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After viewing the order page, you will see that they have excellent prices.
Also all of the products are lab tested to insure the proper quantity and
purity of the ingredients.  

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CoQ-10 60-60mg veg-gel $14.00.   Multi with ginseng 90 soft-gels-$1.98
Omega-3 Salmon oil 90-500mg soft-gels $1.98 Colloidal silver FREE

Hello. My name is Michael Anderson.   I have been a chemist for 40 years.   In 1999 I retired from a major pharmaceutical company.   In March I dined with an old friend.   As we renewed our friendship of 30+ years, Dr. Brooks, 68, had an idea.   He is a wealthy iconoclast who retired from oncology in 1989.

He publishes an extensive alternative medicine web page as well as a free newsletter.   In one year his subscribers rose to over 40,000.   They grew to trust Dr. Brooks because he made sense.  He refused to allow any paid advertising on his web pages or in his newsletter.   He has nothing to sell.   In fact, when he highly recommended an anti-oxidant formula, he offered to pay for it for those who could not afford the modest price.

I had looked forward to my carefree retirement years.   The truth is, I was bored.   Not any more!   I have agreed to oversee the product quality of the project.  I will also publish a free newsletter to members only.   My salary is $1.00 per year.   Here is the plan we formulated:

Enough fireflies, united, can light a stadium

Over 60% of every dollar you pay for nutritional supplements goes for advertising, distributors, commissions, and overhead.   When one pays $35.00 for a bottle of quality CoQ-10, only about $13.00 actually goes for product.   In quantity 100,000, private labeled, it is priced at about $13.00.  e.g. Bayer aspirin $2.95.   Exactly the same thing, in generic form, less than a dollar!   Dr. Brooks mentioned his idea to his subscribers.   He was inundated with thousands of, "Go for it Doc Jon!"

The ultimate plan is for computer to do almost all the work.    No 800 lines.    In fact, no telephone access at all.  There will be a No return policy.   All these services add dramatically to the cost of doing business. Only shippers will receive paychecks.  When our members purchase product, they will be paying about 9% over actual cost.   This may produce too much profit.  If so, we will either lower prices a bit or develop an affiliate program to reward those who help us build our project  We have a zero advertising budget.  We rely solely on word-of-mouth advertising  The more members we have, the lower the prices. for all.


We realize that this project may seem fishy!   It is obvious that someone is funding this noble project with big money, having no expectation of profit.  On the contrary, part of the grant is to be used solely to provide selected free supplements to those who cannot afford the modest price.

Pretend that you are in your late 60's, in great health, and worth over 30 million dollars.   Also, you have never seen a hearse with luggage racks!   You have a great interest in alternatives to drugs and the scalpel.  Wouldn't you allocate some of this money, which you could never spend anyway, to something which would provide an enduring benefit to millions, long after you are gone?

Shipment of the beta products will begin on 5-29.   We have a target of mid June for other products.   For those who prefer to pay up-front, will be able to use their VISA/MC on a secure server by then.

We walk to a very different drummer.   Seldom does one publish the laboratory reports on their products, for good reason!   We publish ALL of ours when then become available. See the catalog page.

View catalog of initial products to be offered-many more to come. Click here

If your friend referred you to this site, and you haven't joined our Co-op, you can do so here.  Membership is strings.   Members are not obliged to ever purchase anything. Just go to   here    and  click on the "join our co-op" link near the bottom of the page.  (Our ID for referral is 12304 - Ber ).
Thank you for your kind attention,

Michael Anderson, Ph.D, Director of operations