It's all in place folks; foreign troops here, our troops overseas. Just waiting for martial law to take effect.

"Al" Cuppett (US Army/The Joint Staff OJCS), Retired)

Madison, VA 22727

[Update #20 7 Sep 2002]


Why the ´Strange´ Troops, Police, and Events All Across the USA?

I recently completed a sponsored speaking tour, which began in Feb 98 [and

now] covering 75 venues, in 28 states, and three countries. I met/spoke to

thousands of people, including untold thousands on radio/TV, or by video

cassette. Moreover, with what they´ve either written or told me, I´m now

going to encapsulate some of the data into a brief "staff" letter. As I do

I´m reminded of the stark reality of the sign behind General Prather´s

[then-XOK] HQ USAF Air Staff desk in the Pentagon, which read, "What you

don´t know won´t hurt you.. It´ll kill you!" It´s with the general´s sign in

mind, and based on prima facie evidence, both spoken/written, which I now

´know or possess, that I write these paragraphs, in a continuing and

desperate effort to awaken you, dear reader, to the ´clear and present

danger´ that´s now upon us!

Although rarely reported by any local or national media, all across the US

tens of thousands of Chinese/Soviet/UN troops and police, under the guise of

United Nations/Clinton´s "Partnership for Peace" (PfP) and "Project Harmony"

operations are now poised/operating, or in place. Furthermore, in accordance

with the Soviet Order of Battle, and in collusion with the UN/FEMA, and

other [basement cabinet/now "shadow govt"] controlled federal agencies, T-72

tanks, MIG-29s, Makerov 9mm pistols, AK-47 rifles, BMP-40 armored cars,

SAM-8 missile batteries, 130mm howitzers, Zil trucks, K-9 dogs, bio-chemical

units, and myriads of other Soviet gear, are all in place, ready to strike

at the right time, i.e., a set time, being planned by a ´Globalist´ UN

cabal, and their New World Order (NWO); to be directed from

Brussels/Moscow/Iraq, depending on which has attained "first strike

advantage" when our "Martial Law Declaration/D-Day" arrives! [9-11-01:

Somebody got "first strike" on us!??]

In the states VA/TN/PA/MA/TX/NM, WV, CA, MI, and OR, to name a few, the

foreign "Cops [on the Street" funded] have been identified as "Regional

Police". In the states of AZ/GA/MS/CA/OH/OK/LA/KS/IN/MD/WI/CO/OR/VA/ FL, and

IL, they´ve been wearing indicia/badges, driving vehicles, or have tags

which read either, "Red Dog Strike Force, MOXCBA (Moscow) Police, Kansas

State Police, Tennessee Military Police, International Crimes Enforcement

Police, International Police, Multi-National Force Observer-UN Honorary

Pro-Counsel, Polizei, Wausau [WI] Community Police, Federal Police, American

Police, U.S. Police, Enforcement Officer, Parole Officer, Secretary of State

Police, National Police Force, and Border Patrol". [5-10-01 Note: The fed

funded program is the, "Community Oriented Police/Policing"; i.e., the

"secret police (SS)"!] *In most places they´re carrying FEMA/State

Dept-issued federal ID cards! To wit, thousands of troops are bivouacked in

US parks, and on "closed" bases; and in one instance they gunned down 3 guys

who ATV-ed into a remote park area. Moreover, they´re executing "black

operations" in choppers, and vehicles against #"Red-Blue" listed Americans

everyday! Scores of PfP troops were taped goose stepping on Cp Jejune, NC!

They´re here folks, and our Guard/Reserves have been ordered, by Clinton, to

turn in all ammo stocks & MGs; as "terrorists might get them"!

In the last 10 years they´ve built (FEMA/State Dept-established)

infrastructures of buildings, aviation weather towers, EMP vehicle

arrestors, video imaging cameras, C2 commo nets, etc, which are hidden in

"front", or clandestine facilities, in nearly every county in the US;

including yours! This includes the sinister GWEN system which does more to

us than they´ve told us. Moreover, the 34-plus US FEMA bases are now guarded

by PfP troops! Just try to approach one; either ginseng or squirrel hunting,

etc, or in a taxi -- as happened near Cismont, VA, at the Peter´s Mt base!

To put on paper the 20 hours/masses of data, pictures, maps, diagrams, and

testimony, would be nearly impossible. However, maybe the following will

alert you to the reality of the above facts: The son of a personal friend

was stationed at F.E. Warren AFB, WY.

He once called his dad and said, **"Dad, we have foreign officers in charge

of these [Minuteman] silos, who can hardly speak English - and we have to

salute ´em!" [He has since left the AF]. Furthermore, there are PfP troops

in NC, wearing 10th Special Forces unit patches, "helping" to search for the

so called Eric Rudolph. I have the first person report from an Army SFC

involved in the search; which, by the way, is contrary to "Posse Comitatus",

if anybody even cares.

The local NC folks are actually fearful! [Regardless, the "game" is to get

all our combat guys o´seas peacekeeping/fighting, and the UN troops/cops

here; and all the private guns confiscated!] To wit, it´s "Ordo Ab Chao" - A

New Order out of Chaos; i.e., a [Satan] controlled "New Order" out of the

soon coming chaos "they" shall create!

Excuse me, but I didn´t receive "The Secretary of Defense Civilian Service

Medal & Joint Meritorious Unit Award, The Bronze Star & Purple Heart, et

al", based on my smile while runnin´ around ´Nam, or in some 31 other odd

lands, or even through Pentagon halls for 31 years; rather, I was awarded

all for dedication/service to the USA! The unthinkable is about to happen,

both physically/spiritually, to the USA. It´s all here, coming soon to your

county. Godspeed, you´ll soon need it, because the UN will soon be policing

the USA!

Respectfully, with just, and only the cold, ominous tip of the iceberg,

Signed: "Al´ Cuppett _______ # Most folks receiving a copy of this letter

should be considered to be on the UN/FEMA´s "Red" or "Blue" Lists! *It´s all

happened right before your TV-watchin´ eyes. Moreover, our current [UN!]

logistics support is so overtaxed/degraded that our guys o´seas, [in over

140 countries] in the event of a major US crisis, could starve to death! I´m

sure the 9-11 "hiatus" caused great concern for Pentagon logisticians. 7 Sep

02: They´re shipping thousands overseas everyday as the Iraq war looms

ahead; including the NG and Reserves! ** NWO "Damage Control", now

"caught-in-the-act", surely has removed these officers from the silos (Nov

2000.) Shalom, Al Cuppett P.S. Whatever you do do not go anti-Semitic.. God

has a COVENANT/deal with that ethnic group. Do not make the mistske of

running them down, other than the "biggie" Illuminists, like Greenspan,

Waxman, Schumer... You´re doing a great work, don´t get on the Lord;s wrong

side by cursing the seed of Abraham. many do it and they shall be the first

ones the NWO catches, as they´ll have no Divine help. Bless the little Jew,

´cause he has a Plan that God made for him way back....

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