Electric Power Bikes

The electric alternative to pedaling.
7 forward speeds, 5 levels of electric motor assist (or none if you wish)
Long lasting lithium ion battery; 25 - 45 miles per charge, 750 watt motor
Sold factory direct only which eliminates a 30-40% middleman charge
at a bike shop.  $999 - $1699 depending upon which model chosen. 
Free delivery - minimal set up required. Their customer service is very good.

The bike pictured below, which we chose, a Rad Mini Step Thru 2, is $1499. 
The 20" fat tires yield excellent traction and stability on trails, the step thru design 
makes mounting and unmounting easy while keeping you close to the ground on 
tricky terrain; which was important to me. There's nothing I do not like about 
this bike. Besides the Spokane trails I use it a lot for around town stuff too; grocery 
store, post office, taking Muffy for his daily walk, etc.   At 77 it has certainly opened 
up a world I thought I was too old for. The five levels of power assist work really well
and simply twisting the throttle grip will even override that if you have it set too low.

Want $50 off?  
Order through a link I will send you (email me at berry@detailshere.com 
for your personal link) and I receive a $50 Amazon giftcard commission if you buy 
one and you get a $50 discount off your bike purchase for a win - win situation. 
Each link is unique so if you don't buy on the first link email me for a new link
for a second chance at your $50 off. 
Not sold in bike shops, factory direct only. 
Why buy through my link?

See all 10 models at this link 
Shown below is the bike I chose, a radmini step thru 2 - love it!
There's nothing I would change about it. 


  Folded up to go in the back of a car or SUV

Rear rack option and double milk carton box carries my fishing box, groceries, mail,
and even Muffy if he gets tired; he's not a spring chicken either. etc.

Folds up to go in the back of a car or SUV. 
I modified a small 5 x 6 trailer for our two that our Chevy Cruze pulls.
3.3" x 20" fat tires, great traction.
Step through design makes mounting and dismounting easy.

Folds up to fit in a small space, like back of a SUV
Includes LED headlight, and tail lite / brake light,
shock absorber front forks, disc brakes both front and back, foldup pedals
Rear racks, front racks, a rear view mirror and
extra batteries also available.

How to troubleshoot and tuneup the derailer if the gearing system gets out of whack.

My name is Berry. This is not a factory website. It is my own personal
website upon which I share with you my experience with this unique E Bike. I bought
two of them; one for me and one for the wife; for me out of necessity. I am 77 and
no longer have the stamina to do steeper inclines on woods trails with a regular pedal 
bike to keep up with my 8 and 9 year old grand kids; with a second set of same age 
grandkids from my daughter headed this way also. This bike solved that problem.  
This bike opens back up the world of trail riding I enjoyed for so many years in 
my younger days on motorcycles and mountain bikes. As a class II electric, limited 
to 20 mph,  this bike can go anywhere legally a pedal only bike can go; including 
DNR and forestry trails, and city trails such as Spokane's Centennial trail and the
Beacon Hill trail system. It can go on logging roads where a motorcycle would have 
to be street legal, like a dual sport, to go on. This electric bike needs no licensing. It's 
not a "seniors only" bike but certainly opens up a whole new world of recreation and 
adventure FOR seniors that don't have the stamina for a regular pedalbike.

Why buy through my link?
Getting your hands on and a hold of one of these bikes is not an easy process.
You can't just go into a bike shop and walk out with one. It's a process.
These bikes are in high demand. Virtually anyone who rides one, wants one.
After riding one you won't want to go back to a pedal only bike. The main outlet for these 
in Seattle  has limited manpower to work with the public on these bikes. It took me almost 
a month from the time I signed up to view and try out the bikes until I could put my hands 
on one. Then if I hadn't paid for them also at that time it would have been another month to
month and a half before I could actually get one. You can see one and test drive it
for $40 at Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho as well as a shop in Wallace Idaho, but neither
place carries the rad mini step thru models. I live in Davenport, about 30 miles west
of Spokane off Hwy 2, where you can see and physically touch a rad step thru mini and take 
it for a spin around the block. The bikes also come freight free in a boxed package that requires 
some assembly.  If you can't do that I can help with that. If your derailer system is not set 
correctly, or gets out of whack, I can help you adjust that also. I also have a page that 
details those settings  here.

Some You tube videos for additional information:






My Contact information  berry@detailshere.com