Is our earth hollow?

Below is an incredible first-hand account from a US Air Force Colonel about the inside of our 
Planet [courtesy]

This information was gathered and written down with permission, from a recording taken on the phone January 10, 2002 (Greg Gavin/ name is Colonel Billie Faye Woodard of the United States Air Force.

Arrival and Indoctrination

I was first stationed at Area 51, Nevada, Jan.28, 1971 through 1982. In that period of service I visited the Hollow Interior of the Earth six times, 800 miles deep. Upon my arrival to Area 51 I was indoctrinated to the existence of tunnels beneath Area 51, and soon after I met several of the Underground Shuttle Operators that have a stature of 13 to 14 feet in height. These tunnels, that transverse the world, are built by a species of beings who have existed here before we, a very long time.

Immediately on my arrival to Area 51, I was made aware of the tunnels and all the workings of the facility itself. They told me that the first 15 levels of the Area 51 facility were man made; that Levels 16-27 were already there. Nobody from our government made them. We were just facilitating them.

My father had been stationed at Roswell. As part of my induction into the military he requested that I be stationed along with him at the Pentagon. There they said “We have a new duty station for you which will be Area 51 facility, Nevada”, Commonly referred to as S-4. When I went into the Pentagon I was a Second Lieutenant.

When I came to the Pentagon they gave me the field commission as First Lieutenant. After 3 weeks of being there they handed me my full Colonel rank, saying “you have to be a full Colonel to be stationed at this next facility”. There were 150,000 personnel in this facility, approx. 85% military personnel and 15% civilian. Following my arrival I was taken underground and did not see the light of day for 11.5 years.

The Tunnels and ShuttlesThe Walls of the Tunnels are very smooth. If you were to pull a hollow tube through a ball of clay you can get an idea of how smooth. The walls have what is likened to a marble finish, which are made of a metal substance, impenetrable; the surface of the walls cannot be penetrated even by a diamond drill nor will a laser penetrate the surface.

Remember there was a time when we used to see troop movements from point A to B on the Earth’s surface, continually. It was not that long ago. Now, you rarely see this. Now they use tunnels to move all these troops at long distances. The tunnels are wide enough to drive two, 18  wheelers side by side.

Stemming from Area 51, one shuttle goes out to the Pacific Ocean – 350 miles due west of Monterey – where there is a pyramid; another shuttle goes to the Cheyenne Mountain facility

The length of a large shuttle machine is approx 1/4 mile long. Interior inhabitants make use of these machines – a huge vessel for moving large numbers of people/beings/whatever quickly. The smaller shuttle is 50-60 feet in length, this was the kind I was in. The speed of the shuttles is faster than the speed of sound, they can travel from Area 51 to the main interior of the Earth in less than 10 Earth minutes. In 5-6 minutes you are there.

The material used to make the shuttles is the same substance that made up the skin of the spacecraft at Roswell. The shuttles run on electromagnetic power using the Earth’s grid line. The operators who I mentioned earlier who are of a stature of 13-14 ft. in height, look like us in their appearance but much more highly evolved, and speak through telepathy. The men have beards or not, and the women’s skin is flawless, indeed having a perfect clear complexion. Their expression for Humans is one of concern for Us – as they see where we Humans are headed. There are seven civilizations residing in the Inner Earth – which are governed by the principles of harmony. They understand and they speak all languages of the earth. Their understanding of medical knowledge is phenomenal.

My Personal History

At the age of 12, while walking through a field of corn with another friend I had a paranormal experience. I was taken into a UFO vehicle and transported into the Inner Earth. Here, I lived for 6 months among the Hollow Earth residents.

You may imagine the wonder of my parents especially of my Father who was in the Military Service, at that time when I disappeared, then to mysteriously return in 6 months. It was due to this experience that I believe my Father made certain that I was engaged under his wing at the Pentagon and later directed to serve at Area 51.

I am not the biological offspring of my Father, but an adopted child as was my Sister. My Sister was killed by what is referred to as the “Secret Government”. I was able to combat their negativity with my mind, which is stronger, and survived their attacks.

It is my knowledge through my Guide Zora, an Inner Earth scientist who is 150,000 years old, that my Sister and myself are originally from the Inner Earth, that our true parents live in the Inner Earth. When our Father took us in as adopted children we did not speak a language known to any surface culture.

I have an unknown blood type. I have never had a disease of any kind. My blood has been medically examined and destroys all viral infection when combined with other blood samples in a lab setting.

Hollow Earth Vortexes

The Hollow Earth residents have the ability to split the ocean floor and create a vortex, as is shown with the Bermuda Triangle. There are 7 different levels in these vortexes, and equipment and beings are brought in and placed corresponding to these different levels.

The vortexes act as doorways for entrance or exit to the hollow interior of the Earth. There is more than one triangle area off of Florida, one at Lake Erie, and another off the coast of Mexico, one off of Japan; as well as other geographic locations of the Earth. These are called “Quiet Zones”. These doorways allow creatures from the interior to come out and in such as the Sasquatch, LochNess…etc.

All planets are hollow as is the Sun, which is really a planet. There are civilizations in the Sun which have colonies in the Earth’ subterranean regions.

Seeking Entry

In order to locate an entrance to the Inner Earth, where ever you are underground, all that you need is your compass. The compass will spin as if you are standing at the North Pole at the tunnel entrance to the Inner Earth.

When I left the Military Service, I no longer had a means of going into the Hollow Earth. It was necessary that I seek another way. I, and a party of interested seekers, rented a plane which took us to the very rim of the North Pole.

The People of the InteriorThe people of the interior were very free with showing me around, very articulate in showing you what is exactly going on – they do not hold anything back. They always ask permission when working with Nature, they ask the plants for permission before consuming them or cutting them down, they ask the Mother Earth before they build on it, and do so build with the lay of the land which best suits their environment, a practice similar to the American Indians; therefore seeking to preserve a harmonious state at all times; wanting to be one with Nature at all times; they are more spiritually advanced than surface dwellers and greatly respect Mother Earth.

The atmosphere is crystal clear, as a rule there are at times clouds, but nothing like rain clouds. The temperature is a constant 73 degrees.

The people in the interior speak directly with the animals, and the animals speak directly to the people of the interior.

There is no need for hoarding, for everything is free, no need to create in abundance as everything is ample. A process of bartering is more common than trade in money.

This is basically a utopian culture with no depression leading into violence. No parties seeking to make war and gain dominance over each other. There are none richer nor poorer.

There are aero-ships (we term on the surface as flying saucers) in which a part of themselves, a part of their personality goes into the creation of the aero-ship through the process of thought, due to their very powerful minds. This makes the aero-ships perfect in design and execution in motion. Only a few persons of the surface have these similar abilities to create, due to the repression of these abilities in childhood by religion, education, and family fears. The people of the interior are allowed to enter the space of their imagination, if you will, and there they create. Disease will not enter their bodies – for it is not allowed.

As surface Humanity enters into the coming 4th dimensional phase, the Inner Earth people will come forward and more deeply work with us on the surface. People on the surface are presently so involved with the sense of “me” that they can not live together harmoniously.

People of the surface who seek to reach the Inner Earth inhabitants through meditation, will receive it. Children who are being born now are becoming more capable of using the wholeness of their brain, which is in common practice in the Interior.

One of the first things they showed us in the interior was their capability of interplanetary travel and time travel. The basis of time travel is likened to bending space, which comes through the power of meditation and by the acceptance of being an unlimited being. If you train your mind at a subconscious level that you are an unlimited being all things are possible.

On the surface, capabilities to experience this infinite power are more easily awakened at such Portals as Mt. Shasta which serves as a Space Time Portal directly to the Inner Earth. Once in the surroundings of Mt. Shasta you are drawn into the “harmonious state”. In my experiences at Mt. Shasta the Telosians in their civilisation underground in that area are projecting an aura of great harmony in a lovely atmosphere.

Area 51

Of all I saw at Area 51, 95% remains hidden from the public. Going into Area 51 is like going into another world, where they are terribly afraid that other countries and other parties are going to get “this” information. Their thoughts being “if we admit that the Earth is hollow, with a central intelligence in it, this is going to cause discord and fear”. This fear process is generated by the private companies who seek to control and advance their own needs and personal agendas through Area 51.

I left the Air Force due to their domineering ways by those who sought to act like control freaks, who were stagnating my ability to think and act in a creative manner. In accepting their Orders not to talk about such information, they take it for granted that one will automatically obey.

Because of my outgoing desire to share information and inform the public at large my Service Pension and all my benefits and rights such as the use of the Commissary, dental and medical, were taken away.

I was in the military for 13.5 years, from basic to the Pentagon and then to Area 51. The genetic engineering that is taking place at Area 51 is with our younger generation. The “milk carton children” whose photos were commonly seen in the markets in the past, were abducted and taken to Area 51.

Level 16 of Area 51 is the genetic engineering level, where they are using our children for experimentation in longevity and powers of the mind. The major force behind this is what is termed as the “Secret Government”. There are civilians of the Secret Government which are in control in several areas of Area 51.

There is a network of tunnels underground that go all the way to Europe, South America – the several continents. And there is an intermingling of this great network of tunnels throughout the globe, of which many governments use. God bless you and be with you,

Colonel Bill Faye Woodard


March 19, 2011


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The hollow earth theory has gained a lot of momentum of recent as more and more evidence mounts that our earth may be shaped like a donut with 1400 mile wide holes and entry points at both the north and south poles masked with holographs to give the appearance of ice encapments when in fact they do not exist.  It is suggested our earth's crust is about 800 miles thick with a complete environment and inner sun at it's interior instead of molten magma; and that this region is inhabited by advanced beings accounting for many of the UFO sitings that originate from within the earth instead of being extraterrestrial.  Some of the article below is fiction but many parts are true; read the treatise below the article to separate fact from fiction. 

From the SUN, February 25, 1992:
Scientist finds tropical paradise inside the Earth:

There's a hole in the Pole!
UFOs come from Inner Space --
NOT Outer Space!


From the top of the world:  Weather satellite picture showing view of the North Pole.

"THERE'S A HOLE in the North Pole and it leads to a tropical paradise located at the center of the earth."

That's the word from a highly respected scientist and explorer who led a research team to the top of the world last year.  The mission was meant to check out astounding satellite photos revealing a large, dark opening at the North Pole.

"We have found a fabulous world," says Edmund Bork, who led a team of international explorers through the hole in the Pole last summer.

Tropical Vegetation

"It has its own sun, a shallow, warm water sea and lush, tropical vegetation."

What's more, the land within is inhabited by a highly advanced and very peaceful race of humans.  The Danish explorer refuses specific details on what he and the five other members of his team found.  However, he says they were led to the 1,400-mile wide opening to the inner earth by a satellite photo released by the U.S. Department of Commerce in 1970.

The photo, taken in late November 1968 reveals a huge, black opening at the top of the world.

There is a similar hole at the South Pole, Bork claims.

"The Earth is shaped like a huge doughnut," he says.  "We live on the outer side of the doughnut."

Normally, the hole cannot be seen from the air because of the heavy cloud cover over the North Pole, and because the inhabitants of the hollow Earth keep it covered with electronic "light screens."

The light screens give the illusion of vast fields of ice and snow through holographic manipulation of the real snow and ice that surrounds the opening, says Bork.

But the screens fail from time to time, especially during periods when the sun is in an intensive sunspot phase as it was in 1968.

"The hole is there and all we had to do was walk through the illusion," he says.

Because the hole is so large, the slope down is very gradual and the explorers were hardly aware they were entering another world.

Bork and his associates were elated, but not surprised, to find the Earth is hollow -- and inhabited.  Belief that the world is hollow is thousands of years old, he explains.  "Legends of a hollow Earth and people who live there go back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  Even the American Indians believed people lived under our feet."

A number of other men claim to have entered the hole in the North Pole.

They include William Shavers, a Navy pilot who crashed at the North Pole during World War II, and a tribe of wandering Eskimos who told a Canadian reporter in 1958 that they had found "a green land at the top of the world."  Leif Erickson and other Norse sea explorers claimed to have found a "lush green land" near the Arctic circle.  "Later map makers thought they were talking about Greenland, but Greenland is hardly green, much less lush," Bork says.

Impressive Evidence

Impressive evidence came with a radio transmission from Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the great American polar explorer, as he flew over the North Pole in 1926.

"He said he saw below him a land of mountains, forests, green vegetation, lakes and rivers," says Bork.

"There was no mention of snow and ice, and the land he described belonged somewhere in the temperate zone, not at the North Pole.

"It sounded a lot like what the Norsemen described and what we discovered."

SUN, February 25, 1992, pg. 11



The Environmental Science Administration satellite photo included in this article does indeed show a large hole at the north pole.  There is also a similar photo of the south pole.  However, the hole shown cannot possibly be the actual polar opening since this picture obviously is a composite of many photographs taken by this satellite.  As the satellite orbited the earth, pictures taken did not extend all the way to the poles because the polar area was out of its line-of-sight from it's equator orbit.  Therefore, when all the pictures taken are assembled into one mosaic composite picture, that area around the poles are left out of the assembled picture.  Notice the overlay of the continents and that Greenland extends far up into the "hole."  Proof that this photo was not taken above the pole, is the continent of India visible at 1 o'clock which is below the equator, which would not be visible to a satellite above the pole.

This picture created quite a stir when Ray Palmer first published it in his Flying Saucers Magazine when he first proclaimed his "Hole in the Pole" article on the hollow earth theory.

When this SUN article first came out, and was brought to my attention, I wrote the SUN tabloid to the attention of John Coffin, the supposed author, requesting information regarding Edmund Bork, whom he claims visited the hollow earth through the north polar opening, as reported in this article.  I was very much interested in contacting this scientist regarding his discovery.  But to my dismay, the SUN, nor John Coffin ever bothered responding to my letter.

Curiously, Coffin reports that a Navy pilot named William Shavers crashed at the north pole during World War II and found some Eskimos that told him of "a green land" at the top of the world.  Is it by coincidence that Ray Palmer had a friend by the name of Shaver that hallucinated al ot and got Palmer to publish a lot of his gibberish regarding "Deros" and "Teros," deformed and demented beings that supposedly inhabit the caverns beneath the earth's surface, some of which inflict on the humans on the surface above tricks and interferences that cause accidents and other suffering of surface humans for their amusement and pleasure?

Althought it would be nice if this article was true, little things like the author's last name, the similarity of William Shavers to Ray Palmer's hallucinating friend, and the paper's unresponsiveness to further inquiry, all seem to indicate that this story was just a fabrication to help the SUN tabloid sell papers to entertain.

However, as these tabloids often do, some basis in fact is included in their fiction stories, which in this case is the evidence for the existence that our earth is hollow.

Items in this article that I believe are viable evidences for the hollow earth theory are:

  1. There IS a polar opening near the north pole, although not centered over the north polar axis of the earth, that does lead to the inner earth.

  2. Some satellite photos DO indicate anomalous areas near the north pole that could indicate the existence of a polar opening.

  3. The earth IS hollow with a relatively thin shell of around 800 miles in thickness from the outside surface to the inner surface.

  4. The earth DOES contain a small interior sun that gives light and life to the interior world and emits a solar wind that lights up the auroras and fills the Van Allen Radiation belts with highly charged particles.

  5. The possibility of the interior inhabitants hiding the opening with holographic images of snow and ice is a tantalizing theory and is a possible explanation why very little is known about it.

  6. The polar opening is large enough that the curvature into the interior is so slight that it would not be readily noticeable to polar explorers.

  7. There ARE numerous legends from all over the world that the earth is hollow, including the Eskimos, American Indians, the Greeks, the Vikings, the Egyptians and others.

  8. There ARE several stories of pilots stumbling onto the polar opening and even finding land with lush vegetation up near the pole.

  9. Admiral Byrd did fly over the pole in 1926, as confirmed in Admundsen's book, THE FIRST CROSSING OF THE POLAR SEA.  And his relatives believe to this day that he discovered that the earth is hollow and inhabited within by a race of highly advanced peaceful humans beings with the added note that they are "very large in stature."

  10. Many of the UFO's, or flying saucers seen around the world DO originate from that nation living on the earth's inner surface, as evidenced by their flight patterns being generally north and south indicating they come out through the polar openings when visiting the exterior of the planet.

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Seven Days North of Tibet                                                                
Much energy has been spent by adherents to the Hollow Earth Theory in
order to locate the polar entrances, specifically the northern one,
to the hollow portion of the Earth. Their research material has come
from many sources- For example, modern scientific methods of
gathering information have been employed, from satellite pictures to
seismological surveys. But earlier on, Hollow Earthers looked towards
legend and folklore, as well as the results of polar exploration, as
their sources of information.

The Bhagavat Purana, for example, contains the story of the sons of
Maharaj Sagara, who were ordered by their father to search the entire
globe for the sacrificial horse which had been stolen by Indra. At
one point, the Bhagavat tells us that the sons of Sagara went off in
the northeastern direction from India and entered into the interior
of the Earth, where they found the horse at the hermitage of Kapila
Rishi ( they were not nice about it to the rishi ). Other Puranas
offer a bit more detail- they tell that the Sagaras came upon a
northern ocean, which they passed over, and that they then entered
into the bowels of the Earth.

There are traditional Tibetan Buddhist beliefs regarding the city of
Shambhala and the kingdom of Agharta, in which the city is situated.
Specifically, some conversations held by Nicholas Roerich, a patron
of culture, with various Lamas and Tibetans as he traveled in that
region with his wife in the 1920s, have been recorded in various
books, beginning with the book Shambala by Roerich himself. ( His
artwork is still displayed at the Nicholas Roerich Museum at 319 West
107th Street in New York City. )
Roerich wrote: " I remembered how during our crossing of the
Karkaroum Pass, my sais, the Ladaki, asked me: ´ Do you know why
there is such a peculiar upland up here? Do you know that in the
subterranean caves here many treasures are hidden, and that in them
lives a wonderful tribe which abhors the sins of the Earth?´ And
again when we approached Khotan the hooves of our horses sounded
hollow as though we rode above caves or hollows. Our caravan people
called our attention to this, ... When we saw entrances of caves, our
caravaneers told us: ´ Long ago people lived there; now they have
gone inside; they have found a subterranean passage to that
subterranean kingdom.´"

Here are some most important passages of a conversation which Roerich
had with a Tibetan Lama in 1928:

Roerich: Lama, tell me of Shambala.

Lama: You Westerners know nothing about Shambala- you wish to know
nothing. Probably you ask out of curiosity; and you pronounce this
sacred word in vain.

After some cajoling by Roerich, the Lama studied him and said:
Great Shambala is far beyond the ocean. How and why do you people
take interest in it? Only in some places, in the far North, can you
discern the resplendent rays of Shambala [ aurora? ]. ... The secrets
of Shambala are well guarded.

Roerich: Lama,I have heard of the reality of this indescribable
place. I've been told that some high lamas have visited Shamballah.
I've heard of the Buryat Lama and how he was taken through a narrow,
secret passageway. So please don't tell me of only the heavenly
Shamballah because I know that a real
one exists on Earth.... How does it happen that Shamballa on Earth is
still undiscovered by travelers? On maps you may see so many routes
of expeditions. It appears that all heights are already marked and
all valleys and rivers explored.

Lama: But as yet ... people have not found all things so, let a man
try to reach Shamballa without a call! You have heard about the
poisonous streams which encircle the uplands. Perhaps you have even
seen people dying from these gases when they come near them. ... Many
people try to reach Shamballa, uncalled. Some of them disappear
forever. Only a few of them reach the holy place and only if their
karma is ready.

More recently, Jan Lamprecht wrote the following on the subject
matter in his book Hollow planets: " A Tibetan Lama , who is a
renowned teacher of Vajrayana Buddhism and a Tibetan doctor, lectured
in the San Jose, California area, and made a reference to Shamballa.
His title is: His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, so it seems that he
belongs to a certain lineage and might be privy to ancient
information on the matter. While lecturing in San Jose, this Lama
stated that Agharta could be reached from India by flying northwards
for seven days. I would assume the Lamas references were to the speed
at which the bird might fly. If that is so, then the average bird
flying northwards from Tibet for seven days could easily reach the
At a different place, and a different time, not at all seven days
North of Tibet, the deck of the ship Fram was packed with visitors
wishing a last farewell. They had to board the launch and leave, and
join the crowds waving good bye from the quays. It was June 24, 1893,
in Pepperviken, Norway, and the Fram weighed anchor. Doctor Fridtjof
Nansen stood on the deck of the ship as it rounded the point on the
creek where his house stood, and spotted his newlywed wife through
his spyglass. It would be the last time for a long time, as he would
spend three years in the Artic.

The Fram´s course took it across the northern coast of Russia, across
the Kara Sea, past the Taimyr Peninsula and on over to the New
Siberian Islands. Nansen and his crew then proceeded northwards until
about 79* latitude, at which time the ship was allowed to freeze onto
the Artic ice packs.

Why did Nansen allow this? It was part of his plan, no less! His
mission was to explore the Northern Sea, pass near the Pole, and make
an attempt on the Pole itself should this be possible. He was to
accomplish this by verifying the existence of an ice current which
runs from the Siberian side of the pole, past the Pole itself,
outwards between Greenland and Iceland, and then on out into the
Atlantic. Actually, it was already known that such a current passed
between Greenland and Iceland, but it wasn't understood wherefrom it
originated. It was Nansen who theorized that the flow was all the way
from the Siberian side of the polar basin. He felt this way because a
ship had recently sunk near the Siberian Islands, the Jeanette, and
artifacts from that ship were found a few years later on the Western
coast of Greenland. Thus instead of making a frontal assalt on the
Pole, working against nature, Nansen decided to harness the action of
nature itself and drift up to the Pole while his ship was perched on
ice floes.

A special ship was built for the purpose, with a triple hull, special
supports and extra bulkheads. The slope of its hull was more
horizontal than any other ship so that the squeezing ice would force
the ship upwards by pinching it from the bottom. They carried five
years of supplies, including coal, coal oil and kerosine. Unlike any
previous Artic explorers, the crew was comfortable all the way
through the journey.

So there they were, locked into the ice by September 25th, 1893, at
about 79* North.

It is interesting, though, that the polar anomalies had started
before, while on their way up from the New Siberian Islands. Nansen
reported on these anomalies in his notes which became the basis of
his book Farthest North. We shall include the page numbers of the
book in order to better facilitate any verifications which the
readers may wish to make. There is a natural story line:

Pages 97 - 98: Monday, September 18th, 1893, Bielkoff Island.
Latitude 75.5 degrees North. " It was a strange feeling to be sailing
away North in the dark night to unknown lands, over an open, rolling
sea, where no ship, no boat had been before. We might have been
hundreds of miles away in more southerly waters, the air was so mild
for September in this latitude. "

Tuesday, September 19th: " I have never had such a splendid sail. On
to the North, steadily North, with a good wind, as fast as steam and
sail can take us, with an open sea mile after mile, watch after
watch, through these unknown regions, always clearer and clearer of
ice, one might say! ... We see nothing but clear water as Henriksen
answered from the crow´s nest when I called up to him. When he was
standing at the wheel later in the morning, and I was on the bridge,
he suddenly said: ´ They think little at home in Norway just now that
we are sailing straight for the pole in clear water. No, they don't
believe we have gotten so far.´ ... Now we are almost at 77* North
latitude. ... I have almost to ask myself if this is not a dream."

Page 99: " We have almost reached 78* ... I seemed to me that there
might be land at no great distance, we saw such a number of
remarkable number of birds of various kinds. ... They were probably
on their passage from some land in the North. ... Again, later, we
saw small flocks of snipe, indicating the possible proximity of

Although Nansen did not realize it, the anomalies that he was
experiencing and would continue to experience, as well as the
anomalies experienced by other Artic explorers, would inspire further
hollow Earth research and, indeed, become part and parcel of hollow
Earth lore. This is only natural, because one has to search for an
explanation for such strange experiences, i.g., for the fact that
they didn't find ice until 79*, even though ice was to be found at
much lower latitudes all around the polar circle. In fact, until they
came over as far East as the New Siberian Islands, they had to
closely hug the coast of Russia in order to avoid the ice which
impinged itself upon them. So how could it be that they encountered
open, rolling seas as they shot northwards towards the Pole?
Those familiar with the Hollow Earth Theory would explain that the
polar opening, which they have reason to believe is located near the
area where the Fram was navigating, serves as a conduit for warmer
air and ocean water which can have a dramatic impact within the
Artic. And as for the observations of bird life coming from the
North? Did the flight of these birds originate from the other side of
the pole, from the Artic wastelands of North America? How unlikely;
but the close proximity of a polar opening, leading to closer lands
within the hollow earth, would certainly provide the platform needed
to explain the direction and origin of the bird's flight.

Page 101: Here it is related that by September 25th the Fram was "
frozen in faster and faster."

Page 122: " Today, moreover, we took solemn farewell of the Sun. Half
of its disk showed at Noon for the last time above the edge of the
ice in the South, a flattened body, with a dull red glow, but no

" So I travel North, to the gloomy abode that the Sun never shines on-

There is no day "

At this time, their position was just a little above 78* 15 North,
only a few degrees from the polar opening. ( They felt that they had
temporarily back drifted from where they had originally reached the
ice ) The fact that the Sun had disappeared below the horizon,
introducing the long Artic night, at that time and from that
latitude, indicates that the grade of the Earth's curvature
diminishes in the Arctic. Science certainly accepts a flattening of
the curvature, but what is not understood  is that such flattening is
actually indicative of a curvature which continues to round inwards.
We will touch on the theme of curvature again.

Page 123: [ Still from 78* 15 of latitude North ] Sunday, October
29th: " Peter shot a white fox this morning close in to the ship. For
some time lately, we have been seeing fox tracks in the mornings, and
one Sunday Mogstad saw the fox itself. It is remarkable that there
should be so many foxes on this drift ice so far from land."

Almost a year and a half later, Dr. Nansen came upon further
evidence, in the way of foxes, supportive of the existence of an
opening. Of course, he himself didn't interpret the evidence as such.
By his musing he shows that he really didn't know what to think.

From April 26th, 1894:
" I was not a little surprised yesterday morning when I suddenly saw
the track of an animal in the snow. It was that of a fox, came about
W. S. W. true, and went in an easterly direction. The trail was quite
fresh. What in the world was the fox doing up here? There were also
unequivocal signs that it had not been without food. Were we in the
vicinity of land? I looked around for it, but the weather was thick
all day yesterday, and we might have been near it without seeing it.
In any case, a warm-blooded mammal in the eighty-fifth parallel. We
had not gone far before we came across another fox-track; it went in
about the same direction as the other, and followed the trend of the
lane which had stopped us and by which we had been obliged to camp.
It is incomprehensible what these animals live on up here, but
presumably they are able to snap up some crustaceans in the open
water ways. But why do they leave the coasts? That is what puzzles me
most. Can they have gone astray? There seems little probability of

The question that Hollow Earth logic raises is this: Were they really
so far from land? Anomalies in terms of wildlife led Nansen to
suspect the existence of uncharted land among the ice all through his
journey. It is noteworthy in this regard that a huge and broad land
formation was seen by polar explorers Cook, Peary and MacMillan.

Page 123: On December 2, 1893, a bear was encountered by " ice
station " Fram. Again they were at 79*. It once again struck them as
so unusual to find mammals at this latitude, not only far from the
New Siberian Islands -the closest point of land-  but with a rolling,
open ocean between their position and that nearest point of land.
The wildlife anomalies continued, still in the middle of the Arctic
Page 192: " We had not expected to meet with much bird life in these
desolate regions. On May 13, 1894, a gull paid a visit ... After that
date, we regularly saw birds of different kinds in our vicinity until
it became a daily occurrence."
Just to obtain an even better idea of how unusual the wildlife
anomaly was deemed to be, we'll look at his statement from page 154,
also made from 79* North: " But who expects to meet a walrus on close
ice in the middle of a wild sea of a thousand fathoms depth, and that
in the heart of winter? None of us ever heard of such a thing before;
it is a perfect mystery."

And it would be a perfect mystery, unless there were a land mass
nearby; maybe coming up near to the edge of the polar opening. Such a
land mass would explain it.

On page 126 of Nansen´s book, disappointment is described as the
navigator all of the sudden determines the ship's position to be
various degrees South of where they had calculated. Now, it is not
reasonable to assume that an error had existed all this time, which
was not caught until that moment. Their navigator was Sugurd Scott
Hansen, an officer of the Norwegian Navy and an academy graduate:
Could it be that the current had the ship straddling the rim of the
funnel-like opening, North and back South, falsely indicating
exaggerated movements in terms of latitude? It seems that the
curvature of the polar opening was playing havoc with the angle of
their sextant readings.

Page 154: [ On the 17th of January, 1894, his position had been 79*
41 North Latitude, 135* 29 of longitude East. Now it is the next
day. ]

Thursday, January 18th. " The wind that began yesterday had gone on
blowing from ... S.S.E., S.E., and E.S.E. [ But now he anticipates a
change ] Let us hope it is not bringing a Northerly wind ... It is
curious that there is almost always a rise of the thermometer with
these stronger winds, today it rose to 13* F below zero ( - 25* C ).
A south wind of less velocity generally lowers the temperature, and a
moderate North wind raises it."

Again we run into the same temperature anomaly, of mild air, which
had been noted back in September. Now, however, the phenomenon of
warmer winds from the North than winds from the South, in January, is
even more unusual. It is a phenomenon which has been encountered by
all Artic explorers. The explanation for this according to the Hollow
Earth understanding practically arrests one's attention, and it is
simply that, since the polar opening was nearby, then a North wind
would be coming out of the interior of the planet, which could
account for a warmer temperature.

Now we will introduce a totally different anomaly, one which has
great implications for the Hollow Earth understanding, and one which
makes Nansen and the crew a rather special group of Norwegians. Stand
by as Dr. Fridtjof Nansen recounts their sighting of what seems to be
the interior sun, without his realizing it:

Page 160: Friday, February 16th. " Hurrah! A meridian observation
today shows 80* 01 North latitude ... Today another noteworthy thing
happened, which was that about midday we saw the sun, or to be more
correct, an image of the sun, for it was only a mirage. A peculiar
impression was produced by the sight of that glowing fire lit just
above the outermost edge of the ice. According to the enthusiastic
descriptions given by many Arctic travelers of the first appearance
of this god of life after the long winter night, the impression ought
to be one of jubilant excitement; but it was not so in my case. We
had not expected to see it for some days yet, so that my feeling was
rather one of pain, of disappointment, that we must have drifted
farther south than we thought. So it was with pleasure I soon
discovered that it could not be the sun itself. The mirage was at
first a flattened-out, glowing red streak of fire on the horizon;
later there were two streaks, the one above the other, with a dark
space between; and from the maintop I could see four, or even five,
such horizontal lines directly over one another, all of equal length,
as if one could only imagine a square, dull-red sun, with horizontal
dark streaks across it."

" Today another noteworthy thing happened, which was that about
midday, we saw the Sun, or, to be more correct, an image of the Sun,
for it was only a mirage."

Page 162: Monday, February 19th. " ... Both today and yesterday we
have seen the mirage of the Sun again; today it was high above the
horizon, and almost seemed to assume a round, disk-like form."

Initially, Dr. Nansen became rather depressed when the sun appeared
low on the horizon, as that would be an indication of yet another
supposed error in navigation and place them quite to the South. But
this sun appeared " high on the horizon ", although they were still
experiencing the Arctic night. It would still be a week before the
tip top of the Sun would make an appearance, so any Sun appearing
already so " high " above the horizon would naturally be considered
to be a mirage by them.

Actually, it probably was a mirage, but why not a mirage of the inner
sun? First of all, know that Arctic mirages involve thermal layers of
air, and that mirages are not false- they are reflections of real
objects, carried over distances, by thermal layers of air. And
secondly, if these thermal layers are curved, THEN THEY WIDEN the
object's size like a lens. Curved thermal layers of air would be the
case near the top of an hour-glass, funnel-like opening into the
Earth. And since the sun was described by Nansen as having a bit of a
flattened shape, this could very well be the case.

Assuming, however, that the Fram had penetrated quite a bit into the
inward-sloping curvature of the funnel-like/bowel-shaped opening, the
crew could have been contemplating the interior sun itself, the "
sun " sitting low on the neck of the opening as they looked downwards
into the planet without realizing it. Their angle of view would have
been from above the hour-glass neck of the orifice, from a point on
the inward-sloping side of the opening, peering down into the opening
itself, and into the hollow world.

Since a flattening of the image was reported, a mirage is the more
likely explanation, but whether the view was line-of-sight, or a
reflection carried along curved, thermal layers, is not the issue.
The issue was whether or not Nansen and the crew were viewing the sun
of the inner world.
In the context of the Hollow Earth Theory it is certainly reasonable
to conclude that Nansen and the crew saw the inner world through the
Artic mists- mists caused by warmer, humid air mixing with the colder
air of the exterior. This seems to be a typical if not permanent
condition in the Arctic, otherwise perception of the inner world
might be an easier matter.

We will come back to this phenomenon as it may be the most singularly
spectacular event, and the most meaningful one, to ocurr during the
entire trip. It certainly seems that Nansen and the other Norwegians
were practically broad-sided by a phenomenon so stunning and shocking
in scope that they did not suspect the true nature of what they were

Now for yet another type of anomaly!

Page 182: [ From 80* 20 N ] " I take into consideration the striking
warmth of the water deep down ... This warm water can hardly come
from the Artic Sea itself ... It can hardly be anything other than
the Gulf Stream which finds its way hither."

As part of their scientific investigation, they documented depth
soundings, temperature readings from the water at various depths,
temperature readings from the deck, and even temperature readings
from the crow's nest. So it was not unusual that they concerned
themselves with the temperatures in the deep, it was a part of their

But insofar as the interpretation of those temperatures are
concerned, what else is Nansen to conclude given his restricted
perspective? He was sent by the Norwegian crown to investigate the
Northern Sea; why would he suspect any openings to the hollow portion
of the Earth in the middle of the Artic ocean?

On July 18th Doctor Nansen brings our attention to other polar
anomalies quite noticed and well documented by other explorers- at
this point the ship was just above 81* North.

Page 201: Wednesday, July 18th. " Went on an excursion with Blessing
in the forenoon to collect specimens of the brown snow and ice. ...
The upper surface of the floes is nearly everywhere a dirty, brown
color, or, at least, this sort of ice preponderates, while pure white
floes ... are rare. ...; but the specimens I took today consist, for
the most part, of mineral dust mingled with diatoms and other
ingredients of organic origin."
Dr. Nansen mentions in the footnotes that: " larger quantities of
mud, however, are also often to be found on the ice ... but are
doubtlessly more directly connected with land ."

Page 488: " Siberian driftwood, ... as well as the mud found on the
ice ... even when we were as far North as 86*."

The question always goes back to the manner in which one interprets
such data. The sediment types from the mud typically found on the ice
floes seemed to correspond to Siberian rivers, wherefrom some ice
could have broken off. But the sediment types also correspond to
Alaskan sediments-  they did not correspond to European sediments.
Driftwood found near Greenland was definitely of Siberian and Alaskan
origin, not European. A Hollow Earther would conjecture that the mud
types could correspond to a land mass at the entrance to the hollow
world. The problem is that we have no sediment samples from such a
place to compare with the mud from the floes, but since the suspected
entrance lies on the same side of the polar basin as Siberia and
Alaska, why wouldn't such a place provide a more likely explanation
for the mud found on the ice floes at that very point? Such a place
would be a closer source.

Granted that sediment types from the mud found on the icebergs do not
constitute absolute evidence of a hollow Earth. But what about the
pollen dust which covered huge expanses of ice? Such pollen coverage
has been documented from the Franz Josef Islands as well as over in
Northern Canada. There may have been land masses which could have
accounted for the existence of a bit of mud on the ice, but there was
certainly nothing in the way of vegetation which could have produced
pollen which blew about and settled all over the ice. Has any
observer ever noticed huge clouds of pollen dust traveling across the
Northern parts of continents and the Artic Ocean in order to deposit
themselves on the ice up at 82* North? ( No! ) Again, Nansen was not
the only Arctic explorer to note pollen on the ice.  Since the ice
has movement, such clouds of pollen would have to be typical and
usual in order to continally cover the ice. Would not a polar
opening, through which the winds of a continent are funneled, better
account for such an observation?

Sediments and pollen dust was not the only discolorations encountered
on the ice by the  Fram and its crew. Clouds of volcanic dust were
found, too, consisting of iron and carbon particles. These huge
clouds descended on the Fram and settled everywhere and enveloped
everything, causing discomfort and irritation. Nansen noted: " Let us
go home. What have we to stay for? Nothing but dust, dust, dust. "
There were no active volcanoes at this time, certainly not for
thousands of miles. A polar opening to the interior of our planet,
with an associated land mass, provides a plausible explanation.

By this time, by March of 1895, Nansen had finally decided to set out
in order to conquer the Pole over the ice by dog and sled. He and
Johansen, his chosen companion, would have to make it back to land on
their own as the Fram's position would not be stationary on the ice-
they wouldn't be able to return to the same place and find her.
Although the westward motion of the ship was good, it didn't seem to
them at the time that the ship would go much further North. So the
two set out.

They quickly encountered unforeseen problems once they were on their
own. The layout of the ice changed as they went North. It developed
ridges and troughs which were painstaking and time consuming to pass
For this reason, and given their limited supplies, they were forced
to turn back. Their northernmost point had been reached on April 9,
1895, at 86* 10' North.

Not a month later, still above 83* North, still relatively near the
Pole, Nansen confirms the anomaly of polar warming: Gardner sums it
up thusly: " On May 4th, the explorer is again found commenting on
the mild weather. One night he says he could hardly sleep for the
heat. In the day time he can lie in the tent basking in the heat of
the sun. ' Last night,' runs another entry, it was almost too warm to
sleep.' "

With this in mind, we can consider compass anomalies:

Page 216: " To give the course of the drift [ longitude ] is a
difficult task in these latitudes, as there is a perceptible
deviation of the compass with every degree of longitude as one passes
East or West."

In other words, Nansen's compass wouldn't tell him what the longitude
was even though he was on the opposite side of the Arctic basin from
the Magnetic North Pole! Why should the compass behave erratically
that far away? This is because the magnetic lines of force enter all
along the inner rim of the doughnut-shaped opening; such that, as one
passes along the rim, the compass goes helter-skelter, Eastwards and
Westwards, even though one is not at the magnetic pole.

Now we touch on the anomaly of curvature again-
Page 288: [ April 6th ] " It became more and more of a riddle to me
that we did not make greater progress Northward. I kept on
calculating and adding up our marches later on, but always with the
same result ... we must be far above the 86th parallel. It was
becoming only too clear to me that the ice was moving southward."

Page 291: [ April 14th ] "I find that we should yesterday have come
farther South than 86* 53 North; ... I cannot explain it in any other
manner than by the surmise that we have been drifting rapidly
northward, which is very good for the Fram, but less so for us " [ on
foot ].

It was between these two log entries that Dr. Nansen and Johansen had
turned back. Here we find that within the space of a few days, Nansen
blames his navigational anomalies on the ice drifting Southward then
Northward. More likely, they were very close to the rim of the
doughnut-like opening into the hollow portion, and the curvature
changes were confusing Dr. Nansen, indicating paucious North-and-
South movements, and rendering his sextant unreliable. There was a
Northward current at the time because the ship Fram, which was still
in the vicinity, had drifted Northwards also. This current would
account for the retarded Southward progress of Dr. Nansen and
Johansen. But their scant Northward progress prior to the turn-back
had to have been due to travel over the inward-curving of doughnut-
like opening.

Lt. Greely ( Later General ) also indicated curvature anomalies, from
several hundred miles away, and to one side of the basin from Nansen;
Nansen was now on the Russian side above Franz Josef Land, and Greely
had been over towards the tip of Greenland and Canada. Lt. Greely's
description, since he had landmarks at his disposition, specifically
smack of foreshortening of the horizon, such that spurs of land at
the horizon seemed high and out of proportion, and cut off the view
beyond. In our " polar opening " scheme of things, this blocking-of-
the-view would simply be due to an exaggerated downward slope of the
far horizon as it angles into the opening.

Let us consider Lt. Greely's comments:
Culled from The Hollow Earth, page 104:

" The deep interest with which we had hitherto pursued our journey
was now greatly intensified. The eye of civilized man had never seen,
or his feet trodden, the ground over which we were traveling. A
strong, earnest desire to press forward at our best speed seized us
all. As we neared each projecting spur of the land ahead, our
eagerness to see what was beyond became so intense at times as to be
painful. Each point we reached brought a new landscape in sight, and
always in advance was a point which cut off a portion of the horizon
and caused a certain disappointment." Foreshortening of the horizon
can also be seen in photographs of the North Pole area; the horizon
seems to come up closer than it should.

Admiral Peary made a similar observation: " The black cliffs peer up
over the ice caps." This indicates an exaggerated curvature, sloping
inward towards the North, such that the base of the relatively nearby
cliffs sit below the horizon.

Due to polar anomalies in terms of compass ( longitude ) and
curvature ( latitude ), Dr. Nansen and crew had been unable to
precisely calculate their position since the first moment that they
had lodged their ship into the ice. At this point, trekking on foot
down from the Pole, he and Johansen were still quite unsure of their
position thanks to the curvature anomalies just described, and to the
drunken compass readings along the rim of the opening. They remained
unsure for a long time as they headed straight down South on the
Russian side of the Pole. As they got further down from the Pole,
however, the nature of their navigational difficulties took on a
different nature. They had let their watches run down and could not
precisely determine their longitude. The point being that their
difficulties in determining their longitude at this point were not
anomalous. ( As an example, by June 14th, Nansen recorded his
position to be 57* 40 of longitude but, later on, once he got back to
civilization, he felt that it had been more like 6* further East of
that. ) As he and Johansen headed South towards Franz Josef Land, Dr.
Nansen wasn't even sure on which side of the archipelago they would
come down on!

Nansen and Johansen both made it back alive by way of the winter hut
of Frederick Jackson, a British explorer, in Franz Josef Land. The
ship Fram finally broke out of the ice on the Atlantic side on August
13th, 1896, and made its way back to Norway.

But now, let us go back to February 16th and 19th of 1894, during the
first leg of the journey, and remember the Fram and its crew not by
the expedition's ending,  by what could have been the most
spectacular event of the adventure- the sighting of the supposedly
mock sun. The Fram lay ice-locked at 80* North. Its position at the
time of the sighting seems to have zig-zagged a bit, but it was
documented as being about 138* East longitude. From this point, it is
likely that the crew was actually glimpsing into the hollow portion
and observing the inner sun, or an over-the-horizon mirage of the
same, as the various anomalies encountered, especially the zig-
zagging which was happening at that time, indicates that they were
right on the rim of the opening.

Of course, if all this talk of longitude, latitude, curvature and
magnetic dips is a bit confusing at first, the reader might feel more
comfortable simply remembering the lama's words. Perhaps the reader
has anticipated that the Fram's position was actually about Seven
Days North of Tibet, in a northeastern direction, in the middle of a
Northern ocean.


I really like the way that the map of Mac Millan's expeditions turned out.
It is quite legible. It is in the files section, but here is the shortcut.

Look at the left where it says Crocker land at the end of the 1914 line.
That is where they went as they followed the mirage of mountains which
filled 120* of the horizon. The mirage was originally seen from the top of
Axel Heiberg, from Colgate. It was an over-the-horizon reflection from the
hollow world.

Admiral Peary, Admiral Mac Millan and Dr. Cook-  These three were all active
around the Northern tip of Ellesmere Island, which is also the Northernmost
tip of Canada, and which lies right next to the tip of Greenland. The area
is only about 6* from the Pole. From various points of elevation, as well as
from across the ice, as much as ten years apart, these three men observed a
mountainous land mass which they described as filling up a third of the
horizon, about 120* around them. Admiral Peary mentioned distict white
summits on June 28th, 1906. Admiral Macmillan organized an expedition which
traveled across the ice 130 miles after seeing this continent from the
heights of Ellesmere Island and wrote that his observations resembled in
every particular an immense land while observing in clear weather with
powerful binoculars. He went on to describe hills, valleys and snow-capped
peaks, all this in April of 1914.


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