Downline Clubs (actual clubs are at bottom)

Explanation of what a downline club is and what it does for you:
In many things you join on the net, you get paid something, a sponsor fee if you wish,  if someone joins under you and participates also. If you have to pay for an investment of some kind along with it the SEC considers it a pyramid and then it becomes illegal. If you can join for free and make money for free; it's not a pyramid. The people that sign up under you are called your downline. If you had to establish your own downline for each venture you went into it could take a lot of time and effort for the little bit of money you could receive from each.  In a downline club you build your downline ONCE, in two ways; one with the people you bring in and two from spillover available from the rest of the membership.
When you join a downline club with a forced matrix you will get help in the
way of spillover - when a first level fills, the next members go to a second level AND under current members.  If you work it alone you will have a downline of ONLY those you sponsor. In a downline club that number will be much greater due to spill.

A downline club consists of  an online community of individuals who are interested in generating an  internet income stream for themselves. Individuals join the downline  club for FREE  and they get their own URL that they then promote to bring others into the club. Everyone that joins through your personalized URL goes into your  matrix as your affiliate. And this includes a LOT of spillover people that will be yours that you did not directly sponsor. 

They  then take that large matrix database and join an affiliate program as one cohesive group.

Once the entire group enters into the affiliate program, everyone will begin to make money, because they will  have pre-built a matrix of affiliates at no cost. It's that simple! It doesn't  waste  much time! 

In summary - you are establishing a large downline ONCE, using the downline club,  and then using that downline to follow you into different programs so you can get paid from the program from your already established  downline without having to build a new downline each time. 

The potential to  build an income as a downline club  team-member is good; but it's not a quick process; it may take  much time to see significant results - but remember it's just one part of your overall  income stream; so it doesn't have to be anything but just in black ink to be good.  

Although I have joined several downline clubs over the past 18 months; few have been  producers. Maybe I am impatient and maybe I am not working them correctly by joining enough things that come  along with each one.  But I don't spend a lot of time with downline clubs. There are two clubs that I participate in; both are FREE sign ups -  Going Platinum and Inter-Networkers United.