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This is the Aguamilpa boat launch on a busy weekend, especially easter and springbreak weekend.The problem with this situtation is that the boat owners and transporters take advantage of the situation and charge up to three times the normal fee for transportation. Normally we pay $40 to get to basecamp. Today when we arrived it was $120. After waiting four hours Abraham found someone willing to take us for $70.  We need our own boat. This method costs too much time and too much money that should be going for materials.
Busy boat launch; spring/Easter break - everyone heads for water; we had to pay double the usual fee because no boats were available to take us up.

PLEASE help us with the purchase of this boat below. It is perfect. Great condition, used very little, has a 4 stroke engine with it for fuel economy, is 21' long, has a cargo bay and a removeable seat board for when we need to bring large items, is wood with fiberglass overlay and holds a lot of stuff and we can get it with a 2000  50HP 4 stroke Mercury motor for only $4000 USD.

21' wood/fiberglass boat with 50HP 4 stroke Merc motor.

What boat looks like inside. This is a good buy folks.

Pastor Dagoberto shows off the new 1 micron water filter and demonstrated to the Huichols how to carefully remove the filter and clean it. We made a support bracket for it and cemented that bracket into the rocks so it is positioned correctly and doesn't compromise the integrity of the filter. The filtered water now also serves what we call the vecinos line, where the neighbors paddle in and fill their jugs with water from the spring.

Installing water filter in the line coming from the spring. We cemented in a T Post with bracket welded to it that supports the filter.

This is our flatrock shower. We still need to add a storage tank to the system downstream of the filter as the spring hole only holds about 20 gallons of water and if everyone showers at once or the vecinos bring in too many jugs to fill we will not be able to handle it all at once. Plus we can wrap the tank with black plastic pipe set up to thermosiphon the water inside the tank and heat the water so everyone has warm water to shower with come evening.
Simple works here.

Flatrock shower, I still need to add a storage tank to the system.

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