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On this trip we took up the balance of the 6" U channel that will support the roof as well as the 15-15 x 3/8" rebar armex castillos that will go inside the cardboard tubes and all the way to the base of the foundation. They were supposed to have the foundation finished and level all the way around so we could start pouring the corner piers that support the trusses, but that didn't happen. In fact we found one end of the foundation wall 20 cm lower than it should have been so we remeasured everything, set new strings and worked on the foundation wall.  I also  installed another 3/4" line in the spring that drains it all rapidly. This allows using a broom to stir all the sediment up and remove it out periodically. The spring hole refills quite rapidly now; we may be getting more than 1 liter a minute flowrate. The bag around the filter to block the sunlight did in fact stop the algae growth inside the filter housing and the filter had lots of cleanable sediment on it. Our water test of the spring water showed no bacteria in it.

These are shots of working on the foundation wall. The lower corner is almost 8 feet lower than the uppermost corner. Big rocks have to be broken into smaller rocks to put into the wall.

Inside the area building the foundation wall.

Foundation wall from outside

Closer shot at wall

The women's little corner of camp - the kitchen if you wish.

The kitchen and women's area

Chaleo filling the generator with gas that runs the cement mixer and small tools.

Chaleo filling the generator that runs the cement mixer

The galvanized roofing and cross bracing staged.

26  1 meter wide sheets of galvanized roof ing and cross braces staged

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