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What you don't know can literally kill your dog.

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Love your dog?
Do you feed him commercial dogfood? Did you know you are killing him and  removing at least 8 years from his life? Did you know commercial dog/catfood contains ground up euthanized dogs/cats/cow parts, chicken parts, hog parts and other roadkill and dead diseased animals complete with collars and tags and the shit still in them and complete with the sodium pentabarbitol which is still active that they used to kill them plus a ton of preservatives so all that stuff doesn't rot? If you love your pet, you need to read what this man went through with his pet when he lost him and what he discovered about commercial petfood. On a positive note there are 9 brands of petfood (and I'll bet you've never heard of ANY of them) that ARE safe to feed your pet. Iams, Sportsman, Purina, Pedigree, Ukanuba - common names but NONE of those are on the good list. 

Have you ever heard of a dog living into his late teens? I personally have never met such an age-defying dog but it does happen. Did you know, however, that many veterinarians and scientists today estimate that the life span of a dog should be into the late teens and even into the twenties? It is a wild idea, but many see it as attainable.

Science advances rapidly. It seems as if every day we read of a new advancement, a new wonder-drug, a new technique for improving both the quality and the longevity of our pets and ourselves. These advancements are wonderful. It was only a generation or two ago where simple infections could mean certain death for our pets, where a difficult labor would be the downfall of both mother dog and puppies, where diseases were common due to lack of vaccinations and proper treatments. I applaud science and hope they continue in their march toward a higher quality of life.

With all these dog health improvements and human life spans increasing, why the heck arenít our dogs living up to their true potential life spans? I believe that the factors are many. The main factor, in my opinion, is the nutrition that we give our dogs.

Did you know that the pet food industry is largely unregulated? The pet foods that you pick up at the grocery store are made by companies owned by some of the largest companies in the world. These mega-companies make largely human consumer products and their dog foods and pet foods are manufactured from the by-products that werenít fit for human consumption.

I know, I know. This sounds like a conspiracy theory, but itís true. What kind of things are they able to get away with? Dog foods are made with leftovers. It is well documented that these dog foods are manufactured with dead and rotting carcasses. These are often carcasses from animals that were diseased, sickly, or otherwise not fit for human consumption so they were used in dog food. These carcasses are gathered and sit around a lot rotting and putrefying often for days before it is their turn to make it into the dog food bag. Other non-nutritional products like hooves and horns are also ground up and thrown into the mix. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that grease and oil that fries up those potatoes in fast food joints? Yup, itís true. Dog food companies buy leftover grease by the ton and use it as a coating on dog food that you may be giving your dog. Why would they do that? Well, that grease is pretty tasty (albeit nutritionally abominable) to your dog. The dog food companies know that the unpalatable product they make will be eaten if they cover it with this leftover fat.

Thatís not all, though. Most commercial dog and cat foods are full of fillers, preservatives, baked in a manner that strips the food of nutrients, and so chemically treated that they resemble Twinkies more than they resemble nutrition for your pet.

What is the solution? Well, there are many but the first step is to switch to a premium food. Feed your dog a food that uses human grade ingredients, doesnít cram the food with fillers, and leaves out the chemical enhancers that give commercial dog food the shelf life of uranium.

Dog Food SECRETSô Gold Package includes "The Confidential report: 9 Best Commercial Dog Foods in all of North America". A guide created by a professional field researcher that Andrew Lewis contracted to find the best of the best foods so he could feed his dog commercial dog food without fear of guilt.

Now you can do the same.

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Ironically, one of my best friends, Arturo,  who just graduated from college with his masters degree in chemical engineering was hired here in Mexico nearby by a  major dogfood company to oversee their production and ensure quality control.  When I asked him a bunch of questions after reading what is in this course, regarding just what goes into the food; I was appalled by his answers. I bought this course and gave it to him on a CD telling him I would either make a hero out of him or get him fired; one or the other. This is a real eye opener folks. If you love your dog; you will look into this. If you think he is replaceable, then don't bother. Arturo might have a hard time convincing his company to put out a separate product for those who really care about their pets here.  In Mexico there is just not the devotion to pets that we share in the US. Personally, I want my dog to live as long as he can in good health. I've had to make some changes to ensure that.  for the info.

Our Cubby no longer gets commercial dogfood. Read why.