Letters and info from resources which help 
put the puzzle together
- refer back to this page often as more info is continually added (not always at the top) - this page contains some of the most pertinent proof of  information coming out of the woodwork to support the fact that  this is really gonna happen.

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If most of you are like me, our first inclination is to go into denial on this information (see  www.detailshere.com/denial.htm).  It can't happen now, it can't happen here, it can't happen to me sort of thing. Some will start studying to see if it  really IS a possibility; most will play ostrich - better things to do with their time other than prepare to stay alive. Those of us who choose to study are searching for the truth and the proof. And the more resources of proof we obtain the more believable the issue becomes. Nancy and the Zetas give us good solid information, but  does not include the proof factor to make most people believe this is for real.  Other large observatories absolutely have the proof but have been silenced to reveal it to the public. Those who have chosen to reveal anyway have been murdered; like Sitchin's partner which now accounts for Sitchin's silence.  Big Brother at his best while he builds fortifications for the elite in preparation . I am in contact with many credible sources and the information I am receiving from them tells me this IS for real and I need to start planning NOW if I want myself and my family to be alive tomorrow. See our fortress at www.detailshere.com/ourshelter.htm  In order to enhance YOUR perspective in the same manner, regarding "proof"; I have created this page upon which I will post letters and info I receive which supports our intuition that this event  "is really gonna happen folks" and sooner than later.   I will normally NOT divulge the names or contacts points of these resources. Ber

New link that may or may not be significant. This link claims 
April 28th (like THIS April 28th) is the day of the pole shift.   http://www.paravision.homestead.com/PLANETX.html

Earth's magnetic field is known to be easily tested from different
time periods through the ecological records/readings. Lava flows from
any time perios contain this data. During Planet X's approach there
is always a weakening of the magnetic field to the point of loss of
it altogether at times, as has been reported as of late.
 If one were to check for the strongest magnetic/time field that
Earth has ever had one would come upon about the time of 2000 years
ago.  Right around 2000 years ago Earth had it's strongest magnetic
field ever!  This means that Planet X would have abolutely not been
passing anywhere near this time.  Sitchin is incorrect with these
time frames and knows it. He is being directed in-part by the group
he is with, The Counsel on Foriegn Relations (a ptb organization).

The most telling/accurate method to date the last passage would be
it's world-wide decades-long effect on the growing seasons of trees. 
The narrowing of tree rings throughout the globe again did not happen
around 2000 years ago but did happen between 1600 and 1700 BC.
This shows a major polution event happened at that time, not
localized to one volcanic eruption or part of the Earth.
  It is time once again for PX's return.  Sitchin knows this and has
stated it on a number of occasions but not consistently because of
his position.  He is now under more pressure to keep quiet about the
time being now for px's return than ever before.


Notes taken from McCanney's last radio talk.

He said he has interviewed a colleague in his field from Russia where they have decided to begin opening this subject (coming large body comet) up to the public, in fact he said that the United States citizens are now the least informed in the world about this. This interview (2/6/03) with the Russian scientist is available on McCanney´s archives.

He doesn´t give a specific date at this point when he predicts the arrival of the large planet-sized object that is out there and is currently having tremendous effects on the activity of the sun, and on the amount of solar radiation which we are getting which is affecting the weather as well as the amount of volcanic activity and increasing numbers of earthquakes, but based on the behavior of all
objects in the solar system, there is no doubt that it´s out there.

(Remember the woman doctor who had to be emergency evacuated from one
of the polar stations because she discovered she had breast cancer? Well as an aside, McCanney mentioned that the earth´s magnetic field has gone to zero at the poles a number of times already, and because of the tremendously increased radiation when this happens, anyone exposed gets mega-dosed with x-rays and can develop cancer in as little time as a WEEK!)

He said the last time we had a major close call that no one was told about was when Hale-Bopp passed by. He said it was about half the size of our Moon when it entered the solar system and (because of its electromagnetic interaction with the Sun) grew to approximately the same size as the Moon by the time it left. Its original orbit as it came in would have brought it into an intersection with earth´s orbit, but as it passed by the Sun, it was diverted.

He said if we had passed through its tail, based on its size, we would have been inundated by water and hydrocarbons (combustible) thrown off from the nucleus, would have had tremendously powerful storms, and tides three times their normal height, which would essentially be like tsunamis which would have completely rolled over the island of Manhattan (for example) and penetrated one to two miles inland (this is without any "impact" of the comet itself).

The comet which is passing through now (NEAT), he says has a nucleus about the size of Mercury (though the entire body, including the outgasing tail has been estimated at up to 2X the size of Jupiter as it passed by the sun). And even NASA has been quoted as saying that the CME´s (coronal mass ejections) which this comet´s passby evoked from the sun were the largest ever measured.

Bill Pawelek was also on the show and said: there are four categories of telescopes on the planet: 1) 4" to 8" scopes used by most amateurs, 2) 12" to 4ft. scopes located mostly at universities, 3) 4ft to 12ft scopes which represent the older main line observatories, and 4) state of the art observatory scopes with clusters of mirrors, each 8 to 9 meters (39"/meter, you do the math).

McCanney said that most people don´t realize that NASA reports to the NSA (top secret National Security Agency), and that all NASA employees are under strict loyalty and secrecy oaths. He said that NASA, the NSA and the National Science Foundation (all governmental agencies) are the major funders of the category 2 and 3 observatory programs, which are dependent upon this funding to be able to afford to continue in operation and make equipment upgrades.

He said that he has been personally following the tribulations of one graduate student who hasn´t been able to complete his degree because the scopes at his university and every other university he has contacted have been "down", either "for maintenance and upgrade" or simply without any explanation at all, FOR THE LAST YEAR. He said that all category 2 and 3 scopes have been unavailable to the public since at least May of last year. He said that the category 4 scopes have a 1 to 2-yr waiting list to schedule scope time.

He said that an even more top secret subsidiary of the NSA, the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO - so secret that congress didn´t even know it existed until its budget for an extravagant new office building created a scandal a few years back) is now in charge of putting spy scopes into near-earth orbit that are the size of busses (some already there, others on the way), some taking pictures and film, some monitoring communications.

And the most interesting thing about that is that some of these are monitoring activity on earth and some are pointed the other way, monitoring activity out in the solar system, including communications, presumably of alien craft.

He said that all top secret programs like this have a public "mirror agency" as a front, in this case the SETI program which goes on "listening" for possible signs of life in the universe without ever finding any, and that´s its purpose, to reassure the public that nothing is going on.

He said that the Columbia had a project onboard which used high resolution ground penetrating radar which has discovered a large underground river 750 feet under the Sahara desert (as an example of what it can do), and on this last mission this technology monitored "something" that sent out a light signal from 40 to 50´ underground in Iraq and received a signal back. As posted in other
threads on this forum, Iraq is the original territory of the people chronicled in the Sumerian tablets which tell the story of Nibiru and its 3,600-year orbit, the same Planet X which is purportedly on its way, and Iraq has a lot of ruins which Saddam has been excavating for some time now. These people came from an advanced, space-faring civilization -- their "artifacts" could be something quite
unexpected.  You can get transcripts of James talk shows  at
http://www.GuluFuture.com/future/mccanney.htm    Links below
are from a weekly series on Mysteries of the Mind, on the Millennium
Radio Network, where they have McCanney on every Thursday night.
or click this for live audio

Regarding Comet NEAT - bigger than Jupiter, only 9 million miles from the sun as of 2-17-2003, creating electrical discharges and weather havoc all over earth, and not a word on regular news.   The NASA lie. 
This could be the beginning of the big light show; what I have been saying all along that comets are not dirty snow balls but are a complex plasma interaction
of a rocky nucleus and the solar capacitor

Quoting the Hopi legends - the blue comets are the dangerous ones (since there is such an active electrical current they literally light up like a light bulb) - many people are reporting seeing this comet in UV and is very bright

We will start to see many objects coming into the solar system as a
pre-warning to the big one.  These comets will seem to come from all directions as they are actually in distant orbits around the new large intruding main body -
as noted on my Feb 16 update to my web page there is a serious increase in the # of solar passing comets

This could be the beginning of the light show Where is NASA ? Hunkered down and not talking about the real issues.  What are the real issues????

Solar wind speed is approaching 700 / Earth weather is going
bonkers / NASA now admits it has been watching these through the swan camera on SOHO for over a year - (probably more) So why has it not been

Why all of a sudden are they pre-announcing that they are expecting trouble with SOHO software and due to the storm in the D.C. area may not be able to resolve it (ala ... if a huge flare comes towards Earth you will not be told)

Why was the shuttle taken out? Form your own answer but we know their
main mission was watching a new incoming object - this was broken on
a live nasa news release witnessed by several people I know (we are
sure the guy that said this was not supposed to say it but he knew he
was live and said it to get the word out)

What is NASA still hiding is the real question and what are they NOT
talking about?

The only way the shuttle could have come apart like it did so early in the breakup is if 1) it were intentionally blown into a million pieces with well placed explosives or 2) a huge electrical discharge ignited from the ionosphere (ala the bug zapper as explained in my theoretical work and in my book) or 3) BOTH

Why did NASA tell people not to touch shuttle pieces (that was the
FIRST thing you heard) I heard the very first public announcements
and they already had that on the air) ... could the real reason be
that they knew it was intentionally blown up and knew also that any
pieces would clearly have explosives ingrained into the pieces and
any one of those pieces could provide the smoking gun evidence. Why
is NASA taking pictures from the public of the shuttle coming apart
but not allowing others to see them ... because explosive experts
could verify it was blown up. The shuttle should not come apart in
big pieces like it did with just a few tiles falling off (remember
Columbia coming in on its maiden voyage with LOTS of tiles missing?)

We have a 13 billion dollar a year lie called NASA.

jim mccanney -   www.jmccanneyscience.com 

Did anybody take note of the fact that this week the US Gov. signed
a lease with Boieng aircraft for 100 large in flight refueling jets.
My questions are why do we need 100? why lease not buy? and who in
the heck needs to be in the air that long?I think the answers are obvious but thought I'd pass it on.Micahelb

Denise DeLisle confirms PX approach from the southern hemisphere
Having already confirmed Planet X's existence for us from two
separate high level inside gov't sources, Denise now states the
inbound direction PX is expected from.
"I was the one who received confirmation of Planet X from a government
contracted nuclear physicist and a Pentagon Rapid Deployment officer
while dancing one night...and when I asked them about PX they readily
confirmed its existance.....my uncle worked at the Naval Observatory
years ago when he graduated from Case Western as an astronomer and
then shortly after that he went to Argentina to set up their
telescope....2 years later he came back to finish his PhD in computer
science and now is working for SAIC....what is curious to me is that
he returned to Argentina about a month ago for a couple weeks...I am
not close to this uncle of mine and he clams up everytime I ask
him anything...his name is Edward Coyne and he was graduated from
Georgetown University for both his Masters (in linguistics) and his
I am writing this to confirm the PX approach from the southern
hemisphere - Denise

This is getting serious
Disinfo crew/CIA/NASA/NSA trying to stop James McCanney's radio show
& book


A while ago I posted the many ways that my book 'Blindsided' has been
blocked from reaching the public.  One of those tactics the ptb used
was to put a message out, at the beginning of 2002, to all major book
stores that it would not be available until December 2002.  The
message has now been changed to; not in print, not yet published, or
not available until April 2003.  When I put this message out the
Disinfo crew/CIA/NSA/NASA/ over at the prep2003 egroups (run by
entites D & V) responded and put a message out in response to mine
saying in essense that I was making 'wild claims?'  James McCanneys book has now been given the same message at the major book stores, not published, not in print, or not available until April 2003.  

Last night James called me after his radio show.  The desperate disinfo crew was up to their old tricks, you're tax dollars at work. They broke into his personal telephone line connection he was transmiting from during his radio show several times, a different line each time!  They then did the same to his network studio
connection lines. They then jammed as many servers around the country as possible to stop the internet streaming of his radio show.

They've followed James with his son in the car and have hassled my
family and followed me too.

Remember comets are not dirty snow balls, they are building planets!

Mark H

To read this entire post below James wrote just this morning, about
his experiences, go online to James McCanney's website.


February 1, 2003 update - this past Thursday night my radio show was
interrupted and jammed repeatedly at many levels - It appears that
someone does not want you to hear what I am saying ... HMMMMM   I
wonder who that could be??? About 12 minutes into the show the line I
transmit on from my studio was taken over and on my end I heard a
woman speaking Cantonese.  I tried to break the connection but could
not.  On the network studio end of the link WHOMEVER (the CIA NSA
geeks) forced in a commercial of a man trying to sell a product (I do
not have  commercials on my show!!).  This was all "prearranged" and
someone had the ability to take over this secure line (your tax
dollars at work). 

Three times I re-established the line on a backup line usually
reserved for guests and callers but they broke into that line too (a
totally different line! ... someone was busy weren't they!).  The
network studio connection was broken again each time as the same
thing happened at the network studio.  The studio operator caught it
so if you were listening you probably did not hear much of us talking
and working in the background to get the line reconnected.

They were at work on the internet network also as many servers around
the country had the streaming jammed.

The interesting thing about this was that I was just starting to
announce my upcoming show where I was going to review the good ole'
Hale Bopp Days and the government disinformation regarding
that "Planet X" type of comet.   I was just starting to mention the
Astronomers at the University of Hawaii who faked the 35 mm slides
etc and that's when the line was broken the first time.  I then got
my cell phone and completed the show on that. Apparently they were
unable to find that in time to cut it off also before I had completed
most of the show.   I have my end complete with the woman speaking 
of that show on tape and will put that up eventually so you can hear
what I heard on my end as the line was taken over.

Unfortunately I do not have time to upload that now and the next
update will be soon I hope.  As you know I will be the lead off
speaker at the international UFOCONGRESS (see www.ufocongress.com)
and I will be doing next week's radio show live from the Flamingo
Hotel in Laughlin Nevada with many interesting guests from the
conference.  Be sure to tell your friends.  Until later you will have
to get show archives at the www.realityradionetwork.com web site
(locate the archive button to go to the archive page). 

In closing I want to list the people who have been murdered by your
friendly local CIA to keep the subject of Planet X out of the public
eye OR to create their disinformation story (that you should not
listen to any story regarding an inbound celestial object as only
crazy people who want to transform into aliens go there).

THE LIST of murdered people relative to Planet X types of objects:

Chuck Schramek - Huston news host and one person who took photos of
companion of Hale Bopp that was on the old Art Bell Show (for Chuck's
1997 interview of me scroll to the bottom of this page and go to the
real radio link - this was a classic interview.  When you listen to
that interview you will see why they wanted him eliminated).

Robert S Harrington - at the time head of the Naval Observatory
Washington DC.  Was head of NASA Planet X internal study and was on
his final trip to New Zealand to photograph Planet X.  He died
suddenly of the same rapid onset type of cancer that Chuck Schramek
died from.

Gene Schumacher - NASA planetary geologist while studying ancient
asteroid impacts in Australia.  He was a prolific discoverer of
comets and we all know now that NASA is lying about the fact that
they know I am right (and have been right for over 25 years that
comets are not dirty snowballs, but are a complex plasma discharge
phenomena and with the larger ones becoming planets and moons of the
solar system). Schumacher  had access to the southern hemisphere data
as did Harrington. He could see the vast comet Hale Bopp and knew as
did NASA at that time of the original discovery of Hale Bopp, which
must have been in the same time that Harrington was viewing Planet X,
that Hale Bopp AT THAT TIME was on a near direct collision course
with Earth (it later fell behind schedule due to the tail drag and
missed us by nearly 3 months).  But the point is that Schumacher must
have known this and was going to go public ... Spill the beans on all
of this.  Like Harrington he was well known and would have carried
many scientists with him.  The story of his "death" is the most
ridiculous lie you would ever hear.  There was no autopsy and there
is no information available other than there was a jeep crash and he
died on the way to the hospital.  His ashes were blasted into outer
space out of a NASA satellite as a "tribute".

Heavens Gate - was NOT a cult but was a group of 39 or more very
highly talented programmers who were NOT suicidal.  They were
building the most sophisticated firewall and encryption software on
the planet.  When their web page mentioned Hale Boppand all of a
sudden became very popular as they were about to "leave society" they
were called to a meeting and the mole (we think that programmer mole
is quite active on the current Planet X government disinformation web
site and related work on the web ... yes these are some really nice
folks working for your government) ... the mole informed the
execution squad and one by one as the programmers entered the house
they were murdered.  There was never an autopsy performed.  The
government immediately pulled down and changed their web site and had
a huge front page disinformation campaign in place all over this

Although not related to Planet X exactly, John Denver was about to
become the first civilian to go into space under the direction of the
Russian Space program.  This was a little known fact about John. 
The "accident" was clearly the same "method" employed by the Clinton-
Bush gang in the Mena Arkansas cocaine drug smuggling ring of the mid
1980's (for more information read Terry Read's book "Compromised"). 
The way they eliminated risk pilots was to mess with their flight
instruments to either send them off course or fix their gas gage to
read full but with an empty tank ... that is what I think happened to
John Denver.  Immediately upon John's death there was a national news
campaign to smear him calling him a drunk alcoholic and that the FAA
had been trying to pull his pilots license.  That was most
interesting since Northwest Airlines at the time had no less that 6
pilots currently flying 747's who had worse drinking records than
this including drinking ON THE JOB and the FAA did nothing about

There is increasing evidence that a number of top astronomers who
clearly had access to large telescopes have suddenly died of "heart
attacks" recently.   All I know at this point is that the stories are
filtering in from various "sources" that their personal Planet X
source just "died of a heart attack".

James Jones - remember them?  It is now becoming apparent the there
is a concerted effort and pre-designated program to eliminate any
group or person that would cause society to move from the standard
dependence on your friendly federal government.  Their techniques are
pretty much the same.  We think they have had a similar plan for
a "cult like group feeding off the alien contact trough" in place and
the plan there was also to stage a Planet X suicide "party". 

The patterns are clear.

Why am I writing this?  All I am is a scientist working on what I
have worked on for the past 30 years and all of a sudden there is
vast international interest in my work.  Other top scientists have
died under mysterious conditions.  I am about to go to an
international conference as lead speaker to talk about Planet X and
talk about what you have to do to survive the "passage".  My radio
show is being hijacked.  My phones are tapped and I have been
followed for months by obvious (poorly trained) gov. geeks.  There 
is an old saying that you could stay home and slip on a rug and be
killed, so safety is an illusive thing.  As you read this and pull
this onto your browser ... go to FILE - SAVE AS and save it.  Since
if they try to pull something with me thousands of people will have
this saved.   The first thing they did with others was to pull their
web pages.  I clearly see that someone had pulled my web page
recently since the counter lost a few thousand count in one day and I
did not do anything it.  It was to about to turn 50,000 and all of a
sudden it was back to nearly 48,000.  The only way that could have
happened would be by someone going in and did not reload it to the
server properly. 

Will see you next week from Laughlin NV!  Just remember, comets are
not dirty snow balls.  We are about to start seeing the southern
Harrington location and I imagine that this is what all
the "interest" is with me.  Are we about to see Planet X for the
first time?  Are the dis-ninformation geeks worried that you are
going to find out what they already know?

James McCanney confirms the information from the Triple Doctorate

There are some who would want me to give only newly discovered hard
data that can be confirmed from a variety of sources.  Although that
is a role I'm occasionally given this is not my only mission.  I
appreciate suggestions from others and yet understand my mission
better than those who would want to direct my efforts. Although many
have tried, I will not be dictated to by anyone.  My connection to my
higher calling directs my efforts just fine thank you.

After 7 months of not speaking with the Triple Doctorate who called
me up after seeing a live Hubble link up of Planet X at a secret
meeting outside of Boston and telling me Planet X was 100% confirmed,
I decided to give him a call.

It took a couple of days to get a hold of him but he was receptive
and responsive as soon as I got him on the line.  I told him I just
had one quick question about Planet X that I should have asked last
year, and this was all I needed to know.  He gave me back more
information than I asked for and I was grateful.

My one question was 'What direction is Planet X coming in from?'
His answer was that Planet X will be following the same path as Hale-

I later called James McCanney about this. James said yes, that is
exactly what he was expecting, that both of these objects are
connected and Planet X will be coming up from the southern hemisphere
like Hale-Bopp.

James and I discussed some other indicators that led to the same
conclusion of which direction Planet X is coming in.

The late Dr. Richard Harrington of the Naval Observatory, right prior
to his death, was on his way down south to Australia to confirm for
the last time Planet X.  He was so confident of what he was going to
find, and the ease in which he was going to confirm it yet again,
that he had taken with him a scope that was only eight inches in
diameter. Both he and his scope came back in a box.

The New Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia 1987-1989
edition, Volume 18 under 'space probes' contains a diagram that shows
the 10th planet and a dark star. Incidently I put this diagram
in 'Blindsided.' These objects were sighted by the Pioneers 10 and 11
space probes that were sent toward the 'southern hemisphere'
according to James McCanney.

James also mentioned that the planets Uranus and Neptune are both
being perturbed toward the southern hemisphere.

The IRAS satellite found something out toward the constellation of
Orion. James believes this was not Planet X, although admittedly he
believes that other objects usually arrive from different directions
at the same time Planet X comes through.  The Orion constellation is
in the exact opposite direction as the sourthern hemisphere, and is
the direction that the NASA created website zetatalk would want you
to believe Planet X is coming in from.

One of the interesting tidbits of information I was given during this
latest phone call with the Triple Doctorate, that was un-asked-for
had to do with the timing of Planet X's arrival. Planet X is slowing
down and speeding up with no apparent reason.

The ptb do not understand cometary celestial mechanics like James
McCanney does, heres why.  At one point there was a calculation
preformed to determine when Planet X would arrive based on how fast
it was speeding up using accepted celestial mechanics.  This may be
the reason for many of the astronomical and gov't insiders stating
that Planet X would arrive in spring of 2003.  They now don't know
when it is going to arrive but do expect it within a couple of years
at the outside. 

Since Planet X is now speeding up and slowing down haphazardly, this
has lead to some wild speculation by some that the planet is being
driven around like some sort of star wars ship.  This is not the
case.  What the ptb didn't understand, when they were first trying to
determine Planet X's arrival date, is that when it enters into the
outskirts of the suns magnetic field or heliosphere it breaks into a
comet.  In other words, once it's in the solar field, it then starts
traveling in an entirely different manner. It develops a cometary
tail. It is this tail that causes it to speed up and slow down like a
serpant in the grass.  Yes, the head of a snake in the grass surging
forward and then pausing as the rest of its body/tail catches up and
surging forward again is a good analogy that I ran by James McCanney
with.  In fact James said that these objects were known to the
ancients as 'cosmic serpants' and 'the lawless ones.'  Serpants
because of the their tails and how the looked and how this effected
their celestial mechanics. 'Lawless ones' because they didn't follow
any of the traditionally known laws of how the other planets acted.

The ufo and Montak base investigator and lecturer Al Bielek actually
contacted me over 6 months ago and told me that he had good
information that Planet X was slowing down and then later he said it
had speeded up again.  I admittedly discounted this information as
possible disinformation at the time.  With my new understanding of
cometary celestial mechanics I'm afraid I made a mistake in
discounting his Planet X informational sources.

Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions in regards
to any of the matters discussed here.  My understanding of the Planet
X situation is in a continuous state of evolution. I'm humbled to
understand that the more I discover I know, the greater my sense of
not knowing becomes.

As you know if you are savy to the online available data : there are two scientists who have provided pathways of predictability of the perturber, itself. Harrington is one (murdered when he took an 8" scope to Australia to prove out his theory) and R.A.Day is the other. I'm still not sure if James McCanney is using Harrington's thesis, but I think so. Here is the structural data on the path of this distant brown dwarf. 1)From January 26th, super bowl sunday: the presence of this body will be verified in Centaurus. This info came via our cell of researchers lead by Rush Allen. 

Interactive Sky Chart
Simulate a naked-eye view of the sky from any location on Earth, at any time
of day or night, on any date from 1600 to 2400. Or print an all-sky map. This
interactive sky chart works in most Java-enabled Web browsers. This chart will show you stars, planets, and constellations for your area at any time of day you specify.  Plug in your location and time and bring up the chart and go outside and there it is , just like on the chart. 

This information identifies zetatalk as a NASA disinformation site. Now ask yourself this question.  If PX wasn't real and inbound why would they need such an elaborate scheme to defraud and ridicule (ZT) the public about PX with?

The following is an extrememly important discovery; because it means the zetatalk site is misleading us on the whereabouts of X; and McCanney's probably right about it coming in from the south and not being able to be seen until late April or May; too late for preparation for those waiting for the "proof in the sky" before taking action. I include the full McCanney information here  as it is lengthy but very revealing. 

Something happened last night that was very pointed and very telling . I  pulled up the january 10 Lieder photos and clicked on them and up they came with the server file name on them the same as was written on the web page (e.g. jan10...) .I clicked some of them off and when I pulled them up again , they came up with a different file name attached and I recognized it immediately as a NASA  code that they use on their pictures. So somehow ole' Nancy must
have renamed them for attaching to the page but did not realize that the old NASA file names were somehow still there or as in some cases when you ftp something to a web page then change the name after uploading the server remembers the old name and changes it back automatically ... an irritating thing when you are working on a home page / this is now one of the key smoking guns !!!!!!!!!!


For those of you wanting to believe X is NOT coming ; I just have to pass this on.   This is serious. I want you to know that I have supported Dove in all her Nesara information and postings; I DO believe Nesara will happen soon,  and have held in judgment all this alien intervention information she has put out.  Although I am not thoroughly convinced that some aliens come from outer space, and other aliens have our best interests at heart; I do not laugh at such or discard the possibilities; especially with the information now gleaned from the Boylan reports and other military personnel who have come forth and spilled the beans with what they know. Aliens are real whether they come from outer space or from within our earth; they are real. It is a serious issue we have been kept in the dark about.   In this case I would welcome if it is fact what I have been sent.  This is a personal message to me from Dove when I asked her recently , based upon the continuing increase in solar flares and volcanism, just when her alien friends were going to push Planet X into an orbit that would not affect the earth. Her response:

"Berry, the Forces have ALREADY moved Planet X - for heaven's sake do you think all civilizations are as limited as the Earth Humans?  The multiverse is ZILLIONS of years old and this current civilization on Earth is merely thousands of years old - not all sentient beings in the multiverse have been held back like the humans on Earth." Dove

So there you have it; X may not cause the damage predicted. And, for what it's worth; I am still preparing - if not for X then for nukes or whatever.  I strongly suggest you read the free non denominational e-book at  http://www.wake-up.org/warnbook/WarnBook.htm  that really cuts to the chase about what is to occur to earth during revelation. I feel this is very close.  It is the only reservation I have with regard to Dove's repsonse.  We ARE in the time as it was with Noah; conditions of corruption, deviancy, and criminal acts are very similar. I don't believe nothing is going to happen to us. Our 6000 years are up; plus or minus a few, the time of tribulation is extremely near. I think preparation is still mandatory.   Just my opinion.  Ber 

This is one of the most significant messages supporting X's existence so I will keep this letter which was sent to Mark a while back  in #2 position here - newer letters are added below this one.

I just spoke with Doctor that thanked me for writing my book. He said if it wasn't for me he would have not found out about Planet X. This past Thursday 5-23-02 (right outside of Boston) he attended a meeting at the Museum of Science. He was only allowed into this meeting because of his long established connections within the scientific community, being a semi-retired triple doctorate.  Apparently he's held in high regard.

There were 24 people there including a couple government officials.. He said the whole meeting was very hush hush. He was told not to tell anyone this but because of my efforts he phoned me. All attending this meeting viewed Planet X via a live Hubble link up. He personally had a look at 2001 KX76 and Planet X.  When I first got him on the phone he said right away that he saw Planet X and it is 100% confirmed. He ended the phone call saying 100% confirmed twice. He said the government is very worried about what PX will do when it passes. He said the majority of the cratering on the moon and earth comes from objects brought in with PX from the asteroid belt when it passes. The additional worry was that some of these asteroid type objects might get deflected this time and would not land in the ocean. He said they calculated a month ago that at it's present speed that it would arrive in 3.5 years but then recieved a report that it
increased in speed by 1/3 over the last month and is still increasing. [From my understanding PX may still be increasing in speed and there's nothing but basic Newtonian physics that is causing this and nothing preventing it from reaching ANY speed and may be here as early as June to early July 2003.]

He said also that he heard from the group there that Hubble is being used to monitor this situation with PX very closely and an observatory in Killoway (spelling) Hawaii. [I'm sure there's alot more scopes viewing this] Also, the point was made that THEY know it's inbound and are very worried about what it will do when it passes because of its size. He said it could be very devastating.

30 mins. prior to this confirmation I got off the phone with Leo John Schwartz who worked for Free American Magazine until last week. He said there is an array of giant radio telescopes in New Mexico. He said he talked with someone who helped build and maintain it and this man knew all about Planet X and confirmed that it is out there. This is significant simply because since Leo has been writing articles about PX for Free American, this is the third independent confirmation he's received. The first was from a long time friend of Clay Douglas (who owns Free American) from a man who was in the Green Berrets. This guy said most all the secretive gov't agencies are getting ready for or
have knowledge of PX. The second one came from another government
official who wouldn't talk to them over the phone but walked right into Free American in New Mexico to confirm all he knew about 6 weeks ago.

Yesterday, I talked with a man who's good friends with Alex Merklinger (I've done several radio shows with him) he has documentation that this year and last six new 8 meter diameter scopes came on line all over the world. All of these scopes are of such size that the money for them had to have been all allocated at the same time, in the early 80's. As you recall this is when the US gov't
announced having found PX. See www.planetxvideo.com for a picture of one of the newspaper articles from that time.

A follow-up converstion with the triple Doctorate yielded the following information:
He made it clear to me early on in the phone call that my phone was
definitely tapped.

He said that THEY were upset at me for getting this information out. He said he's talked with THE top scientists that are working on Nibiru. [sounded like their pet project or something, what the hell can they do about it?] He mentioned that certain survival shelters are experiencing all time high sales because of insiders knowledge of Nibiru.  He thanked me for saving his life and that he wouldn't have taken Nibiru seriously if it wasn't for me. I mentioned that 3/4's of my material was from others. I only gathered together several different sources and some were spiritual. He said if it weren't for me he wouldn't be moving, liquidating his
assets, and finding a place on a side of a hill with elevation 2500 feet and building his own type of survival shelter. He mentioned that I may be arrested for being an alarmist. In the next breath he said that this passage is wholely unique to all the rest and could be the worst one yet according to the best calculations of where our solar system will be during the passage. He said the NSA consults with him occasionally on certain issues but does not contract him out so he's
under no obligation and doesn't take their money.

He's been involved over the years with devices that cure cancer and aids but understand why the Powers That Be won't allow this information out because of lost revenue. He said if he was in charge he would announce the impending passage of Nibiru and the calamities but understands that it would collapse the economy of the world. Another thing he mentioned was he had been involved with all sorts of different kinds of technological advances and devices that
would take quite a while to get into all of it. I didn't ask about this. Two or three times he said I should be building an underground shelter now that this was the only way to go. I told him I would start if or when I could afford to do so. Hopefully that changes soon.

1-6-2003  -  Perverted disinfo Science makes the rounds

There is some old disinformation making the rounds right now that I
feel must be addressed for the new comers who've not dealt with all
it of thusfar. First Mars has nothing to do with Planet X, is not Planet X, and will
not effect earth no matter that it is going to be closer to earth in
2003 than it has in 50,000 years.  2012 is not the date for Planet X's passage.  I've been passed the most likely timeframe from insiders within the scientific community on several occasions.  The soonest date for passage I've heard and
possibly most likely is spring 2003 and the latest is 2004.  2004 was given from an insider who works for the VLA Very Large Array of radio telescopes in New Mexico.  All at that facility are Planet X aware.  The date 2004 itself may have been given to pacify the workers there and buy a little time with them and who they talk to when if fact the heads of the VLA may know it is more likely 2003.

James McCanney's most likely direction for Planet X to come in from
is the southern hemisphere.  It would not be able to be sighted until
February 2003. 

Jim and I have also discussed the celestial mechanics of PX getting
here on time.  If coming up from the south it could be very close now

Mark H

From Ber - This is supported by James McCanney's latest comments:
Prof. JAMES McCANNEY - 12-6:
I'm going to interject something from my own point-of-view, here,
as a scientist and somebody who studies the Sun, daily:
The Sun, right now, is going bonkers. I mean it isn't just a little bit
above the normal solar maximum level. It is going absolutely bonkers.
The flares coming off of the Sun are like a popcorn popper.
They have stopped counting the sunspots. If that doesn't make
any sense, we were supposed to be at a solar maximum in the year
2000; we are now in the year 2002 and a half, two and a half years
beyond that [solar maximum]. In the eleven-year solar cycle, we
should  now be half-way toward the solar minimum, yet, just the opposite effect is now occurring: solar activity is more intense now than perhaps we have ever seen it before.
This tells us something big is still out there and incoming rapidly!

There's more:
Ten minute audio clip--Two bodies have entered the solar system
Go to  web site www.loveyourenemy.com  and click on the:
"contact us" (left side bottom of page)
and then click on:
"here's a file for Pat"
It is a ten minute audio clip of what Richard Hoagland said christmas
eve. To recap, he said that two bodies have entered the solar system
and they are heating it up. IS this proof of James McCanney's
theory, confirming the solar capacitor model currently being advance by Jim McCanney. I think yes cause it fits. Read the 12-28 posting further down for what is meant by the solar capacitor. 

January 2, 2003  found at  http://www.syzygyjob.net/phenomena/messages/29004.shtml 
Planet X: Events Signaling its Approach
1. Simultaneous volcanic eruptions within a couple of days of each other with special emphasis on previously dormant volcanoes.
2. Increased meteor activity and asteroids showing up with little notice appearing out of nowhere!
3. Record auroral activity being visible further south than ever before.
4. Record wave heights not attributable to hurricanes or cyclones.
5. Wind speeds in micro-bursts touching down in the 300-400mph range.
6. Disruptions and planetary perturbations in our solar systems outermost planets.
7. Phenomenal solar flares, sun spots and coronal mass ejections braking all previous records.
8. Plasma storms, electrical discharges on Jupiter and its moons.
9. Massive power failures shutting down different parts of the country.
10. Satellite failure and disruption, including radio and TV, Including shortwave blackout for long time periods.
11. Comet and asteroid impacts will increase in number on our sister planets, visible to amateur astronomers.
12. Unparalleled extreme animal behavior with attacks on humans exploding worldwide.
13. Extreme mental disruption in humans, as their brains come under assault from electromagnetic field changes.
14. New genetic mutations in fish and amphibians unparalleled.
15. Insect plagues that will expand their territory in record time.
16. Migration patterns of birds, and sea mammals becoming totally bizarre.
17. Glaciers and snow covered mountains melting due to extreme temperatures, breaking all previously set records.
18. Chemtrail chemicals will change colors with never before seen colors in the atmosphere.
19. Massive worldwide sightings and crashes of UFOs due to the disruption of their cloaking and propulsion systems.
20. Things in the invisible realm becoming visible due to the alteration of the visible light spectrum being altered by new wave forms of energy.
Luke 21:26 Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

And finally, the most extreme dis-information campaign in the history of the world to try and hide the catastrophic events taking place or to explain the events away from catastrophism, and Planet X, Niburu, Wormwood and Gabriel's Fist, all names for the same intruder planet!
Steve Quayle

The big question everyone asks is," where's the proof?"; with a lack of proof comes complacency and lack of preparation.  Without regarding the actual
earth changes that are prioviding a lot of proof right now; this probably sums 
up the best sources that say X is coming.

"The prediction that Nibiru will pass near the Earth and cause a
cataclysmic pole shift in May of 2003 has generated a great deal of
attention and has even prompted some people to sell their homes and
move to anticipated safe areas. AND YET, THIS PREDICTION RELIES ON
A SINGLE CHANNELED SOURCE (that of a group of Zetas speaking
through Nancy Lieder)."      Greg

You're absolutely wrong! I wouldn't rely on one channeled source for
anything. Zetatalk is not just a channeled source in any event. It is
full of gov't disinformation and fabrications about many things and
people and yet does have some good px info. Professor James McCanney
and I have come to this conclusion independently and collectively.
Zetatalk exposes old outdated incorrect models of how the solar
system works. An advanced alien race would not do that!

I've recieved this same timeline of events for 2003 from a NASA
employee building a dome in the upper midwest who never knew of
zetatalk. Also, from a high level physicist that attended a meeting
in Russia in the year 2000 with several other top scientists of that
country discussing the inbound px. Incidentally the last word I got
from this physicist, toward the beginning of summer 2002, is that he
left Europe for his safe haven of New Zealand to ride out the storm
that he said would be arriving in less than a year. Next a triple
doctorate (Dr. Don Mxxxx) attended a secretive meeting getting
information that he let me know privately about because of my
efforts. He attended a meeting 5-23-02 outside of Boston at the
Boston Science Museum with 24 other people including gov't
officials. All got to view PX with a link to Hubble.
He stated he was getting weekly reports about PX until I put this
info out on the internet and they stopped giving him any more data.
Before they stopped however they told him from the best of their
calculations at one point that PX would arrive in 3.5 years ( This
was in spring 2002). All that changed one month later when PX
increased in speed by 1/3. If px has continued to increase as such
since then 2003 would be the date. I'm not sure of the month however.

The staff at a very large observatory in Saint Petersburg Russia is
also fully aware of the 2003 date of passage. This from a wealthy
Canadian business man (Bruce J.) in Germany who checked it out for
himself and talked to the man in charge of new planets there.

Another source within the VLA (Very Large Array of radio telescopes
in New Mexico) has stated all employees are aware of px and are being
told to expect a 2004 passage. (The heads of the VLA may be giving
out a false later date to quash the concerns of gossip, knowing full
well it is 2003, I don't know) I do know they would not be giving out
a date that was too soon! So whether it is 2003 or 2004 I don't care.
It's time for people to deal with it now and hope it arrives a little
later than the spring 2003 date so as to give some extra time to
prepare and inform others.

Now, there are other sources for the 2003 px passage that I could dig
up, I'm sure, if I did a search through my extensive data files and
in fact that is what was suggested I do just recently. I've 10 times
more accounts of insiders verifying the reality of px than of
insiders with a date of passage I could also pull together.

Zetatalk is what the ptb want you to concentrate on so many will then
discount it all. The ptb set up zetatalk for just this purpose. Why
do you think they would go to all this trouble you might ask? Well
px is shortly going to pass and they need px or the date of passage
or both to appear silly so people don't panic and collapse the
economy. This silliness or fall guy is zt.

Are you just regurgitating/believing what the disinformation artists
are saying for your own confort sake? Face reality and the
discomfort of what this life has to offer and you'll be more able and
mature to handle what is coming.

Do you think what I know and am doing is a piece of cake? Do you
think I don't break down with pain on occasion knowing full well what
is expected on this planet soon? Accept your pain, get over denying
the reality of px passing shortly and what that has the potential of
doing, get on with your personal growth and spiritual evolution, and
forget about zt if you get nothing more out of it than an easy
personal denial.   Mark H

From Ber - Folks, there's only two choices - prepare and hope the effects are less or that it doesn't come at all, and live, or wait until there's enough proof for everyone and then there's no time or resources to prepare for anything else except to die. 

This one's too long to post so you will have to go to 
http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/2003perspective.html  and weed through some stuff to get to the Nibiru part. They say it is real and it IS coming this year. 

When I first read this analogy of the sun's capacitor; I didn't fully understand it until I read it a couple more times and the impact of what James McCanny is saying hit me.  This is rather lengthy so read the whole thing  here; but here's a sampler to whet your appetitte for a serious issue regarding just HOW X may cause a pole shift and that radiation protection is just as necessary a reason to build a concrete shelter as for meteor or ash protection. 

"Now here is the crux of the matter: The sun is currently at levels never experienced before and it is increasing to record levels of activity every day. We were supposed to have peaked in the year 2000 with the ˜solar maximum. We are currently over two years beyond that, and there is no end to the increases in sight. It definitely indicates that the sun is currently interacting with a large intrusion into the solar capacitor. (p.21)

A similar process of capture is happening with Planet X. The
perturbations of the solar corona bear witness to its entry into the
solar system. The question is not whether it is there or not, the
question is when will its presence cause major earth changes.

The sun is currently at levels never experienced before, and it is
increasing to record levels of activity every day. It definitely
indicates that the sun is currently interacting with a large
intrusion into the solar system".    Go to  here for the whole thing.

12-29   Why aren't others seeing X now?

Blindsided in late April by Planet X coming up from the South

It took me quite a few months to realize I'd been scammed by the CIA
when I mistook their story for the truth (that they keep repeating)
about them setting up the prep2003 egroups by two individuals (D and
V) because of the compliments given to me by them in the beginning. 
Now they (D and V) call me a scammer. Such is life.  The real
scammers calling the guy trying to help the public (with very needed
suppressed knowledge to help save lifes) is himself being called a
scammer by the true biggest lying scammers there are the CIA/NASA.

Incidentally V (of CIA D and V) was recently thrown off the pro-only
PX Earth change list for spreading disinformation designed to cut
down James McCanney's work and calling Sherwood (the moderator) and

They say their debate group has somehow influenced me to change my
mind about the date of passage. They keep repeating this thinking the
more they say it the more repeating a lie will make it true!  I never
changed my mind about the passage time.  I just said the soonest time
for a PX passage from all indicators/insiders is spring 2003. I don't
pay attention to their disinfo debate group and never did. 

They endlessly repeat (again somehow repetition makes it so) that
they have the most fair, impartial, balanced egroup discussions about
Planet X and yet if you pay the slightest bit of attention they slam
the information and messengers like myself endlessly, only let out on
occasion a tiny article unopposed to appear neutral, and are
constantly misdirecting people with unrelated to Planet X nonsense. 
These people are bright articulate sophisticated paid-for con-artists.

Art Bell's show was controlled by the PTB and would never let me on
again after my January 16/17 initial one show and never let James
McCanney on once to discuss his Planet X book.  The real CIA scammers
are now saying that I've been on the Art Bell show 3 times!
These are but a skant few examples of endless fabrications that are
being put forth by these paid-for-professional-liars day after day

So, it has taken me a little time to realize all this but I'm fairly
new to the CIA tricks, so forgive me.  Now this next realization also
took me a little time, so bear with me.

Zetatalk is again a paid-for-disinfo-crew set up to dissuade the
majority of people away from good planet x info. Do they give some
real info? Why yes! Good disinfo wouldn't work without truth
sprinkled in. ZT is claiming that they are giving out current good
coordinates for Planet X and it's being imaged.  They may have in the
past givin out good coordinates, when it was too far away for
amatuers to sight, but this latest round of only a couple people
sighting it since mid September is now not believable IMO.  ZT quit
giving coordinates for a time and then said PX would be visible in
mid Sept. That is when they started giving out the lastest
coordinates and uncoincidentally the time when the one Steve Havas
started imaging it.  Where are the hundreds of others they say are
doing the same but aren't balsy enough to come forward?  That's what
is being said over there!  They say hundreds of others are seeing it,
imaging it, and not setting up endless websites letting others know. 
I DON'T THINK SO! Images of Hale-Bopp were all over the internet
showing its companion and estimating it size being alot larger than
what the CIA/NASA liars were saying. 

Harrington took with him an 8 inch scope down south over 10 years
ago to get a final sighting of Planet X when he was killed. 

The Kuiper airborne observatory was looking at Planet X in 1983
taking off from a base down south in Guam.

That's all Harrington figured that was needed, 8 inches in diameter.
So, if it's real close and easy to see why can't we now? Because like
James McCanney says if it's coming up from the south, it won't be
seen until late April. At that time it will Blindside us by June or

Mark H

Heard a very interesting thing on the Art Bell show the other night.
Famed psychic Sylvia Brown said she can´t see a future after summer of
2003. She said the MAYAN Calendar is slightly off. That what they call
2012 , and state was the end of the world, so they never built
the calendar beyond that, is really 2003. 
Then a guy came on, he said that the Eskimos store food in holes in the
permafrost, their refrigerator. Usually the permafrost is frozen solid
30 feet down. NOW, the permafrost is only frozen for 3 feet down, then
it is not frozen! The theory is that the Earth is being heated from
inside the core, by ´waves´ from the Universe reacting with the Iron in
the Earth´s core causing heating via resistance of iron to the waves.
He says the waves are what the Mayan 2012 date is all about. Now moved up
to 2003. He said that through a telescope can be seen stars undergoing
violent disruptions/explosions and that the ´causal´ wave FRONT is
coming our way, due to arrive 2012. Also heard a woman, named
Goodhigsbee, say essentially the same thing; that condition of global
warming is real, only not caused by people, but by the approaching
WAVE. Heard yet another woman say that she had seen through an Observatory Telescope a Planet X type mass approaching our Solar system, the Nibaru star that causes pole shifts? Don´t know if these things are related or
coincidental, or if true or false; but both are doomsday scenarios. If
true, the chaos (and insanity?) will intensify as 2012 approaches.

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