friends have turned their backs on an ongoing trade [paying 50% per mo over 12 months] because it was not a debenture. My advice: if it is paying, it is the trade to be in. Still, people like the thrill of gambling the hype!!!!!!!

What have I learned ?

Most people go for the hype. I don’t hype. And the quiet ones? They tell me later that they didn't even see the listing.

What’s the commotion all about?

The abundance of new Internet offerings has caused great distraction for the Fed Controllers whose job it is to identify and attack investment programs that “don’t exist”.  Have you seen any of the indictments they hand out to seized trade groups? They always claim these programs don’t exist.  And, of course, neither do the hundreds of millions they confiscate! Right?

          So we may see the Big Boys hire even more agents because there are so many new “scams” being created on a weekly basis by program replicators. That may draw some heat away from the real programs which we want to be in and are harder even for us to identify.. The level of sophistication is improving and other whole sectors of the investment markets are so cool that their published performances are essentially ignored by the American investor smitten by the debenture “bug”, or the stock market. And for those of us who aren’t “in” debentures [or stocks], so what. They don’t exist anyway. Plus, diversifying really means in kind, not just a bunch of the different colored roses. Commodities, money markets, currencies, metals, venture capital, T-bills, selected stocks…don’t tell me you are diversified with 10 different stocks, or just 5 different debentures or with a variety of commodities.

          The public-accessible world funds are so often overlooked that I wanted to make mention. Some will have variable entry levels from $1,000 to $5,000 USD! And returns that are never seized by the FBI, ranging upward to 500% and more per year. The money market fund I am familiar with rolls along smoothly like a cross between a cheap Timex and the Bunny. Money market funds are highly leveraged interest bearing instruments for $50,000 up to $3 or $10mil with returns of around 50%+ per month for a full year cycle. Some will even offer the fabled “reserve” account. I don’t know why we are ignoring these programs given how many are screaming for you to help fund them. “State-side” programs’ tax consequences will foster creativity, but the good news is that they  are nearly immune from FED intervention. [no-longer true] Look for publications like, Offshore Investment, Investments International, and Offshore Funds Monthly.


Here are some internet sites that put you right on top of some of the best funds in the world. You will be surprised if you look into this at depth. The volatility in the Asian sector is making lots of people wealthy. Do your homework and don’t be afraid to stretch out toward the “debenture free zones”.

          And the internet has blessed us with another great tool we ALL need to learn to use: deep archival search programs capable of doing background checkups on agents and traders, program managers, program performance, banks and bankers, escrow companies and their officers etc., etc. So not all is lost to the thuggery of the SEC, the FBI and the IRS CID agents.

          With so many of the popular investing groups concentrated in and around Grenada don’t be surprised if they have trouble. And now that Paritate bank in Latvia is being dropped like a hot potato by many programs who were operating there for so long, I am even more stupefied to see them scurrying down to the “pond”. From the frying pan into the fire I am afraid! It never fails to amaze me how truly uninformed some in the offshore investing community are: not the program traders specifically. They scare the stuffing out of me. Thank goodness for, and others.






          If you are feeling confused, you are not alone. I do tell you about lots of scary stuff here. By consensus [no pun intended for those of us who revolt at the census taking], most of you think them to be bogus. What I mean is that only a few of you are taking advantage of this as a resource. Yes, we hear about lots of trades failing, if you keep an ear to the inside news. However, there are many which roll right along unnoticed; these are closed [cloaked] and silent. The challenge is to identify these, and the newly activated or available ones and ascertain when and how to get in (WHEN to get in is often the most critical question). When they are already underway, one can’t ever get in. So, now there are even more questions to be answered:

1.     How do you find such programs, at a time when they can be approached?

2.     What do they cost?

3.     What is the risk?

4.     Who knows for sure? (How can you verify legitimacy?)

Talk about Due Diligence all you like, but if you don’t have buckets of money to allow a program to prove itself out before jumping in at the last possible moment, you will almost never get into one before it shuts its doors. The Program minimums will, at that late date, be 10K to 100K or more. The truly sad story is that, for the common people to get in, when the minimums are between $100 to $10,000, one must throw Due Diligence out the window. At that stage in the development of trading groups, the appearance looks almost identical to every other animal; alligators and gator-bate look alike in the fetal stage.

          So, now you know why I profile a wide assortment of sometimes slimy-looking, tricked-out and hyped-up programs. And I will repeatedly mention what, I think, are the indicators of a properly set up program. We can identify some clues. For example, if it has a tale……

          There are entire categories I don’t or won’t mention. For example, I am strictly against MLM programs that try to control their members, as did Le Club Prive.   I am against involvement with Paritate Bank [which can’t be avoided], even though I think they will be safe for quick, small lot movements in and out of programs that require them. I am opposed to Internet gambling, even if it can make you wealthy, like digitalstocks, emutualfun and goldgeneration. Go to a casino! And here is an offer! If any of you want to learn how to win at craps in Vegas, let me know. We’ll plan a trip there so you can meet a man I know who will teach us how to win nearly every time we play! Feeling lucky???

          Everyone should join, complete the training offered by, set-up a bonified overseas company to hire you as a manager and pursue the most stringent course of Due Diligence possible on every venture. I agree with Thomas Dalby absolutely! Which is why I listen to him carefully. The education one receives through Rebus is not matched by anyone. However, here is what you get, when you follow a conservative path: [and this reality may be unsettling!].

You never lose any money because you rarely get into any programs.

You need a lot of money to join if you find one.

And, even if you DO uncover a good one, it may get targeted for seizure by the hungry gators that live in the pond. [I use “the pond” to refer to the Caribbean tax havens, but, it represents the entire offshore financial scene, and most pertinently, those investments controlled by the FED in London and Europe.]

  An honest program doesn't translate into surety!!!


A. I know about a 50% Money Market program that IS paying. Its entrance fee is $100K; a new development since the industry standard for these is 500K plus. I know of 4 others just like it. But can you get in? No! And why not? Because you don’t have $100K or you are “gun-shy”. Hence, my point is one-third made.

  B. I know of at least 10 legitimate, solid Due Diligence programs that have been seized. And these were run by honest people!! Solid Does NOT = Safe! My point is two-thirds made.

  C. I know of another 30 programs that are working! Only 5 or so appear to be high security [well set-up] and, what is even more note-worthy, the vast majority of them are on the Internet and very public, but not accessibly to deep background checks (by you) and don't cost much to get in. Only a few of these cost over $1k, while most are accessible at $10 to $500. This is the group out of which will emerge the next generation of solid and private trading groups. Wouldn’t you rather get in when you can afford to, financially? Without betting the rent? My point is made!

Do I think Thomas Dalby wrong? No, I admire him even while he may dispare at my involvement on the internet. He is on point. If you are the point man you must be disciplined and guided by a vision almost no one has the courage to follow. Where is he heading? Join REBUS and find out! Better yet, we can go together as a “family”, like I keep saying. But just remember this: MANY programs he calls scams are PAYING OUT!!! However, he defines terms in unique and precise ways, which have legal applications when going offshore. I find his views exceedingly useful, when applied to researching international investments.

          We must develop a strategy that has vision and heart. But what options remain? Think about what I am saying, carefully. You are very cautious. I love you. I don't want you to draw false conclusions. I have painted a very useful picture of this reality. Get it and you are WAY ahead of the crowd. An honest program doesn't translate into security!!! Due diligence does NOT = safety. Always remember this, there are no rules. Remember the crocodiles? That was not for entertainment. If you read it that way then re-read it! I was serious. I am not a KIDDER! [Unfortunately]. I'd rather be making you laugh, honestly.

  So what works?

very quiet programs, [too expensive usually]

very overseas, [too exclusive and hard to find for most of us]

very well set-up, [buried in accepted banks, unapproachable!]

very high end, [1 BILLION & up is safe]

  What else is working? A lot of small, quirky, overlooked, Internet, public, European, Asian, Central American, Arab, mlm, ......”grab bag programs”. And this is mostly what is left....right? This is what we are left to choose from. And there are a lot of these that will work. HUNDREDS.

I know of many, but upon them you can do no due diligence. They don't want anyone poking around!!! You might just as well be the FED. They want your money and won’t let you check them out! And if they are honest and the banks don’t seize the money, if the FED doesn’t break them and if their trades payout, then you have a winner. And some are scams that do pay! They expect you to trust your referring!!! Now I know that you don’t want to trust what I am saying because you have been shown you'll get burned without proof. Yes, we do get burned.

          There is no proof at this level!!! Everyone wants it, but I am telling you now, it’s not available at the levels most of us are able to access! Are you hearing me? Read this letter over until you really get this. You are not the only person to dig this hard so make it worth your / my trouble. If you understand this you will KNOW what ONE-in-a-THOUSAND are not able to get. Even at $1million you will almost never get to meet or even know the name of the ACTUAL trader, the 100 mil or 1 billion trader who is really doing the deal. One thing you learn is that your contact is never THE trader in Forfeiting. To do a background check on YOUR trader will prove almost NOTHING! Recall the 50% money market trade I have shown you? [an in-bank trade]. There you will meet THE bank trade manager. But, even then there is another. And that's not forfeiting. No self-respecting debenture you and I will ever meet will show you the set-up or be able to guaranteed the trade won’t fail. They do, and often. I’ve been told that 50% of all debentures don’t even receive the necessary approval to go to trade! And you may even have to sue the bank to recover a secured account! Why they aren't safe? The FED doesn't want us in them. [Not to mention that many banks are as crooked as a sidewinder’s tracks] When offerings are so public that common people hear of them right, then, that makes the FED mad. And that is what we should be expecting!!!

          The strategy has been to study due diligence while poking the gator in the butt....How hungry is he? Until we answer that question we are not ready to proceed. I do believe that with long hours of study and working in the trenches much has been learned about the gator’s eating habits. The signs and indicators that others have uncovered: OECD regulations, Systems of Law, enforcement policies and FED tactics are very helpful for a foundation of understanding. But it is inside information that we need. And that can’t be taught anymore than you can ask the alligator when he ate last. But you can ask the one who is feeding the gator! [INCOMING CONCEPT!]

          Dalby and others can teach us the feeding habits of the gator. We can combine our experiences and insight through networking together to create an effective profile of our adversary. But fear seems to have everyone frozen in the past. Understandably, we are reluctant to invest in anything. And for that reason diversification [in kind] is more important than ever. As I said in the March Letter,

Money markets,


World funds,

Selected stocks,




Foreign real estate,


          Venture capital loans,

These are examples of “in-kind” investments. This is a portion of the pool from which to choose a diversified portfolio. One of each would be an example of being diversified “in kind”. I advise that we all do this at our own $ level. Poorer folks will not be able to find a way into commodities, foreign real estate, high yield CD's or venture capital loans, etc. At least not unless and until those who can, will come back to help those who cannot. And in case you have not already picked up on it, THAT IT WHAT I AM ALL ABOUT (in the quietest way possible). But what I can do is not even worth mentioning compared to the resources held within this “family”. Yes! I can offer a little help with my contacts. But, networking together holds a far greater promise.

          I think most of us are frightened because we lost our $ in various ventures or failed debentures. Others aren’t saying anything, ‘cause the programs won’t allow it, and that is fine. If we have learned anything it is that the more exclusive a program is the better. Still, some ventures, no matter how quiet, will be seized! If you don’t want to excite the alligator you’d best not keep a smelly piece of meat lying out on the beach. So what are the other important factors to be aware of?

         When you learn the answer to that question let us all know. Oh! You thought I was going to tell you. Well, I only have my piece of the puzzle, remember?

The rules are such that people in the USA are excluded. The recent troubles all show conclusively that seized programs were guilty of recruiting US tax-paying citizens into their trades. Companies, Trusts or Foundations may be OK, but you and I are not allowed. Money from “black-listed” countries will cause the seizure of a program or bank funds. If pooled monies are found to contain untaxed funds or derived from undesirable tax-protesters then seizure is possible.

          Let me continue with the alligator analogy because most of us aren’t going to believe what is really the true goal and purpose of prime bank trading. We are told it is for liquidity and control over the amount of currency in the international markets. Global control, I will agree with that, through the International Monetary Fund, the UN and the World Bank. [And this isn’t even the head of the chow line in “the pond”].

Why is the gator coming so far out of “the pond “to eat our money?

[going into foreign countries to seize bank accounts]

Why is he taking a bite out of those who have willingly fed him in the past?

[past working programs gone bad]

Why is he turning over boats that used to be guaranteed safe passage?

[closing known safe programs in the US and Europe]

Why is he attacking even when we know he is stuffed to the gills?

[unsatiable appetite to prove these don’t exist]


The croc’s and gator’s don’t consider the pond alone as theirs. To them the entire world belongs to them. And that includes you and me! As Taxable things.

Those who used to feed them in the past have begun to help us “slaves” climb out of our bondage and so they are being punished for their disobedience! (Boy do I know that one well)!

Control is the master plan and it must be demonstrated to keep us in fear.

It is never about what they make it appear to be about. They are not eating out of hunger. They eat out of fear! Yes, fear is their master just like they want it to be ours. That is why they condition us with it from an early age. They know that if we tap their money machine then we will upset their ORDER by funding the changes we long for.

  I wish I had millions to guarantee your investments. If I ever get millions I'll do just that. Let me tell you this. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SOME OF THESE PROGRAMS ARE ALL ABOUT, WITHOUT THE GUARANTEE. [They aren't all scams.] Some have made it big and have come back to help you and me. We don't know how to trust anymore!!! Look at where we are. This is exactly where the GLOBAL ELITE wants us, scared, divided and untrusting of one another; paralyzed and paranoid. If that is not true then let us demonstrate it in our lives: return the giving, the charity, the caring, and the loving. Let us put that into our lives and offer it to those we work with and live with, our friends and families. Let's start working more together. A change is due! WE are due that change! 

I recognize that what is presented in here flies in the face of the good wisdom promoted by the “experts” and advice from conservatives". for example, we all are the better for the insights found in and 

Go to those sights and read the news and updates. Take what you hear from all sides and tumble it 'till something falls out. I  use their advice and others because I need to, and so does everyone and anyone who is going to be investing in ANY of this "stuff". Use these sites as conservative guidance.

I've been in the gator pond now for well over 2 years with $ actually on the table. Not very long right? I bet we all wish we had gotten in 20 years ago when it was a "cake-walk". But experience of that vintage is of little use today because the rules are not the same, the stakes are higher and you'd best be very savvy or you're going to be telling sad stories to your grandchildren, or saint peter, and I am dead serious. Of course neither you nor I are likely to see the life-or-death side of it all, but don't for one minute think that the FED thugs and Elitist controllers are playing a game. They are as serious as a gator with a duck on his pond.

Why am I getting into this?

Some of you are starting to ask tough questions of me. Ii would like to promise you "a rose garden." I can't, and we know that, but on the other hand that is precisely what I want to do. I have been hoping you would begin the education with me and we can then do so much better as many ears and many minds and many hearts. I know of programs that are paying so I know it is real. Notwithstanding the article I read in the Oxford Club claiming once again that prime bank notes are scams. One must realize that MUST be their position.

Well friends, I may never see one with my own eyes, but using that logic to prove they are not real would be like telling a city friend that there are no cows. The milk he buys and drinks every day really comes from a big chemical plant somewhere in Iowa. He says he could just go out to the country and find a cow and grab a tit! Yes he could. And I  have many friends who have done just that. They have seen the contracts and been paid. And I am doing this for everyone who can't get to Iowa to prove there is no chemical factory there.

If we network, then our chances for success are exponentially increased. As a commitment to change and as the author of that promise to succeed, I invite you to join me in the search for the milk plant in Iowa. Find a cow, don't have one!

I believe we are seeing a trend in several directions. The dumbo's who clone the majority of programs are on the i-net to grab quick $ and then slip away before they get caught by the SEC. Yet, not all of these are scams.

The other more intelligent creators use the i-net and are using the protection hushmail offers. But I don't think this will really work for those in the USA, for long.

         The really smart ones use encryption AND are offshore.

lots are just invisible: no i-net presence,

no fax service, no conference calls, no phone #..........

          these you rarely hear of but by word of mouth,

          the best place for words to come from, a friend's mouth.

 One side benefit of the tough FED policy changes is that the sound programs are now presenting complete packages to their clients so it is all in-house start to finish, eliminating the disbursement exposure of money coming back into the USA. Whether you like it or not you are now getting LLC's, Trusts, bank accounts with debit cards and full-service accounts. And with one Rebus "Master" Company you will be able to move $ in and out of trades and keep all the unexposed $ in the safe Company holding account. I can't advise you on where to place your money. So let me say that unless you have a crystal ball don't put it into only one or even 5 places. the more you spread it out the better chance it will have of growing up, so 20 programs is more the number I had in mind.

  The business of OFFSHORE can be intimidating.


Fear usually must be acknowledged. And I need repetition so it will sink in.
The USA “person” is becoming financially isolated and heavy pressures on banking practices are slowing the exiting capital flow. There is nothing new in this. It is a plan now very much in place. It will effectively shut us off, shut us in so our financial troubles can be controlled and contained. The IMF and World Bank have learned much by virtue of the long string of failing economies around the world. Their attempt in the future will be to limit the effect each has on the world economy as a whole. The US presents a serious problem in this regard, which is why so much attention is being focused on us while the IMF seems to even be assenting to the demise of other countries. What makes us think we are being treated any differently?

  Regarding business through an overseas company

What most don't realize is that it isn't any more expensive to operate an “offshore business” than an onshore one, in the aggregate. Tax savings more than offset added expenses.

But do you have to live offshore or make frequent visits to keep it running?

NO. THE LAWYER(S) RUNS IT. You are an EMPLOYEE of the offshore company. You can advise how you want it run if that is the intent of your contract with the company. But it only works if it is really doing the business that it claims as the reason for its creation. Otherwise it is a sham. 

Q] Do profits have to stay overseas where I can’t get at them?

A] The $ held ‘out-of-bounds’ can be easily accessed by bank cards once you have left the USA. THE ONLY $ PATH WE ARE CONCERNED WITH HERE IS FROM OVERSEAS TO THE MAINLAND for personal use. WE NEED SOME CASH AT HOME. For this we may end up paying some taxes on money paid us from the contract we have with the company. All the other "things" can be purchased by the company as the company requires for you to conduct its business. This is an expensive process but no more so than were we running a business in the USA and paying employees to do this, plus withholding tax money, insurance and the accounting nightmare. all this is offset by the offshore benefits of no-tax settings.

  Q] WE have NO rights if we aren’t able to defend them. THEY make the rules up as “they“ want. By they do we mean offshore governments?

A] No, here I mean the fed banksters who now control every information stream and communication access having to do with money. So our greatest challenge is not as much to predict which investments are frauds, but which will the FED want to close down [illegally or otherwise].

Q] One thing that concerns me is that it isn't unheard of for foreign governments to "nationalize" private businesses and there goes all your investment.

A] This is not a real danger, in my opinion, in the places where we are doing business. in South America or in Nigeria, Korea or Columbia, I'd worry, but not in Anguilla, New Zealand or Nevis for example.

  Q] I never feel as though I have enough information. I've heard the advantages of taking certain actions, like setting up offshore, but never hear what the disadvantages or repercussions might be. We've made the mistake of jumping into situations, like investments we were told were proven, thinking we had the whole picture, only to find out we didn't. The results aren't always pretty. At this point we're sort of "once burnt, twice shy".

A] I agree. And I am going to do my best to see why we took such a hard fall. Ultimately, I view it as bad timing. We got in the middle of a cycle of escalating vendettas in investing wars between the fed and undesired fringe investor groups. Though we look for solutions, in reality there are no solutions, only band-aids of varying effectiveness. That's the conclusion I've come to accept. However, I believe if we identify the types of programs that are being treated as "demilitarized zones" we'll be on our way to better results. This war talk may not appeal to you. From time-to-time the heat gets turned up. This is not a simple game. The dangers, the consequences and injury that are often a part of this “industry” are not my creation. It is HOT in here!

Having been a professional athlete much of my life, I see how this situation is well suited to be viewed as a competitive event. There is no unified organizing plan; however, the process of scouting for players to build a special team is random and ongoing. When the investment community does it, it results in a brokerage house or a bank. In other areas it may result in the formation of a service company that establishes trusts, foundations or IBC’s. Even the Internet organizes people by attracting them to investment groups, online banking access and educational org’s like Rebus. But my purpose is to establish something different.

  What is missing is “our” team. We have no one helping us except Spirit. All we really have is organizations telling us they are there to help us. But we know that most are self-serving. Should we take the next step and help ourselves. We need only to connect ourselves into a loose association. Then continue to network for the purpose of maximizing our total aggregate of knowledge. And throughout these experiences we will be much better suited to help identify safer investments. Whether you think of yourself as a common person, a self-motivated investor or an as expert matters little. Spirit can move through all. We all have family. It is them I wish to assist. To help myself is only the outward appearance.

  If you entered all these low-entry offerings your exposure would be just over $10,000. The potential benefits are such that I recommend this strategy. Get into all of them or none at all. Over the winter I lost money in 4 programs that were closed by the FED. If they had been the only 4 I had chosen, I would be sorely regretting it today. I don't know how much you lost in QG or other programs offshore, but it was most likely more than that. And if you get it back what will you do with it then?

[Let me note here that of the 40+ programs now being tracked, the failure rate is around 20%.]

I too expected that soon, money would be returned to me from failed programs. I started a search for the safest possible avenues to place those funds. And not all of my discoveries have you asked me about. But, I am prepared to reinvest any moneys that come back to me. Are you as equally prepared ? [or better ?] For those who wondered why I started out on this path, now you know. I wanted to be prepared for that eventuality. But it became clear that I had to initiate a plan, which would work even if no funds ever came back from early lost investments. This is that plan and I am happy I can tell you it is working.

The natural evolution has been to offer to assist you as well. You may choose not to accept. Nevertheless, it is my commitment to God that I am led into these affairs. So the offer stands. I want to distill a solid core group of any size or shape to go forward together. From here it is incumbent upon us that no one person become the expert and that we rely less on opinion and more upon experiences we share among ourselves.

  Now I am working directly with many of you, which has magnified our potential for success. Thanks to you-all. The door is still open. And whether or not you want to be acknowledged, please get in touch with me if what I have said makes a difference for you. I hope others will directly benefit from this as a matter of heart 

"We are always in danger because we are in the process of forgetting commitment".

  "When friends lie and give you "bad" feedback about you transformation [your commitments or your truth] stay centered and let them give it all to you. See whether or not, in order to "survive", you go into agreement with them".

In conclusion,

I have personal and unique associates in the financial sector. Where security is a function of education and trust, all things are possible as we learn and demonstrate our ability to conduct our affairs deftly. Otherwise no one will invite us in. And “IN” is where we need to be. Like any secret club, they must know that you won’t tell anyone once they let you in.

  My personal recommendation is to download that one salient point. Put it on your hard drive. “If I can’t be trusted to act with high savvy then I can’t expect to avoid the talons of the world elite. And it follows that if I am a liability then others won’t want to be identified with me.”

This very work is so fraught with risks that I fault no one who chooses not to participate. For balance and legal precision study Thomas Dalby. 

And for total resource support use:

  “In the room, in the deal.“    Your ally,  [rth]

Another blunt look at the situation:
I want you to read the following and understand what is happening with the internet scene; why so many ops are failing , why it is so important for the governments to shut them down, and why we have to start organizing just like unions and go into privacy with the information on the good stuff. I want to apologize to many of you who sent in a request to be on our privacy list. It ain't gonna happen. We decided our private list is only going to be comprised of the few people we really know and have been in communication  with for some time and feel comfortable with and who share their things with us in the same manner of trust as we do them. That just isn't going to include a list of 300+ people. It is absolutely NOT about referral money. It doesn't take a lot of money in things doing an honest 10-25% a month to make you free; so why get greedy and jeopardize such privilege?? The things we are having brought to us now just cannot be jeopardized like the guy who sunk Gold Central (which was a real trading op by the way) recently with his snooping around at the other end. It is the increased number of cases like this that is responsible for  many op's lack of communication to us. They must formulate how they feel they can do business and CONTINUE doing business ; knowing the things I am going to show you below, and realizing that if they are too open, big brother will hunt them down and shut them down - whether they are in the right or not. 

You must understand our governments have NEVER had the threat of the people being able to get out of the system of slavery as they do today. The net has changed the tide and at the same time become a massive battlefield of bigbrother versus the have nots. Here's why; and you've probably heard this before. For a more complete discussion on this issue ; go to 

You see, here's the glitch. If you needed a $4000/month income to retire, at 5% annual bank or CD interest how much would you have to have in the bank to do that. Answer, a million big ones; which isn't reality for 99.9999% of us. We can never get there and government knows that which is why they do not want us investing in things outside the US - to keep us broke and in JOB slavery. However, at 20% a month interest how much would you have to have working for you to earn a $4000/month income??? Answer, $20,000! Now that's NOT unrealistic for most of us to come up with. Even if we had to come up with 40 grand over time at 10% a month interest. Is that a problem?? Yes, for big brother. Money is power and if we don't need a job; big brother loses power over us. SEC and FED shutting down programs and freezing bank accounts and filing phony lawsuits against many of these programs has little to do with consumer net fraud protection and everything to do with keeping us blokes broke. Think about it. This man's article below confirms everything I've learned in this last year about our governments and absolutely necessitates a change in how we tell each other about these programs. Ber

Subject: Re: Gov't Annihilating The Net

This is an update on the present state of affairs in this corner of the Internet. As you could notice, I have slowed down my activities over the last few months and kept the amount of information to a minimum. This had very good reasons, some of which are explained below. Also, many of you have asked me which SERIOUS programs are still working and paying at this time. The fact is .. there's NOT MANY LEFT.. I will send you the links to the few ones that are working and paying, as well as a very special invitation to a very private and very good program in which I put all my hopes by separate e-mail but before we do this PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY and make sure you understand it! As we could all witness over the last years, but mostly over the last few months, there is a MASSIVE denigration campaign going on  the Internet, run by several agencies of the US Administration, with the clear purpose of discrediting and annihilating this kind of business completely ON THE INTERNET.

When a WORKING AND PAYING program is based in the USA, they close it immediately and they have no problem closing it because the laws of the USA allow them to do this. Several REAL programs had this destiny because their leaders had no knowledge of the very laws of their own country and totally ignored the warnings sent to them by people who have seen this so many times before... When a WORKING AND PAYING program is based and run from OUTSIDE the USA, the Establishment has other means.. they start by finding the BANK ACCOUNTS, and BLOCKING THEM with the money inside, money which is never and will never be returned to the members. Than they spread rumors that the program "does not pay" which is no wonder if they have blocked their funds.. This action has no legal cover and in fact it is a breach of several INTERNATIONAL laws and agreements but .. when did "certain" US agencies ever care about such "details" ..

Should this not be enough to annihilate a PAYING program, "agents provocateurs" of those "certain" US agencies are sent to the MESSAGE BOARDS on the Internet (of which many are OWNED by those agencies) to spread fake rumors, and threats among the members at which point, with the help of the thousands of "Calibans" who's "natural place of birth and domicile" is on those message boards, the program is killed FROM INSIDE. Not only does the Establishment kill each and every single PAYING PROGRAM one after another BECAUSE IT IS PAYING, while never caring about the REAL SCAMS and never trying to protect the customers from losing their money in those real scams as they officially state, but I am absolutely sure that AT LEAST HALF of the "e-gold scams" proliferated on the Internet at a rate of 4-5 per week AR SET UP BY THESE AGENCIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT THEMSELVES in order to discreditate the whole business and to create total confusion. And they are very good at that.. they ARE professionals ..

The result IS TOTAL CONFUSION and TOTAL PARANOIA. To a point where new REAL programs have no chance to survive because everybody starts complaining based on their previous experiences with the scams set up by the Establishment even BEFORE the new REAL program has a chance to prove that it is real.. Add to this the REAL SCAMS set up by REAL SCAMMERS of which there is also a lot .. And add to this the huge degree of stupidity and lack of knowledge of the majority of the participants in these programs (referred herein as "Calibans"), who can easily be (and as a matter of fact ARE permanently and successfully) manipulated by the Establishment ON EACH AND EVERY PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD in order to make them serve the purpose of the Establishment..

Put all these facts together and you will have to admit: THE INTERNET IS TOTALLY COMPROMISED AS A BUSINESS PLACE FOR THIS KIND OF PROGRAMS AT THIS TIME! There is for me no wonder that the Establishment goes to such extents against these programs on the Internet because the VERY BEST PRIVILEGES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, the ESSENCE OF THEIR POWER and in fact THEIR OWN EXISTENCE is at BIG RISK if they allow WORKING and PAYING programs like these to really work and pay ..  By the speed of the Internet, and with millions of new Internet accounts being  opened every month, even supposing that only a few of the REAL programs would be allowed to function, the whole planet would find out about them in a matter of months (at most) and than the Establishment would have lost EVERYTHING!

Not only would nobody deposit money in the banks of the Establishment anymore for a 5% or even 10% a year when they can make 10% or 20% A MONTH in such programs, but in a longer run, millions of "simple people" allover the planet could become REALLY WEALTHY working such programs and they would therefore become FREE. They would not need a CREDIT anymore.. they would not need to GO WORK anymore ..   The Establishment can NOT AFFORD a planet of FREE PEOPLE!!! Can you imagine what this would mean for the present rulers of this word who's power is based on the PERMANENT FEAR of the billions of "simple people" of losing or of not finding A "JOB" ??? No need for a job anymore and .. no need for a credit .. This means .. NO POWER ANYMORE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT! This would be for them THE END OF TIMES!!!

No, there is no wonder for me why the FBI the SEC and other official and unofficial agencies of the Establishment go to such extents in order to annihilate this "danger" and to a certain degree I can even understand them.  They act within their GIVEN PARAMETERS because THIS IS REALLY A HUGE DANGER FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT if you look at it from THEIR point of view.  And it is THE JOB of such agencies for which they are VERY WELL PAID (with YOUR tax money, BTW) to protect the Establishment from EXACTLY this kind of "dangers".  So it should be very clear for everybody that they will NOT STOP! They will GO ON this way until they totally kill the INTERNET as a business place for these kind of programs and until they eliminate this "risk" completely. And as I already said, and as everybody can see with their own eyes, they have already almost finished the job..

At this time, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE for a program of this kind (and I mean a REAL ONE) to be left alive if it has AN INTERNET PRESENCE! It is the INTERNET ITSELF and its particularities that made it possible for Big Brother to win the fight for the Internet! Because .. YES, BIG BROTHER HAS WAN THE FIGHT FOR THE INTERNET!  This is a FACT!  But .. Big Brother did NOT win the war ...

Now, let's sit down and think a little about this "war".  It is in fact a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS but a VERY STRONG ONE.  Looks very much like the situation at the beginning of last century as workers begun to organize themselves in unions and to fight for their rights. Also on that occasion, the Establishment has mobilized all its forces and fought with all its power using legal and illegal methods to suppress this movement..   The Establishment is even more scared today due to the power of the Internet, which they can not control. But do we have a REAL CHANCE to beat the Establishment on the Internet? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is due to the VERY NATURE of the Internet which, like all the genial inventions, can be use for the good or.. for the bad..

They can't control it but they can use it FOR THEIR PURPOSE and they have a lot more resources than we have, to do that. Do we have a REAL CHANCE to beat the Establishment AT ALL? Well.. we might .. BUT the Establishment has so much to lose this time that it is to expect that they would fight with all their power (of which they have more than enough). While our only weapon is the TRUTH about the EXISTENCE of such "trades" and the impact of this truth on the public opinion.

Supposing we manage to PROVE that such programs exist, than we could beat the Establishment. But .. we would also beat ourselves this way because these programs would cease to exist once proven. They can only work in total privacy and with a LIMITED NUMBER of participants. So using this weapon is similar to a nuclear attack.. we would be killed too..  If we chose war, this would be one of those bloody wars where in fact nobody wins in the end. We would ask ourselves: Was this really necessary? Who wan this war anyway since everybody is dead and everything is destroyed ..? No my friends.. I see only one solution out of this situation. FOR BOTH PARTS INVOLVED!

And I write this KNOWING that my e-mails usually reach also the agencies of the Establishment sooner or later being forwarded by either infiltrated  agents or by .. Calibans with "good intentions" :) There is ONLY ONE WAY to solve this conflict of interests in a way which is acceptable for both parts: These programs have to go back where they belong and where they have always been before the INTERNET was invented : !!! IN TOTAL PRIVACY !!!

We should only spread such programs within a RESTRICTED AND PRIVATE CIRCLE of friends who already KNOW about such deals. This way we would no longer be a threat for the Establishment who would not need to go on with the war anymore, mostly KNOWING that we also have the "nuclear weapon" of the TRUTH.. They also think to know that we will not dare to use this weapon because it would fall on our heads too. But they also know that at a certain moment, if we see that we have nothing to lose anymore .. we WILL use it. So they should be also interested in a peace agreement at this time ..There is maybe some 100,000 people who found out about these programs through the Internet by now and who KNOW that they can work.

OK, this might be a little more than what the Establishment used to allow in the past but these people know already anyway..  Now if we all STOP USING THE INTERNET and mostly THE WEB for these programs and if we go back to informing each other ONE ON ONE, by phone, fax or PERSONAL E-MAILS, maybe even encrypted, than the "danger" for the Establishment would no longer exist and they could afford to accept a "cease fire" and to let us be .. at which time we would also let them be ..

This compromise is a PEACE OFFER. To whom it may concern.. Nobody can win this war because there is TOO MUCH to win or lose on BOTH SIDES. Going on with this war would do no good to ANYBODY! Because it would be a NUCLEAR WAR and would kill everything! Now, independent from the actions or reactions of the Establishment, this is what I suggest to all the people involved in this kind of programs and MOSTLY to the MANAGERS of REAL PROGRAMS in order for all of us to be able to go on working for our financial freedom: No web pages anymore, no message boards, no chats, no voice chats, no e-groups .. Everything should be done PRIVATELY and ONE ON ONE!

For the NETWORKERS:  No longer Calibans on your lists who would always believe Big Brother's propaganda sitting with one hand on the mouse and the other hand on the telephone where the numbers of the FBI and the SEC are saved to memory and ready to use any time .. Helping such people become financially free would be a bad choice anyway and would turn against us and against everybody else sooner or later due to the weakness, ignorance and lack of conscience of such people.

You must KNOW and TRUST every person on your lists. And you must make sure that there are no idiots and no plants on your lists! And if you have people on your lists who also have lists themselves, you must make sure that they apply the SAME RULES on their lists!

This detail is VERY IMPORTANT because THIS is how most plants get the information and how ALL the problems start! You might take very good care of your list and your people may do the same but on a list of someone on the list of someone from your list .. there is ALWAYS A PLANT THERE! And there are SURELY several Calibans there who would immediately go to  "Quatloos" or to "Gold Haven" or to the "Due Diligence" board or to other "organs" of the Establishmentto ask : "Did someone hear about this program ? Is it legal? How can they make so much money? This MUST be a scam"

You can bet on that!  This MUST STOP. Lists have to be TOTALLY CLEANED of Calibans and of plants! DO IT TODAY BETTER THAN TOMORROW! Ask the members of your lists to send you PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION and work ONLY with those who do! AND ADVISE THE MEMBERS OF YOUR LISTS TO DO THE SAME WITH THEIR LISTS!!!

To recap: WE LOST THE INTERNET.. But we are still here and still looking for FREEDOM. We must only do it SILENT and PRIVATE !!! Be free, live long and prosper - Ber