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August 21, 2002 by MW Mandeville
ITEM(S): HEADS UP - Severe Electromagnetic Disturbance

Everyone should be aware of the science behind what is happening to
earth at this time. It is only going to get much worse as Planet X
approaches closer in the coming weeks and months. Earth will and is
becoming so highly charged itself, it will turn into a comet while
staying in it's current orbit. At a certain point, earth will start
pulling in debris, that is held in space by the electromagnetic
field of the sun. This debris consists of water, oil, chemicals,
meteors, and other combinations of hydrocarbons. This will not be a
one day event. It will last at least a few months, during the
closest part of PX's passage. We will experience a major pollution
event, weather (high winds, rains, floods) that are much worse than
they are now, and get pelted by boulder/meteors etc... Vulcanism and
seismic activity will pick up as well during this time.
The debris that is pulled into the earth (because of it's increasing
electromagnetic charge) that does not make it to the surface, will
form a tail. Earth should also develop a sunward plasmatic spike or
giant lightning bolt, that juts out from the upper atmosphere
towards the sun. See the cover of James McCanney's book on my
website www.planetx2003.com This will all be because of our suns
huge capacitor discharging and hitting us to a greater degree (like
it is doing now) because of the piercing of Planet X's approach.

Only James McCanney, in the scientific community, is speaking up
about this right now. Again, the sun has a huge electro-magnetic
field or capacitor. When a small object or comet passes close by the
sun discharges this capacitor (solar flares or CME's are the
result), this is similar to how a bug zapper's field reacts when a
bug pierces and discharges it's capacitor. When a large object
pierces the suns very outer edges of it's capacitor, it also
discharges it, CONSISTENTLY, to a greater degree as it gets closer
to the inner part of it.

This is the science that NASA does not want you to know about.
They've kept their old outdated models of how the solar system works
purposely in place, even though the data that comes in continues to
contradict these old models. It's all part of hiding the approaching
Planet X. If the public knew how simple things worked, they would
understand the solar event we are experiencing now must be from an
approaching large Planet X type object and nothing else, even if
they can't see it right this minute.

We don't need prophecy, psychics, intuitives, channelers, or people
to talk with aliens to understand that as each month goes by the
weather is going to get worse, the earth will become more highly
charged, and the suns continuous increasing proton pelting of earth,
caused by the approaching Planet X is the reason.

The electromagnetic gravitation waves that hit earth, during the
closest part of Planet X's passage, will cause tidal waves in the
mantle or crust, this will result in what is known as the pole
shift. This will change the surface of the entire planet in one day.
The pausing of earths rotation should happen a few days prior to
this as a warning the worst is about to happen.
HEADS UP - Severe Electromagnetic Disturbance RIGHT NOW
Look at the second chart which displays the Fluxgate Magnetometer
at the U of Alaska.  The Earth's atmosphere is buzzing.
I noticed on Sunday, when the sunspot count was around 300, that
it was a very bad day for cars and trucks. As I drove up US 17 from
Black Canyon City to Camp Verde on my way to Annette Hardman's
birthday party, I counted 20 cars beside the highway.

Sunspots are at 250 tonight. I predict strongly that another
excessive rain front and flood wave will push through the Northern
latitudes beginning in about a week to peak in about two weeks. It
should not be as severe as this last two weeks. Then in September,
the Northern Latitudes will get some real rain as Venus and Mercury
pull together towards the Earth and pull the sunspot count above 300
for a couple of weeks or so. No more of this puny flooding!!! Time for some serious waterfall!!!!! Time to put all of Northern and Eastern Europe's art
in the attic.


From Australia - July 2002
A few months ago I forwarded a summary of my own research into climate
change in which I outlined the following
(1) The Minoan civilisation in the Aegean sea was devastated by fire,
flooding and ash, following a series of volcanic eruptions on the island of
Thera (Santorini), 125Km to the north of Crete, the final explosion being
dated at 1628BC.

In another totally independent research paper the following extract occurred.
(2) Evidence for an adverse climate change in Ireland at about the same
time, and on several other occasions is then given by Mike Baille. Narrowest-ring events in Irish oak chronologies corresponding to 2345 BC, 1628 BC and 1159 BC line up with similar events in other three-ringed chronologies and also large acidities in Greenland ice records.

I came across this article posted to one of the Planet x sites and wanted to make sure you have seen it. This type of information when tied into a research scientist is the most accurate and compelling evidence you can find. Add to it reports and stories from the indigenous people, the third Fatima secret, Fr Malachi Martins comment on the purpose of the VATT and much more and we can conclude that something is indeed going on. Earth is speaking to us loudly and clearly. Are you listening? It may be tedious to sift through, but for those who must know the archeological evidence, read on. There's volumes of more material than the studies I present here. I could have filled an entire book with it. Presenting only archeological science showing the regularity of X's passage would not give you the entire picture.

You'll notice that there are references to "ice ages." This is simply a theory and not the reason for the sudden changes. The evidence points to 3500-3700 years ago, which is the best estimates some of the studies can come up with. X's passage caused many verifiable Earth changes approximately 3600 years ago. Most of the dates given correspond to the last passage or are multiples of 3600, which point to a passage several times before. When looking at the last passage for the dates for calamities one should give or take a hundred years. The science of determining dates thousands of years ago is not exact. When looking back 3 orbits ago a few hundred years one way or another should be given. The farther out in time the less accurate the dating of the changes are.

The scientists who made these discoveries did not know that they were giving evidence of Planet X's destruction from previous passages. One has to have knowledge of X's regular passage to see how these studies fit together. Rapid worldwide sea level fluctuations as much as 20 feet can be easily checked globally and the time frames verified. Now you can put the pieces together for yourself when combined with the other sources.

Scientists See Evidence of Rapid Climate Change MSNBC Online, October 28, 1999 In a study that may sound a warning, researchers have found evidence that the world's climate can change suddenly, almost like a thermostat that clicks from cold to hot. A new technique for analyzing gases trapped in Greenland glaciers shows that an ice age that gripped the Earth for thousands of years ended abruptly 15,000 years ago when the average air temperatures soared. "There was a 16-degree abrupt warming at the end of the last ice age," said Jeffrey P. Severinghaus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, lead author of a study to be published Friday in the journal Science. "It happened within just a couple of decades. The old idea was that the temperature would change over a thousand years. But we found it was much faster." Change in Water

Temperature-Severinghaus said the rapid rise in air temperature in Greenland may have been touched off by a surge in warm currents in the Atlantic Ocean that brought a melting trend to the vast ice sheet that covered the Northern Hemisphere. It still took hundreds of years for the ice to recede, but the start of the great thaw was much more sudden than scientists had once thought. This suggests, Severinghaus said, that the Earth's climate is "tippy"-prone to be stable for long periods, but then suddenly change when the conditions are right. This raises a red flag of caution.

Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky (This guy was a buddy of Albert Einstein's) The Ivory Islands, pages 4-6 -- In 1797, the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin, and hair, was found in northeastern Siberia. The flesh had the appearance of freshly frozen beef; it was edible, and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without harm. The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of their entombment; had it not been frozen, the bodies of the mammoths would have putrefied in a single summer, but they remained unspoiled for some thousands of years. In some mammoths, when discovered, even the eyeballs were still preserved. (All) this shows that the cold became suddenly extreme ... and knew no relenting afterward. In the stomachs and between the teeth of the mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern Siberia ...(but are) ... now found in southern Siberia. Microscopic examination of the skin showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof, not only of a sudden death, but that the death was due to suffocation either by gases or water.

Whales in the Mountains, pages 46-49 -- Bones of whale have been found 440 feet above sea level, north of Lake Ontario; a skeleton of another whale was discovered in Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level; and still another in the Montreal-Quebec area, about 600 feet above sea level. Although the Humphrey whale and beluga occasionally enter the mouth of the St. Lawrence, they do not climb hills.

Times and Dates, pages 202-203 -- Careful investigation by W.A. Johnston of the Niagara River bed disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4,000 years ago. And equally careful investigation of the Bear River delta by Hanson showed that the age of this delta was 3,600 years. The study by Claude Jones of the lakes of the Great Basin showed that these lakes, remnants of larger glacial lakes, have existed only about 3,500 years. Gales obtained the same result on Owen Lake in California and also Van Winkle on Abert and Summer lakes in Oregon. Radiocarbon analysis by Libby also indicates that plants associated with extinct animals (mastodons) in Mexico are probably only 3,500 years old.

Similar conclusions concerning the late survival of the Pleistocene fauna were drawn by various field workers in many parts of the American continent. Suess and Rubin found with the help of radiocarbon analysis that in the mountains of the western United States ice advanced only 3000 years ago. The Florida fossil beds at Vero and Melbourne proved -- by the artifacts found there, together with human bones and the remains of animals, many of which are extinct-that these fossil beds were deposited between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago. From observations on beaches in numerous places all over the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level, which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago. Kuenen and others confirmed Daly's findings with evidence derived from Europe.

Dropped Ocean Level, pages 181-183 R.A.-Daly observed that in a great many places all around the world there is a uniform emergence of the shore line of 18 to 20 feet. In the southwest Pacific, on the islands belonging to the Samoan group but spread over two hundred miles, the same emergence is evident. Nearly halfway around the world, at St. Helena in the South Atlantic, the lava is punctuated by dry sea caves, the floors of which are covered with water-worn pebbles, now dusty because untouched by the surf. The emergence there is also 20 feet. At the Cape of Good Hope, caves and beaches also prove recent and sensibly uniform emergence to the extent of about 20 feet. Marine terraces, indicating similar emergence, are found along the Atlantic coast from New York to the Gulf of Mexico; for at least 1,000 miles along the coast of eastern Australia; along the coasts of Brazil, southwest Africa, and many islands in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. The emergence is recent as well as of the same order of magnitude, (20 feet). Judging from the condition of beaches, terraces, and caves, the emergence seems to have been simultaneous on every shore.

In (Daly's) opinion, the cause lies in the sinking of the level of all seas on the globe. Alternatively, Daly thinks it could have resulted from a deepening of the oceans or from an increase in their areas. Of special interest is the time of the change. Daly estimated the sudden drop of oceanic level to (have occurred) some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

Shifting Poles, pages 111, 44, and 46 -- All other theories of the origin of the Ice Age having failed, there remained an avenue of approach which already early in the discussion was chosen by several geologists: a shift in the terrestrial poles. If for some reason the poles had moved, old polar ice would have moved out of the Arctic and Antarctic circles and into new regions. The glacial cover of the Ice Age could have been the polar ice cap of an earlier epoch.

The continent of Antarctica is larger than Europe. It has not a single tree, not a single bush, not a single blade of grass. Very few fungi have been found. Storms of great velocity circle the Antarctic most of the year. E.H. Shackleton, during his expedition to Antarctica in 1907 found fossil wood in the sandstone. Then he discovered 7 seams of coal. The seams are each between 3 and 7 feet thick. Associated with the coal is sandstone containing coniferous wood. Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean is as far north from Oslo in Norway as Oslo is from Naples. Heer identified 136 species of fossil plants from Spitsbergen. Among the plants were pines, firs, spruces, and cypresses, also elms, hazels, and water lilies. At the northernmost tip of Spitsbergen

Archipelago, a bed of black and lustrous coal 25 to 30 feet thick was found. (Spitsbergen) is buried in darkness for half the year and is now almost continuously buried under snow and ice. At some time in the remote past corals grew and are still found on the entire fringe of polar North America-in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. In later times, fig palms bloomed within the Arctic Circle.

Sea and Land Changed Places, pages 14, 74, and 180 -- (Cuvier) found in the gypsum deposits in the suburbs of Paris marine limestone containing over eight hundred species of shells, all of them marine. Under this limestone there is another-fresh water-deposit formed of clay. Much of France was once under sea; then it was land, populated by land reptiles; then it became sea again and was populated by marine animals; then it was land again, inhabited by mammals. And as it was on the site of Paris, so it was in other parts of France, and in other countries of Europe.

The Himalayas, highest mountains in the world, rise like a thousand mile long wall north of India. Many of its peaks tower over 20,000 feet, Mount Everest reaching 29,000 feet. Scientists of the nineteenth century were dismayed to find that, as high as they climbed, the rocks of the massifs yielded skeletons of marine animals, fish that swim in the ocean, and shells of mollusks. This was evidence that the Himalayas had risen from beneath the sea. In many places of the world, the seacoast shows either submerged or raised beaches. The previous surf line is seen on the rock of raised beaches; where the coast became submerged, the earlier water line is found chiseled by the surf in the rock below the present level of the sea. In the case of the Pacific coast of Chile, Charles Darwin observed that the beach must have risen 1300 feet only recently -- within the period during which upraised shells have remained undecayed on the surface.

Floods-The Flood, by Charles Ginenthal The evidence I present below is a melange of data regarding more than one global flood. Apparently, the earlier global floods occurred when major ice caps covered the continents, and later floods occurred after these were destroyed. Recent findings verify that such global floods occurred and negate the uniformitarian argument that the flood evidence indicates only local flood episodes. The basic uniformitarian argument is that the great floods were unique events caused by ice-dammed lakes unleashed when the ice dams broke. However, if individual, localized floods occurred repeatedly during the last Ice Age, they would have washed away the whale fossils found on or near the earth surface. However, whale bones and other marine fossils have been found far inland, without having been either destroyed or eroded down to tiny fragments. This strongly supports the global flood hypothesis and contradicts the local flood theory.

This evidence fully supports Velikovsky's hypothesis. If the Earth's axis tilted or the crust suddenly, violently, moved over the mantle, then the oceans would move en masse, as immense tidal waves, away from the equator and toward the poles. On the rotating Earth, due to the Coriolis force, these tidal waves would move, not only north and south, but also counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Since the Pacific Ocean lies between the continents of North

America and Asia in the northern apex at the Bering Strait, the tidewater would veer east, over Alaska and Canada, and west, over Asia. In the Atlantic Ocean, the tidewater would flow more easily near the poles, covering a larger area; this would create smaller continental floods. Any ice caps in these regions would be swept away from their landlocked moorings out into the northern Atlantic Ocean and would break up, depositing large amounts of detritus on the sea bed. Since neither eastern Siberia nor Alaska were covered by such a continental ice sheet, minute amounts of glacial detritus should have been deposited in the Pacific Ocean compared to that laid down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate Changes in Prehistory and History

Switzerland Climate Changes in Prehistory and History, By Ken Hsu http://groups.yahoo.com/group/planetx2003/post?protectID=200056234003056091033082   -- Studying the varves of Silva plana, my student Andreas Lehmann found no Holocene varves older than 4000 years, when there was no "glacial-milk" sediment.. The conclusion is inescapable: There were no varves because the Engadine lakes were not frozen every year. There were no "glacial milk" deposits when there were no Alpine glaciers! I was excited by Lehmann's discovery and called my former student Dr. Kerry Kelts at Minnesota. He headed our Limnology Laboratory at ETH-Z before accepting a professorship at University of Minnesota. Kelts was not surprised. He told me daily: "I have been telling you all those years of the 4000 BP event, and you did not listen. There was a global cooling when the Climatic Optimum came to an end.

North Africa Climate Changes in Prehistory and History, By Ken Hsu
Prof. Nicola Petit-Maire, at University of Marseilles, described the vast lacustrine deposits in the Sahara desert: the sediments were laid down during a humid phase between 9,500 to 4,000 BP. Rainfall was so abundant then that Mali was not a desert but land of great lakes. The Cro-Magnon people came across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to the savannas of Sahara. They hunted elephants, rhinoceros, buffaloes, hippopotamus, antelopes, and giraffes, as depicted in their wonderful rock paintings. The deserts of North Africa expanded, however, and an early clustering of cold centuries around 5200 BP caused the deterioration of environments. Hunters and grazers left Sahara and settled on as farmers of the alluvial plains of Egypt. The cooling and aridity continued and the last of the Saharan lakes dried up 4,000 BP, ending the Saharan civilization, at about the same time when the glaciers advanced in the Alps. Mild and wet climate prevailed during the Climatic Optimum in the Near East.

I visited the Canannite City Arad on the edge of the Negev Desert: it was a populous settlement of several thousand inhabitants during the Early Bronze Age. Suddenly Arad was abandoned. The deserted city showed no signs of destruction by war; the exodus was necessitated by a shortage of water supply. Indeed, the centuries-long drought in the Middle East was the cause of the collapse of the Early Bronze Age civilization in Mesopotamia, as Prof. H. Weiss of Yale and his colleagues concluded. A marked increase in aridity caused the abandonment of settlements in the north and the collapse of the Akkadian Empire in the south. The impact of it was extensive: there were synchronous collapses of the civilizations in Hindus Valley and in Egypt. The climatic catastrophe started around 2200 BC and came to an end 300 years later. This was the expression of the 4000 BP Event in Middle East.

Central Europe Climate Changes in Prehistory and History, By Ken Hsu ken@e... -- In central Europe, the 4,000 BP Event brought, not aridity, but increased precipitation. The cold and wet climate caused the advance of the Alpine glaciers. In the region of Prealpine lakes, the Lake Dwellers had enjoyed warm and dry climate, and they had built villages on the shores of lowland lakes. When the cold and wet climate came, the settlements were flooded; the Lake Dwellers had to leave their homes when the lake-level rose. The Zurich archaeologists discovered, for example, that the villages on the shores of the lake were abandoned about 2,400 BC, and they remained uninhabited for about 800 years.

In northern Europe, cattle farming had brought prosperity to the megalithic kingdoms. The 4000 BP Event brought forth late springs and cold and wet summers. Crops were not harvested because of late planting, and cattle were famished when it became impossible to make hays. The Indo-Europeans of northern Europe had to move. Carrying battle axes and corded-ware pottery, they went to southern Russia, from there to southeastern Europe, to Anatolia, to Persia and India, and to northwest China. China Climate Changes in Prehistory and History, By Ken Hsu ken@e... 

The 4000 BP event hit China also. When the legendary King Huangti ruled in China, at about 3,000 BCE, mulberry trees grew in north China where elephants and rhinoceros roamed. The climate turned cold and arid then. Yu, the first king of the Xia Dynasty, received credit for having tamed devastating floods. He may in fact not have done more than his predecessors, except flooding eased when rainstorms ceased their visitation.

India-Academic Press Insight, 5 April, 1999, by   Diana Steele The people of the Harrapan-Indus civilization, who lived in what is now northwestern India, flourished between 2600 and 2000 B.C. To probe the region's climate history, a team of geologists from Israel, the United States, and India used carbon-dating and chemical analysis to examine sediments from a now-dry lake, Lunkaransar, in the Thar Desert. As the level of the briny lake fell, salts and other minerals precipitated in distinct layers. "These lake sediments give a very high-resolution record of changing lake levels, which reflect changing amounts of precipitation in the region," says Lisa Ely, a geologist at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. Ely and her colleagues found that the lake has been mostly dry for the last 5500 years. Before then, they found, the region was wet for 15 centuries -- a period that ended a millennium before the Harrapan-Indus peoples began to prosper. But an arid climate by no means rules out a healthy civilization, notes Blair Kling, a historian at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Even without plentiful rain, the Harrapan-Indus inhabitants, he says, could have depended on the Indus River for irrigation. Kling says there is evidence that a flood may have forced refugees into the cities around 1600 B.C., leading to overcrowding that could have played a role in the civilization's downfall. Sahara-In the July 15, 1999 paper published by the journal, Geophysical Research Letters, the Sahara desert's arid climate change occurred quickly and dramatically 4000 to 3600 years ago. A team of researchers headed by

Martin Cluassen of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research analyzed computer models of climate over the past several thousand years. They concluded that the change to today's desert climate in the Sahara was triggered by changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of Earth's axis. The switch in North Africa's climate and vegetation was abrupt. In the Sahara, "we find an abrupt decrease in vegetation from a green Sahara to a desert shrub land within a few hundred years" scientists reported. No longer were grasses and other plants collecting water and releasing it back into the atmosphere; now sand baked in the stronger sun and rivers dried up.

The scientists do not say what caused the change in the tilt of Earth's axis. "3,600 Years Ago-The Canaanites' earliest real presence was 1550 BC (Source: The Canaanites, by John Grey). According to the World Book Encyclopedia, an unknown civilization with an alphabet that has yet to be deciphered lived in the Indus Valley (W. Pakistan). Around 1500 BC they disappeared. Around 1500 BC, a civilization arose on the banks of the Hwang Ho river in north central China. According to Encarta, The 1st dynasty of Babylon ended in 1595 BC. In the Semitic culture, Hyksos was deposed in 1570 BC, and the Jewish exodus led by Moses happened shortly thereafter. This featured a river Nile filled with "blood" and water they could not drink.

The Cycladic settlement on the island of Thera was destroyed by a great volcanic eruption about 1500 BC. Hittite internal strife caused great disorder and ended in 1525 BC with King Telipinu. China gave birth to one of the earliest civilizations and has a recorded history that dates from some 3,500 years ago. Pottery pieces found in Fiji suggest the islands were settled in the west from Melanesia at least 3,500 years ago. Iron manufacturing originated about 3,500 years ago when iron ore was accidentally heated in the presence of charcoal. The Tongon and Samoan islands were probably settled from Fiji about 3,500 years ago. According to M.I. Farley, author of Early Greece, 1970, there was total catastrophe all over Crete about 1400 BC. The Santorini eruption (about 1500 BC) was several times greater in scope than the 1883 Krakatoa eruption.

The book Ancient Europe, by Stuart Pigget (1965) states that around 1500 BC, Zimbabwe and Dhlodhlo were built. According to Earth in Upheaval, by Velikovsky, Research by W. A. Johnston on the Niagara Riverbed disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4000 years ago. Careful study of the Bear River delta by Hanson showed the age of this delta was 3,600 years. A study by Claude Jones of the Great Lakes showed that these lakes have existed only 3,500 years. This is confirmed by several geographic historical maps of Michigan available in Michigan libraries. Gales obtained the same result on Owen Lake in California. Van Winkle obtained the same result on Abert and Summer lakes in Oregon.

Radiocarbon analysis by Libby also indicates that plants associated with mastodons in Mexico are probably only 3,500 years old. Similar conclusions concerning the late survival of the Pleistocene fauna were drawn by various field workers in many parts of the American continent. From observations on beaches throughout the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level, which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago. Kuenen and others confirmed Daly's findings with evidence derived from Europe. According to Stuart Struever and Felicia Antonelli Holton, authors of the Koster Settlement in Koster, IL. "It is apparent that people occupied Horizon 4 for a much shorter time and less intensely than the other levels." They were referring to the site that began in 2000 BC. Other earlier sites ranged from 3900-2800 BC, and then 5000 BC. 7,200 Years Ago-According to Basil Davidson, author of Lost Cities of Africa, new types of humanity appeared in Africa around 5,000 BC (3500 x2).

According to Ancient Europe by Stuart Pigget, stone using agricultural peasantry began in Europe near 5,500 BC (3750 x 2). According to a December 17, 1996 New York Times article entitled, Black Sea Deluge May Be Tied to Spread of Farming in Europe, an international team of geologists and oceanographers reconstructed the history of a catastrophic flood from data gathered by a Russian research ship in 1993. Seismic soundings and sediment cores revealed traces of the sea's former shorelines, showing an abrupt 500 foot rise in water levels. Radiocarbon dating of the transition from fresh water to marine organisms in the cores put the time of 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times: the research ship JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions for the Deep Earth Sampling) Resolution "could easily see the light colored ash deposited from the eruption of Oregon's Mount Mazama 6,950 years ago. That titanic eruption created Crater Lake and threw out at least 40 times as much magma as Mount St. Helens did in 1980 and serves as a useful marker to date mud layers. JOIDES is a Hubble telescope for the ocean, the most advanced drilling vessel in the world. "It has 12 laboratories, more than 100 research computers and can drill in water up to 27,000 feet deep. ... "The planet appears to operate in a quasi-stable mode and pops up to a new state," said NSF's Corell.

Other Cycles-According to the September 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times, The lodge pole pine forest suddenly died 10,900 years ago (3633 x 3). "The weather here changed so fast and so severely that the forest of the lodge pole pine that had succeeded Ice Age glaciers died in a blink." ... "This is catastrophic climate change", said paleobotanist Richard Hebda. Ice Age glaciers retreated from the Seattle area 14,000 years ago (3500 x 4). Page 22-23 of Early Man in the New World, by Kenneth MacGowan (1950), shows charts of major glacial changes 18,000 years ago (3600 x 5), 25,000 years ago (3570 x 7), 40,000 years ago (3636 x 11), and 65,000 years ago (3611 x18)! According to Encarta, The Dalton era started about 10,500 (3500 x 3) years ago and lasted about 1,000 years in Arkansas. The first animals used in husbandry were domesticated in southwest Asia 11,000 years ago (3636 x 3). Most sequoias suffered extinction 11,000 years ago (3636 x 3) About 11,000 years ago (3636 x 3), the axis of the earth pointed so as to give the northern hemisphere colder winters and warmer summers.

Norway was inhabited 14,000 (3500 x 5) years ago. Indianapolis is located on the Tipton Till Plain, an area of flat to gently rolling land shaped 18,000 (3600 x 5) years ago. The peak of the last ice age was 22,000 (3667 x 6) years ago. The Great Salt Lake is a shallow remnant of Lake Bonneville, a large deep fresh water lake that occupied much of western Utah and parts of Nevada and Idaho from approximately 50,000 (3571 x 14) years ago to approximately 25,000 (3571 x 7) years ago. According to an October 9, 1998 article from the Associated Press and Science magazine, a major ice age occurred 22,000 years ago (6 x 3666). Tsunami Signatures-From Geo Science, "Tsunami Along the South Coast of NSW": The first event probably occurred concomitantly with the rise of Holocene sea-level near modern levels around 7000 BP. ...The impact of these tsunami upon the coastal landscape has been profound. Several signatures provide estimates of the magnitude of run-up of these events. The height to which chaotic mixes of sediment and imbricated boulder stacks have been deposited and the height of headlands that have had a smear of clay, sand, and shell plastered across them give general estimates of the run-up height. The elevation of eroded landscape features on headlands gives information about the depth and velocity of flow. The presence of sand laminae and splayed sand units within deltaic sediments permit the landward limit of tsunami impact to be determined. This geomorphic evidence indicates that the largest tsunami waves swept sediment across the continental shelf and obtained flow depths of 15-20 m at the coastline with velocities in excess of 10 meters per second. Along cliffs, and especially at Jervis Bay, waves reached elevations of 40-100 m with evidence of flow depths in excess of 15 m. Preliminary evidence on the Shoalhaven delta indicates that waves penetrated 10 km inland for at least one event. This geomorphic evidence suggests that the New South Wales south coast is subject to tsunami waves an order of magnitude greater than that indicated by historic tide gauge records. Recent work indicates that the southeast coast of Australia may not be the only coast to be affected by catastrophic tsunami. The geomorphic signatures of such events have been found on Lord Howe Island in the mid-Tasman Sea, along the north Queensland coast and along the northwest coast of Western Australia. At the latter location, there is good evidence that a recent wave swept more than 30 km inland, in the process topping 60 m high hills more than 2 km from the coast. Finally, bedrock sculpturing features have been identified on the islands of Hawaii and along the east coast of Scotland. The latter location is within the zone affected by the tsunami generated by a large submarine landslide near Storegga, Norway, also 7,000 years ago.

Friday, 7 September, 2001, 18:28 GMT 19:28 UK Giant wave hit ancient Scotland-By BBC News O It is often hard to separate accurate information from fiction however, the information contained above is at least scientific.

Keep well   Regards Philip     Australia

The Forces will stop this!
The next entry tells us "the forces"  (large armadas of outer space craft which come to us from the future and have vastly superior knowledge and abilities) have the ability to "tow" away or move to a different orbit any asteroids or planets that can affect earth. I have several problems with this entry.  One, I doubt there are "billions" of these things in our space. Two; why is there no reduction in volcanism, earthquake activity, solar flares, sea water temperature increases, and glacial/polar melting is X is not a threat?  All these things are increasing.   Three, if you analyze the dates and distances of Planet X given by Zetatalk it passes earth cruising at over 7 million miles an hour; how would you stop something larger than Jupiter moving at that speed?  However, in fairness, here's a section out of Dove's July 26th letter that essentially says X is not a threat. And for those of you who don't believe in aliens please see my page at www.detailshere.com/ufo.htm  and especially the Dr Wolf section; a person who worked with these creatures at area 51.  

"Some of you have written to me with worries about asteroids and planets crashing into the Earth sometime in the next decade or so.

I TOTALLY GUARANTEE you that these things are FAILING to occur because it is a SIMPLE matter for the Forces to throw a net around any planets, asteroids or whatever and tow them off to a different orbit if there is any possibility of these things causing problems.

I'm told that we need to remember that the most powerful groups of Forces, who are here helping the White Knights and us, came from thousands of millions of years in the future and their technology is VASTLY SUPERIOR and capable of handling all these things.

Now, I suggest that you all CAREFULLY QUESTION the things you have heard in the past and all the "dire" predictions WHICH HAVE FAILED to occur. California is NOT falling into the Pacific Ocean NOR are the so-called catastrophic Earth changes happening. I asked recently WHERE these things came from because I have known all these things were bogus. I was told that there are certain groups who were planning to put big explosive devices in the major tectonic plate fault lines of the Earth and thus purposely try to cause earthquakes and tidal waves, etc. In fact, I'm told, these groups HAVE ALREADY tried to do these things and some are continuing to try to do these things BUT the most powerful FORCES have NEUTRALIZED ALL these groups' efforts to CAUSE the so-called Earth changes and will continue to neutralize these sneaky plots.

I'm told that these groups TRYING to cause the Earth changes include dark agenda Earth Humans and also some of the visitors from distant places who have hidden and double agendas. These visitors are in collusion with the dark agenda Earth Humans who want to decrease the population of Earth Humans, I'm told, and have plotted to cause catastrophes that would result in billions of Earth Humans either being killed or removed from the surface of the planet. I'm told these plots have been NEUTRALIZED and will continue to be neutralized by the most powerful Forces who are here to help the White Knights bring us NESARA and our prosperity. More will come out on these things in the very near future, I'm told.

I'm told that until the most superior and massive groups of Forces now helping the White Knights RECENTLY arrived this year, there was a lack of any group powerful enough to stop these manipulations of the Earth tectonic plates and other purposeful actions certain groups were TRYING to use to "cause" the so-called Earth changes.

However, the most powerful Forces groups, who are NEUTRALIZING these efforts to cause the catastrophic Earth events, HAVE VASTLY SUPERIOR capabilities and outnumber all the trouble-making groups.

Furthermore, as of yesterday, these most powerful Forces now have more than 70 Billion ships and groups here to help the White Knights and protect all of us so we can enjoy our NESARA and prosperity blessings. I'm told the Intelligence Agents of the Forces have also EXPANDED by TWELVE times the previous number and these very high beings who are serving Love and Light are dedicated to helping the White Knights and Forces bring us NESARA and our prosperity.

Folks, from the questions I answer for this group, it is obvious that there are broad spectrums of knowledge bases held by the members of the Dove egroup. I'm told that very soon after the true NESARA law announcements and implementations, the entire world will be hearing about some of these unusual things in the daily news on television. The White Knights have long known that the world must be told the TRUTH after NESARA's announcement so that we all WAKE UP and end the ability of the dark agenda to manipulate, enslave, and dumb-down our people."

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A behind the scenes Sitchin comment:

Since the beginning of last year I've received several reports of what Sitchin knows and relays on occasion privately as opposed to what he is saying publicly. Some quotes are directly to the people I hear from and others, like this one, are not. This is an excerpted email that came in the last couple days from: "Regina Bailey" <natair@supersat2.net>

I read a post quoting Sitchin saying the planet will return at this time and I also talked with a person claiming to be in personal contact with him that said the "waves are going to fly this spring."

From Australia - July 29th
a letter to Mark,

First of all, I'd like to say that your book opened my eyes in a most startling manor. I am a student, studying science in Australia. What was most significant about it was the fact that I was already aware of much information which supported the hypothesis. For instance geological activity is recorded in the sediment layers and preserved. And throughout modern history the planet has been rocked by tectonic plate shifts (earthquakes) every 3600 years, more powerful than anything recorded in modern history. The evidence is there to find. Mass extinction events within Australia have coincided with the time frames of planet X's passing. But scientist haven't a clue as to their cause. And the real bell ringer: the complete anilation of past cultures. the vast manoan population for one, disappeared over night in 1638 b.c. the eruption on thera (present day Santorini, Greek islands) was 40 -50 times greater than the mount Saint St. Helens eruption. then there's the overnight disappearance of the Incas, and the intermediate period of the Egyptian culture when society collapsed no kings ruled and nothing was built.

There's even more evidence in the field of science which supports the existence of planet X. They are proven facts, and include the glacial shifts and polar changes which occur with X's coming, also verified by science, I think I'm going to have to move from the coast line. As I discover more evidence all doubt is slowly being erased. Lets face it no-one wants to believe that life as we know it will come to an extreme and abrupt end, and very soon! I believe that this is for the best, for the human species has forgotten how to respect life, and we are currently destroying it at a very quick rate. So this celestial event will be a cleansing for the planet, a renewal, as is the cycle of life, the process of evolution. Keep up the GOOD work , Mark.

From a friend you haven't met.  

From one who IS taking action:
I have a section of our house that has been built on. It is the concrete and 14ft wide, 32ft long. It is self contained, from the rest of the house, and has a small room under it 8ft X8ft for hiding storing etc. We are set up on the whole house with Generator power, Solar and turbine. Storing food and pickling/canning lots of food. I am trying to work on a better air ventilation system to filter out air from the outside.Its a slow process but moving along.
Take care   Scott


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