HCI25 updated 2-13-2014

Closed to new investors and more units from existing investors.

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Feb 13th 2014

December 13th update

November 17th , 2013 update

October 19th, 2013 update

August 25th, 2013 update

July 21st update

May 31, 2013 update 

April 20th update - now we get gold instead of dollars and they want another $98

April 15th Update - you won't like it

March 28th update

March 23rd update

March 12th update

Feb 3rd 2014
New York Feb 13th 2014

My Dear Friends/Investors
More challenges/  More obstacles (which we will remove of course), but more importantly more lessons 
learned. I'm sure that our Great but late founder of HCI25 Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash would agree with 
us all that these past 6-7 years have been the most challenging in the companies 30 Year History !   
We are there with the cash "in hand" to all but so much bureaucracy  is involved and many Financial 
Licenses is at stake if just the smallest thing goes wrong.

As mentioned all is clear and ready to pay out but it cant be paid out as we initially thought and this is 
new to all parts, incl SEC, ECB and other authorities that has been involved.

I wont go into details but the main thing is the KYC, its approval, and what we are allowed to pay out 
with the KYC system we have right now.

We have great experience in Offline RPP&undefined;s and that's no problem as we get to meet the 
person investing face to face. Online RPP has been a totally different experience for sure, but we are 
getting there now to the first successful Online RPP.

We have been granted to pay out 10% of the total amount due to you, so for example, if u have 10 
share in HCI25/EMS the amount is about 650,000 Dollars (not this amount exactly of course but keep 
in mind its just an example) 65,000 Dollar will be paid into your EMS Gold Trust Entity and from there 
you will be able through Internet Bank transfer that 10% into your own personal bank account. 
The idea with this 10% is for you to use to fly to New York ! This is why we have been granted to pay 
out a portion of the total amount in this way, otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed. We know that 
there are financially stressed people out there and there wouldn't have been any possibility for these 
people to come here. 
We are as we speak setting up 3 new offices in New York/ Manhattan that will solely take care of 
our "Online RPP Investors"...So in fact you are all becoming "Offline RPP Investors"....Why is this ?   
The KYC (ID) that has been uploaded was at the outset all ok, , we have now been notified it isnt....
The utility is all ok and nothing needs to be done with that....What you need to do now is this. Your 
Passport or ID card must be scanned again and uploaded and this time your Passport/ID has to 
have a Notarius Publicus stamp on it. (Yes, this has to be done even though your are coming here 
to New York, this is for the 10% that is going to be paid out) NP is a higher qualified lawyer really that 
says that it is actually You on the ID and nobody else. He will put his stamp on this.

Forex Trade is working fine my Friends....We have had 9,7% in December and January was 10,6%...
Very good results indeed and this profit has been Compounded into the Investment you all have made 
and we have records of this of course so nothing to be worried about at all. February, March and April 
results will be compounded as well and starting May we will start with the non-compounding again for 
you all to take out the profit as we then have the necessary set up with the new KYC system in place. 
Investments still open for the Forex Trade, minimum 4000 Dollar to our normal C-Gold or PM Account , , 
All Investments to PM  U4121947  or C-Gold 19639.
Email for support issues is still euclidhci@gmail.com , , please make sure you only send relevant 
questions in regards to the investments and not general questions like pay out date etc which you 
will be informed of anyway. The workload is, has been and will be immense as it is.

So what's the action plan for the Payout in the RPP, LDTP, AB & C Fund (HCI25) and PFRPP (EMS) ?
The 10% initial payout is scheduled for Sept. 15th, thats the time frame we have for the all our clients 
to get their KYC in order in regards to Notarius Publicus....When this payout occurs we will most likely 
start to see the booking of trips here and we have therefore scheduled the first arrivals here for Oct 5th 
of this year. Please note that there is no cost of course added to this from our side as the set up with 
offices and that administrative work is on our side and nothing you should worry about. The opening to 
new members does it possible for All to buy additional shares of course as well as Investing in the Forex 
Trade as mentioned above.

With that being said we have also been granted to open up again for new members and that goes ONLY 
for EMS with the 98 Dollar initial Gold Trust Entity incl 1 Share and all shares therein after is still 38 dollars. 
HCI25 RPP and the LDTP is still closed and will so be....
Our 3 offices will all be in the same building on the Upper East Side on Manhattan, we wont of course 
mention as of where yet as they need time to set this up without having thousands of visitors already. 
One office will be only English Speaking, one office will have spanish speaking only, and the third office 
will have representatives speaking German, Scandinavian, Mandarin, Japanese and 2-3 more languages 
that will be decided upon later all dependant on the needs we are faced with. 
Upon your arrival here make sure that you book a hotel On Manhattan. 
It doesn't matter where on Manhattan as all is nearby anyway. We will arrange for transport to pick you 
up at your hotel and drive you to the offices we are setting up, more about that later.
Complicated? We hope it wont effect the number of clients going through with this now but it is of 
course necessary for you all to understand that this is necessary as well. If we could have avoided 
any of this we would have of course. And once again as we have stated before, Please spare us the
emails about us being a fraud, the emails about us playing around, about wanting more money, etc 
etc..Its really exhausting, tiring and takes away pretty much all the spirit that the team has left right now. 
Yes, it is extremely frustrating  for you all but to take that out on the people/staff that in the end is the 
hands that is going to give you the freedom you all want is only counterproductive and i wouldn't even 
want to think about what would happen if many of our hard working staff would leave us right now at this 
stage....Please bear that in mind as you try and take all this information in right now..
More news will come soon as they develop of course..and feel free to add more shares in EMS to 
your portfolio if you want that and also tell more of your friends and family about this once in a life 
time opportunity that will happen, that's my promise to you once again.
All Investments to PM  U4121947  or C-Gold 19639.

So all new clients as well of course need the NP stamp on the ID/Passport

You will hear from us soon again..

God Bless you all

Joshua Millard and Euclid Diodorus

December 13th, 2013
Dubai  Dec 13th 2013
My friends...Good things on its way..
To say that we are overloaded with work is an understatement.....We are Almost on track with everything but the extremely intense last 4 weeks with additional purchases of shares and other things that need to be registered have been so massive that SEC has given us the advice not to "hit the button" until all is cleared...this is only for the benefit of an undisturbed payout of course...Still we dont accept more registration of clients and no more investments. We predict that we will have sorted out all outstanding issues within 4-5 working days, thats all thats needed....So please hang in there and let the support staff work their 16-18 hour-days with what they need to do and DONT send in any new emails as they are being dealt with as we speak...Message will of course go out once we have "hit the button" for payout.. Thanks a lot !!

November 17th 2013 update

Good Morning From Dubai

Just a short note to inform you all that we have now sat down with the Management of the Issuing Bank and are discussing the final details about the Gold Entity Trusts and the execution of these as it is the largest and most complex execution of Trusts ever being made in history.

All is looking good my friends even though i know some of you out there have had problems funding C-Gold or PM. I’m sure you will all make it in time.

More to come very soon !!


October 19th, 2013 update

Dubai / New York ,October 19th 2013 
Dear Friends and Investors !

We hope that this News Update finds you well and that you and your family and friends are all in good health and are getting by with whatever you are doing.

Firstly, to straighten out some confusion about that 100% of our members needs to get the Gold Trust for a successful payout. That is untrue !  It doesnt matter of we have 20%, 40% or 75% that is registered for the Gold Entity Trust. THERE WILL BE A PAYOUT ANYWAY !

So no worries about that my friends. A lot of talk out there and we dont see the importance of talking down another company. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the other RPPs out there Good Luck in their work towards a successful payout. Im not sure how far they have gotten in the process but i know that we have the people here with us from the SEC, IMF and also the ECB. From our contacts within these organisations it is apparent that the other RPPs have not. With that information Im leaving this topic......

We are now less then 2 months away from what we have been waiting a long time for !

All is on track and even though some of the representatives from IMF have spent some time in Washington the last couple of weeks due to the importance of the Economy over there and getting the US Government back on track after the shutdown, we have been able to keep things going here. All is prepared up to 80% of what we need to set up which is even better then we predicted. The excitement is great over here in Dubai.

Product Information........

LDTP.........We know the numbers are still wrong in your back office and they will continue to be so as we dont want to focus on that as we have the correct numbers  within the banking system. Payout for all the matured investments (having passed 410 banking days) will be paid out in Dec. as well together with the other investments.

AB & C Fund.........All on track and will be paid at the same time as above..

KYC (ID and Utility Bill).........If you have uploaded them to HCI25 there is no need to upload these again into EMS, , we have them registered already and all is fine with that. If you have problems uploading the documents you can also email them to support on euclidhci@gmail.com

HCI25&undefined;s RPP and EMS&undefined;s PFRPP...........All is ok on both ends of these and there will be a payout in a certain weight in Gold and we wont go into details how much now as we are waiting until the very end to try and see what we can get out if the Gold Price. Dont worry about this as you will of course see the exact amount/weight of Gold once the payout has been made to your Gold Trust Entity.

New York Trip............This is of course also still on but we wont put any focus on this untial after the payout. There will be enough time to focus on that then.  For the members that have missed this. If you introduce 12 members to EMS (It was HCI before but since we dont accept more investments there its now EMS) and they invest a minimum of 98 Dollars for the Gold Trust Entity (Incl 1 Share) then you are qualified amongst many other members to receive for Free a 4 day/3 night weekend trip to New York with Hotel and Full Board included and with a seminar held by us the management within HCI25 and EMS. A Trip that wont be forgotten and you will receive a lot of advice in regards to how to invest your upcoming Fortune. So make sure you have mentioned this to as many as possible to get a chance to listen to some experts you wont have the chance to listen to anywhere else from the so called experts you see on CNN, BBC, CNBC and other "money talking channels" These experts arent the real experts and Investors that we deal with every day. This will be advice you have never heard before and will make you understand the world economu a little better. So 12 people introduced and invested with us and You will be there..

Finally...We will do something little extra now when we are approaching the payout..We will add some extra shares with all purchases. It is still 98 Dollars for the Gold Trust Entity including 1 Share. All extra shares bought (38 Dollars each) from Monday Morning (9AM US Eastern Time) Oct 21st until Monday Dec. 9th will have the following promotions.

If you buy 5 extra shares we will add 2 shares more for Free.

Buy 10 Shares and you will get 6 shares for Free and if you buy 20 shares we will add another 20 shares extra !

5 Shares bought is 190 Dollar (2 extra shares makes the package worth 266 Dollar)

10 Shares bought is 380 Dollar (Package with 6 extra shares is valued at 608 Dollar)

20 Shares bought is 760 Dollar (Package with 20 extra shares is valued at 1520 Dollar)

We also have about 38.000 Dollar left with our Icelandic Forex Trader so make sure you have made your investment there, he is about 30 months into trade now and is extremely stable in his trading. Many clients of HCI are in and they can of course verify this having gained Return of their Investment now every month for 8 months.

Minimum Investment is 4000 Dollar, locked for 6 months, he has had a ROI average of about 14% per month the last 30 months and that is about to climb. You can choose from month to month if you want to withdraw (Non Compounded) your profit or reinvest your profit to the invested initial capital (Compounded). Investments made and registered with us before Nov. 15th will be included for the November Payout on the 29th.

This months payout is expected for Thursday Oct 31st with break day of trading on the 28th.
Up until today (Oct 19th) we are at 7.15% so we expect a really good months my friends that have invested in the Forex Trade !! So make sure you others have your Investments in soon and make a reservation for the last 38.000 Dollars to email  euclid.diodorus@gmail.com

All Investments to PM (Perfect Money) Account number :  U4121947 or C-Gold 19639

God Bless You and Your Loved Ones. Stay Positive, Strong and Keep Faith My Dear Friends !

Ps. We are still a bit behind on support issues so please bear with us another week on this..and try not to send the same message again and again as that will only slow the process down regarding any support issues. Thank you

Yours Truly


August 25th,2013 update


Dear Friends and Investors

Sorry for being silent the last 4-5 weeks but a lot of work is going on behind the scenes of course, we have had discussions with the Bank about the last date of getting the Gold Trust Entity for $98 and we have agreed to move that closer to the payout date meaning that the last day to pay for this and to register any new members is Dec 10th of this year but the payout date remains at Dec 13th of course. These 3 days is enough to get the info into the database for a successful payout.

So last date for register new members And getting their KYC in and fully paid for the Gold Trust Entity is December 10th 2013.

Payout date is set at December 13th 2013 and this process will take 2-3 weeks in total and all the necessary info will be emailed to you upon the payout. So dont worry about not being informed. This Will take place. We are aware of the errors in the LDTP in your back office. The investment is all ok and the payout amount will be presented upon the payout. So no need to worry about what numbers you are seeing, this is all taken care of even though the bug in your back office of the database is still there. IT IS NOT IN OUR SYSTEM WITH THE BANK.

The AB & C Fund will be paid at the same time of course as mentioned before and also the matured LDTP Investments that has run more then 410 trading days (About 1 year and 8 months from when the trade started)

Please be patient with the amount of Gold being paid out for the HCI Pension Plan, this will be presented shortly before the payout. The reason for this is that we dont want to set a price as of yet due to the fact that we see signs of the gold price going even lower before the payout. The lower it gets, the more gold you will receive for the payout of course. Only a good thing !

So get in before its to late now guys !  The Gold Entity Trust is $98 and with that comes one share in the PFRPP. Additional shares are $38 each and you can buy as many as you would like to be paid out for. The Icelandic Forex Trade is also a go still. We have had some investors that has been in for 6 months and have then taken back their initial investment. So we have now about 52.000 dollars left to offer to invest before it will be closed again. So get your reservation in on that Investment not to miss out. And speaking of the Forex. August has been slow just like June and July, but this was explained as the turnover in the market is very low during the summer months and many traders are off as well. For August our Trader has only worked 9 days and gotten the result of 4.3%, this is a good result as to the number of trading days he has been active. He will not be in active trade until Sept 16th so the Sept trade is expected to be in the area of 4-6% as well just for your info. From October we plan to have the normal ROI again around 14-16%. But better to get in while the opportunity is there. Only 52.000 Dollar left to Invest for our client so get in as soon as you can. If you have invested already in the Forex Trade send an email to euclid.diodorus@gmail.com with info about how much you invested and where you want your investment paid to. Also remember the option to reinvest instead of taking it out, thats your choice of course. Any other email enquiry about your account/Investment send to email euclidhci@gmail.com

Payments/Investments still to PM (Perfect Money) U4121947 or C-Gold 19639.

Yes, we have been looking at other payment option but havent found any that we feel comfortable working with. So please arrange to use any of these 2 even if it means getting help from someone abroad.

God Bless you all and once again sorry for not updating before, all is ok very good on our side and we are on course for the payout Without any disruptions, and that feels just fantastic.

Thank you all for your support and trust.

Best Wishes 

Joshua Millard

July 21, 2013 update

Dear Investor

We are still sorting out some minor issues to make sure all is set for what we are waiting for, but Yes.  We have a date set.  Last day to invest and get the Gold Trust Entity is November 29th.

The payout will go into effect and all system go within the bank system on Dec. 13th.

Total completion of funding/replacing names (The HCI25 funds that is as the EMS funds is already in place in the Trust Entity) all Entities will take 2-3 weeks.

Between Nov 29th and Dec. 13th you will all be given the info needed through email and what actions you need to take. If you haven't received anything on Dec. 14th, send us an email and we will resend any emails that hasn't gone through.

As you can see we are on the very edge of having this completed before the end of the year so please do not start and plan for any special gifts for Christmas as we know this would only be a disappointment if it comes a couple of days after the New Year....I guess you could get these gifts at a discount on the other side of the New Year ! ;)

Finally, my friends...I have a feeling of great relief after these talks and feel extremely confident that we will now after so many years be able to set so many people/souls free out there to enjoy life to the full extent we all should be able to do...

This payout is for the HCI25 RPP, The EMS PFRPP, The AB & C Fund, The matured LDTP Investments.. The Forex Trade within HCI25 will continue as normal.

Get your final payments in for the Entity Trust at $98 and any additional shares are $38 each and you can hold as many as you would like.   We have 22,000 dollars left to offer you guys in the Forex Trade so get a reservation in for that not to miss out.

Payment to PM (Perfect Money) U4121947  or C-Gold 19639

Will get back to you soon again with more detailed info.


May 31, 2013 update

New York   May 31st   2013

Dear Friends

The votes are in…..But first let me address the Liberty Reserve issue. We have very little information in this case and we really don’t find any reason to dwell too much into it but of course we are feeling for all of you out there that had money in your account with them at the time of closure. We haven’t suffered any losses at all as we make sure to transfer the capital on a regular basis from the LR accounts to our Venture Capital Investment and Trading accounts.

So all the funds that you transferred to us are safe and will be registered for you of course. The Forex Trade with our Icelandic Trader isn’t something to worry about either. He uses his trading platform based in Gibraltar and he is funding the LR accounts once a month for the people that want the payout monthly. This will now be changed to PM (Perfect Money) so make sure you register an account there if you haven’t gotten one already.

Our PM account is U4121947, you can also the use the C-Gold account 19639…So it’s business as usual due to the fact that we always take All the measures to make sure your capital is safe with us regardless of any events happening out there.

Even though it states you can’t use PM as a US citizen it isn’t actually illegal considering an admin fee is being paid and your investment will be paid out to an entity that’s not registered within the US jurisdictions. So please go ahead and register anyway through another IP address perhaps or if you can use one account that’s outside of the US, that’s ok as well. Nothing to worry about using PM.

Business as usual my friends and keep this in mind to…LR has been around for many years and….Many like LR is now gone like E-Gold, E-Bullion, etc ,etc , The list goes on and on…Where is HCI25 at? Take a moment here and think about that…The answer is simple. IF you do everything according to the laws and regulations within your field, you will never be at risk..We are here to Stay and to Pay!

Yes, it is taking longer than we expected and we have said this before but what more can we do my friends ? This is the path we are going to have to take. And this is the way we are going to stay in business no matter what happens. We do what the banks and the financial authorities tells us to do and really don’t question too much about the decisions. If we play To hard that isn’t good either. Its extremely frustrating but we have to hold on my friends..Dont let go now..

Forex Result from our Icelandic Trader is for May is 10.3% !!...To invest same PM account U4121947 or C-Gold 19639 , , minimum 4000 dollar, , locked for 6 months, , can decide from month to month if you want to withdraw or compound (reinvest) to your PM account or C-Gold account

The voting.. I guess all of you didn’t get a chance to read about the voting but that isn’t important really since the result speaks for itself. 3.870 votes came in and 96.7% said that you DON’T accept the payout date of May 2014. Now, why did we make you vote? Let me ask you again. Is it ok now with the majority of you (96.7%) to let us do our job and work towards getting a payout late summer or in the fall?

Will you please let us work in peace and stop trying to stress anything out of us making it more hazardous ? We really do know what we are doing here my friends and I’m absolutely convinced we can get the date closer to us. It might be strange to you why this “game” is ongoing but that’s just the way it works. The bank has their interests to protect and I can’t go into details in regards to what that is. We have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and can’t speak about this but the reasons they have to make a payment as far ahead in time as possible is legit for them but not for us of course.


We are receiving many emails about people having problems which is very hard for us to read…People need to pay their mortgage, foreclosure of Homes, Schools have to be paid, the dream vacation is spoiled, etc etc .. Once again..There is no way we can rush or make decisions based on individual members financial problems, it doesn’t work like that and I’m sorry to say it. But you all need to understand that. And deep down inside I KNOW you really do understand that.

However, we are making some progress in regards to a deadline to get the Trust. We pretty much have an idea for a payout date if we understand the bank correctly, and that’s why we have agreed upon a deadline to get the Gold Trust Entity for you as a member. That date is September 28th 2013.

So a few more months for you to decide whether to go ahead with this or not.  Please bear in mind that you actually are not only paying for the Trust to be able to be a part of the HCI25 pay out. You will of course get a second pay out as well for the EMS’s PFRPP as explained on the site. Please read about that on the site www.easternmetalsecurities.com

We will of course keep you updated once we have a final date set so we all can look forward to that, but as stated, let us work in peace and we can get this date sooner rather than later..Thats what we are aiming for and we are all heading back to Dubai on June 3rd.

The weeks and months are passing and we as a company and you as an investor, and our patience have been tested over and over again. The frustration of not crossing that finish line has been immense the last couple of months and we sure do look forward to an end of this long journey that will bring you to where you want to be, , and that’s financial freedom which will make you enjoy the beliefs you have in life more easy and praise these.

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to all of our friends out there. We hope that you all are trying to make ends meet in these though times and that you keep the faith and hold on.

I have promised myself and to honor the late Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash (Founder of HCI25 about 30 years ago now), I will not leave until the payout is completed. Once this is done I will however seek new challenges as this has been one challenge for the books….

It’s been and is still hard, but we Will get there my friends! We have the commitment and the dedication to complete this and Nothing is going to stop it, that’s My promise from Me to You.

God Bless


April 20th update
My Dear Friends

Many and long discussions have taken place the last few weeks between us as a Company, the Consortium Bank and also the SEC, not only in regards to a new payout date for the Gold Trust Entities, but also the complexity  an Online PFRPP/RPP have and how it should work.

As we have stated many times before and I can’t stretch this enough. WE ARE ALL BREAKING NEW GROUNDS here in regards to an Investment like this. And it has to be done correctly in all aspects so that nothing in the process is jeopardized for the issuing Bank, Clients, and the SEC has their guidelines to follow as well of course.

Here’s where we’re at…… There is today 3 Financial Institutes that are “approved” and are in the pipeline for a successful payout. HCI25 and EMS being 2 of them. As you all are aware of, the financial world today isn’t what it was just 4-5 years ago. Or that’s an understatement really as we believe we are entering an Era that will change the course of the Financial World / Trading Systems / Platforms as we know it. The amounts we talk about in these 3 Financial Institutes (The RPP’s) is considerable, and that could even affect trading platforms in different parts of the world. This is something the SEC has been looking into as well. The amounts we talk about could even do damage (manipulation) to smaller markets out there, especially in Southern Europe where the markets are very weak.

Please bear with me here so that you all understand….There is No problems in regards to a payout, that’s a sure and safe issue that doesn’t need to be addressed anymore. The issue is HOW the PFRPP/RPP’s is going to be executed in regards to how it will work and benefit the world economy as it is Now. If things doesn’t go “as planned” with the world economy we could face a situation where the US dollar, British Sterling Pound and the Euro currency doesn’t have the value that it has today. With that being said, these currencies could eventually end up in a situation where they aren’t leading currencies anymore, if even exist………..Things are more serious than what you see in the Media.

This is where EMS has done exactly what ALL other RPP’s should have done from the very beginning. Not to choose a currency for the INITIAL payout, but to divert that to a metal, being Gold or even Silver and Platinum.

This is the safest way to go and won’t cause any worries in the markets around the world. It’s all about being proactive really and try to see what scenarios we could face. This is what we have done before with Great success in regards to the Euro Crisis and us changing banking partners back then.

We Have been proactive and Remain to be proactive…

We believe that in our talks with the SEC that going on the Metal road together with EMS is the only way. That is the SEC’s advice as well.

So the payout is a joint venture now between HCI25 and EMS.

The Trust Start Package is necessary to get the payout in Gold and this need to be registered and you can use the same username and email as you did in HCI25. We will get back to you in regards to the amount of Gold you all will receive very soon as the weight is being discussed right now. The payout date will be very much closer to us in time then Oct 2014 of course, , most likely this summer but we will of course get back to you on that as well as soon as we have this set. The big “correction” in the Gold price the last 2-3 weeks (We choose to call it correction since it in the long run is going higher due to the world economy as it is, there is no other way) that resulted in a drop of about 22%, is the largest drop in almost 30 Years! This is a great opportunity for you all since you will be getting a lot more Gold for your investment. So that’s very positive and increases your payout with about 15-18% as we see it now.

This means that you will actually be a part of 2 Payouts as a HCI25 investor. The first RPP with HCI25 and the PFRPP with EMS as well.  Bear in mind the guarantee we have as well. There is still the 97% payback guarantee (this goes for both payouts now) if we for some reason should falter the payout (that isn’t an option of course, , only Force Majeure like WW3 could stop it) To sum that that up. If you had the bank account with HCI25 when it closed you need the Trust Package with EMS for the payout, that’s priced at $98. Use LR accounts  U9197959 or U9949738.



Please..once again…WE ARE ALL BREAKING NEW GROUNDS…Not even the SEC has experienced a successful PFRPP/RPP payout so there is no Track Record and No history to go back to and lean on. I know we said no additional costs would be brought upon you, and that was the case at that point in time. We could handle that cost but not this cost for the Gold Entity Trust. Perhaps we should use our words more carefully in the future so no more disappointments/frustrations occur.

Let me speak more clearly now…A cash payout is no longer an option initially (After a Metal payout it’s ok to diversify into many different currencies) The situation in the Forex market today is more severe than anyone out there can imagine really. In other words, if we would have gone ahead and started the payout we would have crashed most likely….The situation is that serious in regards to currencies and the amount of cash we would have put out there.

The gold we have on our hands is stored in South Africa and Switzerland and from there you will have the option to withdraw to your bank account in Any currency of your choice. You can also keep the Gold as it is and only exchange when you feel you need to.

We see a lot of frustration out there amongst our clients/Investors and that’s understandable for sure. IF there were other paths to go, we would have taken those paths…of course…But, if We want a successful payout we need to adapt and go where the market tells us to go with ALL the knowledge, expertise, facts and info we have on our hands about the Global Economy. That is something you all just have to Trust us on and have Faith in what we are doing here for all of you.

To hurry up things and just “press the button” and think..-Let’s hope for the best! .. -It’s a 50/50 shot, let’s try it! – If we fail let’s just start all over with these 5-6 years we have been working towards this position we are in now…..Would that be an option for you?  Really?  Should we have pressed the button and hope for the best meaning we could lose it all, just to start all over again? Would you choose a 50/50 scenario or wait for the right time and the right structure to do where there is no risk at all involved?

I’m not sure about you but I don’t think WE have it in us to start over with 5-6 years of very hard work to just to “give it a go” and see what happens…..

MANY have financial difficulties out there, , we are very well aware of this and this was Very apparent when we received an email from one of our top investors about a family father having shoot himself and his Son due to that their house was taken away from them…….

I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry we all felt over here about this news. I also can’t tell you how sorry we felt when we started to receive emails about why WE killed this family….Is this the level we are going to go down to now my friends ? That the frustration of decisions (that are absolutely essential for a successful payout) should kick start people to make accusations about families out there having financial problems causing them to kill themselves because of our decisions?  Should we just “press the button” and hope for the best, which would probably mean that all goes lost? Should we as a Financial Institute listen to certain individuals or should we listen to what we have to do in regards to something that benefits All of our Investors and make sure the payout is a safe one without any risk of crashing? Do we have a responsibility to deliver a successful payout or a fast payout? Lets say You have 2 options…a 50/50 shot for a payout next Friday or a 100% sure payout on September 1st ? (That’s was just an example so don’t begin speculate)… What scenario would you choose?


Should we take any personal or individual financial issue into consideration when making decisions for the entire company and all of our clients?

We now have some facts on our hands and I feel I can share these with you now…….If the payout would have started properly on March 4th it would have been stopped/frozen. Nobody would have had access to any funds……… This is facts you have to trust us on and the work we do. So, was this a good decision and for the benefit to you as an Investor?

Remember, it is not Us changing the rules and the decisions that we have had to change…It’s the Market out there that forces us to make decisions and take action to head for a 100% safe payout.

We don’t WANT to change the rules for the payout. We HAVE to change the rules for the payout!

 If we didn’t CHANGE there wouldn’t Be a payout!

I cant even begin to tell you all that has happened behind the scenes the last 12-18 months and how fortunate you are to be a part of HCI25 and EMS at this point in time as we are the only ones left that has this 100% shot of delivering what all the others now have failed to do…..That is an Extremely positive thing that is unprecedented even though things hasn’t gone “according to plan” depending on what kind of plan every individual had of course…

 The EMS Structural Entity set up is a very exclusive set up and there is nothing like it out there, and there won’t be another one like it after the payout.

It is Now it is happening and an Online PFRPP/RPP won’t happen again…This is a sure thing and take it from us… These set up’s won’t happen again mainly because of the administrative issues we have gone through over the years.

Let’s embrace this opportunity we have been given and lets stand strong together my friends.

 We are not forcing anyone to do anything. We just give you the facts and what We need to do.

 Our thoughts and Prayers goes out to All of you out there. Stay Strong, Positive and Believe and Trust in what we are doing here.


April 15th Update
Lies, lies and more lies. Is there no honesty or integrity left anywhere anymore.
Dear Client of HCI25 / EMS

We hope that you all are at good health and that your spirit is up.

Many and long discussions have taken place the last few weeks between us as a Company, the Consortium Bank and also the SEC. Not only in regards to a new payout date but also the complexity an Online RPP/PFRPP has and how it should work.

As we have stated before we are all breaking new ground in regards to an Investment of this nature. And it all has to be done correctly so that nothing in the ongoing process is jeopardized for the issuing bank, for the clients and the SEC has their guidelines they have to follow as well.

Here’s where we’re at….

There is today 3 Financial Institutes that are “approved” and are in the pipeline for a successful RPP/PFRPP payout. HCI25 and EMS being 2 of them. As you all are aware of the world economy isn’t what it was only 4-5 years ago. Or that’s an understatement really as we believe we are entering a whole new Era in regards to the entire global financial system as we have gotten to know it and how it has been working in the past. The amounts we are talking about in these 3 RPP’s is a considerable amount of cash and that flow of cash could potentially have an effect on some of the many trading platforms in the world. This is something that the SEC (The Federal Reserve as well) have been looking into very carefully since large payouts like these could even effect a smaller nation by manipulating smaller stock markets out there and especially the weaker nations in Southern Europe, which in the long run would affect the world economy as a whole.

Please bear with me here so that you all understand how the thinking is going…There is of course no problems in regards to a payout…That’s a sure and safe issue that doesn’t need to be addressed anymore. The issue is HOW the RPP/PFRPP is going to be executed in regards to and how it would benefit the world economy as it is run today. If things don’t go “as planned” with the world economy, we could face a situation where the US dollar and the Euro currency doesn’t have the value that is has today. With that being said these currencies could end up in a situation where they aren’t “leading currencies” anymore. This is where EMS have done Exactly what ALL RPP’s should have done from the very beginning. Not to choose a currency for a payout but to divert a payout to a Metal which could be as in EMS case , Gold, , but could also be Silver or Platinum.

 This is the safest way to go and to prevent any problems that might occur when setting up the cash payout….I want to state again…We Are breaking new ground, that’s why changes like these come and they can’t be predicted to a full extent. It’s all about being proactive really and try to see what scenarios that could occur. Please remember that this is exactly what we have done before in regards to the Euro Zone crisis which we predicted and left before it was to late as has been the case for many RPP’s out there. We strongly believe that going in the same direction as EMS have done in regards to a Metal payout is the way to go.

So the payout will actually be a Joint Venture now between HCI25 and EMS meaning that we are going to implement the Bank accounts of the HCI25 clients with the Gold Trusts (Entities) of the EMS clients.

All the members that were in EMS before they became members and invested in HCI25 need to get the bank account issued by the Consortium Bank in Dubai. That’s to a cost of $192. So if you were a member of HCI25 Before you became a member of EMS that’s already in your possession of course (The Bank Account) No Investments is available in HCI25, only the Consortium Bank Account  is possible t acquire now again.

And from the other side’s point of view, If you were a member of HCI25 before you knew about EMS and became a member you need only the initial Trust Package priced at $98 that is now required for the payout. But don’t worry about the October 2014 payout! This will be moved a lot closer to us in time of course.

Use LR U9197959 or U9949738 , , both are perfectly ok to use.

I would also like to stretch the importance of these decisions. These are decisions and actions we are taking that we find absolutely essential for a successful payout. Otherwise we wouldn’t have done it.

Also bear in mind the guarantee my friends..If we run into a worst case scenario (and by that we mean natural disasters, WW3, and other Force Majeure issues) The 97% payback guarantee is put into effect. SO NO Investment will go lost with us..Please keep that in mind as you go along making your decision in how to move forward..And Yes! This also means that you receive a payout from 2 RPP’s/PFRPP ! So add the 2 together (HCI25 and EMS) and see the result for yourself.

Please stay tuned in regards to the amount of gold that the HCI25 payout will include. That is being calculated as we speak and it couldn’t have come in a better time since the gold price is basing lower now than it has in 2 years down at the 1450 area. The aim is to get everything going again during the summer. So Way before the initial payout date set for EMS which was in October of 2014. The price of Gold right now is also a very good thing since You all will get More gold because of the spot price being more than 12% lower now than just a couple of months ago

We have climbed many mountains together my friends and our patience has been tried on numerous of occasions. We hope, trust and believe you all understand these necessary changes for the benefit of You the Investor and for Us as a Financial Institute. We had it in our hands to start a payout the way we intended it, but having done that we could have faced frozen accounts if the cash flowed in directions that wouldn’t have been of benefit to the world economy. We have to and have an obligation to prevent any misdirection of cash flow. We only have One shoot at this and that shoot has to be right in middle and we will hit that target with this structure now.

So get your bank account with HCI25 if you didn’t do that. If you have that account already you only need to get the Start Package from EMS at $98 that’s for the Gold Trust and one share in the PFRPP as well.

Stay tuned..Will be back in about 10 days…

Euclid will also start handling the support on the 17th. Sorry for the delay….Send in your requests from the 16th….

March 28th 2013
Ladies & Gentleman

Today is a Big day for HCI25, for the first time in our +25 Years in the Financial world we have been merged with another company. Talks about this have actually been going on for about 12 months but when we found ourselves in the situation with the Trust issues as an Entity we had to speed things up to get together and finish this journey as One company.

The merger is the absolute best thing that could happen to us, and for us as the Buyer, (EMS is the Seller and stands for Eastern Metal Securities)… it makes us the strongest competitor out there in this line of Financial Investment Products that we are in.

There is one thing they beat us on..:)  They predicted the Trust issue over a year ago and I commend them on that and it’s going to be great working with a highly qualified team over there that’s headed by the “Metal Guru” himself Dr. Steve K Heyden. As a part of the package we are of course also thrilled about getting our very own Mr. Euclid Diodorus back to us, probably the number one Support Manager in the world today.

The merger really dont effect you as an investor of HCI25 (We are still private just as EMS is) You can however be a member of EMS even though that company is now under our “Umbrella”.

Have a look and browse around ( www.easternmetalsecurities.com ) and create an account if you’d like. But as I stated there is no need of investments. The deal you had with HCI25 is the same and no further action is required. Nor is it necessary of uploading KYC. If you are new and didn’t get the chance to invest in HCI25 before closure you can of course participate. All the info you need is on their site and also the info about the structure they had come up with last year for their PFRPP.

Euclid will start handling all the support related issues April 3rd…Resend all of your enquiries on April 2nd (Not before this date please !) He needs a little bit of time to settle in again, so only email from April 2nd ! Same email as before as many of you are used to it…euclidhci@gmail.com

So…2 major companies in the business we are in is now 1!

HCI25+EMS = Great and unprecedented success for many years to come after the payout has been made through your Entity (Trust)

Payout for the Monthly Forex Trade result for March is scheduled for April 2nd. You need to send an email to support about this stating your investment and also if you want it withdrawn or reinvested, that’s new…You can now choose if you want to withdraw or reinvest from month to month..In your email you must state batch number of investment, your LR account for payment as well. The result for March is + 10,6%. We are mighty impressed of his results and especially since he has been doing it for so many years. This investment is still open and Investment can be made but without the bank guaranteed return we had. Only based on the trading result now which of course has been better.

Please also hold any comments and save your energy in regards to sending us more emails about us “wanting more money” “Delaying” “Starting new investments” . . I can already picture some of the minds out there and the thoughts…That’s is really only yours and Our waste of time and we should focus on the positive here. There are no other thoughts to this then that this was the best deal we could get right now for All parties involved.

Deals like these can’t be ignored if the effects are positive for both parties. This will Not delay anything and things wouldn’t have moved faster if we would stand “alone” as a company.

Please note that this is still 2 companies that are being run separately but under the management of HCI25 with CEO Mr. Joshua Millard in charge and the COO of EMS, Dr. Steve K. Heyden.

We hope to get a date for you soon in regards to the completion of setting up the Entities for you all. Will of course keep you all updated on this….

When you have an enquiry to support now make sure you state if it is HCI or EMS the enquiry is for….

I will be back very soon….

God Bless you all and lets send all the positive energy we can to Mr. Jacob Anderson and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Mr. Joshua Millard

Dubai March 23rd

Hello all my dear and patient friends !

For all to see and read…

Let me briefly comment on the email/word exchanging we have had with some of the members/clients during the last week. I made the decision to post the name for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is to give you an idea on what I and especially the support staff has to deal with on a daily basis in regards to frustrated and angry members. I understand the anger and I certainly understand the frustration. But to go as far as some do….Its simply unacceptable.

 I want to thank Mr. Jacob Anderson for his time with us and the good help he has been. He has now made the choice of leaving his position as head of the Support because he simply couldn’t stand the abuse and “terror” if you’d like, he received every day. I will now have to focus on getting a new manager for this which I really have no time for. I have made a request to Mr. Euclid Diodorus again actually and I really hope that he will be allowed to perhaps work with us again even though he won’t leave his current employer, perhaps he can combine this, that would be the best solution and I have been given some hints that this could be happening very soon…More on that development later as it could be that we will work together as well with his current employer. This will of course also affect the support issues in the coming 1-2 weeks I would guess. And also the updating of the Entity (Trust) work that needs to be done and this was a task for Jacob.

I wouldn’t say it will take longer than it would have any way actually but I feel I needed to inform you guys on the developments and what kind of changes that are being made within the company.

We have been in talks with Euclid’s new employer the last 3 weeks as well for other issues so it could turn out to be good that he is once again a part of HCI25 with his experience and knowledge of certain issues that now has arisen such as implementing the Entity issue.

We have mostly been busy with paper work that needs to be completed with the bank and also new licenses and documents that needs to be approved and signed by the SEC. This has of course already been approved since we had come to the stage we had so that’s not an issue about not getting that. This has been approved and it is just the papers that need to be properly verified in other instances as well.

Don’t feel discouraged or worried about a single individual that more or less has lost all the faith in the company and himself. We would never let one single, lonely person ruin things for everyone else. We will make sure to take any action against acts like these. Any viruses that enter into an otherwise healthy body must be stopped and “quarantined” before the virus spreads.

All is ok my friends and I will update you guys again within 4-5 days with the latest developments and hopefully also give a time estimate on the things we are implementing now.

God Bless you all and stay positive in your mind, soul and body…


Dubai March 12th
My friends
A week has passed since March 4th and let me run you through this week.
3 days into the funding of the accounts the SEC and ECB wanted to have a look how the funding was accepted in the banking system. Please bear in mind that transactions like these and an Online RPP have never had a successful payout before.
So these transactions are new to All the people that deal with and are observing large transactions like these in other areas. There were some small issues that we had to attend to and we resumed the funding again on the 8th. While sitting down with the SEC and ECB during the weekend it became clear to us the issues they were looking at in the funding process. This small issue could turn into something bigger that not only would stop the payout but would also make the Dubai Consortium Bank lose their Financial Licenses. According to any normal banking regulation there is always the risk for money laundry or having money in the system that could be from criminal activities or funding terrorism.
This could appear in accounts even though the person himself that has his name on the account never has been involved in such affairs. This has come to their attention now when having thousands and thousands of transaction being spread all over the globe.
They have stated that there is a great risk that these transaction will occur and when they do they will have no choice but to withdraw the banks licenses. That’s not even a topic to discuss in preventing this, they have no option but to do so.

The Consortium will of course not jeopardize their licenses, not even for us that is their single largest costumer with the bank.

We as a company have also stated that there is no way we are going to put a hold on the payout now so we need to find a solution to this ASAP.

We have all worked Very hard to get where we are right now so a solution to this is essential. What has been decided is this…

It is no longer a possibility for an Online RPP to pay out any funds to a private individual, that means you as a person and investor. The risk of having it being shut down is just to great. Looking back 5-7 years with this industry we all thought that this was the way to go, but looking at it now in a “Live mode” (for the first time in a Online RPP’s history) it won’t work.

This is the answer to all the other RPP’s out there and why they no longer are here. They didn’t stop the process in due time before it was to late.

Rest assured my friends that Me and all my directors of the board together with the SEC and ECB are determined to get this resolved and Live again.

A long journey like this is not something you let go off and lay yourself down and shout out –I give up ! – That’s exactly what many of the others have done and most likely ran out of fuel.

You have my promise that we will get up every morning, eat our Spinach and come out stronger than before and the work has started to complete this.

What does this mean?

Let me explain. There can no longer be a payout to You as an individual. It has to be “packaged” in a different way. The payout must be made to an Entity, in this case it will be a Trust. This Trust will be set up by the Dubai Consortium Bank.

Is there a cost to this Trust?   YES!

Do you as a member have to pay this cost?   NO!

We stated early when this was brought up that there is no way we are going to add any additional costs to our client base after all these years of setting things up to where we are now, which is closer than anybody else has been to the payout.

An Entity of this kind was priced at $350 and considering the number we need, we got the price down to $210.

This cost will be fully covered by HCI25 within our Venture Capital division of the company. So don’t worry about any additional costs and it won’t be necessary to submit or upload any additional documents. We have all we need to set this up.

 Frustrating?  YES!     Necessary?  YES!

Could we have predicted or prevented this?   NO!

There hasn’t been Any payout of this kind Ever. So all results are New results with no history to go back to…

Are we as members sure of that there will be no additional costs?  YES!

We will make sure we use our Venture Capital Division to take care of this for all the registered members in our Private Club.

 What’s the timeframe?   We don’t have an exact date for that yet. This is a discussion with the bank and has already started.

 Again Another test on our patience my friends, , I can’t say I’m Not affected myself but we must stand strong, motivated and work even harder now towards the goal.

 We will of course get back to you very soon again with this developments…

 God Bless you all and stay strong together..


Admin says in their 2-11-2013 latest update that Matrch 4th, less than three weeks away confirmed 
as  payday. If you haven't purchased any LDTP units, I strongly advise you do so. You use the same 
consortium bank account for these as you do for the pension plan units so you don't have 
to fund another bank account. LDTP units are $195 each. Pension Plan units are still $45 each.
You have a very short time left before payout which is still scheduled for March 4th, only three 
weeks away to buy more of each. The Feb 24th deadline date has been moved up to Feb 28th. 
This is absolutely the last date to have money in for your PPs your LDTPs,  to pay for your Consortium Bank Account at $192, and to submit your KYC (know your customer ) documents.

We now have a direct line to HCi25 admin which has been taken over by a Jacob Anderson.
Euclid is in Cambodia. Joan Powell communicates with Jacob regularly. Joan's email is  hci25processing@yahoo.com  Info I have gleaned recently through Joan tells me this is 
for real and barring unforseen circumstances, we should see payout on March 4th as 

And there are still both pension plan as well as LDTP units still available but you will have 
to hurry to buy them before the deadline of February 28th when everything closes.
Deadline to participate - Sunday February 28th 2013 , 11:30 PM US Eastern Time.
That’s the final date  for purchasing contracts in the Pension Plan ($45 each), investing in 
the LDTP ($195 each), and for submitting your KYC (know your customer docs) either by 
upload or email.  And that’s the last date to pay for your Consortium Bank Account at $192.
If you have a consortium bank account for the pension plan you do NOT need another one 
for the LDTP payouts. The same one can be used for both.

Login to the site then select HOME and the NEWS SECTION to see the latest .
Payout of the pension plan is now scheduled for March 4th, 2013.  I have been in 
contact with Joan Powell, Wayne McClean's sister  who is in constant contact with a 
Jacob at HCi25 who keeps them up to date on how things are progressing. It is Jacob 
you go through to get your referral earnings either cashed out through Liberty Reserve 
or used to purchase more PP's or LDTP's with.  Joan at hci25processing@yahoo.com 
can help you with that also. It appears to me this is really for real. .
These LDTP contracts pay different amounts, depending upon how many you buy, 
which is why the take at 410 days is so different.

1 unit ($195 invested) at 1.4% daily will after 410 banking days give you $44,833
2 units at 1.9% ($390 invested) will give you $673,691
3  LDTP units at 2.3%/day would be I believe approximately $3 million plus 
4 units at 2.3% ($780 invested) will give you $5,350,587
5-6 units pay 2.8%/day  and 
7 units ($1365 invested) and above will give you the maximum of 3.4% daily.
So the different daily rates which are based upon how many units you buy upfront are 
why the huge differences in the take at the end. 

One fundshare in the fund will cost $195. $20 of this is  admin fee and $25 is your 
cashbonus for inviting others into this investment. This is paid instantly. So $150 for 
every paid fundshare will go into trade. There is a 90% guarantee on the fundshare 
($135 / fundshare)

NOTE: When you purchase LDTP units make sure your site reflects the correct 
payout rate and compounding. If it doesn;t send an email to hci25processing@yahoo.com 
to get it corrected until it does. Some purchased several units but were only showing the 
1.4% daily rate instead of the rate for how many units they purchased.

Every trade will be locked for 410 trading days but after 310 trading days you will be able to 
start to withdraw 70% of your daily interest. After 410 trading days the fund matures and 
your principal and the rest of the profit will be paid out. We have decided to use this 
time frame because we want to earn as much profit as possible for our clients without 
any risk. The interest rates will be between 1.4-3.4% (see above) (The withdrawals can 
only be made to the same bank account that is needed for the Pension Plan, a decision 
made by the bank due to money laundry reasons)

Dubai/New York  Dec. 16th  

Dear patient friends of mine..

Finally we got a date just like we wanted even though we all would have wanted it to be a little sooner. We tried very hard but it became clear to us that they really didn’t want to book these transactions in the calendar year of 2012 and really not in Q1 (January-March) of 2013 either, but we managed to get it at the end of Q1 anyway. I think and believe that even if we would have sold out the contracts this coming week it would have been difficult to grant everybody’s wish of a payout before Christmas/New Year since the payout would start 2-3 days after this and the total time before all had received the funds was planned for 2,5-3 weeks.

THE BIG DATE IS MARCH 4TH 2013!! ..DHL will start and process delivery of the Debit MasterCard’s on February 28th. The date isn’t negotiable any longer but we found it very important to have the date set now to minimize any attempts trying to stop the payout.

Nevertheless…we are closer now to a completed and matured RPP than ANY other financial institute that has dealt with RPP’s online ever been. A Big Thank You to all that has stuck with us during these trying years and shown the patience you have showed without trying to disrupt our discussions and daily work to make this happen.

As you might have read we will be forced to put a stop for new members as well, this was mainly a security issue since we still faced some very disturbing registrations that tried to put us on hold by doing fraudulent actions and register false identities. Why they are trying to do this is a complete mystery to me and the rest of the management since they obviously have nothing to gain from it unless they have business to attend to with other companies that has similar investment products….Very strange behavior indeed. All the registrations before we put a stop to it will be carefully looked into. Read below about the dates.

We need to put a stop to this of course not to jeopardize any ongoing business. So.. March 4th will be the payout date and the 55% rule and the sellout of contracts has been removed as an option. This is perhaps disappointing to the members that wanted a payout before Christmas but as you can see we wouldn’t have been able to make all the payments in time for Christmas/New Year anyway since we are just a couple of weeks away. Remember that the payment will start 2-3 banking days after we would have sold out so let’s go with the example that we would have sold out as early as Dec.21st. That means payouts would start around 27-28th of Dec. As stated before ALL the payments, before everybody has been paid will take 2,5-3 weeks, so this would be finished around January 15-20th.

The bank is already preparing the consortium accounts as we speak for the funding and payout and we had a discussion with them about the contracts. Since we have the set date now they will issue some more contracts so NOBODY gets left out of this the First Successful, Completed and Matured Online RPP. Some important dates… Last day to register new members will be January 11th 2013, , last day for payment and registration of Bank Consortium Account AND the KYC will be February 8th  2013, and finally the last date for purchase contracts in the RPP will be February  22nd  2013. There is room for a maximum of 8000 contracts to be issued but that’s not of importance anymore since we will run the course to March 4th anyway. And we don’t believe we could sell that many anyway since the holiday season is approaching. Keep the dates above in mind now my friends, they are Not changeable or reversible.

And please save any energy you have in regards to sending thousands of emails about us trying to ``delay``… ``postpone``… ``drag things out``… I myself take that very personal and get disappointed and angry in regards to the amount of work we now have put in to get this to be a reality for all of you out there…We in the management Know that this was the best solution considering what has happened behind the scenes in regards to trying to put a stop to us which will NOT happen. We can’t disclose in detail what has being going on in regards to these issues because there are quite a few pending investigations that needs to have its course.

As a little Holiday Special the bank has agreed to issue and put the remaining units (and a few extra) that was left in the LDTP when it closed up for a final grab. Same as before, send in your reservation to our support email (euclidhci@gmail.com) but ONLY if you are 100% sure you will go through with the purchase within 5 days since there will only be 300 units issued. Don’t wait on it. We think they will be available for 6-7 days only before they are reserved. Yes, we are still using this email stated above even though Euclid has headed for Asia now. We thought this would be better since many are used to this email address. BTW, Euclid is doing fine and he has spent some time in a Temple in Nepal outside of the city known as “The gateway to the Himalaya’s” Pokhara. As soon as he has settled in with his new challenges I have promised him to write some words to you guys through our newsletter.

Payout date March 4th 2013 !!

Last day to register new members January 11th 2013 !!

Last day to submit KYC and pay for bank account ($192) February 8th 2013 !!

Last to purchase contracts in the RPP February 22nd 2013 !!

URGENT Notice re: HCi25  about to payout.

As of 10-14-2012 Reserved contracts in total now is 1495  and consortium accounts 
(those who have paid their bank set up fees) at 54.6%  At 55% payout begins within 
72 hours. Only 698 contracts left to be reserved. This means payout occurs when 
.4% more of the people who own contracts pay their bank set up fee or 2193 more 
contracts are paid for, whichever occurs first. Only one or the other has to occur
for payout to begin.
The important figure is when you add the contracts on reserve to the 
contracts yet to be reserved. Reserved means nothing if they don't pay for them. When they 
can't pay for them they go back into the open pool . When the 2193 figure, the sum of what is 
reserved plus what is in the open pool and not reserved, gets to zero, we are done. If you go 
to the HCi25 site and click on HOME and then News Section you will find the blurb,
"the Consortium Bank has decided that when payments start you won’t be able to purchase 
any more contracts and you Won’t be able to get the bank accounts either for the payout
So really do make sure that You and Everybody you know are set for this payout now. It will NOT 
be funny if this is missed by anyone that didn’t mean for it to be missed.  Don't wait to set up 
your bank account thinking you can do it after it starts paying out. If you need help with funding 
your LR account at this late date see Wayne at hci25processing@yahoo.com  who can help 
with that, for a reasonable fee.

If you are waiting to see if someone else receives payout, you are in jeopardy of losing your 
policies and your payout.  For those that wait, their policies may end up in the pocket of those
that have already paid. 

If you are having trouble funding your Liberty Reserve account , this exchanger so far has been excellent and if you send the funds Western Union I know of 2 people that received their funds in less than an hour.   http://www.swiftexchanger.com/

Am told   www.ebuygold.com  will also use western union to fund your LR account.

Also see Wayne from Wayne's Talk Shoe who has LR funds he can fund your account with 
for a fee but he is quick.   Email him at  hci25processing@yahoo.com 

This is your 2 minute warning, do not email me telling me it is a scam.  I will not browbeat 
anyone into submission or arm twist you to pay for
your bank set up fee, but you are seriously 
out of time to either pay your bank fee or purchase more contracts. 

All you need to know about this is on this page at www.detailshere.com/hci25.htm    You can still fund this program - 
the old information is found below the horizontal line below.
Even if you only buy one unit for $45 it will still cost an additional $192 to set up your bank 
account to receive your funds into. But even just one $45 unit at a $68k payout value 
currently (each contract is worth 42,500 GBP or about $68k USD today)  might 
very well be worth it. There is no age limit now on buying units. Used to be 70.

If you have previously purchased units, You can access your existing account at 
. Login and click on My Pages to 
see your referrals as well as your units recorded that you have purchased. 
If you do not yet have an account go to http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere
and establish one, but use the information below to actually fund your units.

You also need to upload your KYC (know your customer) documents. After you login , click 
on My Pages and select My KYC  and upload a copy of you passport or drivers license and 
then upload a phone or electric or other utility bill that shows your address on it - the same 
address that you signed up with. ALSO send a copy of those in an email to 
euclidhci@gmail.com  and then check on your site under My KYC to make sure you red or 
yellow balls turn green showing they have received and posted them.

Many of us funded hci25, one of the reverse pension plans,  back in 2009.
Some also funded HCi25's  LDTP, another of their programs.
My referral URL was
http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere  for either.
If you go to this page and put your mouse on HOME , upper left, and scroll down to newsletters or 
news section, you will find this is about to pay out. It pays out when 11,000 more contracts were 
bought. As of Sept 16, there were only 3350 left, on Sept 18th that became  only 2150 contracts left before payout. As of today, 9-25-2012 there are only 1244 contracts left. You need to act fast on this. There also are 6790 reserved contracts. You only have 7 days to pay for a reserve contract before it goes back into the available pool. So in essence there are 6790 plus 1244 = 8054 contracts to be paid for before they are all sold. That's 628 less than yesterday to give you an idea of how fast these are going. Many are being sold each day now as people are scrambling to get funds into their Liberty Reserve account as that is the only way  to pay for things here. 

Payout occurs within 72 hours whenever either of two conditions is arrived at. One, all the contracts are sold. Two when 55% of those who own contracts have paid their $192 bank 
set up fee so they have an account to be paid in to. As of today that figure is 52.2% and 
growing at .5% and more per day. I think the 55% figure will be reached before the 8782 
contracts are all paid for but people are now really scrambling to get their LR accounts funded 
to buy contracts as well as to get their banking fees paid. This will be over with very shortly.

Each $45 contract nets you 42,500 GBP, which as of tonight  nets you  $68,934 USD. 
To sign up and buy a contract , go to http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere 
and fill out the form and then go to www.libertyreserve.com and make your spend in multiples 
of $45 to U1677252(Human25) or  U9197959 (SGF).    In the memo box put your name, your 
hci25 username, # of contracts purchasing, your email addy, and "refby detailshere".  THEN send an email to   euclidhci@gmail.com  the contact for HCi25.  Tell her your full name, username, email addy, # of units you just purchased, your LR number and the transaction ID. 
And send euclidhci@gmail.com  a copy of your LR spend also if you can. 

Payout is supposed to occur when these last 1661 contracts are sold out or when 55% of those 
who bought contracts have paid their banking fee. Many of us bought contracts but never paid the 
banking fee (cost for setting our bank accounts up) as it started out at $92, then they asked for 
another $50, then another $52, and most of those second spends were refunded, and then came back wanting another hundred.  This was bank changes, not HCi25's. Euclid can tell you how much you still owe to set up your bank account. I paid the $90 but never paid the rest so I still owed $102 which I just paid.  The total to get your bank account set up to get paid out through is $192.  They only take Liberty Reserve so if you are lacking LR you need to go through an e currency exchanger to fund it. There's no other option for getting your funds except through the bank account set up for you, so we have to do that. I don't have extra LR as I used it all to buy more units and fund the balance of my bank set up fee.

To pay your $102 more if you already paid your $90, or pay the full $192 if you haven't paid anything yet for your bank setup fee, do it the same way you buy contracts as stated above. Go to Liberty Reserve, do a spend to U1677252(Human25) or  U9197959 (SGF) for either the $102 if you originally paid the $90, or $192  if you haven't paid for anything yet, put your name, HCi25 username, email addy, and "for bank setup fee" in the memo box of the spend, make your spend, copy your spend info, especially the transaction number. Send an email to euclidhci@gmail.com  and tell her you are paying for the rest of your bank set up fee and include your full name, HCi25 username, email addy, and include a copy of your spend so she can post it to your records accordingly.  She's real good about communications.

HCi25 also has LDTP contracts still available. These cost $195 each and will return $44,688 in 
410 - 440 days. Two units will return $673,491. Four units will return $6,716,361. Six units will return $74,371,732 and 7 units will return $934,211,680.  

Read about the terms and returns for the LDTP project under the main menu item "other projects". If you already have your pension plan bank account set up fee paid at $192, you do not need an additional bank account for the LDTP program funds. Your proceeds will go into the same bank account as your pension program money. The LDTP bank account set up fee is only $102 if you are not in the pension program.

See the June 2012 newsletter (posted on the HCi25 site under newsletters) for more info on the 
banking thing. Here's a snippet.

"When we started the talks with the new banks they asked for a ridiculous fee to set up these accounts for all of you. The initial cost was at $345 for a bank account. This was totally unacceptable for us. We continued to have talks and we explained to them the number of accounts we need for the payouts. After about 9 weeks of talks we agreed to a package including the main bank account, one MasterCard (Debit), Internet banking for a cost of $95. We also managed to get a refund from the second bank account you all have paid for. So we’re very happy about that to get the cost down to a minimum for your payout to be successful !! So, to sum that up we got the cost down from $345 to an affordable and fair amount of $52. We hope but also believe that this is the final and decisive decision for the payouts to work perfectly now when the accounts have been set up. No need for you to send in your KYC again since this will be transferred to the new banks involved automatically. The banks we have chosen is a consortium with one local branch in the US and the other branches are operating from the Middle East with a major backup from the Oil industry over there. You will all be contacted upon opening of Your account."

From the information I am getting it does not appear these remaining units will last more than a few more days and that we should reach the 55% of those who have funded their bank accounts sopayout can begin.  Either condition creates commencement of payout. . Better have your total 
of $192 in for your bank account set up also if you want to get paid.

HCi25 will also be offering a new investment on November 1st. that will have a minimum 
entryof $4,000 but will offer either a straight 7% interest rate or a flexible potential rate of 19% per month.  Since they aren't offering this until November I am assuming they don't expect anyone 
to invest before they actually see some money from the pension plans. If that's the case then
that leads me to believe a little bit more in at least the possibility that this may be the real deal.
Now trust me... I don't believe any of this until I see some SERIOUS green in my bank account,
but if I do I will definitely be reinvesting in this new program, which will be a straight forward
interest bearing account, not a PP or anything strange, but variable rate up to 19%/mo  is phenomenal!!!

Old original info
January 14th 2010 update

Jan 17th update

Current update as of June 2nd  2010   Only 119 contracts left.
Go to   http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere   to sign up. Each $45 unit gets you $70,000 upon completion.
This is another reverse pension program that now looks like it is going to complete.
You can use the following accounts in order to make your purchases.
Liberty Reserve Account: U1677252 C-Gold: 19639.
Include your name , your username, your email addy and referrer username (detailshere)  in the memo part of your spend.
Once you have made your payment, send an email copy of that transaction to
Include your name , username, email addy, referrer username (detailshere), date of spend, amount of spend (multiples of $45) and a copy of your spend in the body of your email. Put "Spend from  and your username"  in the subject line. 
example: Spend from  detailshere.

Once you are in as a member, read their most recent update which is on the 1st page of your back office.
You can add to your account with more units at any time before they close.
They do not accept beneficiaries from Germany, Italy or Switzerland
You can't be over the age of 70 when the payment is due to be processed.
The latest figures in the back office are that there are only 190 Pension Plan contracts remaining as of April 13-2010.
Each contract is $45 of which $42 will be returned to you if the project does not achieve completion. We are very close to closure and eventual benefits so lets get the balance of the 190 contracts purchased ASAP.
Benefits for each contract = approximately $78000
You can purchase up to 27 contracts.
If you refer others there is a $3500 benefit to you for sponsoring each contract.
This will be distributed to you upon successful completion of the Pension Plan project.

Go to
http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere  to sign up and fill in teh form on left on that page. 
Please use "detailshere" as referrer in the bottom box if it is not already there. 

Click on "Current Project" for complete details of the Pension Plan.
In order to receive your benefits, you will need to purchase a bank account for the amount of $90.
However, if you purchase an LDTP unit @ $195, the bank account is included in the cost of the LDTP unit. You can find details of the LDTP project under the link for "Other Projects".

If you want an Express payout within 48 hours of closure of the Pension Plan project & verification of your KYC documents by the bank, you must purchase a total of 10 units in all 3 projects.
IE: Pension plan 5 contracts, LDTP 1 unit, AB&C project 4 posts.
You can find details of the AB&C project under the link "News Section".
Scroll down and you'll find it near the end of the News Section.

Remember to always send in a detailed notification of your purchase(s) to support@hci25.com or euclidhci@gmail.com
Indicate what you have purchased, your username and your sponsor's username (in this case "coach")

HCI will update your back office with the purchases of the Pension Plan and the LDTP unit(s). They will update the back office with the AB&C posts once all posts have been sold. There were approximately 1200 of the 8000 posts still available.

In regards to your KYC documents. If you cannot upload them in the back office in the KYC menu, then send them as an attachment to support@hci25.com
Always use your username when communicating with HCI.

I suggest that we get this 1st Pension Plan done before we start promoting the 2nd Pension Plan. However, if you do purchase contracts in the 2nd Pension Plan you will need a different email address for the 2nd Pension Plan. 

Newsletter #1

Dear patient Clients and Investors ! J

We hope that you all have had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and that 2010 has started of well for all of you.

The holidays are now over and we are back at full strength here at the office. I guess that all of you by now know what happened to the site, if not, here is a short recap….

There was a major mis-communication between us and our webhost when they switched and migrated their servers to a new destination. They are saying that they emailed us about it but we never received such info. They did not have any backup and couldnt restore anything either from the old servers. We, however, had a backup but that hasnt been updated for quit some time and thats why some members are lost from the site/database that now is up again. We have ”moved back in time” so to speak.

Another thing is the KYC, they where all deleted when the site went down, this is actually a good thing though, since the security measures worked, if something like this happens they should be deleted so that they cant get into the wrong hands. So the KYC´s needs to be uploaded again, but i guess thats not so hard to do.

What we need from you guys then is to see if you can log on into your back office, if not, just reregister again and send us an email about it so that we can update your account accordingly and please also send us your proof of payment and batchnumber with the number of contracts you hold in your account or of any other investment that you have with us.
This is of course just a small problem and will be fixed with all of our members help.

We have of course also received many emails about this issue, , many have stated that we are a scam, , that this was planned from our side with the site being down just before the holidays, we ran of with the money etc etc.

What can we respond to this ?? Of course, none of the things that are written on the Internet is true….. Take a moment here and think in a rational way…..if we where a scam, wouldn't we have chosen a better time to do it ?? Don't you guys think that we could have ”planned” this better ?? Why choose the worst possible time to have the site down ?? And many are saying - - What about the seminar pictures ?? They are on the way…..but of course, what difference does that make ?? When they are up, they are probably fake , right ?? That's also a normal statement we get in our mailbox…now... How can we compete with that ???? I mean, you guys have already decided and made up your mind that all is wrong, correct ??

From the bottom of my heart, , we will Always give you correct and truthful facts about what is going on with our company and with all of ours and yours Investments.

It all just takes a little bit of common sense to understand this wasnt ”planned” considering the timing of it all, , don't you think ?? We are fully aware that there are a lot of frustrated people out there and that affects the thoughts and feelings that we have, , that's totally normal to lean against a more negative attitude, , that's a normal human behavior, , a human defense.

What we need, not only with this but with life in general is a Positive Mental Attitude.
January 14th 2010

Newsletter #2 Jan 17th
January 17-2010. *****HCI25 Good News.*****

As stated on their website, HCI confirms that they accept particpants from Germany, Italy and Swizerland.

HCI also stated in dicussions with another HCI member that the remaining seminars will happen before and after the Pension Plan Payout. So get busy and get your 12 referrals so that you can attend one of their seminars. It is an 3-4 day trip to New York City with air fare, hotel and food accommdations paid for by HCI's principal client

Read the notes on the first page, then go to your HCI back office and read their most recent update. DO NOT publish any of their back office info in public forums.

As of January 14-2010 there are 615 positions still available to close out the First Pension Plan Project. If you/everyone just purchased one additional contract, it will close out the project in no time at all.

Each contract/position has a net value of approximately $78000 US upon successful completion of the project.

(NEW) Each individual can hold up to a maximum of 27 positions. (previous was 20)
Each position is $45.00 payable by Liberty Reserve or C-Gold.
See their website for account details.

Referral name of   detailshere

Look under “Current Project” for complete details of the Pension Plan.

You’ll need to purchase a bank account at $90 in order to receive your payout from HCI.
Just make your purchase to the HCI LR or C-Gold account as stipulated on their website.

OR if you get involved in their LDTP program with 1 unit, you’ll receive the bank account at no extra cost. (Excellent returns)

Check out the AB&C Fund, there are still 2450 units available @ $30 each. You can hold up to 100 units. (Excellent returns)

Don’t forget to put your username and description of your purchase in the memo part of your spend along with the username of your sponsor. Then send HCI25 a detailed message of your spend to support@hci25.com to confirm your purchase.

NOTE: HCI may be slow to respond but they are on the right track, so just send them one email per issue and they’ll answer you in due process.


Old news and info about their reverse pension plan
A reverse pension plan which had to have 27,000 participants to payout.
HCI25 has only 384 remaining contracts, that was of 9-30
Each $45 contract spend gets you approximately $78000 in rewards.
You can purchase up to 20 contracts.
Receive $3500 in rewards for sponsoring others.
They accept Liberty Reserve and C-Gold as payment menus.
If the project never happens, they will refund $42 of the $45 fee.
With only 384 contracts remaining things are looking very good.
The sooner they close it off, the sooner everyone gets paid.

Would you like to meet them in person??
Sponsor 12 people and they will bring you to NEW YORK City.
This will give you flights for 2 to NY. A 4 day stay will full board (food and drinks)
and a schedule of meetings and sightseeing.

Want more details, go to   http://www.hci25.com/signup.php?ref=detailshere
Referral name is detailshere   which needs to go in the reference box of the signup.
Include your name , your username, your email addy and referrer username (detailshere)  in the memo part of your spend.
Once you have made your payment, send a email copy to
Include your name , username, email addy, referrer username (detailshere), date of spend, amount of spend (multiples of $45) and a copy of your spend in the body of your email. Put "Spend from  and your username"  in the subject line. 
example: Spend from  detailshere.

Once you are in as a member, read their most recent update which is on the 1st page of your back office.

You can add to your account with more units at any time before they close.

They do not accept beneficiaries from Germany, Italy or Switzerland
You can't be over the age of 70 when the payment is due to be processed.

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You can sign up now and make your first investment using one of our Liberty Reserve account: U2972180 or U9605260 on the fly!
You can also use our C-Gold account number: 19639