Huichol page 35  June 28th - 29th trip 

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The purpose of this trip was to finish the roof by installing the caballete 
(ridgecap), install the 5W solar panel and 4 LED lights inside the shelter, 
move the kitchen area up to the south end of the shelter out of the rain, 
install a small pump below the slab and small tank 15' vertically above the 
slab to supply the kitchen sink as it now was about 6 feet above the gravity 
level of the spring, make new paddle ends for the boat paddles, and install grommets in one of the big tarps to shield the north end of the shelter from the driving rainstorms when it rained.  All these things were accomplished.

Finished laminar

Installing the caballete or ridgecap across the top of the roof.

Installing the ridgecap on the top of the roof 

Finished roof - if you look hard you can see the small solar panel on the 
far right end of the roof sticking out. It's fairly flat so it catches the morning 
sun from the east and the afternoon sun as it sets in the west.

Finished roof 

Better view of the 5W solar panel that is used to power four 2W LED 
lights.  The lights are not bright enough to read by but plenty bright  to 
see to get around inside the shelter. A 2W light , even LEDs, do not give 
the light of a 100Watt  light bulb, but much more light than a 2W christmas 
tree bulb. I'm impressed. The sunlight is free. The only cost to operate is replacing the small $20 motorcycle battery every three years or so. 

Electrical 5Watt solar panel to power up the LED lighting system.

Here's a closeup of the 2W LED light used

2Watt  12 Volt LED light

Here's a pic of two of the lights installed in the north half of the shelter.
Two just like it are also installed in the south half with a separate switch 
for each pair inside the power panel box. They can either light the whole 
area for a couple hours each night or half the area for up to 5 hours.

 LED lights secured to the 6" U Channel

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