The HydroStar System  -  How to run your car on water

What is the HydroStar System, and is it for real?

A water - fueled engine conversion system is a very simple, but precise definition of the fantastic HydroStar System. The engine operates entirely on hydrogen and oxygen, generated by the electrolysis of water. No petroleum derived fuel or external electrical generating system is used, or even required. The exhaust from the HydroStar System is actually cleaner than most outside air!

The HydroStar System is for real!

It is the end result of many years of testing and experimentation with a multitude of hydrogen generating systems based on the principle of electrolysis of water. Water electrolysis is simply the breaking down of water into its basic hydrogen and oxygen atoms by passing an electric current through it. The HydroStar is the first, and so far only, practical system developed for
use in vehicles.

Is the HydroStar a perpetual motion machine?

The HydroStar is not a perpetual motion machine. It is a high efficiency, water - fueled, electro - mechanical system capable of producing hydrogen and oxygen in sufficient quantity to power internal combustion engines.

Is the HydroStar safe?

Vehicles powered by the HydroStar System are inherently safer than existing gasoline powered vehicles. Gas tanks have to hold many gallons of gas in order to allow vehicles to travel great distances. Such large volumes of gas hold tremendous amounts of combustible energy, as is often demonstrated by the fiery results of an accident severe enough to rupture the gas tank. Very little hydrogen has to be stored within the HydroStars' hydrogen generator. The only necessary fuel stored in quantity is water; which, of course, is not combustible.

Why is the HydroStar called a conversion system?

The HydroStar is called a conversion system because it doesn't require removal, modification, or disabling of any of your vehicles' existing systems. Therefore, it allows you to run your vehicle on either its existing gasoline system or the HydroStar System. In the unlikely event that your HydroStar fails, you can easily switch back to gasoline power. But, you'll soon be getting this simple system back in working order again. Once you've driven with the HydroStar you'll never be happy with anything else!

How well does the HydroStar Perform?

A vehicle powered by the HydroStar is theorectically capable of getting 50 to 300 miles per gallon of water. However, as is true for any engine, actual efficiency depends on driving habits, terrain, vehicle weight and shape, and ability to tweak the system. Exact efficiency is, of course, a moot point since water is basically a free and inexhaustible resource.

Can the HydroStar be used in other ways?

Yes, the HydroStar can provide fuel from water for just about any home appliance that normally uses natural gas or propane as a source of heat; thereby saving valuable and diminishing natural resources. Space heaters and furnaces are excellent candidates. Stoves and other cooking units such as barbeque grills can be fueled by the HydroStar as well.

Can I buy a ready - to - install HydroStar System?

Right now the HydroStar System is not being commercially manufactured. Planning is in the initial stages for producing the HydroStar conversion kits for most popular vehicles and eventually manufacturing the entire system, or its' major components. We're hoping to have some prototype kits by the end of 2007. And delivery of ready - to - install kits should begin sometime during 2008. Such a venture requires tremendous amounts of time and cash; something such a small group of enthusiasts simply does not have at this time. So, if you want to have your own HydroStar System right away (and we hope you do), you'll have to do what I'm doing myself; build it using the plans and step - by - step directions contained in this book.

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