What Ecklonia Cava can do for you  by
Robert Rowen M.D.

Ecklonia Cava is one of the major ingredients in the Mazu Gold drink elixir,  a powerful natural
compound that dissolves
blood clots and lowers blood pressure BETTER THAN NATTO!  It also
works better than viagra at solving the erectile dysfunction problem with no side effects as there
is when using viagra
, not to mention the expense of viagra.

Until now, if you had high blood pressure, my top recommendation would be to take the enzyme nattokinase (“natto” for short). Nothing I’ve seen since has come close to beating natto for lowering your blood pressure and preventing a heart attack or stroke.

Nothing, that is, until I heard about a powerful new natural compound that doesn’t just dissolve blood clots, it makes it nearly impossible for them to form in the first place!

Research shows this new natural compound, ecklonia cava,  drops blood pressure 40 points in just 12 days. That’s not only better than natto — that’s better than most drugs!

What’s more, it activates your body’s own blood-thinning mechanism — without the danger of thinning your blood too much.

This makes your blood pressure drop to normal, and dramatically reduces your odds of suffering a deadly heart attack or crippling stroke.

Why you get high blood pressure in the first place

There’s a good reason you want your blood to be thin. That’s because thick blood is the #1 enemy of your heart!

When your blood is too thick, it raises your blood pressure and makes your circulation sluggish, causing your heart to pump even harder.

Eventually, your blood can become so thick it forms a clot. This potentially deadly clot cuts off blood flow to your heart or brain, triggering a heart attack or stroke.

But your body already has a safeguard in place to make sure your blood doesn’t get too thick in the first place. This safeguard is a substance called plasmin.

The “superhero” protein that can save your life

Plasmin is a special “superhero” protein in your blood that breaks down unwanted clots so your blood flows smoothly through your arteries. By doing so, it prevents a deadly heart attack or stroke. That’s why plasmin is nature’s ultimate blood-thinner!

There’s only one problem. If you don’t get enough essential fatty acids in your diet — or are exposed to toxins and heavy metals — your body produces a substance called antiplasmin that inhibits this blood-thinning protein and keeps it from doing its job.

Your body is constantly producing antiplasmins. That’s because it’s almost impossible to avoid exposure to pesticides, mercury, aluminum, lead, and other toxins. These everyday toxins are in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and in hundreds of products from toothpaste to shampoo and cosmetics.

It’s also difficult to eat an ideal diet, especially when much of the food you find at the grocery store is processed and stripped of essential fatty acids. The effects of this dietary deficiency and repeated exposure to toxins build up in your body over time, causing your body to produce more antiplasmins as you age.

This build-up of antiplasmins completely derails your body’s built-in mechanism for keeping your blood thin. Your blood gets thicker, your blood pressure goes up, and your risk of heart attack and stroke increases significantly.

You can see how this relentless barrage of pollutants and poor diet load your body up with antiplasmins that cancel out the blood-thinning effects of plasmin. But now there’s something you can do to prevent this from happening.

Nature’s ultimate free radical-trapping machine unleashes your body’s natural blood-thinning mechanism

Now you can avoid the dangers of thick blood simply by helping your body’s own built-in blood-thinning mechanism work the way it should. How?

By taking a potent, newly-discovered antioxidant that has as much as 100 times the free radical scavenging power of any other antioxidant!

You already know how important antioxidants are to your health. And you know some are much more powerful than others. What most people don’t realize is the power of an antioxidant depends on its structure, which is made up of rings.

Antioxidants use these rings to capture disease-causing electrons from free radicals. The more rings they have, the better they work — since you’re setting more traps for these toxic invaders.

Most plant-derived antioxidants — also known as flavonoids — have three interconnected rings to trap free radicals. The catechins found in green tea have four interconnected rings, making green tea an even more powerful free radical scavenger.

But a new antioxidant — extracted from a unique type of brown seaweed called Ecklonia cava — has as many as eight interconnected rings. That means it has DOUBLE the free radical fighting power of green tea and as much as 100 times that of any other antioxidant!

Imagine how giving your body this enormous boost of antioxidant support helps fend off free radicals that damage your artery lining and raises your blood pressure!

But this super-powerful extract of Ecklonia cava — which I call “EC” for short — does something that’s even more important. Remember those antiplasmins I told you about earlier, which cause your blood to get thick in the first place?

“EC” has the power to block these harmful antiplasmins, unleashing your body’s natural blood-thinning mechanism. This action alone keeps your blood flowing smoothly through your veins so you avoid forming a deadly clot!

Blood pressure drops 40 points in just 12 days!

This incredible, natural compound has been the subject of enormous scrutiny and research by a team of PhDs and MDs for more than 14 years. And I’m amazed at the stunning results they’ve found!

They’ve discovered “EC” actually dissolves blood clots and lowers blood pressure better than drugs. In fact, it can drop your blood pressure to normal in a matter of days! In a controlled scientific study, it cut blood pressure levels by 40 points in just 12 days — from 200 mmHg to 160.

“EC” is also incredibly safe, since it’s a food — not a pharmaceutical or other synthetic product. It’s so safe, people in Asia have eaten the seaweed from which it’s extracted for centuries.

What’s more, supplements containing “EC” have been sold in Asia for more than five years. People have taken tens of thousands of dosages over this period with no known negative effects.

And there are NO known drug-nutrient interactions, so you can take “EC” without worry if you’re taking medications or other supplements. It’s practically as safe as a placebo — a far cry from the toxic drugs most doctors prescribe to control your blood pressure!

Yes, “EC” is simply the best blood pressure solution I’ve seen. If all it did was lower your blood pressure and cut your risk of heart attack and stroke, it would be one of the greatest discoveries of all mankind. But take a look at what else “EC” does…

This incredible blood pressure breakthrough
also improves memory, lowers cholesterol, boosts sexual performance, and more!

“EC” is not only nature’s ultimate blood-thinner, it’s nature’s ultimate free radical-trapping machine. As I mentioned earlier, it has as much as 100 times the free radical-scavenging ability of any other antioxidant.

So it makes sense this exciting breakthrough does more than lower your blood pressure and keep deadly clots from forming. Take a look at what else “EC” does…

Improves memory. Because this powerful antioxidant contains compounds that are fat-soluble, it has a greater ability to get into your brain and protect it. It increases the activity of neurotransmitters responsible for learning and memory. Even better, it scours out amyloid plaques linked to Alzheimer’s, which build up even in healthy brains as you age.
Cuts your cholesterol. Because it’s such a potent antioxidant, “EC” also inhibits the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol that leads to plaque build-up. In fact, it does an even better job of blocking plaque formation than green tea. It can actually scrub cholesterol plaque off your artery linings that’s built up for decades!
Enhances sexual performance. Because it disables antiplasmins, “EC” optimizes your body’s production of nitric oxide — a real boost in treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, in one study, it scored much higher than Viagra® in improving orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction — with NO side effects reported!
Promotes better circulation. A human study showed this powerhouse antioxidant actually regenerates the cells that make up the critical inner lining of your blood vessels, which keep the arterial wall relaxed and dilated. This dramatically improves your circulation!
Helps you get off diabetes meds for good. One of my patients eliminated two diabetic drugs just by taking “EC” and continuing with his morning blood sugars. In just two weeks, he cut his blood sugar levels by a whopping two-thirds!
Turns your body into a fat-burning machine! As if it didn’t do enough already, this unique extract from brown seaweed also blocks an enzyme in your body that triggers fat creation. What’s more, studies show “EC” stimulates your body to burn more fat — especially abdominal fat — by increasing muscle mass!

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