This message in response to a posting that Mark "retracted" his May 2003 passage date.  
Retracting is not what I've done at all.  Spreading this word 'retracting' as having come from me is classic disinformation. The fact that the CIA needs to spread disinformation about what I've said about Planet X goes along way in understanding how serious their handlers view the situation to be. Being very careful about what information is known and how it is conveyed is all that is going on here.  What is known is PX is absolute real, inbound, and will be here shortly because it is increasing in speed! The earliest date I've heard for passage is by spring 2003.  I don't have the orbital elements or trajectory.  So, I've no way to verify if their time frames are exactly correct or whether even the people who possess this information know if they can be on target using the best math models they have. The comet Hale-Bopp was a month late by NASA's best estimates. Now you understand it straight "from the horses mouth."  We will all see it 6-8 weeks prior to its passing with our unaided vision. 
 What ever arguments you've heard against PX's reality is the CIA disinfo crew working overtime trying to fabricate lies about any messenger or any PX data that continues to come forward. Also, read the book "Planet X Comets and Earthchanges" by professor James McCanney M.S. jmccanneyscience.com
Most of the gov't is not involved in this cover up and is out of the loop.  The gov't is run by the ones at the top or (PTB behind the scenes) that control at least the major media and financial markets. Their CIA thugs are all over the internet posing as normal individuals, trying to influence public opinion against PX at every turn. If they announced what they know about PX the stock markets/economies would fail globally instantly and their power (financial and otherwise) would be severely lessoned.  They are all about power/money and mainly not saving human lives except for their own. Having said all that the true Power is in the spirit world that even uses these self-appointed-PTB without their being aware. I personally believe that there is order and perfection in the universe.   Take Care   Mark H

I'm not going to belabor this issue further but this is an important point. If there is no Planet X then why is big brother going to so much trouble to make sure Mark's book "Blindsided" never sees the public??? Why would they buy out his first run????   Disinfo crew is stopping sales of Blindsided and  giving a watered down internet version. There is an internet copy of "Blindsided" being given out by the disinfo crew. This is being done WITHOUT MY PERMISSION from various sources like DD (THE CIA disinfo Di and her partner V who run the prep2003 egroups). I've just been sent a copy of the internet copy of 'Blindsided' they are giving out. It has been altered and chopped down by about 10 pages. Not just any 10 pages but key/core evidence has been taken out. Now in the beginning of this year the disinfo crew sent out a message to all major book stores that "Blindsided" would not be available or even published until December 9th 2002. They then bought out the print-on-demand publisher 'First Publish' who was handling the book and stopped printing and selling it. This was in the middle of them printing 1000 copies. They actually tried to sell me 1000 covers of my own book. This is after I pre-paid for the books with a credit card. They ended up trashing the covers and not wanting to pay back the credit card charge. I just spoke to James McCanney. He says First Publish (who doesn't handle Blindsided anymore) has put out a new message to all the major book stores. This is misinformation.  "Blindsided will now not be even published until April 2003." The disinfo crew could say that the first time (saying Dec. 2002) was a mistake. Now they are so blatant they don't care if a few thousand people find out what they are up to. Giving a second false-future-availability-date is just plain criminal. For the second time in as many weeks I've found out that used copies of 'Blindsided' were being sold over the retail price. First I heard from award winning author KT Frankovich; she saw a price of $65 for one copy from  Amazon.com. Now from another source, $52 was a price set for one used copy but were out of stock. So the price of used copies are being driven up because of the disinfo crews efforts. By the way anyone can get a copy of either James McCanney's book or 'Blindsided' for the normal price by clicking on the cover of Blindsided and contacting TGS in Texas. see www.planetx2003.com or go direct to: http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/blindsided/      Mark H

One of the group who is 100% with us sent this to me a short time ago - it was posted at one of the message boards. Thought that I would pass it on to you and if you think it is worth mentioning to McCanney, please pass it on.
The geomagnetic k indices are frightening the way they remain the same intensity for so long, very unusual.  This means that the Earth's magnetic "envelope" protecting it from solar and cosmic radiation is weakening due to constant stress from continual solar bombardments.

I´m not an astrophysicist, but I don´t think it takes one to make this observation.  Also,the BASELINE radiation output(gamma range)is WAY up out of normal ranges.  Add this to the apparent increase in intensity of the Sun noted by almost all observers,I think we can confirm there is a problem, and they have no intention of alerting us.  Every day in this current enviroment is rapidly aging our bodies if my understanding of human physiology is correct.  We are being
microwaved,x rayed and otherwise having our atoms bomabarded by protons and high energy electromagnetic radiation.  Try your gieger counter if you have one,check for background radiation and then point the probe towards sol and listen to it .Believe me when I tell you the earthquakes are the direct result of the above mentioned phenemenon.

Jim, Is this true?
Response From: "James M. McCanney"
Subject: Re:!!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:24:59 -0600
Just happened to be on line / yes this is true and I have been saying this for months on the shows i have been on when referring to the activity of the sun and is one of the Earth Changes described in my book / this is another reason for getting under some serious mass like in a cave or other cement shelter and why we both are telling people THEY NEED TO START PREPARING NOW / people should listen to my 12 month pre planet x scenario on the global wings night session video/ so do not listen to the gov. disinformation fronts that state
and imply that you can keep on living normally up to the day before the "passage" / in the late 90's there was a serious solar flare that directly hit earth and russia was pointing towards the sun at the time / the earth's magnetic field went to zero literally (this is also proof of my theory that the majority of the earth's mag field is in the form of electrical currents in the ionosphere and
beyond ... and why the incorrect nasa/lieder statement that Planet X will cause a global pole shift due to magnetic effects is patently wrong ... if there is a pole shift it will be caused by gravity waves) / after this massive solar flare in the 90's russia initiated a study to track the cancer rates / i know directly about this as i was still able to communicate with my russian contacts then (before our gov
pulled the plug on our communication) / i believe my book refers to the mag field stuff also and certainly i talk about this in my 1980's papers in the back of the book in the section (the 3- part comet paper) when i talk about biological evolution and the alteration of the radiation due to change in the mag field as this is a major contributor of genetic alteration during times of stress on the
earth and its inhabitants ... it is the cause mutations ... the successful ones will win out and the unsuccessful ones will die off / so stress is natures way of making those changes at these times to cause the severe and sudden genetic alterations we see at mass extinctions / that also is a good argument for the mass extinctions NOT being caused by colliding asteroids as they DO NOT explain the total picture of what happens to earth and its inhabitants and
further DOES NOT explain the mag field alterations (the nasa boys can say all they want but a colliding asteroid does not alter the earth's mag field like a passing large plasma discharging comet as in my comet model) / but NASA and the gov. supported scientists all have their little story and never mind that it does not explain the data !!! / feel free to post this in response to tuatha's request /

PS part 3 of my 1979 comet paper which is in appendix 2 of my book has an extensive write up on the magnetic dynamo  / 
PPS my new web page is near ready for posting along with archives and
new lectures and videos / take care / jim mccanney      www.jmccanneyscience.com 

11-20    Taken from  http://www.prep2003.com/dailyponder.htm

At a present distance of approx. 17.4 billion miles and closing fast now,
PX is beginning to grow in magnitude and size as shown at:
http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm    This pushes my personal
probability meter up one notch to 90%.

By Jan 7, 2003 PX is predicted to close to a distance of approx. 14.3
billion miles.

By Kenneth Chang
Oct. 7, 1999 - interesting this was published over three years ago

Astronomers may have found hints of a massive, distant, still unseen object at the edge of the solar system — perhaps a 10th planet, perhaps a failed companion star — that appears to be shoving comets toward the inner solar system from an orbit 3 trillion miles away.
Two teams of scientists — one in England, one at University of Louisiana at Lafayette — independently report this conclusion based on the highly elliptical orbits of so-called “long-period comets” that originate from an icy cloud of debris far, far beyond Pluto. “We were driven to this by rejecting everything else we could think of,” says University of Louisiana physicist Daniel Whitmire.

Clump of Comets
A couple years ago, Whitmire, along fellow physicists John Matese and Patrick Whitman, noticed the farthest points of the comets’ orbits didn’t appear random but bunched together, tracing a path across the sky. “We accidentally noticed they weren’t uniform,” Whitmire says. First, they tried to explain the clumping from the gravitational pull from a main disk of stars in the Milky Way stars. “That ultimately didn’t work,” Whitmire says. “We’ve gone through several other models trying to explain this.” At around the same time, John Murray, a planetary scientist at The Open University in Great Britain, made a similar observation in similar comet data. “I started puzzling what this might could be,” he says.
The most obvious but seemingly unlikely explanation would be a planet. “I thought we’d better rule that out,” he says. But as he analyzed the orbits, the farthest points appeared to fall on a circular orbital path — “which is exactly what you would expect if there was a planet out there.” As the planet — estimated to have a mass between one and 10 Jupiters — orbits, its gravitational wake disturbs the icy debris of the outer solar system, causing some of it to plunge toward the sun as comets, sort of like an elephant ambling through a china shop.
No one has yet directly observed a 10th planet, and there could still be another cause for the cluster of comets. The University of Louisiana research will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Icarus. Murray’s paper will appear in Oct. 11 issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Very Distant
What’s surprising is just how far out there this supposed planet is. Both Murray and the University of Louisiana physicists put the planet in an orbit about 3 trillion miles — or half a light-year — from the sun. The nearest star is four light-years away. To put this distance in perspective, consider a miniaturized version of the solar system in which Earth is one inch from the sun. On this scale, Pluto, the ninth planet would be a bit more than a yard from the sun. The new planet, by contrast, would be a half-mile distant. At that great distance, the 10th planet would be too dim to see by current telescopes, although there is some hope that if it exists, the next generation of space-based infrared telescopes might be able to pick it up. Murray hypothesizes the planet may have been wandering through the galaxy before being captured by the solar system’s gravity. Whitmire suggests it is a “brown dwarf,” or a failed star, a companion to the sun that was too small to light up. Although suggestive, the findings are not conclusive. While Murray and the Louisiana physicists agree how distant the new object is, they trace out very different orbits. Murray considers the orbits of 13 comets with the most accurately known orbits; the Louisiana team considers 82.

Too Early to Look for a Name
“It’s possibly suggestive,” comments Brian Marsden, associate director for planetary sciences at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. “I don’t want to bet on it. We’re certainly not going to name it.”Whitmire agrees it’s too early to say definitely there’s something out there.
“Until it’s found, you can never be overly confident,” he says. “We know in science you can be fooled by statistics.” But he adds, “If I was betting, it’s better than 50-50 odds that it’s there.” http://media.abcnews.com/images/aquadot.gif 

I've heard from plenty of insiders within the astronomical community
from the world over & within several known and secret organizations
within the US, prior to these images (referring to Steve Havas' latest images - see www.detailshere.com/coordinates.htm ) , to know PX is real and
absolutely inbound.

12-4  The plot thickens
James McCanney on Alex Merklinger Tonight 10pm eastern

As many know and understand why James McCanney is running into
opposition in trying to get his information out about Planet X type
objects, NASA, and the electrical nature of the solar system. His
radio show was cancelled at the last minute and his sponsors bowed
out with no good reason as to why. His website has been hacked and
taken down three times in the last 3 weeks. For the first time ever,
let me let you know here, James told me he's been followed around in
his SUV while his son was in the vehicle on more than one occasion.
He gave some very vivid details about how he tried to lose one of
these PTB hired followers one time.

I'm told he has pre-recorded a really good hour interview with Alex
Merklinger that will air tonight at 10pm eastern.  Alex's show is 3
hours, and which hour he'll be on is not know.  He will also be on
this Tuesday night December 10th again with Alex.  

Tonight Saturday November 16th James McCanney will be on the Sci-zone
at 9pm Eastern with Bill Boshears
WLW 700 am Clear Channel (38 states) out of Cincinnati

Beginning this Thursday nite/Friday morning, starting at 1 am eastern
(Nov. 21/22nd), Professor James McCanney will be starting his Daily
(i.e.  M - F) SWR talk show on 5.085 and 6.890 MHz.

A couple weeks of Archives will be on his website
http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/   Each week a full weeks worth of
these shows will put on a CD and sold.  To archive all shows for each
week on his website isn't possible.

Note from Calvin Steinberger: I have just finished reading his book
entitled: "Planet-X Comets & Earth Changes".  He very definately
believes that Planet X not only exists (and is inbound), but that
it's passage into our inner Solar System will be causing some very
serious "earth changes".  As to the "timing" of the event, he does
not choose at this time to "speculate" on this.  He should hopefully
be able to explain his theories in a manner that at least some of you
will be able to understand.  One of the main things that I personally
got out of his thesis, is the fact that the "electromagnetic pulse"
events that will be occurring, with be absolutely horrific.  As a
Petroleum Engineer (and Geologist) I also found his discussion about
the genesis of oil, gas, and coal to be quite interesting. 

James McCanney noticed the proton count going way off the scale 48
hours before the 70 tornados hit the US last week.  He started making
some calls and nobody in the media was talking about it.  I talked
with James McCanney, Bill Combs (who talked with friends in the areas
hit), and KT Frankovich (who was accessing local channels via
satellite in the areas hardest hit) about the number of dead in
several states from Alabama to Ohio.  Hundreds are still missing in
several states and persumed dead and the official death toll is still
at 36 for this string of storms caused by the solar flares.

The Silence is deafening about both the number of casualties and the
reason why. Gee , is this another example of how government takes care of us such as they did with the Hurricane Andrew affair?  
See www.detailshere.com/governmentreaction.htm 

Go  to letters5  for an interesting report regarding our governments preparations for battling  alien invasion and a different culture's visions of great upheavels on earth next spring.

Robert S. Harrington supervising astronomer U.S. Naval Observatory in
Wash DC is on a video entitled; "Are we Alone in the Universe"
The video is narrated by Zecharia Sitchin and based on his
book  "Genesis Revisited". It has some interesting info about Russia
and Mars and such, but, the very last interview is most interesting.
It was with a Robert S. Harrington who was the supervising astronomer
for the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.  The interview was
done on August 30,1990.  He confirms the exsistance of Planet X and
states that they started looking for it in 1978. He even has a
picture that shows the actual orbit. You can order the video by
calling the following number:
1-800-350-4639  Or  (Outside the U.S.)   1-310-578-5300 

Nov 9th
Jupiter perturbed by PX

Astronomers from 100 years ago knew the largest outer most planets in
our solar system were being perturbed and started looking for the
10th planet.  Lowell built his observatory in Arizona specifically to
locate Planet X. This was posted this evening at:

Date: 11/5/02 2:45:27 PM Pacific Standard Time
Everyone,  In an effort to keep you posted on Planet X (Nibiru). I am
presently researching what Norwegian astronomers have found on
Saturday night. Actual live pictures were shown on television of Jupiter going
through a number of gyrations consistent with the magnetic pull
Planet X exerts as it passes by planets. The National Observatory here in Norway has made it verified this is occurring. I hope to track it down on the www.nrk.no  website .  The news story came out today but the findings were noted on Saturday.....

Nov 8th

From:  tm2expl@y... 


Beneath the space agencies and universities are men and women who want
recognition for the research they do, so they publish technical articles in the hopes of being recognized as a celebrity in the scientific communities. This is where I went to review their published and unpublish articles. If you know where to look for truth you can digest it from raw data not the big headlines.

Heres three important facts regarding Planet X as a brown dwarf.

Fact 1: Brown Dwarf's surface temperature is above 1000 degree F. No biological entity could live on the surface of this planet. Hence no beings similiar to human beings could biologically live on a planet like this. In other words, the chemical compounds that make up third density beings like humans cannot sustain life on this type planet because it is more star-like than planetary. There are hundreds of articles complied and stored in universities, space agencies, and professional journals. There is no one hiding this material! It's raw science from innocent people who are wanting to be scientist or are prominent scientist with life-long credentials proven by solid research spanning decades. There is no coverups. This is one reason why Dr. Sitchin's Annunaki described in the 12th Planet book does not prove an accurate interpretation of the Sumerian documents. The Summerian documents can be understood clearly if you understand the exploding planet theories that have recently exposed many fallacies
regarding certain sacred linquistic interpretations.

Fact 2: With the recent increase in solar and planetary climatic changes the future weeks should see a gradual increase and continued record breaking solar and planetary anomolies. If it doesn't increase then the proof is in the eyes of the beholder. If the climate increases in intensity the facts speak for themselves. Something is causing this to change and should continue to get worse while the still times in between the abrupt solar and earth changes reduce between intense activities. In other words, there will be shorter periods of calmness between the storms while the storms continually increase in intensity.

Fact 3: Brown Dwarf's can cause the conditions we see now occuring within our solar system. (There can be other anomolies that can create such diverse conditions that we are currently experiencing.) The works of James McCanney,Dr. John Matese, and Dr. J.B. Murray strongly agree with the concept that a brown dwarf exists and can cause the current instability of the planetary system. In addition to these individuals I could add dozens of others who show theoretical proof of the strong forces a brown dwarf could exert on the earth and sun as they are now known to occur in differnce segments of the solar system.

Finally, there is not enough evidence to pin the date of May 2003 as the end of the world as we know it. Innocent people who write their reports cannot hide circumstancial evidence that good. Yet there is enough physical evidence to indicate something massive is reacting in our local star system. This should prompt you to prepare mentally for the worst while still holding onto your job and personal responsibilities. Most of the amateur and professional scientist who follow catastrophism agree we will one day experience the end of the age. Although the present state of conditions look threatening it must get much worse to match the conditions for total destruction. If next month, the Sun settles back down and the earthquakes level off this is a good sign that we are not facing imminent peril from a fast approaching rogue star. Obviously, if the continued rise of intensity in all the parameters we discussed above occur you should invest into the necessary survivalist equipment regardless if we pass by May 2003 or not. Each person must way their own consciousness when the time comes to prepare.

I am offering this information in good faith and truth. I think the people who have followed this whole phenomena of Planet X over the years deserve to be congratulated for facing the worst of conditions and still holding onto sanity. How many people can go out to work each day and hold all this inside without cracking, not many. With all the chaos and corruption in the world to add this type of stress to your life is remarkable.

Be strong and courageous. Be kind and unconditional in your tolerance yet wise to learn truth from fallacy. Be open to change while being strong enough to admit if you are wrong. Humility is like a willow tree, a branch can be easily torn off yet the tree will be standing when all hardwoods have given away to the strong winds of change.


Nov 6th
Planet X, Preparations by governments. Free American  Early 2002

In addition to his long time friend in 'black ops Green Barrets' and
the Japanese source Clay recieved verification from within the VLA in
the last 3 months.  Clay lives within 60 miles of the Very Large
Array of radio telescopes in New Mexico.

Planet X, Preparations by governments. Free American  Planet X
                 Article by The Free American - Early 2002
Planet X, if true, could be the greatest catastrophic infliction of
loss of life upon mankind, since Noah's Ark. Supposedly, Planet X will enter the Earth's orbit between May 15 and May 30 of 2003. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple earthquakes, whereby two thirds of the Earth's population will be annihilated. Another 20% will starve to death during the next
six months due to lack of sunlight and volcanic ash that will cover
the Earth. Subsequently, only about 10% of the Earth's population (600
million) will survive, which fits in nicely with the New World Order
scenario for the reduction of Earth's population. This may well be one
reason for all the underground shelters through out the United States
and the rest of the world. This will enable only the chosen people of
the New World Order to survive.

By keeping this story out of the major media it will delay the
collapse of the world economy, stock markets and real estate prices.

On January 7th, 2002, a telephone call came into the office late in
the afternoon, for our publisher, Clay Douglas, concerning the Planet
X article in the January 2002, issue of The Free American. Clay
considers this particular individual an extremely reliable source for
accurate information. This person's entire military career was spent
involved in "black-ops". Clay called all of us into the office, while
he put the caller on speakerphone. The person said; it was the first
time he had ever seen an article in regards to Planet X in any U.S
publication, but had seen articles in European publications. He
confirmed that the information in the article was accurate concerning
Planet X, but could not validate the expected arrival date in May
2003. He told us that the supposedly surviving alien from the Roswell
crash had warned of this cataclysmic event, which is the major reason
for the massive construction of underground shelters in the world,
since the late 1940's. He said, Planet X is definitely headed in
earth's direction, but again, did not know the exact arrival time.

The Catholics built the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT)
knowing PX is inbound and wanting to view it first hand.
Planet X has intentionally been made to sound ridiculous and
confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic
among the world's population.

  Recently, the government has announced that our largest telescope
for studying distant objects, the installation in Arecibo, Puerto
Rico, will be closed for three years for technical adjustments and
maintenance, and this is not the only observatory. Griffith
Observatory, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago, and the
Hayden Planetarium at the Rose center for Earth and Space in New York
are being closed to undergo major renovations.

Apparently, the only observatories in the United States with ready
access to Planet X movements will be military controlled.

        The following story was released on September 13th, 2000 by
Andrei Shukshin of Reuters news service.

"Russia's Parliamentary leaders and President Vladimir Putin agreed
Wednesday to embark on a three-year crash course to thwart what they
said was an anticipated chain of disasters due to hit the country in
003. "(These are) issues of extraordinary importance, strategic issues
which may degenerate into a serious threat for the existence,...I want
to stress this—for the existence of Russia," former Prime Minister
Yevgeny Primakov told reporters."

Although the Russians are publicly preparing for 2003, the rest of
the world appears to be secretly preparing. A pattern of pointers to
the year 2003 can be found in plans laid by the establishment.

  * Recently the Pentagon included a 20 billion stash in their budget
    to prepare for the year 2003 (see FEMA),
  * PDD63 ensuring infrastructure protection by 2003,
  * the Department of Defense records are to be consolidated by 2003,
  * base closings by 2003,
  * and Navy plans show them intent on refurbishing their ships by
  * Bob Dole pushed for an operational Star Wars by the year 2003,
  * missile defense and asteroid defense is to be operational by 2003,
  * Lawrence Livermore is developing a Crystal Laser by 2003,
  * the SOHO Sunscan continued to 2003,
  * the Solar Cycle moved to 2003,
  * space Interferometers and a mission to Europa launched in 2003,
  * sea launch of satellites expanded to 2003.

  *   Japan's IRIS launched in early 2003,
  * reform of Japan's Finances targets 2003,
  * the massive Chinese Yangtze Dam to be in place by 2003,
  * the European Framework Program changed to be completed by 2003,
  * an international search and rescue agreement is in place through
    the year 2003,
  * Weinberger predicts a war with Mexico in 2003,
  * and firearms registration in Canada must be complete by the year
  * Where NASA 1997 launch manifest shows no activity beyond 2003,
  * the Space Station is to be dedicated in 2003,
  * the Mars Express must be ready by June 2003,
  * and is a return flight including European participation and human
  * the mission postponed until 2003, with enhanced telecom by 2003,
  * creating air to breathe and propellant on Mars by 2003,
  * and a space escape available for the rich by 2003.

  *  Both super powers agreed in Start II to reduce their nuclear
    weapons by 2/3 by the year 2003, including nukes in Russian subs.
  * Nuclear wastes stored in Nevada by 2003,
  * the ABM System is to be in place by 2003,
  * SAFTA is to be in place by 2003,
  * land mines are to be eliminated by 2003,
  * and disposing of Biological Weapons scheduled for late 2003 but
    with a catch.
  * Medicare is expected to go bankrupt in 2003,
  * Social Security eligibility changes are pushed past 2003,
  * a balanced budget is pushed past 2003 as is no compliance,
  * and electric utility deregulation targets 2003.
  * A Ghostwolf (interpreter of Native American prophecies) prophecy
    predicts a pole shift in 2003 with several days of darkness,
  * Russian rumors cite the end of the world in 2003,
  * Sylvia Brown's Mayan Calendar puts 2003 at the end date,
  * and the Great Pyramid dateline does not go past 2003.

  On the surface, the completion of all these projects in 2003, gives
the impression that something may be amiss.

  A Japanese observatory spotted an object in space on January 14,
2002. It has been photographed and is being closely watched by
astronomers in various countries. Apparently it is Earth bound. It is
approaching at a velocity of 200km's (200 kilometers per second). The
present calculated arrival at its present velocity is mid 2003.

Oct 17th

I received this e-mail message from someone who cares about people,
and I have deleted some information that might reveal his identity.

I grew up in ________    and went to HS  in that community. Look them up on a map. I went to college with recommendation letters from several of the Apollo
astronauts, personally. My dad was an integral part of the Gemini and Apollo programs with plaques all over the walls of our house from honors and programs. He worked at NASA. My HS buddies went on to become Air Force people and CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Harvard people.  All of us
have extensive contacts with the NASA community because we grew up there and ate and breathed it.  Most of our dads retired from NASA with some excellent contacts. In my senior class was Eddie White (son of Astronaut White who burnt up on the launching pad), Eddie Borman (son of Col. Borman who
walked on the moon), and I had letters from Col. Borman and Rusty Schweikart and Senior IBM executive and retired Air Force Brigadier General Royal Hatch.  So don't tell me who or what ... tell me when.  PX is there, period. Timing ... who knows? Some of my contacts know nothing (???) and some have already made plans and left their positions to "dig in".  It is not too late to start NOW ... and if nothing happens you will NEVER be sorry. Some of my contacts have talked to scientific people in places like New Mexico arrays, Palomar Observatory
outside San Diego, Los Alamos, Pentagon officials, etc.  It IS THERE!!!  Nothing else will be given out ... details are extremely hard to pull out of these people. No time table except to read between the lines and see that THEY are
feverishly working to get ready. Listen to their comments, see that they want to tell you something but don't, hear the hope that you get the message without calling again ... please don't call me again, "just hear what I am NOT saying
as well as what I am saying" is the famous line. You do the math ... get on the ball ... any other conclusion might be deadly to your future health.

Oct 18th
Attached is a new story of interest. I believe that it fits in with Standing Elk's reported message from Spirit that George W. Bush, Jr. will not survive 2003. As W's legitimacy is increasingly undermined, those who pull his strings may well decide that he has outlived his usefulness. Another Native American shaman contacted me yesterday to say  that May, 2003 will bring disaster. This fits in with what the Higher Guides informed ufologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle about concerning a major upheaval in May, 2003. It is not clear whether W will depart the stage in that month.  But clearly some dangerous threatening condition of major proportions is impending, one which also appears to result in the
Star Visitors' presence among us becoming publicly acknowledged
and accepted. It would appear that the Visitors will get cast in
the role of rescuers.  Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Oct 17th
This is a good example of how the disinformation crew works to keep you confused and in doubt about Planet X's arrival next spring.   Understand, the longer they can  keep people from taking action and really believing this is true, the longer they can keep panic from happening. That's their only goal.  The elite are prepared. There's 129 well stocked underground cities beneath the US alone today that few know about in preparation for this event.   
(see www.detailshere.com/tunnels.htm) Someone must believe it's going to happen .  Meanwhile attacking the messengers and taking out of context what they say and then stating lies on the net on top of that is the plan of the day, hoping you will just sit back and take it all in and not be able to make a decision on the issue.  Which most of you can't. You are truly lemmings.

This comes from Di's Prep2003 group (she/he is also a part of the 2003spiritual group of new agers promoting spiritualism, channeling, immortality, ascension, and all the things that Satan uses to keep you from being on the boat to heaven when it leaves soon too - in the name of love of course) 

"As a direct result of the debate allowed on the Prep2003 lists, Mark
Hazelwood has now publicly backed down from proclaiming the 2003 date.
Unless there is a confirmed sighting (which appears unlikely) there is 
no need to be concerned about 2003.  Di"

I asked Mark about the truthfulness of this statement. 
--- detailshere@budsters.com wrote:
REALLY???? I thought you felt pretty strong about the 2003 date?? 

His response:


I thought you didn't listen to the disinfo crew who feel a need to
put words in my mouth, fabricate lies about me, and spread them all
over the internet. :-)

The majority of the sources that have passed me information about
Planet X's return have identified 2003 as the date.  One VLA source
said 2004.  At this time there's no way to check to see whether these
sources are correct in naming 2003.  It still appears to be the most
likely date.  My being honest about what I absolutely know has
nothing to do with anything that goes on over on the prepdebate

The fact that they DD (Disinfo Di) needs to claim that their debates
(that I pay zero attention to) have swayed me in the slightest says
several things. 

1.) They are very worried about what I say. Now ask yourself why?

2.) They want to appear to be controlling my thoughts and actions.

3.) They have an agenda to persuade people away from the 2003 date.

4.) They are claiming Planet X is real and the only thing left to
debate is the date.

5.) The prep2003 egroups were set up to lie to people so that the
truth about Planet X doesn't come out too fast.  Saying their debates
over there have anything to do with what I do, think, or say when I
don't participate in them or pay attention to them should be a
logical red flag that it is another lie. 

6.) They are creating evidence for 2003 and Planet X by their lies.

7.) The elaborate hoax of prep2003 egroups wouldn't exist unless
there was a perceived need for them to exist.  That need is; the
growing awareness of Planet X and the most likely return date of
2003. This information is threatening the power base of the

8.) The controllers have the most to lose and thus are in the
greatest fear of loss. Send them some loving thoughts and healing.

9.) The controllers are The Counsel of Foreign Relations, The
Bilderbergs, and the Trilateralists who are having a difficult time
trying to naysay Planet X in 2003 through their bungling CIA
operatives. IMO it is the true powers from the spiritual realms that
are using the disinfo crew and others to create evidence and help
with the awakening. It looks like most everything they do to hide
Planet X is having the opposite effect and is backfiring on them.  

Welcome their continued energy, support, and attention no matter what
form it takes on the surface.

Mark H

From Ber - considering ALL the information I have collected in this letters section outside of Mark; plus receiving info from him that he can't post that is given to him by people deep inside the Gov't; I still think that Spring 2003 IS the date this is going to happen. He's right; Di's job is just to keep you from believing this is going to happen next spring so the economy stays in tact as long as possible.  Sad, when Govt treats you as an expendable dog. That IS the real message folks; you are just expendable meat on the hoof. 

Oct 10th
Very recently I received a communication from venerable UFO researcher, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., emeritus Professor at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Sprinkle and I are old friends, and I count him a mentor, he having been in UFO research since several decades before the modern era of interest in UFOs/Star Visitors. Dr. Sprinkle passed on to me a personal message from his "Higher Guides". Among the contents of the message was a warning that there will be a momentous global event during May, 2003, seven months away. I do not choose to divulge most of the personal message, but feel that one element of it must be shared widely with those who are inclined to attend to it. This 05/03 Event will be of either geophysical or societal-political devastatingness. The message was not detailed, but Alternative One seems to indicate a geophysical disaster affecting the Earth and a sizeable percentage of humanity, which
would not survive the disaster. Alternative Two seems to be that if the geophysical disaster is averted, the surrounding circumstances will be such that the Old Order will crumble, and the government will have to
acknowledge Star Visitor reality. That is tantalizingly all the details that were relayed. Apparently, humans have some potential, mostly metaphysical
and spiritual I suppose, to avert the crippling planetary geophysical disaster. In so doing, a "better" upheaval will occur in the societal-political order, as the Establishment's efforts to control global information, technology, wealth and political control are radically diminished by the inability to any longer
maintain denial of Star Visitor presence. Disclosure will destabilize the building New World Order/Cabal.  Like you I am tempted to fill in the dots with a plausible scenario which fits the available 05/03 data. One such scenario could involve a near-pass by a planetoid object, which sets off massive geophysical calamities. And if collective human (and apparently enlisted Star Visitor assistance) focus succeeded in averting the object from too close a pass-by,
then the resulting fact of helpful Star Visitor intervention surely would make clear globally that "they are here". (And not as invaders, as the Cabal have been trying to propagandize.) Thus, the UFO Cover-Up would be broken irretrievably. And the beneficent nature of the Visitors made apparent to all. That is likely not the only scenario that could fit the advisement that the Higher Guides provided through Dr. Sprinkle.  But it is a plausible one. At any rate, I feel that Dr. Sprinkle is sufficiently unimpeachable, that I tend to take soberly what he relates. And
thus I pass this advisement on. The information is shared, because those who are forewarned  can more prudently prepare.  Dr. Boylan

Oct 8th
NASA's Edward Whiler announces Planet X on CSPAN1?- Possible Axis
Shift for earth.  Please check this story out for yourself. I am only telling you what I heard from James McCanney who gave me a wake up call this morning
with this news. He heard this from Pam Stegner over the phone while
she was watching CSPAN1 this morning. Later in the show on CSPAN1
they were discussing what this could mean to earth as far as a
possible axis shift. Pam Stegner is a radio talk show host herself and is on the air right now.  I have her telephone number and will be calling to confirm this
later.  Also, I'm told by James that CSPAN1 repeats itself throughout the day.
Edward Whiler is an associate administrator of science at NASA.

James went on to say that he was on the Clay Douglas Free American
show this morning and was going after NASA again for their (Never A
Straight Answer) tactics.  He feels that because of pressure from
himself and others that NASA may be coming clean.  Anyway, more
information will continue coming through this egroup as it comes to
me if I'm allowed.

Oct 8th
Planet X Announced in Mainstream Press  -- John DiNardo

Folks, A couple of days ago, I transcribed a brief excerpt from
The STAR-LEDGER, the largest newspaper in New Jersey,
which mentions planet X twice.

Here is that excerpt:

THE STAR-LEDGER, Tuesday October 8, 2002, front page and page 10:
Icy Runt Circles Sun Well Beyond Pluto "Many scientists believe they
may still find an elusive object, which they refer to as Planet X, at
the solar system's outer edges." "according to Brown, more large
objects such as Planet X could indeed still be found in the farthest
reaches of the solar system."

This acknowledgement of Planet X in this mainstream newspaper,and
probably in other newspapers' Oct. 8th editions, is very important
because it makes two revelations to the wary observer:

1) The mass media -- which we know to be part and parcel of the
disinfo crew -- has BRANCHED OUT in their strategy to discredit
forewarnings of Planet X. Up to now, their mainstream reportage has
simply avoided any mention of Planet X. Now they are coming out and
announcing the term, Planet X, but creating the notion that every
little space rock is a Planet X. And we are seeing this blizzard of
might-be Planet X's in many recent reports, some of which have been
posted to this group.

2) Now, this, I think, is the most important revelation coming out of
this mainstream newspaper article:

The "controllers of the media", as Mark calls them, are inadvertently
confirming for us that, yes, Planet X is indeed on its way, otherwise
they would continue to reap the long-term benefits of brainwashing the
public as to the craziness of conspiracy theorists by simply letting
us cry "Planet X is coming", and just letting us fall flat on our
faces when it does not come. But they are NOT ignoring X anymore. Are

They're saying, "Yes, folks, there may well be a Planet X out there.
Indeed, there may be many, many Planet X's out there." So when Planet
X becomes more apparent, the public will remain dumbed down and

"Duh, that's just one of them there Planet X's I keep hearing about."

So, friends, your efforts to bring awareness to the people of the
World are paying off! You've forced the Illuminati and the people who pull
their strings to revert to Plan B.

                            John DiNardo

Oct 7th
ZT coodinates for early October were used by an excellent source and
sighted a PX type object on the move in New Mexico next to an
observatory.  They were both in shock and excited.

http://www.zetatalk.com/theword/tword03m.htm for current coordinates

Two of my best sources together took a telescope up to an observatory
in New Mexico tonight.  One of them asked an astronomer at the
observatory about Planet X.  The astronomer quickly asked them to
leave and shut the door without saying anything more.  They set their
telescope up outside the observatory and punched in the ZT
coordinates into the computer on their telescope.

The huge object they found was moving at such a clip, every few
minutes they had to reposition the scope.  They stayed up there for
hours looking at it.

In the meantime one of these persons tried to call me on my land line
in Toronto was blocked from doing so.  This is the second report of
this happening in as many days.  He got me on my Florida cell phone
which I have up here. 

I was really hoping that the ZT coordinates this time were a hoax and
springtime 2003 for PX passing was a 'cry of wolf.'   I'm still
hoping that we have a few more weeks or months but now I'm not so
sure I should be. 

Oct 4
 ED Dames was on the Art Bell show Oct 3rd,and he said Planet X is Real, and inbound....You can go to the archives at  http://www.artbell.com/topics.html  and find this program.  
 FOR ANYONE SERIOUS ABOUT PLANET X THEYshould listen to the very credible major Ed Dames interview on art's show aired on 10/3....towards the very end of the program major dames talks about  a total collapse of the economy of the US VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT,   a global takeover on this planet of viruses, bacterias, and more particularly he speaks of the attack of fungi which causes blight all over the world....WREAKING HAVOC ON FOOD CROPS, CATTLE, .AND PEOPLE......AND  LAST BUT NOT LEAST THAT PLANET X IS COMING, THAT IT IS GOING TO CAUSE A POLE SHIFT, AND MOREOVER AS THE COMET'S TAIL PASSES IT IS GOING TO WREAK MORE HAVOC WITH DRYING THE PLANET OUT.......MAJOR ED DAMES IS A VERY CREDIBLE PERSON........

Info about Ed Dames...  Host: Art Bell   Guest: Major Edward A. Dames
The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S.
Army (Ret.), is an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing
training program. He served as the training and operations officer for the
Defense Intelligence Agency's psychic intelligence (PSIINT) collection unit,
and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence
Agency, a private consulting group. Ed is also a technical consultant for the
feature film "Suspect Zero," (a Tom Cruise-Paula Wagner production); he plays
the role of an FBI remote viewing instructor in the movie, as well. 

Sept 20
First amateur spotting of Planet X on Sept 15th confirmed by the Zeta's as being correct.
See www.detailshere.com/stevescandidate.htm   for the pic

Sept 26
Planet X confirmed 3 more times--Now - Denise DeLisle, RN is confirmed

Here's are the Planet X and Denise DeLisle confirming related
segments from a long interview. Denise confirmed Planet X  from 3
separate sources. Two of them were from ;

1. a nuclear scientist Pentagon officer who is in charge of making
sure the U.S. military bases can mobilize their troops and equipment
efficiently and has an office at the Pentagon

2. a nuclear scientist who lives in MD and I suspect works for the
National Security Agency (NSA).

Denise is really a nurse, and an investigator as she says.
From:  "worm_hole_surfer" <wormhole_surfer@yahoo.com
Date:  Tue Sep 24, 2002  11:32 pm
Subject:  Update and conversation with Denise  Delisle

Well, I walked away from my computer a while and came back and the
person TOPRANCE1 aka Denise Delisle responded to me.
WORMHOLE [1:24 AM]: do you know your name has come up a lot lately
in some yahoo discussion groups

TOPRANCE1 [1:25 AM]: uh oh....in what way?

WORMHOLE [1:25 AM]: have you ever heard of Planet X?
TOPRANCE1 [1:25 AM]: yes of course

WORMHOLE [1:26 AM]: i just emailed you one of the posts and your
letter with it
WORMHOLE [1:27 AM]: are you affiliated with Mark Hazelwood?
TOPRANCE1 [1:29 AM]: No I am not

WORMHOLE [1:29 AM]: what do YOU think of Planet X?
TOPRANCE1 [1:31 AM]: I believe there is something approaching
Earth... that it is having affects on our Sun and the outer lying

TOPRANCE1 [1:40 AM]: I am a contractor for Genii
TOPRANCE1 [1:41 AM]: I investigate Bioterrorism and it's sources
TOPRANCE1 [1:41 AM]: The media is way off base and they're lazy to
WORMHOLE [1:53 AM]: you must deal with a lot of the inside
knowledge...what exactly do you do? are you a real Nurse?
TOPRANCE1 [1:54 AM]: Yes I'm an RN with mostly ICU experience but 5
years of Psychiatric experience that comes in handy
TOPRANCE1 [1:57 AM]: sometimes I pull all nighters researching and
investigating in the field
WORMHOLE [2:07 AM]: oh, about PX? your final thoughts?
TOPRANCE1 [2:07 AM]: My sources tell me it is real...the effects it
will have are another question
TOPRANCE1 [2:08 AM]: Obviously we (the earth) has survived it
TOPRANCE1 [2:09 AM]: You have my permission...and I am not connected
to Mark in anyway

Here's her message:

Sept 22
The conversations I had with the two sources about PX were brief. I have known the nuclear scientist for about 3 years and the Pentagon officer for about 6 months. I know them socially. I was more in shock from their reactions to my questions about PX. I figured they would tell me I was crazy for even thinking such a thing as Planet X. Both of them took me seriously and confirmed the existence of PX with no hesitation on their part. Last week, a third source tipped me off about the head of Central Command (CENTCOM) and a Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) member were observed at Memorial Day festivities as being extremely nervous. We call it "twitching". Now I know there is a lot happening in the world to be nervous about but military men such as these leaders would never let it show, at least in public. Their nervousness was an indicator to me that something else was up. Also last week, my Pentagon source had informed me that he would be traveling more in the future. He is in charge of making sure the U.S. military bases can mobilize their troops and equipment efficiently. I saw him Saturday night (June 1st). I broached the subject of PX with him by
expressing my concerns about the nervousness of the top military brass. I gave him their names. He answered me in a vague way, something about them being human beings like everybody else. I pressed him further by asking him if it had anything to do with Planet X and he smiled. He asked me if I knew he had an office at the Pentagon and that yes of course he was aware of Planet X. I asked him why the public had not been informed so that they may prepare themselves just as the military was doing. He smiled and said that the public would panic. I disagreed with him and told him to tell his superiors that they need to come clean and give the public a fighting chance at survival. He smiled. We danced another dance. And then he left. The other source a nuclear scientist lives in MD and I suspect works for the National Security Agency (NSA). I began talking to him more frequently in the past 6 months. When it became obvious to me through my research and before it became newsworthy that our government had
foreknowledge of 911, I asked him why our government would not act to protect us. His response to me was "how do you know there aren´t other reasons to explain the government´s behavior?". He ended that conversation with "be careful of who you ask questions". Last Saturday night after talking to my Pentagon source I asked the scientist; what about Planet X? He took my arm and escorted me to a quieter place. He explained that no one is sure how the passing of Planet X will affect our Earth. He also stated that it would panic the public if they were told. I reminded him that the government doesn´t seem to be too concerned about public panic with the terrorist warnings every 5 minutes. He went on to explain that the Democrats forced the frequent warnings by their accusations of the administrations 911 foreknowledge. The administration wants to be able to say that they warned the public in the event of another terrorist attack. I told him that the government is failing in their duty to protect their citizens from the possibility of the devastating affects of Planet X. He confirmed Site R (Raven Rock) as an underground emergency governmental communications base. I hope this has been helpful to you. I wish you great luck in publishing your book.

Director, Bioterrorism Unit
Genii Solutions International

I picked this tidbit off a url from a message board that was sent to
me privately. Here's the url:


100% confirmed by computer Hubble link
The triple doctorate, who I phoned back the first time and said "he had seen Planet X with his own eyes and it is 100% confirmed," is going to have to forgive me.  He asked me not to devulge his name and I did not.  I did let it be known that he had 3 doctorates.  This, I'm sure, made it very easy for the disinfo-crew to identify who who leaked the info out about the meeting, 5-23-2002 at the Boston Science Museum just outside of Boston, where all 24 people got to view Planet X.  The second time I talked with him he sounded a little nervous as he tried to pass a piece of disinformation to me about the date of Planet X being a few months later than all my research suggests.  I surmise that the disinfo crew had a talk with him, after our first conversation, and , directed him to call me back. He calmed down after a few minutes on the phone after he understood that I wasn't swallowing the disinformation about the date of passage being a few months later.  He also mentioned that he knew the telephone was being tapped.  At one point he let slip out that everyone got to view Planet X on a computer screen that was linked to Hubble.  I then made a quick confirming comment to him about that, because he had not let me know that during the first phone call.  He then asked me not to devulge that information once I pointed that out.  I said I would not and haven't until now.  The doctor will just have to forgive me for doing so.  I've been watching people on the e-groups, the last few days,  impeach my account of these conversations and even go so far
as to take a few pot-shots at zetatalk coordinates because of this new confirmation.  The doctor did thank me for saving his life by me writing my book.  I guess he'll have to forgive me for going against his wishes by letting people know that he let slip out, during our longer 2nd phone call, that it was a computer sceen with a Hubble link that allowed all to view Planet X during that hush-hush meeting.  Although, I've let others know privately by phone that this
was the case this is the first time I've done so openly on the internet.  This is just too significant a piece of confirming information to keep to myself, even though I'm breaking a promise by letting it out.  Take Care Prepare    Mark H

James McCanney's book,  Planet X Comets and Earthchanges,
shows why the sun would be & should be showing increased activity, like
it is now, with a Planet X type object inbound.  No wonder the disinfo crew is trying to say the increased solar flaring is not happening. These people are becoming more obvious.  Pay attention, the disinfo has only just begun.

Increased Solar Activity -- crosspost from 

There has been some talk going around about the increased solar activity, mainly at other sites and groups. The talk going around and being spread is that the Sun is in a decreased state of solar activity. To here these individuals talk the Sun is in a state of rest - a lull - nothing to worry about. Those of us who have been actively monitoring solar activity for some time, take that talk for what it is - hogwash - a whitewash of what is actually going on.
Check this information out for yourself:
Hardly a lull, or a Sun that is at rest.

9-9-2002  from Mark H
First I've updated my book for the current printing.  In it I address Nancy.  Here's what I say about her that wasn't in the 1st addition of Blindsided: Nancy Leider is a mixture of truth, lies, and disiformation.  She claims to get all her information from aliens known as zetas or greys.  I believe most of her Planet X information does come from the zetas although tainted by NASA..  She is also being used by the controllers to discredit Planet X and it's passage in 2003 because of
where she gets part of her information from makes her an easy target to discredit. In addition to this, she spreads lies about me and attributes this to her alien friends. 
Long ago the controllers knew there would be many leaks about Planet X at this time, so, they needed a fall guy to blame it on that wouldn't look or sound credible. Choosing an elderly lady that speaks to aliens fit the bill.  Nancy states on her internet site that she has a contract with a secretive part of the US government that allows them to kill her if they so choose.  Nancy seems to be an articulate woman with the public's best interest in mind.  As part of her agreement with the powers-that-be she may have to spread disinformation in order to fulfill her contract and thus stay alive. She has however, been helpful with the awakening, although the science she uses sounds suspiciously like NASA's knowingly incorrect models of how the solar system works.  Practice a high degree of discernment before believing anything that comes from zetatalk. 
Verify any statements against credible terrestrial sources before deciding they are correct.
Since 1995 zetatalk has consistently specified spring 2003 as the date for Planet X's passage.  This same date of passage has been given to me from a number of credentialed connected individuals and government insiders from various countries.

Now for the question brought up twice.  It's the disinfo crew that has made me charging for my book a question in anyones mind.  Hundreds of earthchange authors including Nancy charge for their books and have done a service to mankind in doing so.  None of them are being attacked for profiteering.  By the way the powers-that-be took over my print-on-demand publisher and stopped them from printing and shipping my text.  They owe my mother and I thousands of dollars and have refused to pay.  They've also forwarded orders from clients/book stores that one of my current distributors filled.  Now I'm told only
First Publish will be paid for those orders and of course they won't pay me.  My mother put out 1000's of dollars on her credit card and is in debt because I can't pay her back until I'm paid by First Publish. I'm barely keeping my head above water because of this subject matter and the disinfo crews countering tactics.  I also believe that anyone that is making me getting paid for the good work that I've done an issue, is either unknowingly or directly involved with the disinfo crews work of keeping this information from the public at large. Mark H.

Folks this tactic by big brother to cripple Mark financially so he can't travel anywhere and keep talking or get his book out is one of the strongest indicators yet that he IS on top of the target and this thing is definitely for real. The messengers are growing  
(see www.detailshere.com/additionawebsiteresources.htm ); 
they can't kill us all.  Ber  

9-4-2002 Update - also see  www.detailshere.com/mrxfiles.htm

For those of you that are new and don't know who Bruce is, I'll fill
you in on a little background.

Bruce is a rather wealthy Canadian living in Germany. He first contacted me in Dec. of 2001 after he talked with a 66 year old physicist friend of his about Planet X.  This professor told him he'd attended a meeting in Russia in the year 2000 with a group of scientists discussing the inbound planet.  I believe it was this meeting that then led to the parliamentary leaders and president Vladimir Putin to form a commission to deal with what they referred to as "The 2003 Problem." This information came over a news wire, sent from Europe originating at the Reuters news office in Moscow on September 13th 2000. Bruce is the one who contacted the writer of that article named Andrei Shukshin.  Andrei told Bruce that he couldn't pry any reasons for the "The 2003 Problem" out of anyone involved in the public government discussion. Because of this lack of
information, he attempted to make sense of this in his article with his own assumptions.  Andrei's speculations,interjected in the article were "aging population and infrastructure, in addition to bank loans due in 2003."  The disinfo crew later attempted to use Andrei's speculations to try to discount the impact of this leak. However, none of his reasonings could possibly make sense with
statements such as "a string of calamities in 2003" and " a massive population shrinkage" plus the leaders weren't sure whether Russia would even exist as a country after these events. 

Bruce took it upon himself to confirm the knowledge of what both his physicist friend and I had share about Planet X passing in 2003.  He contacted and succeeded in confirming this from two separate observatories. One was in St. Petersburg Russia and the other was in Asia.  The Russian observatory was going to sell him a picture of Planet X until I naively started putting this information out on the internet. The Powers that Be using their contacts in Russia pressured the observatory not to continue with the negociations.  The Asian observatory didn't even know about it until Bruce told them.  After  confirming it for themselves, they got back to Bruce and were very apologetic and shocked for not knowing about it prior to his inquiry.

OK, that was the background on about my contact Bruce J, in Germany.  During our yesterday-latest call, he informed me that his physicist friend left Germany 3 months for New Zealand.  At THE TIME OF HIS DEPARTURE, he said that he felt that New Zealand would be his safe place AND THAT PLANET X WOULD BE PASSING IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

During our call, I let Bruce know about the report from the triple doctorate. As some of you recall, the Doctor viewed Planet X via a live Hubble link-up 5-23-02 outside of Boston at the Boston Science Museum with 24 others, including government officials.  Bruce and I compared notes as to what happened to both this triple doctorate and Bruce's 66 year old physicist friend, after I put this information out via the internet.  Both them were cut off from their colleagues
that were passing them regular updates about Planet X.   Mark H

 Sept 1
My partner and I have been contactees all our lives, and we were long ago told about the 2003 date and PX. I was given a dream concerning these events, back in 1992, and told it would begin, 2003. Lots of spiritual and contactee people are having similar realizations, that haven't even heard of Nancy Lieder. 
By February, hopefully most people will be aware of something approaching, and it will become a well-known fact. But even then happens. My dream (dream precognition is a part of my normal life) showed that an evacuation would occur before that, but we'll see.

Aug 30th
One disinformation source  that is pretending to be a neutral Planet X source of info, ignores all the accounts from observatories and insiders within the governments that have come from several directions and countries, as if everyone is lying. They  ignore James McCanney's hard scientific background and NASA knowledge.  He clearly and concisely explains how the sun is reacting and creating the changing weather and increasing seismic and volcanism and how this is attributed to a large inbound planet that is on the way in NOW. The disinfo crew is working harder than ever, in a desperate
fashion, to their losing agenda of hiding Planet X.  Their own flawed statements and actions are, in fact creating evidence.  For example, they've taken down perhaps the most significant radio show archive, I just recommended a few days ago on this egroup; The Lou Gentile show with James McCanney, July 24th 2002. This is where James identifies the truth behind Phil  - the bad astronomer (who is a NASA disinfo agent)  and NASA, for their disinfo tactics and lies. They've also taken down the radio shows archives Mark H  has done with Alex Merklinger. In addition, if you'll recall, they took down a major newspaper article about Planet X from the Herald in Australia just a few days after it was put up.

To me; these are the things that constitute the proof that X is real and IS coming as predicted.  And you thought we lived in a "Free America"; dream on. Ber 


23 Aug 02 PLANET X

We received the following e-mail on August 14, 2002 e.a.: "I was so surprised to find out that you guys are aware of the passage of PX next year!... I don’t know if you’ve heard or not but I was actually the person who had a sighting of the planet at the observatory in Vancouver back in April 2001. The astronomer there (VP of RASC) admitted to me on a subsequent visit that they were aware of the planet and the observatory was promptly shut down the next week for renovations and has been closed since. Anyway, I’m glad you guys are taking this seriously and are making preparations - hopefully not in California* though which is going to have a very rough ride! I plan to relocate to central BC and get ready there. You guys can really help get the word out with your high profile and it’s good to see you doing that. It’s going to be a rough year coming up and I wish you all the best of luck!"

*It seems that Maynard tried to warn people about this very thing many years ago with Aenima. The only thing I can say is: if this is true, Planet X/Nibiru or a brown dwarf type celestial object is going to make a close approach, causing a possible magnetic pole shift resulting in earth crust displacement, etc., then HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN ALL THE GODDAMN ROAD WORK GOING ON? Purveyors of doom, I hear you loud and clear. Yes, rumors on the Internet are rampant. Some astronomers are even talking about planet X. Many observatories are suspiciously closed for "remodeling." But what about all the road construction going on? This summer I’ve traveled up and down both coasts and all around the Mid-west, and everywhere there are the signs: ‘Reduce Speed, Roadwork Ahead.’ Could it be that the powers that be are fixing the roads all across America in preparation for a mass exodus? That’s awful goddamn nice of them!   BM

Aug 30
The disinfo boys are at it again trying to discredit Mark himself for filing for a corporation to protect his website and book claiming he is in this for monetary reasons ( I know Mark; this is not the case) - it is a mission for Mark, McCanney, Leider, and others like myself  to inform you; nothing else. The EPITOMY OF HYPOCRACY is, the TOTALLY MONEY HUNGRY TRILLIONAIRE POWERS THAT BE, attacking noble people who are warning others of the impending cataclysm THEY are hiding, TRYING TO DISSUADE OTHERS FROM OBTAINING THIS LIFE SAVING INFORMATION. Other authors are not being attacked for their income, again, it's because the powers to be  have nothing else to go on!

"OK, here's the obvious identifier.  To know or care enough to research into our personal affairs, that we've registered a corporation, they would have to be either checking every single state to find this, have access to the MAIN DATABASE (out of the reach of the general public) or listening in. Mark's friend, the man who phoned him confirming PX 100% after viewing it with 24 others, including Government Officials, via a live hubble link, tells us "you must know your every phone call is being listened to!!!" More proof X DOES exist. 

I think that you are very definitely "on target". I note on the Steve Quayle SWR program tonight, he announced that government intelligence and scientific agencies are all on a crash program to get ready for the onslaught of inbound astroids and comets! Obviously, Planet X will be dragging all of these along with it. We need to start warning the people that "dome homes" are not going to
be able to stand up to the horrific surface winds and nuclear explosions (from whatever source, be it man made or from crashing asteroids) that will be occurring on Planet Earth. We are very definitely going to have to go underground!

From: Gary North & The Daily Reckoning
[mailto:RealityC@agoramail.net] Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 9:30 AM
In Canada our northern ice pack is thawing, adversely affecting the
wildlife and the natives that depend on it.

Our perma-frost is melting, causing multiple infrastructure
problems - things like buildings, pipelines and roadways that
normally depend on a solid base underneath are sinking!

We're currently suffering through what is probably the worst drought
in our recorded history, and our cattle and grain producers are
asking that a 'national disaster' be declared. A country-wide relief
program has had to be established to try and help the cattle

Our fresh water is evaporating and not being replenished - yes, that
very same fresh water that you Americans want to buy.

The water levels in the Great Lakes are so low that shipping
channels are in danger - freighters commonly report brushing the
bottom of the lakes. And the proposed solution of dredging deeper
channels will simply increase the flow of water out of the lakes.

I'm advised by the weather forecasters that I shouldn't go outside
today (or yesterday, or tomorrow) because the heat and air pollution
are too great for anybody's health. When I do go outside, I must
lather myself in sun block so I don't get skin cancer because the
ozone layer has a huge hole in it.

Other examples of climatic change from around the world are
broadcast on television every day, most recently images of great
floods in Central and Eastern Europe.
Please recognize that these are not normal events
- the climate is changing, world wide.

Aug 28th
World grain harvest may fall sharply
Heed the warning signs, folks.............get your grains, flours, etc., while you can. Remember that to save flours, rice, etc., from weevals........seal in plastic bags & freeze for 3 days, it kills the larva. I checked the url and it has already been removed, so that is another warning sign.........they don't want us to know the truth.   Pat

August 24, 2002 by MW Mandeville
ITEM(S):  Drought and Food Conditions Continue To Deteriorate - see
items below The floods in China have not helped.  Now we will probably have
China joining the food lines.  Generally sefl-sufficient in the basics, China may now need some major imports.  But where or where are there any surpluses?

The North American Mass Media and the Bush Adminstration debate how and why and when Iraq should have the hell blown out of it for having the misfortune of being tyranized by Sodamned Insane, meanwhile, crops all around the world are failing.  Is anyone paying attention to what is going to create far more disruption, disease and death than all of the terrorists of the last 100 years put

From this weeks Diary of the Planet at http://www.earthweek.com/
Global Crop Shortage
Droughts and falling underground water tables in key grain-producing areas of virtually every continent have caused a sharp drop in production, which is likely to result in higher food prices, according to the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute. The group said that the global grain harvest for 2002 will fall short of this year's consumption by 83 million tons. Lester Brown, president of
the environmental think tank, said the situation also raises questions about how well the world will be able to feed itself during coming decades. Brown said, "If farmers are faced with even higher temperatures in the years ahead, as projected, they may have difficulty overcoming this year's huge shortfall, rebuilding stocks and providing for the 3 billion people to be added by 2050."

Drought Arrivals
Farmers and ranchers in the drought-parched Australian outback now have a new peril to contend with — flocks of starving emus that are moving into their land in search of food. The ungainly birds, which can grow up to 5 feet in height, are arriving with large groups of aggressive kangaroos that have also been starved out of their habitat. But the farmers say that the ostrich-like birds are the more destructive of the two invaders, competing head-on with livestock. "We put grain out for the sheep, and the emus literally leap on the sheep," said outback farmer Brennan O'Keeffe. "They'll just tear around the feed ground `til the sheep leave." Farmers in South Australia have asked officials to authorize a cull of the emus, which are a protected species and appear on the Australian
coat of arms, along with the kangaroo.

Rising Tides
New Zealand scientists announced that sea levels have risen 8 inches around the country during the past century, mainly due to global warming. Researchers from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research based their conclusions on tide measurements in Wellington, Auckland and Lyttelton. Spokesman Jim Salinger said the massive tides that damaged coastal roads and property this year are expected to grow even higher in the future.
TimeStar Earth  timestar@timestar.org    http://www.timestar.org

Aug 27th
Received an email from my mother-in- law in Russia this morning telling us Russia is doing the same misinformation thing our government its doing ( I keep mom updated on X and hope to get them over here before it comes as they will go underwater where they are at).    They are preparing everyone for X by giving out lots of information on asteroids and how to prepare for them and what damage they can do. This is in newspapers as well as on TV now. They even mention the possibility of X's existence  but do NOT mention times of arrival or go into the major devastation X will do or even recognize they do in fact know that it is coming. Now why all the asteroid information all of a sudden? Sound familiar??? Ber 

Aug 27th
Ignoring the banter between Mark and Di; let's get to the important meat of the issue here.  The point is; government agents ARE putting disinformation out on group lists to confuse you and keep you from believing the truth. If X wasn't on it's way; why would they bother doing this? This is the type of thing that proves X IS on it's way . These tidbits, when added up, to me, offer more proof of X's coming than  any other aspect of information we receive. Ber 

From Mark H - Here's the account of why I left Di's list:
Phil, the bad astronomer is a disinfo agent for NASA according to James McCanney. He tows the party line while denying he's associated with NASA every few minutes (which he did on Arts show). When I left Di's list Phil was trying to bait me, with obvious questions to try to get me to say certain basic celestial laws didn't exist, and attack me for my views on Planet X.  Now he has a web page devoted to my character assassination.  Isn't this a little out-of-character for just an astronomer? Recently I learned a publication in
Australia was highly recommending Phil's book until they found a lie right at the beginning of it and promptly dropped it. Tim Edwards was allowed back on the list at the same time I decided to leave. He is the disinfo agent that wrote to me privately saying "we will win the information war." Tim also hassled my dad's
girlfriend after stealing her private email address from my private email account.  Next, I wasn't allowed to post on this list my account of my family being hassled for 3 days. I actually had to write to everyone privately on the list to get this info out, then the post was allowed to show up.  Next a post showed up on this private egroup saying I can't be trusted and I deserve this family intrusion and then fraudulently signed my name. Apparently the carnivore software the disinfo crew possesses can bypass passwords.  Tim's email address was traced through the same 4 washington DC servers as Jim tr_iv's who was traced through to Vienna Virginia CIA headquarters. A constant denial of this has been ongoing since this trace has happened.  Jim still posts under new_age_2003 among other nowadays.

Now with these two disinfo agents on Di's list, along with many others disrupting the list just there to agree with the prime info, bringing up all kinds of side issues to misdirect attention and stirring up trouble, I'm very happy I left.  Di allowed all this to happen without doing anything at the time.  Again, happy for leaving, is what I am.  My life has really made several turns for the better since then.
Di's list of 2588 people hasn't grown in the six months since I left.
Mark H

Aug 21
Jim McCanney, during a July 24th interview, discussed Planet X, and
had a lot to say worthwhile.

Two items of particular interest were: 
1) he has documentation that NASA located Planet X in 1991 and has been following the planet since that time, and 
2) that PX will enter through the "back door" and not from an expected trajectory from the direction of Orion and that NASA is aware of the back door approach. He also said NASA viewed PX in '96 with an 8-inch telescope and that people can't find it because they do not know where to look.

Here's a link to the page for the archived interview on   the 24th. 
Jim makes a positive impression and has good ideas for NASA relative to public relations.

Dr. Boylan's NSA briefing on Planet X

Posted By: HeraldAp  Date: Saturday, 10 August 2002, 3:38 a.m.
For the whole Dr. Boylan story, especially re: how the public was dupped about the 2030 asteroid impact story -  including a rebuttal; go to  here

There are generally two estimated dates for the arrival of Planet X. The date set at 2011 or 2012 is an approximation of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Also, the Zetan Emissary, Nancy, says that this date is disinformation to confuse people on the real date, which is 2003. There are certain others who claim the Mayan Calendar end-date is adjusted to 2003. Here are comments made by Dr. Boylan on Planet X given to him by a "source."

There is a second large object incoming of quite a different kind, Z stated, and it is due much sooner. This object is due around 2011-2012, and has already been spotted by Naval observers coming from a direction visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Z confirmed that this is the Tenth Planet of our solar system, which takes an extremely elliptical orbit,. He said it is the one of which Orientalist scholar Zecharia Sitchin has written in his books decoding the Sumerian tablets. These tablets also spoke of a Tenth Planet, with a 3600-year orbit cycle. That planet, which they called Nibiru, is inhabited by the extraterrerstrials who told the Sumerians that they bioengineered humans, using Earth primate stock and extraterrestrial genes.

More confirmation for PX

While in Denver, in addition to the talk and workshop I did, I
filmed two 1 hour TV shows back to back for Isle of Light show on
channel 58. I also did a radio show. The host of the radio show that interviewed
myself, Phil Sparks, and James McCanney said he'd talked with some
workers at the VLA (very large array) in New Mexico.  He said the
VLA workers confided in him, and that they knew of Planet X but were
not supposed to talk about it.  Apparently the VLA sighted it a long
time ago. 

Today I sat down for lunch with a couple of people. One was an older
gentlemen named Gordon.  He said he had touched a extraterrestial
UFO, in a hanger, that had crashed back in the 1960's, with his own
hand.  He said he was in the Air Force at the time and discussed
much about area 51. He also had a VLA (the very large array in New Mexico) connection that told him that Planet X would pass by in 2004.  We discussed the layers of disinformation. He agreed that perhaps that 2003 was in fact the
date for the PX passage and 2004 was disinformation, for those who
absolutely know it is there at the VLA but don't have the highest
On his property he said he has three railroad cars buried with 25
years worth of food stored in them.  He'd been off grid for quite
sometime.  Apparently, he has some giant batteries he keeps charged
with solar cells and windmills. 

This is Rita again. Just wanted to let you know that last week I had
a very serious talk with a close relative that is in the military as
a computer engineer. After a few minutes of him asking me questions,
I got the distinct feeling that I was being interrnogated. He then
said to me " Let me tell you this. Planet X does exist. They've
known about it for awhile. I can't tell you any more other than look
for it to be anounced sometime in December."
When I went to leave, he came out to my vehicle with me and said, "
You know that it will be total Chaos and that you will need to have
guns." I said, "yes, i know." "Well then, just remember me and mine,
OK?" I said "Sure no problem." He said. "I'll be there with my guns.
Where will you be?" We then exchanged re-location info. That was
enough for me. This man has impecccable reputation. And he's very up
front and doesn't beat around the bush. Just thought you would be

While I was at the Global Wings conference, James McCanney happened
to be traveling through Colorado on vacation with family and I got
him on his cell. So, I asked him to drop by Denver and he did. I
paid for his hotel stay for a couple nights and he sold 50 books
while he was there.  Anyway, when I gave my 90 min talk, I let him
take up half the time.  He was a special guest that was not on the
schedule. Phil Sparks was also at the conference speaking on Planet X. The
conference was dominated by Planet X talks and workshops.

When I had my 3 hr workshop, I let James McCanney take it over and
school about 40 of us on exactly how the Planet X passage would
transpire.  James gave a theoretical 12 month countdown about how things would play out here on earth if a Planet X type object were approaching.

He said that June 2002 looked exactly like the first month of this
count down.  Jim has a job that has him looking at SOHO every night.
This is the satellite that looks at the sun 24 hours a day every

He said that if Planet X were coming from the constellation of Orion
that the disinfo-crew or rather the-powers-that-be would have to
shut the live feed off to SOHO June 1st through the 4th to hide it.
This is how long it would take to pass into and out of view.  He
said he was one of the few people on the planet that was quietly
waiting for this live feed to be cut for this reason and sure enough,
it was. SOHO was offline from June 1st to 4th 2002.

Next he said June should experience an unprecedented amount of solar
flares and CME's (coronial mass ejections) that has never been
viewed in modern times.  These ejections would be the result of a
large body entering into and discharging the electromagnetic
capacitor of our sun that extends well beyond Pluto.  This in turn
should effect the jet streams, here on earth, such that they should
extend well below and above where they are not normally. This
happened. The result of this would be erratic weather all over the
globe by August. All this has played out perfectly so far. Here's an
email that was just sent to me:

Think they will ever get it?

By the end of the fall the hurricane season should not stop and
extend well beyond the normal end of the season. Hurricanes should
also come up where they do not normally. Three months prior to
passage, the native american accounts of the last passage should
begin, what they called "The DEVIL WINDS." 

The continual discharging of the capacitor of the sun, as PX
approaches should increasingly cause the weather planetwide to be

Planet X will act as a large comet and Earth itself will begin to do
the same.  I just finished James's book and now am beginning to
understand exactly what will happen and why during passage, from a
scientific standpoint.

Apparently, the material in the large tails of comets are not coming
off the the cometary body but instead is material being pulled in by
the nucleus. The nucleus of the comet becomes increasingly charged
as it pierces into the suns capacitor, especially from off the
elliptic or on an angle, as Planet X would be coming in from.  Earth
will pull in oil, chemicals (that are similar to rocket fuel), meteors, and water for up to 45 days during the passage, before during and after. Earth's cometary phase will be the result of the constant discharging of the suns capacitor by it's brother Planet X.

Normally earth discharges the capacitor of the sun only rarely
traveling in the elliptical plane. A fly will discharge the
capacitor of an electronic bug trap if it enters into or breaks the
capacitor or electrical field of the device.  This causes the spark
discharged to kill it. 

Our weather is directly tied to the suns capacitor being

During passage the electromagnetic/gravitational waves coming from
planet x will cause the crust or mantle of earth to experience tidal

The moon causes the crust to move just a couple of inches up and
down throughout any given month and of course effects the oceans
tides a lot greater.

It will be these mantle or crustal tidal waves that will cause what
we call a pole shift.

There will be an electro/magnetic sunward spike coming from both
earth and Planet X.  These will be like gigantic plasmatic bolts
similar to the pilar of fire described in the bible.  Jim's books
has two of these large cometary ancient drawings with the sunward
spikes on the cover of his book. See my website www.planetx2003.com 
for a picture of Jim's book. Click on the book and order it if you
really want to ground this whole up-and-coming event in science.
Once you read his text you'll know for sure exactly what is going on
now and why with no-doubt. You'll also understand why the disinfo
crew has been ordered not to mention professor physicists James
McCanney name at all!

I don't mention or rely on ZT much when it comes to the 2003 date. I get confirmation almost weekly from different insiders within the government and from observatories. These don't serve as proof unless you're exposed to the volume of the data like I am. Sooner or later this will start happening to you, Ber, if you continue to put out the info. Insiders have started confiding to a few of the people I know after they started putting the info out through radio and magazines. Most will not allow their names printed however because of the concern they have for the possible backlash.

I had a good friend of the family give someone a copy of the  book   Blindsided and after they read it they called their high ranking brother in the Air Force. He said PX was set to pass May 10th 2003. They wouldn't give out the rank or name of the guy. 

June 2002
Houston, we have a problem, &  we've verified it nine ways to Sunday
For those who aren't familiar with american slang, "nine ways to Sunday" simply means "over and over again."

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a man named Kevin. Back in 1983 he was working for the Air Force, or in this case SAC (Strategic Air Command).  During that summer he was stationed on Guam (Anderson Air Force Base).  This base apparently had the longest runway on the planet at that time and may still. One fine day during that summer on Guam in 1983 he got to see an interesting airship land.  It was a C141 Star Lifter that was converted over into an airborne observatory.  It had NASA written right on the side of it and the name of this 'one of the kind custom' aircraft was "Kuiper Airborne Observatory."

He gave all the specs of the plane and said you could find it if you went on NASA's site and did a search. This aircraft has a small window in front and directly behind it was an infrared 3 ft diameter telescope.  The craft had the capability of getting above 85-90% of the atmosphere and staying in a stable position for 4 hours to look into the heavens for a view.

Kevin had been real curious about it because he'd always had an interest in science, so he talked to the crew members and asked them.  What was NASA doing all the way on this side of the world and what were they doing? Kevin said the crew responded with: We are taking pictures of Planet X and we've got to be on this side of the world to do so.  We have a 3 hour window of opportunity at this time every 24 hours.  He said  that on this Guam base there were perhaps 300 personnel at that time that knew about this photographic project. NASA'a Kuiper Airborne Observatory stayed on the island for 3 days. Kevin kept his attention on the news for 6 months afterwards until he finally heard something about Planet X. That was the announcement by the chief scientist December 30th 1983 to the 6 daily newspapers that NASA had found Planet X.

In 1977 the Chileans had already sighted Planet X and labeled it Bernar-1. Pioneers 10 and 11 were used to not only sight Planet X but our dark twin sun as well.  I've got both these accounts in my text Blindsided. The Hubble (s) telescopes have been used to sight Planet X and recently I ran across a triple doctorate that got to see the view of Planet X from Hubble via a computer link.  I've been told that John Glenn went up in the late 1990's in the space shuttle with a telescope in the cargo bay specifically to take a look at Planet X.  Amateur astronomers began sighting Planet X in 2001 using various scopes from around the world.  One of these amateurs in 2002 at a French observatory actually imaged Planet X. There's a link to that if you click on the website www.planetx2003.com and then click on the sister website from there. I've ran across several others who have passed information to me from observatories all over the world.  Russian scientists have been aware of it for at least 3 years ago. These scientists passed this information along to their government leaders
which led to the "2003 Problem" Reuters news service wire Sept. 13th 2000.  NASA engineers and individual scientists are currently contracting out dome homes to get ready for the passing.  What are you doing, waiting for NBC news to announce that you might want to get well away from the shorelines 1 week before the passage after the roads are all blocked or blown up by the powers that be?

I've got just a small slice of information of the many ways that Planet X has been verified compared to the many that exist.  The Vatican owns or has interest in at least a couple private observatories to view the incoming Wormwood.  What the heck are you waiting for to start preparing, a knock on the door from your local Mayor?  It ain't gonna come.  You're on your own my friends.

Are you going to let the "Fiery Dragon" whip you with its tail this time around?  Is the "Comet of Doom" going to be the doomsday for your family because you chose to ignore the situation?  Are you going to let the "Destroyer" do that to your world?  Will this "God of Destruction" cause you to meet your maker?  Will this issue be your "Nemisis" because you were unwilling to take it seriously and prepare?  Will this "Great Heavenly Body" take yours away?  Or will "Nibiru" just cross your path because you chose to prepare for it ahead of time.

Do you feel in your heart or the depths of your soul a longing to create a new world?  Well, it's your time now.  

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