Internet search software tool to drag up any dirt out in the forums and 
on the net on programs you are considering investing in.

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Knowledge is Power!

Have you found it difficult to investigate games and programs?
Have you ever made a loan to a program without really knowing what others already know? If you want to investigate these programs and give yourself the opportunity to succeed, then HYIPspy is your dream come true.

HYIPspy is the software of your dreams!

"Multiple HYIP Groups, Forums and List Search Application"

HYIPspy queries multiple Yahoo groups, MSN forums, Topica lists and e-gold list simultaneously to find gold and online high yield investment programs you are looking for.

Have you ever wondered what forums Administrator's visit? How about the knowledge of knowing where a Yahoo ID has visited? Being able to read these posts left by others. Admin email addresses, IP Addresses, and much more. HYIPspy is your desktop solution!

HYIPspy allows you to navigate to multiple Groups, Forums and Lists, simultaneously using all information sources that are at your disposal, but time consuming to take advantage of.

The program offers a flexible, user-friendly interface that displays the result of your investigation.

HYIPspy provides a handy and efficient way to trace IPs, email addresses, nicknames, Forum ID's of the Groups, Forums and Lists.

It's precise, easy to use, and available from your desktop. Enter your search words and choose from radio buttons: All keywords or exact phrase.

HYIPspy will use your Internet connection to query popular groups, forums and lists and will return an unlimited number of hits.

Just double click on a link to bring up your Browser. HYIPspy integrates seamlessly with Internet Explorer.


HYIPspy features include:

Easy to Use: HYIPspy is extremely easy to use. Simply type a keyword in HYIPspy's search field. Press Search. The software then takes over. The search results can then be arranged by subject, author, group, list or forum and source orderly.

Ease in Control: HYIPspy is uniquely designed! With the ease of your cursor you can increase or decrease the size of the viewing area. Double clicking a search result, opens the bottom half of HYIPspy into a Browser for viewing the information found. Copy web addresses with simple click and paste. Build a knowledgeable base of information on all your programs!

Fast: HYIPspy uses an advanced multi-threaded software technology, and can carry your keywords to search 1000's of Groups, Forums and Lists at the same time.

Search Sources
1000's of Yahoo groups, MSN forums, Topica lists and e-gold list.
E-Told members will also have full access to additional documents, as their investigation will include all newsletters and files in our database!

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/NT4/2000
Browser: Internet Explorer 4 (or a later version)
CPU: 486DX 66 MHz or higher
RAM: 16 MB (minimum)
Hard Disk: At least .5 MB of free disk space

HYIPspy requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (included in Windows 98/2000). However, other default browsers may also be used with the software.

Go to http://www.hyipspy.com/?115702  to sign up for the free three day trial or just order the product for $25 without the 3 day free trial. 

Go to  http://www.hyipspy.com/faq.html  for the faq on this product

Go to  http://www.hyipspy.com/quick_start.html  for user guide and troubleshooting tutorial on how to use this product

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