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The purpose of this trip was to get the first two pillars set and poured and the first 1 meter by 6 meter wide part of the slab poured and trowled out and we accomplished that.  The Huichols DID finish the foundation work although it missed level by a couple inches and that will cause them to mix more concrete
as we go along to make up the difference. The slab WILL have a slight slope in both downhill directions to drain properly. And we will need to install a 4" preformated curtain drain at both upper ends of the slab around it. 

Laying the dallas (rebar to you and I) and setting the castillo inside the cardboard tube. The corner foundations, the pillars, and the 1 x 6 meter 
slab portion connected to them are all poured as one integral pour. We 
used 4" 14 gauge steel U channel for forms as we can unbolt the 
innermost piece, leave the rest together, and reinstall it 1 meter down 
for the next pour.

preparing the area to pour concrete

Right side preps
Preps on right side of slab

Mixing the concrete; lots of sand and gravel were brought up from the 
riverbed, the women helped with this too. That was not an easy part of the chores.  Our spring turns out to be four feet short of the heighth of the 
slab. The women packed all the water we used in 5 gallon buckets from 
their kitchen area up to where we were mixing concrete.  Next 
trip I will take a quarter horse pump that can be run off the generator
and fill the water barrel. We will need to add a small storage tank later on 
when we move the women's kitchen up to the end of the slab so the quarter horse pump can fill the smaller tank from the larger storage tank now in place, and they can use gravity feed then from the small storage tank.
This tank will be able to be filled from the existing storage tank now in place 
as the spring flywheel.  Speaking of which - the warm shower from the 750L storage tank in the evening is just superb. 

Mixing the concrete in cement mixer run by generator

Next trip we hope to be filling the foundation corners and cardboard tubes 
for the truss supports

Librado preparing to pour the first bucket of concrete

Tomos and Librado filling the right pillar tube - this was the easy side.
Leaning out from an 8' step ladder on the other side was not easy.
We used a ratchetbinder to tether the 3 guy ropes to the tube that keep 
the tube plumb. It took longer than I thought to set the three ropes after 
the pour in order to get the tube so it showed proper bubble  in both 
directions. We used the clear plastic tube filled with water to verify that 
both tubes were set at the same height.
Meanwhile the clock ticks, the sun shone down intensely and the 
concrete was drying and demanding attention rapidly.  I don't think they understand the time element or necessary consistency in working with 
concrete. I made them remix and add water to several batches that were
too dry to pour out in my opinion. Chaleo, mixing the batches,  was always ahead of us skreeding and troweling it out. 

Pouring the right pillar

Tomos and Librado filling tube

Ber using the skreedboard to rough level the slab followed up with repetitive trowling to make it smooth. The extreme heat made the concrete dry rapidly. 
It was hard to keep up with. I don't think there was a trip to here that I was so exhausted as at the end of this pour. Maybe I'm just too fat and getting too 
old for this kind of work.

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