Planet x - from John DiNardo
 Let me give it to you bluntly and straight and then go back over it one step at a time with detailed analysis. Here it is

A 10th Planet was discovered that crosses into our solar system approximately every 3,600 years, and it passes between the earth and the sun as it makes its elliptical orbit around our sun and then heads out for another 3,600 years. NASA discovered and excitedly disclosed having found this tenth planet, which is called Planet X, the X standing for the Roman Numeral 10. It was December 30th, 1983 that announcement was made by the chief scientist of the Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite telescope (IRAS) to 6 daily newspapers. Immediately after that, the huge curtain of silence and coverup came down on this subject. This FACT that this planet exists and that passes by earth every 3,600 years is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to everyone, especially Christians, but there is a huge curtain of silence. The biggest and most play-acted curtain of all modern history is being performed right now as you get this information!!!

Part 1: Why Planet X ?

There are so many important thoughts to offer you here --
in the waning years of this present age -- that it's hard to
know where to start. So, I'll start by giving you the dessert
before the dinner:

If You Choose To Be Protected, You *WILL* Be Protected
From Harm When Planet X Passes!

That's the main theme of the Planet X tape that I'm giving away!

Back in 1977, I was moving from Florida back to my home state
of New Jersey. I was on the New Jersey Turnpike when the
rear fender of my little matchbox Toyota was sideswiped by a
truck coming into my lane. He didn't see me down below him.
My Toyota became like spin-the-bottle in the midst of high-speed,
heavy, multi-lane Turnpike traffic. It was dizzying. I was seeing
cars swirling all around me. Suddenly, an instinct told me to
throw in the clutch -- which is a dumb thing to do. This caused
me to break out of my spin and shoot off at a tangent into and
along the center of a grassy ditch running alongside the Turnpike.
As I flew through this ditch, I barely missed a huge concrete
sewer pipe outlet, and then I came to a stop. As they say:
Not a scratch. I had been perfectly protected.

You might say: Well, how do you know that someone was
protecting you? After all, I had been for many years
-- and still was -- a devout atheist. I used to tell people that
Jesus Christ was the cause of more suffering and bloodshed
than was Hitler. Yes, I was the worst kind of atheist:
a belligerent atheist.

And then, another time, I was sitting at a red light on a road
intersecting a major highway. The light turned green
and I always proceed with confidence when the light turns
green. But this time, an instinct of fear flickered in me,
and I was told to hesitate for a few seconds. Now, my view
down the highway to my left was blocked by a building, so
this flicker of fear came not from something I could see.
And my windows were closed, and the radio was on, so I
couldn't hear anything. What seemed like two or three seconds
after my light turned green, a car came flying through the red
light along the lane of the highway closest to me. To make
the light, the driver had greatly accelerated. He would have
smashed into my side, the driver's side. I would have been
crushed to death. A humanburger.
I was still a belligerent atheist, even at that time.

So why would God protect me, if I was not one of His own?
Well, a few years later, I began to learn about human rights
abuses occurring in countries around the World . atrocities
engineered by our government, or more accurately, by the
evil men who have usurped our government. For the first time
in my life, I began to venture outside of my own selfish
interests: my money, my future, my happiness, my security.
I read and saw pictures of people who had been tortured.
John Stockwell, a high Central Intelligence Agency official,
deserted the CIA and was writing books and making taped
speeches at universities and peace forums -- telling young people
about how the C.I.A. uses the U.S. Army Special Forces
(Green Berets) as their torture and terror apprentices.
Stockwell described Dan Mitrione, America's best and brightest
craftsman of torture, and how Mitrione would take one of those
hand-crank electrical generators that you and I pay for by
working and paying taxes, and he would insert the positive
electrical terminal wire between the teeth of some
unsuspecting Salvadoran peasant whom they grabbed off the
streets. Mitrione would stick the negative electrical terminal wire
into the man's testicles.
Folks, this is the US; US, we: the good guys.
Then, proud Green Beret Dan Mitrione would crank the generator
and get it up to a high voltage level to inflict the greatest amount
of pain possible. Then, after the victim had been tortured,
beaten, and mutilated in various creative ways, they would toss
his corpse onto the sidewalk to terrorize the populace, and to strike
such fear into their hearts that they would not oppose the theft
of their land and the enslavement of their people by the huge
American rapist corporations, such as United Fruit Company,
owned by U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his
brother, Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles, one of
the lead conspirators in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

I learned of many other corporate/banking New World Order
atrocities committed through the power of the government of
the ignorant-ified people of the United States -- and it made me
furious. But what was happening to me, beneath the surface of
my consciousness, was that my heart was changing.
The World did not revolve so much around my wants anymore.
The struggle for human rights became an obsession with me.