Definition - the government's ploy to keep you confused, questioning,  and enough in the dark about Planet X so society will not panic and get out of control until the last possible moment. These people are hired in an attempt  to discredit both the people bringing you the message and the existing proof that Planet X is real and IS headed our way.

If planet X weren't coming why would our Government go to such extremes to interfere with the messangers, sabatoge their websites, and design and let you download software whose purpose is to report back to them what you are listening to??  This is Orwell's 1984 in action - read on. 

Subject: [Planet X Pending Passage Sabotage of McCanney's & Mark's websites
A few days back I asked my webmaster to get rid of "shock counter."
There were reports of people going to my website and being rerouted
to the "shock counter" website.  Now I've an inhouse counter to
count the number of hits to my website. I've also had a dozen
reports of people being taken off my egroups and other earthchange
or Planet X egroups, all at the same time.

There have been some unforseen problems getting work done in
Canada.  I'm moving back to the states directly with my son at:
Dion Hazlewood
1701 Lee Rd. # 40G
Winter Park Fl. 32789
Mark H

The following is a report sent to me from James McCanney.  [Solar flaring and large quake activity are both on high right now. Several quakes in the high 6's and low 7's have been reported worldwide.]

Sabotage of McCanney's Site

 Here is the deal with the real radio player. The newest player is
bugged to record and broadcast to real player the web sites that the
person is listening to. Also, it is bugged to block shows like mine.
So, anyone with windows 2000 or xp and the new real player (called
realplayer 1) will not be able to listen to my show and further they
have a bug in their system to report their computer's operation to
real player and we do not know who else. When they get a pop up
window saying they need new software to listen to the show they go
to real player. THERE IS NO SUCH "new software" but what they are
inadvertently doing is reporting to real player that they were at
my site. So I am placing an older real player on my page for people
to down load and get rid of their newer player. We recommend
UNinstalling real player first (some people have had to uninstall
twice to get all the hidden files out !!!)  I am putting the link to
the older version of real player on my page at the top so people can
listen to my archives again. Broadcast this to all please and
tuatha's group and john dinardo etc.. Many people have complained
and we knew a few weeks ago something funny was going on with real
player. There may be more than this going on and I suggest also
that people remain with at most windows 98 version 2 and an old real
player. So, they can reload their entire system at some point as it
may be the only unmonitored method of listening you will have in the
near future.

Gov't Can't Take Heat (Truth) Coming From SOHO!
Also, soho as you know is being taken off line for "maintenance" and
a "problem" in some motor that points the data dish towards earth.
occurred soho continued to operate normally for some time, so, like
good gov. morons they couldn'teven get that right!!) It is just that
the sun is so far out of range in energy production that they have
to shut it down to keep it from the public (the stock market cannot
handle it).

Also, there's a barrage of comets coming from the south as reported
on my page for the past months.  / am out of time /

Last note is to let people know they should listen to George Noory
show July 7 Monday night after July 4 weekend. I will be guest with
some big announcements and a review of the soho problem and where we
are headed.

Thanks / Jim McCanney   www.jmcanneyscience.com

Part of what the NWO disinfo crew is doing is trying to say there is not enough observable scientific data. They are going to continue to say that as they are running to their enclaves at the last moment before passage.

If you're looking for observable scientific, verifiable facts in connection with Planet X, there is plenty now. You only need to be looking more at it's approach effects and earth's ecological data from previous passages. The December 31st, 1983 disclosure by our own US government (IRAS satellite announcement by the cheif scientist) having found it, is a fact that the NWO can only paint over as not being what it was.

Examples of  disinformation sites:

Here's another one http://www.xs4all.nl/~mke/Planet-X.htm   Notice how he focuses on photos instead of on all the earthchanges that are currently taking place telling us something big is inbound. This site is geared totally to steer you into complacency. 

http://www.planet-x.150m.com/where.html  This is probably the best case out there of government going to great lengths and a tremendous amount of effort to slander and to try to discredit the messengers as well as convince everyone there is nothing to worry about; it's not coming. A very cleverly designed website  that has deception; total deception, as it's  goal. If there's nothing to worry about why are they making tunnels in the earth at the rate of 6.5 miles per hour??   Want to see the machine?   www.detailshere.com/tunnels.htm  

Here's some more input on the above website:   Ber,This site was set up by Tim Edwards, Jim tr-iv and their gang. Both were either partially or wholely traced to CIA headquarters in Vienna Virginia. My latest take on the disinfo gang has become a little softer. They are very scared, no matter how much power and money they hold, otherwise they wouldn't be spending so much time and effort trying to quash the awakening. They obviously are in a state of fear. They fear losing their power and money. They must know there is a very high probability that they are going to lose it at a certain point. As scared humans beings we need to give them some compassion and at the same time continue to shine a light on what they are doing, which of course again proves they are scared.  Thanks for keeping me posted.


This site is an excellent primer to "debunking": 

Manipulation of your thoughts by disinfo crew on other PX discussion

A few posts ago a federal offense was commited against everyone on
this egroup when the disinfo crew hacked into this egroup, possibly
using their carnivore software, and bypassed my password and sent a
virus to everyone on this yahoo egroup.

Knowingly disrupting communication on the internet by sending a virus
is a federal crime. The last time they hacked into this egroup a
post was fabricated to lesson the impact of my disclosure about them
hassling a family member, and then my name was fraudulently signed to
it. I was prevented for 3 days from posting that disclosure here.
Once I finally got that disclosure post through, the next post on
this egroup was their fraudulent post to manage the impact of what
they did.

Now that the virus post has been sent here, there is a subtle
campaign to misdirect the focus or manage the fallout of this crime
on other PX related egroups.

Afterwards there was expectation of discussion of viruses and a
knowing of what names to look for and sure enough the managing of the
fallout began.

A fake virus discussion came up. This puts the idea that some viruses
are fake in peoples minds. Then talk of another virus that would take
over your EMAIL address and send out a virus to everyone. This would
put the idea into peoples minds that possibly a rogue virus could
hack into an EGROUP by itself and majically post itself there.

Neither of these discussions has anything to do with the level of
sophistication that it took to hyjack this egroup and post a virus
out to everyone after they broke in.

Both of these discussions are subtle ways to deflect peoples
attention away from what just occured here and lesson the impact of it
or manage the fallout from the crime commited.

The subtle chess game of mind manipulation that I've watched over the
many months of being on these lists by the disinfo crew is missed by
most and discounted by the ones doing it of course!

To hold back the awakening of Planet X being inbound and the probable
severe worldwide calamities that could be expected during its passage
requires every mind manipulation tool and technique that they can
muster up.

This is a very serious business. Some of the brightest heartless
minds have been hired to manipulate you. Be aware.

Interesting sites; the attacks on Mark and Nancy here are pretty ruthless. But did you really think the government was NOT going to step in and add confusion to the issue to keep the sheople at bay and in a state of "this isn't really going to happen"?  The ball is in their court folks. Most people do NOT want to believe there is going to be a disruption in their lifestyle. Most people are going to want proof such as a big scope stating there IS a Planet X and here it comes. This isn't going to happen even though the big scopes know it IS there and it IS coming.  Thank your friendly big brother for the coverup. These guys such as the bad astronomy site and the Art Bell host last night (July 22nd talk) are hired misinformation plants and their purpose is solely to keep you from believing the truth.  Well, we won't have long to wait will we; but the sad part is; if you believe the misinformation plants today you won't be preparing until it is too late to adequately prepare. Planet X is in the sun right now; you WON'T be able to see it for several months with a big scope.  Big brother is buying time and he will be successful because most of you DON'T believe and don't want to believe the impact X's passage will have on us.   Forget about astronomy; look at the earth changes going on right now in increased volcanism, increased size and frequency of earthquakes, melting poles and glaciers, increased sea water temperatures - duh!   Go to my letters page at www.detailshere.com/letters.htm   and scroll down to the Maori Elder vision and see how it matches the Zeta prediction for what is going to happen to New Zealand.  Tell me the Maori woman was on the net and read zeta talk before she had her vision.   Start putting all these things together  and you will have the proof you need to make a proper decision.  We do several concrete pours each week here; mixing sand gravel and cement in our own cement mixer, making our own forms ; putting in our own rebar to build our fortress here. As I see it we have two choices.  One, get above 2000' in elevation and store two years worth of food and build a proper fortification to withstand 200 mph winds, high richter earthquakes, and a meteor firestorm  and not have to use it if the effects are less than expected or X doesn't show  up at all. Or two , try to convince ourselves with the help of these disinformation professionals that this isn't going to happen and then about 7 weeks before the pole shift when X shows up in the sky we can say ; " Awe shit, they were right; I'm dead meat"; because it's too late to buy any food to store and too late to build anything substantial enough in the right place to avoid being taken out. Me, personally, my survivor instinct says build and store and be prepared and not have to use it.
I like to look at it from the angle of "who's to gain from it".   What has Nancy leider got to gain from her website?  She puts in tons of time, doesn't sell anything, doesn't make a dime from her site, and suffers ridicule from thousands of people trying to shoot holes in her story because something is not perfect as in the Hale Bopp thing.  Why would she continue on if this were not true and bringing the information to you were not a real mission to her?  I'm sorry, I may suffer from Nancy's audacity at times but I am in her court and fully supportive of her and the Zetan's efforts.  I am a Christian who cannot explain the alien Zetas from a Christian point of view but I do not believe they are fallen angels from below trying to deceive us. Again, what have they got to gain?  We stock food and we build a suitable structure for shelter; what do they have to gain from this?
What has Mark to gain from this?   Yes, he sells a book.   But since few believe in X, is he going to get rich from sales of his book?   No; and if he did not believe in this ; why did he sell his place and is currently building a new fortification in a much safer area?   Would such an expense be undertaken if he did not have sufficient evidence to support the belief that this was really going to happen? Keep in mind, Mark is considered the grass roots info source that the government IS allowing as the mechanism to spread the word because he IS a nobody scientifically speaking and is NOT a credible source of information in the scientific community.  But as such he IS the recipient of many governmental internal sources of leakage from people inside that ARE knowledgeable in Planet X who feel it is criminal to withhold such information from the public and DO tell him things you and I are not privileged to hear. Credible source? Depends upon how you look at it then doesn't it.
What does "Bad Astronomy" and the other disinformation hirees have to gain.  Simply money; they are hired and paid to keep you confused so the stock market and economy doesn't crash  and the population stays in control up until the very last moment.  It's that simple , folks. 

Another opinion

Forewarned is Preventive Medicine
July 25, 2002
Warnings & Government Lies
Many of us were forewarned several months ago that stories like the "asteroid" one which Liz makes mention of, were going to start coming out. There were many who missed that warning for one reason or another.
The warning, in brief, is that stories are supposed to be appearing about this time that are purposely designed to either distract attention away from, or to desensitize the people to Planet X and the massive earthchanges that are already underway, by giving the people a "ruse," or red herring to follow. Present enough stories designed to distract, desensitize, and confuse the masses of people, and by the time the real threat comes around most of the masses are in a state of feeling like the two of the three pigs who did not prepare adequately for the visit of the "big bad wolf."
Remember the asteroid story a month ago, where we were told a football sized asteroid with the designation of 2002 MN missed Earth on June 14, 2002, by a mere margin of 0.3 in distance, or roughly 72,000 miles, and not to worry about the asteroid again, because it was no further threat to Earth? Have at look at the information on asteroid 2002 MN, especially the earth impact table:
What is important to notice at that site, is the lie the controllers told about the asteroid posing no further threat to Earth. Yet, as the chart clearly indicates, asteroid 2002 MN is a further threat to Earth again, in the year 2074 when the asteroid is within a distance of 0.14 to Earth, or a little less than 36,000 miles away from Earth. The threat is even greater in 2100 when the asteroid comes within 0.04 of Earth, or roughly 10,000 +/- miles away from Earth. The fact is not the distance away from Earth the asteroid will be, rather, it is the fact that the controllers publicly told the masses of people that asteroid 2002 MN would be no further threat to Earth! Based on the simple lie told above, just how many more lies do you suppose the worlds power brokers and controllers are hiding?
The lie that the power brokers and controllers tried to peddle, and for the most part got way with peddeling to the masses, is what is most important, because the intentional and calculated lie fed to the masses of people willing to listen to and then accept the lie, shows the overall mindset and the mentality of the power brokers and controllers towards the masses of people. The manipulation and lie also shows how far the power brokers and controllers of the US and the world are willing to go, in order to hold onto their power and greed, and that they cannot be trusted to tell the informative truth to the masses, no matter what the circumstances.
"I (gary d. goodwin) recently received a rash of emails from a congressional candidate from, I believe Chicago, with his own agenda of trying to expose NASA's ongoing hiding of public information."
The fact that there are many of us across the net and elsewhere, who view NASA as being engaged in an active and "ongoing" campaign of "hiding of public information," and that we have reached this conclusion independently, should be a warning sign in and of itself that the US and NASA, are in fact engaged in a campaign of suppression of facts and telling lies to the American public, for the sole purpose of "hiding of public information."
In the days and weeks ahead we will be hearing a lot more stories. There will undoubtedly be more stories about "Near Earth Objects" with the potential of striking Earth, stories about supernovas, and just about anything else the powers in charge will dream up and want thrown at us in the way of misinformation, which they figure will distract us, or at least distract the masses, and what is important to the powers in charge is being able to distract, confuse, and sidestep the masses. In effect, the powers in charge, because of our small numbers [those who are informed], have quickly figured out that we are not the ones they need to be worrying about at this stage of their ongoing power and control games. While this scenario created by the power brokers and controllers does not help us convince others of the impending dangers about to befall them, it does serve another useful purpose - it is keeping the power brokers and controllers off our backs, at least for the time being. At present the power brokers and controllers, are rapidly losing ground in some very important areas to them, such as the political and financial arenas, and because of this they are having to work overtime to control the unexpected damage being done to them by Enron and the other financial market scandals, scandals which keep popping up day after day. Still, the situation does not help us reach out to the many others we would like to see survive.
Here is my outlook on that matter.
I love just about all of the varied forms of life that exist on this planet, as do the many others who are in this group, and like many others, I would like to see as much of that life survive as is possible. But the reality of that outlook is just not possible, no matter how much I would like, or try to convince myself that it is. For real changes to take place, at least ones that mean anything and that will serve any positive benefit in the long run, and for one time epoch and age to come to an end, there has to be a washing away of the old age and time in order to bring in what is new.
Sherwood E.

Intro to Cindy Preville with her "Dear Disinfo Folks" message

Some of you may know by now I have a partner that I work with named
Cindy.  She's a bright and articulate woman, who is working with me
writing a new book. Since the attacks from the disinfo crew have
already started aimimg squarely at her, she's decided to address
them.  I was reluctant at first to post what I knew she was writing,
knowing what it was in response to more "distractions," but after
reading it, I thought it over and decided that it fits into my new
way of thinking about these attacks.   Mark

Dear Disinfo Folks

I honor your souls' roles that you have all agreed to play.
Here is an excerpt from an email from a friend, whose views I share:

"When we align with Soul there is no drama. There is only Karma to
balance which we created, we own and according to Universal Law, we
are responsible to balance.  Drama is quite simply Soul's way of
getting our attention.  George Bush and others have a Soul
Agreement to take humanity into the depths of darkness and are doing
their job well. Send them LOVE! Imagine at a Soul level agreeing to
do this? He offers humanity a chance to choose to transcend darkness
into the Light.  Al Gore had the same Soul Agreement. It is time to
EVOLe human consciousness and move out of darkness into the Light.
Note LOVE spelled backwards in the word ELOVution.

Key Elements:
The only way to heal all wounds is to be LOVE. Darkness is sustained
through negative energy. The more humans believe, think, speak and
act hate, shame, judge, anger, bitterness, revenge, war, the longer
darkness prevails. We create it, we own it, only we can choose to
transcend it. We are here to save ourselves through conscious effort,
every now through transcending former conditioning. Let us
remember... we all agreed to be here now during the Shift. Many will
leave before the end, which by the way may get pretty ugly.  Let's
honour where each Soul is on their journey and allow freewill to
co-create balance. Not all are ready to ascend. Bless each and every
One, for each holds a piece of this Divine Plan unfolding. We all

Everything is unfolding just as it should and so when you send your
little "attacks" on Mark or myself, it only demonstrates to many, the
truth you are trying so desperately to hide. Your agenda to take me
away from my work, is minimal in effect.  I have understood quite
profoundly the effect you attempt to generate.  It reminds me of the
movie The Green Mile, where the black prisoner, going unjustly to the
electric chair, explains to his concerned guards that he doesn't want
to live in a world where he feels, so intensely, the darkness that
some live by.  He said that the true killer and rapist of those two
little girls, used their love for each other to harm and kill them. 
When you post a message that may sway people from preparing, you are
essentially doing the same thing.  You know that we will be concerned
and want to address the lies, in order to save lives.  But now, after
a great deal of contemplation, I have come to understand that people
will see what they should and will act according to their own
beliefs.  We have shown our readers how to look between your lines
and they know and encourage us to no longer address your
"distractions".  I'm a writing this message now to let you know that
I am not angry or upset in anyway.  Divinity is unfolding and I'm
only playing one small part.   Don't be so scared, the power you fear
losing, is in itself born of fear and is false in nature.  However, I
understand that you are doing your job and we are doing ours.

As you are fully aware, all the information we discuss, that we put
into books or other forms is readily available for free on the
internet, for all to see and share.  We are only providing various
forms to facilitate the spreading of this information.  You will
twist it in anyway you can, I understand this, it's your job and you
are performing it to the best of your ability.  As I said, I honor
the part you play.

I challenge you to post this to all your sites in it's

With LOVE and Gratitude
Cindy Préville
Director/Planet X 2003