FREE Internet Access 

For many people starting out on the net with very limited budgets $20 - $25/month for ISP (internet service provider) services is too much money. There is FREE internet access at,,,,,  and others.    The price you pay for FREE internet access is the inability to get on during prime time because there are too many users and not enough modems hooked up, and you have to look at someone's banner ad  on your screen all the time. But to get started it is good, and if you sign up for several and can't get on with one you have options.     Go to   which is a multisearch engine and type in "freeinternetaccess" to come up with more. MAKE SURE - when you sign up you are dialing into a number that is not a long distance call for you.

For one of my ISP services  I use Cognigen's Surfbest service. It is nationwide, only costs $12.95/month; is a 56k connection and there's rarely a time I haven't been able to get on. 
Go to, click on "web services" and then click on "Surfbest" on the page that follows.