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I don't charge anyone anything for my program list at or the rules to go by that we have ALL 
helped develop over the past 8 years at my homepage at , as most of those programs obviously were shared with me by other people. And yes, there are lists I did subscribe to to get to some of those  programs but this is a people helping people thing. We live in a world that ravages our useable income. Sustaining any kind of a standard of living becomes increasingly difficult each year. Single moms as well as dads and people that can't physically work regular jobs depend upon this stuff to survive on.  My feeling is that the referral fee (and many of my best programs don't even have referral fees) should be sufficient reimbursement for spending the time to bring opportunities to others. But not all feel that way and some of the URL links described below DO charge a fee to access their program information. And stay away from high pay programs. They aren't real and will collapse at some point in time downstream.

If you are serious about earning money in this arena, you need tools. For best scam protection you should subscribe to as  many of these sources of information as you can on these programs. What I feel are the best resources out there are listed on this page.  I subscribe to all of these, and as a result from this information I have been able to become  totally self sufficent with a non lavish lifestyle entirely from net income.    We live in a modest house (pic at , drive a modest diesel pickup for fuel economy, have a 1.6L compact chevy that gets 40 mpg for most of our driving, send the kids to school on a transit bus, eat lots of tacos and wear virtually ALL second hand clothes - but we ain't got a JOB!!!!   Ber

This is a MUST.
The warnings are here and the subscription is peanuts.
E-Told is an information source & scam alert of internet programs.
Forewarned is forearmed. These guys do a great job of monitoring all the happenings in the e-gold type programs we are most concerned with. A low yearly fee gets you instant info and a daily newsletter, and MORE! 110% money back guarantee within 48 hours if you feel you don't like it. This is one I DO read; daily! In fact - just don't play in this arena without a subscription to e-told or you WILL get burned at some point in time without their warnings.       (get more  info    here  )

 HYIPSPY - Internet search software tool.  A MUST USE tool in my opinion before putting hard earned money into anything.   This is a safeguard in the form of software so you don't spend money to a program that has questionable character and attributes.  HYIPspy is an efficient and intelligent software program designed to be used to investigate net programs and games as well as the people around them. HYIPspy searches through groups, forums, lists and the e-Told database. It displays the search results on the upper portion of the interface. You can freely browse the results through the built in web Browser embedded in HYIPspy. To learn more go  here  ; to download a 3 day free trial version of "hyipspy" (only costs $25 if you want to keep it) , go to: 

High Yield Crusaders
Another  information source for preventing scams is   "High Yield Crusaders"
; They currently evaluate about 140 programs in their database and are continually expanding their services. Their newsletter is a free sign up.

or get more info on High Yield Crusaders  here

Big Booster is yet another good source of information on many programs although their information found on their website is not always the most up to date. You have to sign up with them to become an associate (free) before you can access the information.

A good mailing list builder can be found at 

BMT Club     My ID is 1730

This was another Club sent to me by one of my listserve members who claimed they had some good programs to share. I joined it and found they DO in fact have quite a few good programs to join.  They do have a $49 join fee, but it is a one time fee, not an annual fee. I thought it was worth it. I will be joining some of their programs as we get further ahead. 

E-Told (actually  used to be called e-gold fever)

Website URL is at

Please use referral ID 115702

Sample Newsletters to get a good idea of what you get:

The FREE Version of the January 1st issue is now live on site.
The link is ......
Only 11 Cents a Day!! The Arena's Best Buy!!

Instead of getting ripped off by scam artists join e-gold fever reports and be kept up to date on what's paying and what isn't. This has now become a very extensive site.  With many different categories and  a database with over a  100 Money Making programs using e-gold as their method of payments found at e-gold fever (now   To join go to near the bottom of the page at  where is says "Full membership $25" and click on that box.  It will take you to a place where you have a choice of using a credit card to pay for it or PayPal or E-gold.  In the memo box of the e-gold spend put your email address and your referrer's e-gold Id (ours is 115702). 

Then they will send you an e-mail with your User ID and password to get into the member's area.  When you receive this go to  or your affiliate page (substitute your e-gold # for the 115702 in ther above URL).     Click on "Member's Area"  at the left and enter in the  ID and password sent to you  to get in. 

Last year brought a flurry of scams  amongst the good guys that did pay. We try to use all resources to determine who are the good guys and who are the thieves. This site is a cheap way of receiving more input to help make better decisions.

100+ Earning Programs With 110% moneyback guarantee
(meaning e-told will give you back $27.50 if you want to cancel your membership with them)

E-Gold programs are fast becoming a way of making money on the net, the craze of paid to surf is slowing down, e-gold WILL be the money makers of the year 2001. Will you be part of it?

How many times in your life, did you say you missed the boat? You
were just too late to get involved in a business venture that created
money earning techniques for thousands. The problem is when and where. When is the time to make that move? Where can you make sure you get this important, time sensitive information?

The 110% Money Back Guaranteed Reports system was designed as your stepping stone to this much needed information. You will be given the incredible tools to help you build that dream. We are not claiming to make you rich over night, we are not even claiming this as a get rich quick program. 110% MBGR is a time sensitive opportunity that will guide you and your members to future wealth building programs worldwide.

Your investment will be secured, using E-gold. No credit card
required. No major investment needed. e-gold is an electronic
currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

110% MBGR has the best E-gold related BizOp directory available on the internet. Over 70 differents programs HYIP, Quick in and Out, Stocks Opportunities, Opportunities in Arts, Referral Based, Money Games, Gifting Programs etc. All this an more will be made available to you!

Why waste YOUR time searching E-Gold programs, when we can do that research for you. How much do you want to make? Good question, how much time do you want to invest in your money making venture? We at 110% Money Back Guaranteed Reports will bring this information to you. We will use all means available to us to make sure you receive the correct reporting on the
prosperity of this industry.

You will have access to the following tools so that you are always
kept up to date on what is happening.

a) Polls
b) Forums
c) Chatrooms
d) Daily updates through egroup
e) Live support (under development)
f) Merchants accepting e-gold
g) Newest E-gold bizop
h) latest news about e-gold

When we say 110%, that is exactly what we mean. If before 48 hours have past since you became a member, and you wish to leave us. You will receive full credit and an additional 10% of your investment into the program. Why? Because we are confident that you will see exactly the power that this program has to offer.

You will witness exactly what we can bring to you. Your minimal
investment is something almost everyone can afford. You will
see the power of numbers. You will see people just like you
describing their tremendous success and also discuss their earnings.

You will receive pertinent, behind the scenes information about this
and other programs. You will become part of this growing empire and what will be the most successful money making program of 2001.

You do not need a Credit Card to have an e-gold account. You may use PayPal, Credit Cards, Money Order, Wire transfer or send cash to fund your account.

Are you ready? Can you see yourself 30 days from now? Can you be a proven winner working online? If you think you can be one of us, then with our help, you will be. You received an e-gold account number with this message, please keep that handy, you will need it when purchasing into the program.

You will earn at least $10.00 for every referral you get, and you
will be able to invest in additional ventures at any time.
Here is the process. (My E-Gold Account number is 115702)

If you do not have an e-gold account. open one and fund it. Go to
the following site:

To join again go to   and click on the   "Full membership $25" about three fourths the way down the page.  In the memo line, you MUST place your email address and place the Referral e-gold Account number - please use 115702.

We will send you a User ID and password  to access the member's area.

After 48 hours we will send a full report of the newest egold
bizop. You will be included in our Happy Campers Mailing List. You
will receive The e-gold spread sheet where you can analyze your e- gold bizops and create strategies.

Will we see you at the top? Come on, join today!
Sincerely Yours,  110% Money Back Guaranteed Reports
Sounds good, huh? Check it out at:

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