Huichol page 31  June 17th trip (cont)

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The purpose of this trip was to get the last four pillars set and poured and the last 1 meter by 6 meter wide part of the slab poured and trowled out, and all three trusses welded together, and we accomplished that. This was a very exhausting trip; the heat was relentless.

This didn't go down as planned.  The gig was for them to lay out three more 1 meter slabs while I was gone. They didn't do that although they did get the inside of the foundation filled in completely. We are running out of time here. 
Rainy season is days away (it has already hit where I live just outside Guadalajara) ; they have NO temporary shelter, and I leave for the states at the end of June.  I opted to pour the middle pillars without the slab all the way across and to pour the other end with the slab.

Here's a pic showing what multipurpose tools the boats are here on this lake. 
This one is hauling a load of goats to their new home somewhere on the lake.
Our boat is on the far right about to be loaded.

Boat load of goats headed up the lake somewhere

Pouring the third pillar of the middle set.

Pouring number three middle pillar

Pouring  the fourth pillar.

 Moving the 4" U channel forms and setting up at the other end so pillars 
5 and 6 will be poured as an integral part of the 1 meter slab connecting 
them. This is designed so when 1 meter is done you simply unbolt the piece TeBrucio is working on and move it down a meter and do it all over again.
Bolting together the 4" forms

Pouring the number 5 and 6 pillars. This was not as easy as it looks as there is an 8' drop off on the outside of the slab. Because of the pressure of pouring such a tall pillar (8' column plus 8' below that) the form started pushing outward and they panicked. They don't know how to use the tools at their disposal.  I fastened a chain to the steel form, another to a tree and put the come-a-long 
in between that we used to move the huge rocks, and it took care of the problem just fine.

Pouring slab and 5 and 6 pillars at other end

Tomos is adding foundation rock on the outside of the pour as we go up;
this appeared preferable to a wooden baricade type form on this end. You can't see all the steel rebar in the corner but it's there to lock it in.

Tomos finishing foundation corner as we pour for pillar corner

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