First Steps of Preparation and a walk through of what's going to happen - taken from Zeta Talk

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I present the following even though it comes from the zetatalk site because it presents the best picture of what is predicted to unfold; as confirmed by many other sources besides the Zetas.  Just who are the Zetas??  Supposedly extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli who telepathically communicate with an emissary here on earth who posts their information on  
Before you discount whether or not "aliens" exist, please visit my page at   and find the Dr Wolf letter (ufo4.htm), a man who worked in Area 51 since the late 40's and reveals a lot of information about our government's coverup regarding extraterrestrial or alien life.  He mentions the Zeta Reticulans several times in his summary.   Other people speculate that there are no such things as aliens from outer space and that the "greys" (zetas) do in fact exist but are hybrids from the original fallen angels of Satan - along with the Draconians and Reptilians (see for some info on that subject) , that live either on or in our own earth. 

There is also speculation by some that  the ZETATALK website is a NASA production  (yes, they know about aliens too) and is geared to getting the information out on Planet X while at the same time remaining anonymous in so doing so if things don't come to pass as predicted they can just blame Nancy and wash their hands of any involvement and tell us all how stupid we were to believe in any of this. Some feel  Nancy (the Zeta enmmissary) was fed some good info about Planet X in an agreement with the powers-that-be.  The Powers To Be  knew they couldn't keep a total cap on this info so they created Nancy, either with or without zetas, and did this possibly without her knowledge.  The reason for this Nancy creation was that anytime the subject leaked out, about Planet X in 2003, that they'd have someone that they could easily  attribute it to, that they could also discount, make fun of, and ignore for disinformation purposes.  An older lady that talks with aliens is all they need mention to discount her.  This plan did have some possible dangers. Namely, they knew she was to be fed some good info about Planet X in 2003, and some people would be inclined to look outside (of the easily ridiculed box they created with her,) for greater verification. Personally, outside of misinformation on Christian related issues at ; I'm mostly in Nancy's court. However, the Zeta's  support the creation theory that we humans were hybridized by the Annunaki who live on Planet X , or a moon of Planet X that is coming with it, which is what Sitchin and the Sumerians claim. I personally can't buy into that. My bible says that ain't how it happened.  I feel I was created by Yahweh; not some Annunaki playing with test tubes. And James McCanny ,, claims Planet X is not where the zeta coordinates say it is , has been visible in the sky since '93 with an 8" telescope if you know where to look (he doesn't know exactly where to look either yet though), and we are being blindsided by it coming in from another direction - but he says it IS coming; and now. .  So keep an open mind and be your own judge about the info you glean from here. 

Taking the ZetaTalk message increasingly seriously, many are doing critical thinking about their personal preparations. Planning for a safe passage through the pole shift and a reasonable expectation of life in the Aftertime, requires a many pronged approach.

First, the individual often feels they must balance their pole shift plans with their current lifestyle and position in society. The double life dilemma that contactees and secret agents must live. They want to protect their jobs and marital relationships, fulfill their duties and not lose ground in the game of life. So in any plans they make, they are, in early 2002, cutting their pole shift plans close, wanting to do the minimum necessary.

Second, since ZetaTalk is voluminous and for the newcomer requiring hours of work to plow through, it is not clear just what should be a concern and in what time frame. The pole shift is described in ZetaTalk and Troubled Times in past geology terms, in various prophecies which speak in analogies, in the mechanics of a pole shift, and as life afterwards. Ideally, this should all be taken in steps, with the past examined, prophecy read with an open heart so as not to take each word literally, then the mechanics of the shift itself digested, and emotional adjustment to what life afterwards would become. At this point, the person is ready to make personal plans.

Third, once emotionally prepared to go through the shift and have a diminished lifestyle afterwards, the individual is ready to make solid and practical plans. The first consideration should be survival of the shift itself, and this requires distancing oneself from coastlines or fault lines or volcanoes, and protecting oneself from the high winds and potential firestorms. The Safe Locations document which our emissary Nancy has prepared for readers assist in determining whether ones location is safe for survival, or relatively safe, and what dangers would need to be guarded against. Life afterwards is a more murky issue, which comes after resolution of safety during the shift itself. At this time, in early 2002 and perhaps up until the shift itself, the newcomer wants to know just what to do when, to survive.

Our advice, which is a repeat of information that can be found in the body of ZetaTalk, is as follows:

1. To the degree that one is able, take yourself to a relatively safe place at least by the time the rotation of the Earth occurs. The timing of this will not take you by surprise, as the inbound planet will be seen in the sky, unaided by telescope, for 7 weeks prior to the shift. The day of rotation stoppage is also not a surprise, as clocks and watches will be increasingly poky, and rotation takes a day to stop. Even if in the wrong place at that time, in that most of the population will be in shock but functioning, one could most likely travel on roads or even rails. Get going to your safe location, if not there already.

Get a report on what to expect for your location/country here:   

2. During the week of rotation stoppage, preparations not already made for the hour of the shift can be addressed, with rehearsals. On the long-day side of the Earth, it will seems like the worst mid-summer days, and on the long-night, colder than expected and one must deal with the dark, so anticipate these situations, depending upon where your location is. High winds are avoided by being at ground level, in a trench or under an overhang, or the like. Downpour, deluges, and flooding might occur, depending upon your location, so wherever you are riding out the shift should not be where you will be flooded or drown. Existing structures are best avoided, so do not plan on being in or under any existing structure. The least structure around you, the better, during quakes. Plan on being prone, not upright, so roll along the ground rather than being dashed.

3. Having established what you will do when the hour arrives, the next issue is to watch for the hour. Assign, among your group, at least one individual at all times to watch the skies and for signs. The tail of the passing planet will curve toward the earth, due to gravity attraction, so some red dusting will occur almost as soon as rotation stoppage occurs. But when approaching the hour of the shift, the tail lashing will get extreme, with not only red dust but gravel and hail falling. This is a sign that the shift is very close, within hours, and all should seek shelter under the sod or metal roofs they have constructed over trenches, or under overhangs. It is not necessary for all to be prone, for hours, if watching the skies is ongoing and by competent individuals. Children, in particular, should be allowed to release their energy in play, but keep them close and within voice call. The separating of the crust from the core is unmistakable, in that jiggling can be felt, and the stars or the Sun or whatever visible in the sky will move. It is at this point that preparations for the shift itself should be made.

4. Lie down, keeping children firmly in hand so they cannot panic and run out into the wind or lashing tail. Singing loudly in a group sing or some other engrossing activity will help in this regard, and keep the adults from panic also. Jolting and cracking of nearby trees will be felt and heard, and all should be ignored if the site has been well selected. At the end of the hour, it will be apparent that it is safe to emerge, as jolting will have stopped. A test can be done against the sky. Have the stars or the Sun stopped moving? Then the shift is past.

Pre-Existing Conditions

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During the hour of the shift, the crust of the Earth arrives at its new location, with the former poles now under the equatorial Sun and the Atlantic widened and Pacific shorted, in a series of steps, some happening rapidly, some more slowly, but all over the course of approximately an hour.

Stress Points
The current relationship of the Earth’s crustal plates to each other shows not only past movement but a pre-setting of the stage for the coming shift. The Atlantic has clearly been stretched and ripped in the past, with shorelines on both sides of the Atlantic being dragged down such that the remains of forests can be seen underwater off the East Coast of the North American continent, and buried roadways under the waves near Bermuda, and likewise land shelves west of the British Isles. The Atlantic Rift, running the entire length of the Atlantic between the present poles, shows recent tears, and in Africa the rifts increasingly separating the Arab lands from the continent proper are already showing some stress. Likewise, along the Pacific Rim, plates are being pushed under the Americas, and creating distress in Indonesia as compression of the Pacific is already in process from prior pole shifts and subducting plates are inclined to continue this momentum. The Himalayas, driven high from sea bed material in the past, also show a point of drama, already scripted for India and Australia by past dramas which positioned these plates thus.
Atlantic Stretch
We have mentioned that during the week of rotation stoppage, the Atlantic will undergo a stretch. This is due to the Atlantic Rift being gripped by the approaching 12th Planet, as the crustal magma there is recent, concentrated, and of high iron ore content, and thus is magnetically attracted to the huge magnet, the 12th Planet, which is approaching from the south and on the sunward side of the Earth. The Earth stops its rotation, due to the crust being gripped, but the liquid core continues some of its momentum, thus creating a continuing pull toward the east of the crust, which creates the stretch. To some degree, this is happening today, which is why the African rifts are showing stress. During the week of rotation stoppage, however, this is extreme, so that the Atlantic Rift is under a great deal of tension and the shorelines are drawn down along both sides of the Atlantic. Europe and Africa are continually pulled eastward, by the rotating core. Thus, the Earth moans in her agony, during this week.
Pacific Compression
For the same reason, the European and African continents being pushed eastward by the rotating core, those stress points around the Pacific experience increased signs of stress during the week of rotation stoppage. Quakes all along the west coast of the Americas increase, and volcanic activity in Japan and Indonesia become extreme. India shutters, jerking under the Himalayas in spurts, creating great panic among her peoples who are already fearing the worst with the long evening they are experiencing. Tidal waves are not yet a problem, as the waters normally pooling around the equator have equalized around the globe, more water at the pole and less in the equatorial regions. Nevertheless, the drama that is about to occur has clearly been scripted, by the shape of the earth’s Pangea landmass and its breakup, and the rule that during any crustal movement land masses will tend to seek their equalization, just as water seeks its level, such that high and low land will be more equally distributed around the globe after a shift than before.

Scripted Drama - how it will unfold

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The stage having been set, then, the crust movement steps during the hour of the shift are as follows:

  1. As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet, moves north, the crust is torn from the core and freed in this way, allows pre-existing stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart, during the slide northward.
  2. The immediate affect of the massive plate housing Europe and Russia and the Near East to move is felt most strongly in India, as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively sumerging this country in a wink.
  3. The effect of the Indio-Australian plate taking a dive under the Himalayas is to relieve tension along the African rift, such that this tears, promptly, but in shuddering steps with halting adjustments pauses between shudders. In essence, the movement eastward of the African continent is a momentum creating this tear.
  4. During the tearing of the Atlantic, and the dragging north or the North American continent, an already existing tear in the St. Lawence Seaway tears further, essentially the weak link in this landmass held at so many points to the further side of the Atlantic. Canada move north, while the rest of the Americas cling to the Atlantic Rift while it separates.
  5. The movement of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia, and Asia to the east also is expected to rip this plate along the Himalayas, as we have stated, creating an inland bay into the Russian lands just to what is now the north of the Himalayas. This follows, in jerks and tears, over the hour of the shift, along with the tearing of the African rift.
  6. When the ocean off the Bulge of Brazil has reached the position of the current North Pole, crust slippage stops, creating yet another drama. The major northern hemisphere plates stop, and whatever follows crashes into them. In the case of the America’s, this causes Central America and the Caribbean to crumble.
  7. In the case of Africa, already sliding eastward, the force is further movement eastward, as subduction of the Indio-Australian plate has already begun, the weaker link already established and momentum in process.
  8. The pile-up is in what was the former northern hemisphere, and the compression of the Pacific is creating resistance as plates are subducted under the Americas and Japan explodes and Indonesia crumbles.
  9. This frees the plates south of the tips of South America and Africa of stress. As the Pacific adjusts, reluctantly, pressure toward Antarctica, the one place on the globe not experiencing plate pressure, allows new land to pop up between the tips of South America and Africa.
  10. Melting Ice Caps

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    After the cataclysms the existing polar ice will melt, while at the same time reforming over the new poles. The melting will occur faster than the reforming, as for ice to form there are more factors at play than for ice to melt. We will explain. The ice over the former poles will now be facing the Sun, and the melt rate will proceed based on the air temperature and the absorption of solar rays, both of which will be high as the old poles will now be situated essentially at the new equator. Any water at the new poles will freeze, but the buildup of ice on a pole is not altogether from the water that happened to be there when the pole took position. The buildup comes from precipitation, and this accumulates over hundreds of years. At some point an equilibrium is established, with icebergs breaking off and floating to warmer waters and the like. The Earth, therefore, will experience More Water in its oceans for some time after the cataclysms.

    It has been estimated by mankind’s scientists that the melting, completely, of the Antarctic ice would cause the oceans of the world to rise in sea level by 200 feet. This is measuring the effect of ice above the water line melting and returning to the body of water, and leveling out. More occurs during and for some time after the shift when the existing poles are placed under the equatorial sun and all active volcanoes of the world explode. What degree of heat would be generated by the crust and core separating and the core moving under the crust? How much heat is required to melt rock, during rapid subduction of one plate over another, which the Indians of the West Coast and witnesses of the last pole shift in the Middle East report? How rapidly does heat dissipate, even from campfire ashes, open to the air, or the seat of a chair from which the occupant recently rose? Most of the surface of the Earth is covered by the great oceans, which warm completely, without cold spots, after the shift, and do not return to having cold spots until some centuries have passed. This warmer water accounts for the rise in sea level, in the main.

    Where new poles take centuries to fully form, existing poles thrust under an equatorial sun melt rapidly. The melting poles will thus raise the sea level, worldwide, by 650 to 700 feet within two years. Survivors living below this level will find themselves moving repeatedly as rivers begin to overflow their banks and marsh areas become lakes. Those planning survival sites should consider this as well as escape routes for survivors who might be trapped by the rising water. Survival sites should be selected for their ability to link to other land areas that will be above the water line as well, so that technologies and skills can be shared among the survivors. Survivors thus will find visiting each other possible rather than impossible in a new world without maps and certainly without guidelines for boats setting out on what will seem to be an endless sea.

    Going on the assumption that the poles have always been, essentially, where they are found today, humans have extracted core samples which they assume will be a frozen record of climatic changes back through the eons - a dust layer here, bits of vegetation there, a higher carbon dioxide level here, and on through any number of variables. However, unlike the rings in a tree, which show its age, layers of ice do not show what is absent. The tree trunk is viewed as a whole, reflecting the life of a tree, but polar ice reflects only that portion of its life that has not melted away. Many shifts are slight, thus causing partial melting or melting on only one side. Thus, for the existing poles, there are places where the debris and gasses caught in the ice tell a long tale.

    Black Water

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     Recently, reports of black water in the Gulf of Mexico have hit the news, with no explanation. What is causing this, in waters otherwise clear enough for scuba diving? Over the past couple years, man has become aware that ocean fish have migrated north, along with the warmer waters, and the flow patterns changing around the world. But a change such as the black water is not due to changed flow patterns, but to new vents opening up along fault lines under the Caribbean area. As we have stated, the Caribbean and Central Americas will be devastated during the shift, as the weak link when the plates are on the move and crashing into each other, and even before this when stretching and ripping and compression occur. This activity does not altogether occur during the hour of the shift, or the week of rotation stoppage, as the stress on the Earth's crust is apparent even now. Increased quake activity, volcanic activity, and signs of just where in the crust that dramatic changes will occur are evident, if one reads the signs. There is more than hot lava that oozes up in crevasses, as most fault lines are layered and not giving access to hot lava to the surface. Dirt, rather than solid rock, may be trapped between layers, and when a fault pulls apart this dirt will be released into the water above. Thus, this is a phenomena that may be repeated elsewhere around the world, as the shift approaches, where such dirt or debris is trapped between rock layers at present.

    2002 Trends

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    There are several trends that will emerge, shortly.

    The first is the cover-up, becoming so distressed that cracks are appearing with no mortar at hand to repair them. If the inbound planet, Planet X, will soon start a zoom so rapid that it will be visible to amateurs in the night sky, with their equipment, by mid-2002, then what are they to say? All explanations such as a new comet, a nova, or a new phenomena previously unknown to man, will only go so far. Thus, NASA and the observatories they control, which are to a greater extent than the man on the street realizes, essentially all observatories, are almost paralyzed in the way to proceed. Various silly explanations, many of which will be contradictory, may emerge, but the contradictions and delays in explanation will clue the thinking man into realizing that a cover-up indeed in effect. Not the result hoped for. Thus, the next trend re the cover-up is incompetence, conflicting explanations, and increasing cracks.

    The second trend is climate and weather changes, increasing ocean warming and melting poles, and quakes striking in places not previously experiencing them, in the memory of man. This is already rising alarm and open discussion on the streets, such that the nightly news has become irrelevant, and the man on the street senses that their leadership is not leading, but suppressing the truth. The man on the street is looking for an explanation, but none is coming from the news, the government, the church, or anyone in authority. Thus, they go underground, talking to friends, who invariably have some sense of an inbound Planet X, and ZetaTalk, or similar information. The result of this breaking away from the given authority, to self-thinking, is that the populace will start their own discussions, break into the news, and the establishment will become distressed. So, a cover-up with cracks, and an establishment challenged by the man on the street, asking questions they are not prepared to address.

    Third, comes an upsurge of interest in alternative news, Planet X sites such as ZetaTalk and others long researching this with clear thinking and a history of valid reporting. These will be sought, and transmitted, and given support, where the establishment news is pushed aside. This is the activity that many sense around the corner, the groundswell from people sensing that their government is lying to them, the churches irrelevant, and the news suppressed such that only irrelevancies are reported. Thus, going into the cataclysms, those who have been pushed into the corners, given no validity by the establishment, will have their day, and be exhausted with the activity. Alternative news sources have always been harassed, but have survived. They are established routes that have never been suppressed, nor can they be. Stomping on one creates another, or many others, so the establishment relies on the numbers. If the majority of the working man watches approved nightly news, and plods along, then the establishment feels they can survive and co-exist with alternative news, although uneasily.

    For those in Europe or elsewhere, where news is not so suppressed, the trend will be primarily the appearance in the sky of an object, inbound, viewable by amateurs, moving, unexplained by the establishment. To the degree that those populations can deal with the coming changes, discussions on the news will be allowed. In countries where the population cannot be saved, such as in Indonesia or India, the news will be suppressed, utterly. The elite feeling that any panic would be a spark to a firestorm, and thus feared. In countries where news in general is suppressed, such as in the Muslim countries, news of a coming cataclysm will be discussed back alley or back room as today, and not become a source of panic under the heavy hand of control these populations expect. Many will find relief, in that they have long sensed changes coming, without acknowledgment by the establishment. For those who wish to deny, this will be a clue to proceed to solid denial, with spending available cash, and intense partying until the end. For those who care for and worry about dependents, this will be a clue to take action, take those camping trips or purchase that houseboat, long planned but an expense deemed outside the reasonable. For those fearing the awakening of the populace, this will be a clue to retreat to their enclaves, soon to be protected by the military in the US, and elsewhere, unknown to the public or already protected by the military of the country.

    The AfterMath

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    A common reaction among humans when first contemplating the pole shift as presented by us, is to think that the better option is to go out with the tidal waves, go down under quake debris, or be blown against a wall by high winds and have it all over with quickly. Most survivors of multiple pronged disasters sit stunned until death overtakes them. Imagine the World Trade Center disaster, without rescue. No food stuffs brought in, no financial rescue, no media attention. This is in essence a depression, where less and less is done, as time passes. Illness sets in, and those stunned and unable to see a way out are at last given their way out, quietly.

    We present a scenario of struggle to survive in the first place, with travel and terror and living a dual life of uncertainty due to the establishment cover-up. Getting past that as a short term problem, the larger problem looms like a dark cloud. Life in the Aftertime is fraught with dying forests, lack of livestock or flocks or wildlife to eat, and gardens that will not flourish. Add to this the description of a Mad Max world, where a set of laws and a governing body will be nonexistent or turned toward self-service, marauding gangs and the need to live forever in a low-profile mode to survive. Then the time frame of a 25 years volcanic gloom, with climate change requiring vegetation to adjust as well as try to re-grow, and it seems a long way off before one can sit on the porch in the evening, enjoying the evening. Those with children despair that they will be educated, will live to adulthood without health problems besetting them, rotting teeth, painful disease, only to find they are bearing offspring into a world that is a nightmare. Those in poor health envision that they will become a burden on others, fear this will occur in slow steps so they will be unaware of it, perhaps senile or comatose due to starvation, and unable to control their life at all.

    Thus, there are huge worries to anyone taking the message semi-seriously, and the first though is that this is a nightmare to be avoided. So, given this perspective, what IS there to live for?
    Those strongly in the Service-to-Others have no problem with this scenario, as they quickly sort out what life for others will be, and make their decisions accordingly. This is no different than what they experience during everyday today. They may be told they have cancer, but consider who is dependent upon them and plot their life accordingly. They may be told someone in the family or a neighbor is going to fall on hard times, and adjust their own lifestyle downward to take them in and share what they have. They may be told someone nearby has defaulted on their responsibilities, and step in without hesitation to fill the gap, being a father to fatherless children or whatever. Thus, those strongly Service-to-Others would not be likely to utter a phrase such as "why live?" as they know why troubled times in particular require one to be there for others.
    Those strongly Service-to-Self sort this out in a similar manner, but in the other direction. As with their everyday decisions, they look over the situation to see how it might be taken advantage of for their own pleasure or power position. Since victims can be presented at any time, they assume many victims and looting and plundering and savaging potential galore in a post pole shift situation. Thus, those highly Service-to-Self will also not be likely to say "why live?" as they are licking their chops and rubbing their hands together.
    The undecided are the ones likely to make the statement, "why live?" as they do not polarize in either direction, but rather think of their own life, and how they interact on a daily basis with other, or what they have come to expect as their daily fare. The focus is the self, but as a child focuses on the self. How will this affect me, what will I do when presented with this or that without the resources I've come to expect will be available to me. The immature spirit pushes the post pole shift scenario out only so far, to the edges of the cocoon they see their life as, and see this cocoon not there. The job will be gone, friends and family may die or wander off, the store shelves empty, the government offices simply not staffed, and whom do they go to with their complaints? Thus, it is the immature, the undecided, who will present leaders in the Aftertime with motivation problems.

    The Aftertime

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    The undecided have motive in life according to immediate pleasures, in the main. When they see suffering, before them, they feel compassion and may be motivated to give of their own good, or assist, giving of their time, but this motivation vaporizes as soon as the painful situation is out of sight. They quickly react to a threat of having their lifestyle diminished, or expectations of them increased such that life becomes more work and less play. Thus, to motivate a spiritually undecided individual is, in the main, to present them with suffering, without a buffer, or to present them with a better life should they do this or that.
    In a survival group, where undecideds are mixed in with strongly Service-to-Others individuals, the undecided should not be allowed to avoid the sick room or pathetic crying of hungry infants. Force them into this presence, as choices will be made. They will either rise to the occasion and give of their time, being the better for it overall, or get hostile. If the individual gets hostile, they are making an orientation decision, that their comfort is more important than assisting the suffering of others. In this, the group can decide if they wish to have this member as a continuing drain, given the obvious orientation and mindset. If they grow toward empthy and assisting others in pain and need, then they may in fact make a rapid transit to Service-to-Others orientation, a bonus.
    In focusing on the future, making a clear distinction on how the life of the individual, as well as the group, will be better should this or that task be done, works well with the undecided. This is not unlike a parent motivating an immature child. They get desert if they do the dishes, get to watch TV if they finish their homework, or get to go to the park if they clean their room. In the case of a post pole shift survival group, the carrot can be more variety in the diet, less hunger, warmer or dryer quarters, or a chance to sight see a bit and travel.

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