Imperia Invest  updated Aug 18th 2010

You have less than two weeks to purchase your debit card to get paid from this one

Imperia says if you want to get paid you have to buy a debit card from them.

How to purchase your card
Login to your account at, click on deposit to depot. Deposit how much you need to 
fund the card you want. 
After you have funded your account with Liberty Reserve, l
ogin to your ImperiaInvest account,  ,  click on “Purchase Banking” in the left menu, select which card you want, you should then find your Depot account balance with enough money in it to pay for it, and then  enter the required amount in the box and click “order iBanking product”. That’s it.  To verify your card purchase click on “depot overview” and near the bottom of that page you will see that you have purchased the card.

Now to a more serious issue. Is Imperia a scam? Is the person above part of Imperia trying to scalp more money from us before disappearing?  We have pros and cons below. Read all of them and explore the links and make up your own mind.  

when will we get debit card ?

Imperia says - Please be patient - we are working on the review and
Forward the order.

Since a lot of requests from users of us went, in order to more
Time, have the
competent contractors to decide to do so more time
to provide for disposal.

Coming soon we will be more precise information about all users

Many thanks,
Thank You

International Trade Building
PO BOX 1460
Port Highway VANUATU


March 11th update

April 5 update - 
Be sure and analyze the flip side of the coin at 
Well, can't now, the site has been removed. 
The imperiascum site claimed imperiainvest is a scam and the debit card ripoff is just that, 
another way to collect more money before disappearing. Is the Hilla email below a setup 
from the people who run ImperiaInvest?  Dunno. You have to be your own judge. 
May 10th, 2010
I also have these links that state ImperiaInvest is not legit.
Public Notice from the SEC of the Bahamas
PN - 04/20/09 - Re: IMPERIA INVEST IBC
From the Swiss

April 5 update - There are a lot of rumors floating around 
but very little in the way of substantiated fact. The Imperia website can 
still be accessed from the link at the top of this page.
Many of you will have received the following from various sources:
Today again a very urgent update!
I have just listened to the German Conference, which is hosted
     by Hilla. She is very reliable and does not pass on
     information unchecked. She reported that she had an hour-long
     conversation with some businessmen in the island of Vanuatu .
     This is the location, where we were told Imperia is located.
     Hilla got this contact through a very trusted friend and knows
     that these people are for real. I have personally asked her
     about this and she confirmed that this contact and the
     following information is above board and she talked to them on
     the phone for an hour..
These business people went to the Imperia address and did in
     fact find an office belonging to Imperia Invest IBC. Staff was
     present and they have been able to verify all the positive
     things that we only heard about so far in either a forum or a
     conference. As these businessmen were present at that office
     they immediately paid for their platinum card and account and
     were issued it right away. They got immediate access to their
     funds. Hilla was very encouraged and excited and is urging
     everyone that has an account with Imperia to move forward and
     order their card, either silver, gold or platinum. (Remember,
     only the platinum card has an actual account attached, the
     silver and gold card are only ATM cards and have their daily
     and monthly limits).
I (Hilla) have also originally urged you to order your cards yourself
     and prepare your Liberty Reserve accounts, but in the meantime
     I have been inundated with so many requests and e-mails,
     asking so many questions, that it has become more burdensome
     for me to answer them all,…I should have simply offered you
     again the service as in the past. It would have been easier.
My hesitation was simply based on not having more insight in
     the works of Imperia at that time.
     HOWEVER, as I said, answering all the individual questions is
     now much more involving. Please, understand that I cannot
     answer everybody’s concerns and questions, repeatedly. It
     seems some people don’t want to read what I sent or study the
     Imperia back office with their messages and also do not
     listend to any conferences. It is always so much easier to
     just ask me. But, I can also not instill more trust and
     confidence in this or any other program. It is always your
     decision alone.
In my first announcement I(Hilla) recommended that you should have
     the following amounts ready and set aside, should you decide
     to do the transfer yourself through your bank and then using
     Liberty Reserve or any other e-currency changer and provider:
GOLD $285
The additional costs involved will be your transfer fees and
     the exchange fees that AnygoldNow or any other exchanger will
     charge you.
Hilla also confirmed that the 30^th of April is the
     last day, where we can place the order. They are currently up
     and down, due to the high traffic.
Please do not hesitate and do not wait too long. If you miss
     the 30^th of April, your funds will be distributed to those
     that do have a card. It seems that they are not flexible about
     this issue.

March 11, 2010 update
Imperia Invest Update - to purchase a debit card or not?  UPDATED

Imperia Invest has now closed to new members and requested that members should purchase a debit card or debit card plus offshore bank account.  This is in preparation for the promised payout.

Most members are wondering if they should fork out $145 or more in the hope that Imperia will actually pay out.

A colleague has summed up the situation very well in the following e-mail to me:

If only we could rub that crystal ball and forsee the future life would be so much more stress free. And yet I don’t think too many people were surprised when Imperia Invest posted their latest news about how members can get access to their funds. Unfortunately, as predicted, there is a cost for this service and many people are questioning just why this is the case. Most comments I’ve seen run along the lines that Imperia Invest are just squeezing the pips a little harder before disappearing off into the sunset.

Where’s that crystal ball when you need it? Admittedly there are arguments that could be put forward which would justify a charge as many other opportunities have done this in the past. No financial institution would send out a debit or credit card without charging on the basis that they would get paid when the programme paid out.

Given that the news has only been available for a couple of days it hasn’t been possible for many people to access the Imperia Invest website to find out what all the fuss is about. There are 3 pdf files that give some details of what you will be able to obtain. Briefly, there are 3 options:

1 Silver package - $145 with a maximum monthly withdrawal of $5,000 per month
2 Gold package - $230 with a maximum monthly withdrawal of $10,000 per month
3 Platinum package - $450 with a maximum monthly withdrawal of $50,000 plus an offshore bank account

From what I can surmise most people are taking the view that they would purchase the Silver option for $145 and then once they get paid would upgrade to the full package. A big caveat here is that this strategy has not been tested with Imperia so it may not be possible to achieve. The other thing to bear in mind is that you have to make a purchase by 01 May. If you don’t do this you will not get paid. However, the payments will not start until June so we can’t even let others buy a package and see if they get paid.

So plenty to wrestle with over the next few weeks. When I look into my crystal ball I see people hanging on and hanging on and then in the last week making a desperate attempt to get a package as they would never forgive themselves if Imperia turned out to be genuine and they had convinced themselves otherwise. Like everyone else I am undecided at this moment and am hoping that over the next couple of weeks some of the questions being bandied about receive up front answers so that our concerns can be reduced.

Access to the Imperia site has been difficult recently, but I managed to get into the site yesterday and today - looks like they have beefed up the servers as they must be getting a lot of visitors lately.

You can look at the details of the debit card and offshore bank account by clicking the appropriate blue link in your back office - this brings up a PDF summary for each option. They are referred to as credit cards on the PDF but Imperia had always referred to them as debit cards!  Payment is by Liberty Reserve or PerfectMoney.

I have not made a final decision as yet.  I did a Google search on the credit card name 'FlexDirect Nameless Visa Credit Card' and could find only one reference to it here.  And that was to a site that answers questions on anything, called GoFTP.  Apparently a few Imperia members have been asking the same question: where can I find information on the FlexDirect Nameless Visa Credit Card? And nobody so far has an answer!  No web presence for FlexDirect apparently, so what kind of a bank is it? I gather from the PDF summaries that FlexDirect, if it exists at all, is probably somewhere in South America.  This is not very reassuring to say the least!

UPDATE:  There is an ADP FlexDirect card company based in North America, it's card is for business payrolls - see here.  This looks a different type of organization.  Could this be where Imperia got the name from?

We have apparently until 1st May to order a card.  Personally I am delaying my decision until hopefully Imperia supply a bit more detail or someone comes up with a few more facts on this card/bank.

It would be good if Imperia answered queries, but I gather from another colleague:

IMPERIA will read your email, but not reply and are unlikely to act on it.

I understand they are not using one of their own banks so they can't give us free accounts, and have to use a third party provider, ie a different bank or whatever, so we have to pay.

So is this all an attempt to extract more money from us, with no intention of a payout? Or is it a genuine attempt to complete all the payouts?  Your guess is as good as mine! Only time will tell.

On balance, I think it's considerably more than likely the former, but I just could just be wrong!

Before they announced the card details I had decided to go for it if the cost was a reasonable $40 or $50.  But when I saw the cost was a minimum of $145, a totally unreasonable amount for something that most banks give away for free, I have to admit, my immediate reaction was that Imperia was showing it's true colours, and not to bother getting a card!  Maybe I'll reconsider as 1st May approaches and maybe I won't!
UPDATE:  One of my subscribers just e-mailed that he was confused with the categories of card (silver, gold and platinum) as they are exactly the same as the categories of referrer % commission. He asked, did he have to purchase a silver card if he had less than 25 referrals?   Sure enough if you look at the FAQ that was defined 2 years ago:

7. Which referral / commission system is active ?

Referral fees will be paid out 8 levels deep.

The following table shows the exact numbers:

1. level 5.00 % 51-XX referrals Platin

1. level 4.75 % 26-50 referrals Gold

1. level 4.50 % 01-25 referrals Silver

2. level 4.00 %
3. level 3.00 %
4. level 2.00 %
5. level 2.00 %
6. level 2.00 %
7. level 2.00 %
8. level 2.00 %

Please consider that the referral fees refer to the loan (80,000 US$) of your downline-member and will be disposable after termination of trading the loan of the linked referral TEP member.

I assured my subscriber that this was just coincidence!   But thinking about it, is it really coincidence, that exactly the same categorisation has been used for the cards.  Maybe, but more likely the same person dreamed up exactly the same categories!  Namely the person running Imperia.  What do you think?

10-25-2009 update

IMPERIA INVEST LATEST INFORMATION TODAY FROM THE IMPERIA WEBSITE..................................................

  STEP 1: until January/15/2010 we will have the user database synchronized with the trading accounts.
  STEP 2: February/01/2010: end of the program and no more new members allowed (there will be no sequel of that kind of program anymore!).
  STEP 3: from February/01/2010 until February/05/2010 final adjustments of trading accounts and userdepots, trustee, banks and assurance associations.
  STEP 4: from February/08/2010 until April/01/2010 USERS can order their debit cards and bank accounts.
  STEP 5: from April/01/2010 until mai/01/2010 DELIVERING of debit cards for activation and bank account online tools.
  STEP 6: mai/01/2010: mass payments thru the banking interface to debit card an bank accounts binded by the trustee agreement.
  STEP 7: June/01/2010: refunding of missing or failed deposits of TEP fees.
  STEP 8: We are facing the possibility to have a meeting of users and management. This we are looking forward and we will inform in due times.


12-15-2008 Latest news on submitting ID documentation and trust agreement.

Hello IMPERIA members,
GOOD NEWS!! Trustee Agreement from IMPERIA Invest IBC is READY for IMPERIA members. We are getting CLOSE!!
Please Follow the instruction below. DO it ASAP! Do NOT delay!
Step By Step on what to do with IMPERIA Trustee Agreement:

1.) You can download the document under or in your IMPERIA Invest account.

a. Please PRINT out the Trustee Agreement. I also attached *Imperia Trustee Agreement* in case if you are not able to open the website from IMPERIA.
b. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you will need to download for free under So you are able to open the PDF file.

2.) I have attached *SAMPLE* document for you to DOWNLOAD and PRINT out. 
a. Please follow *SAMPLE* on where to fill out on the Real IMPERIA Trustee Agreement. 
b. BLOCK Letter mean there is a BLOCK space where you write in each block box.

3.) Please hand write on the IMPERIA Trustee Agreement and Sign your own Signature.

4.) Please SCAN your IMPERIA Trustee agreement and save as "yourfullname" trusteeagreement as JPEG or PDF as 1 MB or less.
a. For example to save as, "JohnTDoeTrusteeAgreement.jpg" or "JohnTDoeTrusteeAgreement.pdf".

5.) Send Email to
a. Make sure you fill out the information on your Email Section as example below.
. Email To:
c. Subject:  Trustee Agreement from John T. Doe as depotname is JD2365 (you use your own real full name and your depot username)
d. Body:  John T. Doe (your real full name)
Depot Username = JD2365 (your depot username)
Email =

6.) Add your scanned trustee agreement document to attachment in your email message.
7.) Click Send.
a. If you did successfully send trustee agreement via email, DO NOT SEND IT AGAIN! IF you hear no word, it means that you made it through fine. 
b. If your email is returned back to you, it means that Imperia Invest's mailbox is FULL. Please RE-SEND it. 
c. If you HAVE NOT DONE YET, PLEASE send your trustee agreement document ASAP!!! DO IT!!!

8.) You MUST FINISH your Trustee Agreement Document ASAP!!  PLEASE COOPERATE AND DO IT FASTER so that we all can get our payouts earlier! 

All of the above information is very important to you!  Please ask your upline or friends if you do not understand the above step by step.

Do you want to get your payout?  YES! HOW? PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: 
~ Help with each other. 
~ Check and Help your downline. 
~ FINISH Trustee Agreements ASAP. 
~ Cooperate and Think positive.  
~ BE HONEST.  No lies or tricks.  
~ Focus on the IMPERIA INVEST's Trustee Agreement process.

God always knows for coming true and believe in your dream…the dream is about to come to a reality soon!!!  
Thank you for staying with us for your support and respect to all IMPERIA INVEST members. 
Your Sincere Regards,

Older program information
This is only open to 10,000 people and as of Oct 12th over 8000 have signed up for it.
To sign up will require an ebullion spend of $50. The benefit is$134,000 when all is completed.
You must be of ages 18 to 67. If you are older than 67, you do not qualify for the TEP ($80,000.00)  policy, but you can sponsor others and receive excellent referral benefits for your efforts. 

Step 1; register. Go to 
and click on "sign up" on the left. Fill in all the blanks, click register and that registers you. 

Step 2. Then go  to, login and Click on 
"Deposit to  Depot" in the left menu. Pay your $50 with E Bullion or Liberty Reserve.  
They will ask for your Imperia Username, citizenship, date of birth, Number of passport 
OR driver license OR other ID doc.
The spend is automated, so the $50 appears instantly in your Depot
Balance. So no more having to do a manual spend and then having to email
Imperia with your EB transaction ID etc.

Step 3.  As soon as that instant $50 is in your Depot, then click on REQUEST TEP
CONTRACT (Traded Endowment Policy) and convert your Depot money to an actual contract. 
That's all there is to it.
[You also have to do this for each additional TEP or grup of TEPs you wish to purchase

After that you have to wait for some days (maybe as many as 15 days) until
the inaccessible 80,000 appears in your Depot. Then just watch and wait for
the processing and payout at the end of the trading period.

You can Refer new members as soon as you have registered, even before you
have deposited.  Sign up here at

Imperia Invest is a recent addition to these Reverse Pension Plans or traded endowment policy (TEP) programs as Imperia call them. 

The cost is $50 and is payable by E-bullion Gold or Liberty Reserve 

$50 becomes $134K after 6 months once 10,000 contracts/policies are purchased by qualified (not over age 59) members.

There are only a total of 10,000 contracts available so the sooner you are able to get in the better. 

Traded Endowment Policies (TEP)
A One Time $50 USD could get you as much as $134,000 USD
Short Resume of the TEP:
You spend a processing fee of $50.USD 
Approximately 3-15 business days from the time you have signed
up, your personal TEP account will be credited with 80,000 USD
by IMPERIA Invest IBC. 
Your $80,000.00 is invested for a period of 6 months, @
1.2% compounding 100% daily on trading days = about
$134,000 USD paid out to you upon completion of the 6
month term.  (click on “PROCESS” on their website for complete
info on the payout process).
After completion of all 10,000 TEP policies and maturing time
of 6 months for all of the policies, you will receive an agreement
from a trustee. This trustee agreement is your guarantee for the
payout of the yields to you.
There are only 10,000 positions/contracts available. 
Currently over 8000 positions have been filled.   The faster everyone 
joins the faster the 10,000  6 month terms will be completed.
You must be of ages 18 to 59. If you are older than 59,
you do not qualify for the TEP ($80,000.00)  policy, but you
can sponsor others and receive excellent referral benefits
for your efforts.  Referral fees will be paid out 8 levels deep.
(see details about distribution of this product on their FAQ’s).
You must spend the $50 processing fee if you want to qualify
for the referral benefits.
Payouts performed upon Maturity of projects.
(please read details on their website--they do have some spelling
mistakes, but they have made themselves clear enough for
everyone to understand IF you take the time to read it more than once).
Note: their website is in multiple languages.
They accept & E-Bullion E-Currency & Liberty Reserve
payment menus.  If transferring E-Bullion E-Currency, do the
transfer  to their (Imperia) account: of D07549.
Follow the prompts through their merchant provider.
NOTE: Imperia is having technical problems with E-Mail Providers 
like AOL and Arcor.  This forces them to ask you not to use these providers
anymore.  Instead please use or







1. Open your account with IMPERIA Invest IBC.
2. Depositing the service/processing fee of 50 US-Dollar via e-payment.
3. TEP Application qualified to enter the trading program.
4. If your application is being confirmed positive, you can go on with section B 

5. If your application will be denied, you cannot participate. For this case your processing fee of 50 US-Dollar will be refunded immediately ! You do NOT take any RISK !

1. After approx. 3-4 business days your personal account will be credited with 80,000 US-Dollar by IMPERIA Invest IBC.
2. This loan will be a part of the trading program Forex / Arbitrage automatically.
3. You will receive on every banking days 1.2% profits credited to account. Daily profits will be compounded 100%.

4. After termination of all 10,000 TEP active members and maturing time of 6 months, you will receive a agreement from a trustee. This trustee agreement is your guarantee for the payout of the yields to you.

Target of Profits after 6 months approx.   ca. + 335.000,00 US-Dollar
Payout / 30% shares IMPERIA Invest IBC  100.500,00 US-Dollar
Payout / 30% shares Investmenthouse / Broker  100.500,00 US-Dollar
Payout / 40% shares Investor/TEP member  134.000,00 US-Dollar
5. After Receiving of the signed trustee agreement by you, the shares will be split to the paries above like described above.
6. Referral Fees / Comissions will be paid out separately. This process does not need a trustee agreement.

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