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July 20th - Mark, It was a pleasure hearing you speak in Toronto!! Rense.com has just posted a letter that states FEMA is creating temporary housing to hold millions outside the major metrpolitan areas and guess when thedeadline is January 2003. Give an unrealistic deadline and have it ready for May 2003. Here's the link.     http://www.rense.com/general27/atckson.htm 

(Also visit www.detailshere.com/fema.htm   to see what FEMA is up to) 

 Also I was reading in Canadian Business magazine that the US army has just ordered 2100 armored personnel carriers called the Stryker from a plant here in London, Ontario. The CEO of the GM plant stated that an order like this normally would be phased in over 10 years, but guess when the top brass in the US army want them. You guessed it May, 2003! A general with US defence said they need them because they are highly mobile and are perfect in cities and urban areas. (Perfect toy for keeping law and order after PX eh!)

I spent the day with a person a couple days ago who said that just recently, a dozen of NASA's top people quietly resigned and are ferociously building domes. hmmmmmmmmm????

July 13, 2002 - Another independent view from one who has assembled much information on the subject:

Earthchanges, Precession of the Equinoxes & Planet X
In regards to Planet X and the earthchanges - in summary.

1. 1983 NASA spots a large planetary object in the IR spectrum (invisible to the naked eye), on an inbound course into the inner reaches of our solar system, and broadcasts the news to the media. There are numerous sites on the net that currently have those news stories - a fact that cannot be denied. The 1983 television story that I remember hearing on the issue, stated that the planetary like object would take 20 years to reach the inner parts of our solar system. 1983 + 20 = 2003!!!

2. NASA falls silent on the 1983 news release and then embarks on a course of action to deny what they said, and to this day continues to remain silent on the subject - with one exception, cooperating with their money masters and controllers in the US government to create a widespread disinformation campaign to deny that Planet X even exists, and to conduct a high pressure and/or smear campaign on scientists and other high profile individuals in the know, who might rat NASA and the US government out. Sitchin falls into this catagory. It's easy to silence individuals like Sitchin - just remind them about the factual circumstances surrounding the early demise of Sitchin's scientific partner and what happens to those that run their mouth off about Planet X. Sitchin was right on about Planet X, and ratting NASA out at every turn and chance Sitchin could take in regards to Planet X, and then suddenly changed his tune and will not speak on the matter, except to say that the date of 2003 is wrong. Sitchin and others like him = Sold Out Goods.

3. The best scientific estimates is that Planet X is a brown dwarf. Brown dwarfs are super cold on the surface, therefore, they would be more readily viewable in the IR (infa-red) spectrum than they would be to the naked eye, one very good and logical reason why Planet X has not been seen by the naked eye. An astrophysicist I talked with [I initially asked him about viewing brown dwarfs - not Planet X], who at one time worked for the US government and no longer does because he was unwilling to compromise his principles and sell his soul to the highest bidder, stated to me several months back that a brown dwarf, even a fairly large one, could remain invisible to the naked eye and regular telescopic viewing equipment and be as little or as close as three months from earth before we ever saw it, and by then, he stated; "It would be too late to do very much about it."

4. Is May-June 2003 CE an accurate date for the arrival or passage of Planet X? For the earliest arrival date of PX, May-June 2003 CE is as good a date as any. Better to be prepared early, or arrived at the train station early to catch your train, than to have arrived late and missed your train, or in the case of Planet X, to have missed your best opportunity to survive. If PX comes late, at least you will have made your preparations early. On the outside late timetable for the arrival of Planet X, I would state that 2012 CE is the absolute max, and that what is going to happen is that the actual passage of PX will likely be sooner than later.

Why? There are too many discrepancies and questions about our current calendar, especially missing years, to be anywhere near certain that our current calendar is accurate. The Mayan Calender ending date of2012, is the absolute ending of one age, therefore, the date starting after that would be the beginning of the new age.

In addition: For an age to come to its full end, the age must have completed its full cycle and done all of the things it is supposed to do. If, presuming the calendar is anywhere near accurate, then we are currently in the 18 year midway process point of completing the ending of that 26,000 +/- year age cycle at this time. That final cycle/process began in 1995 and we are currently at the 8 year, or close to the 9 year midway point in the process - the time when most of the major earthchanges will start happening. By 2012 the vast majority of the earthchange processes should be over. Since there is no accurate written record known to exist [and if there was it has probably long since been destroyed by the power brokers and controllers] of what has gone on before when a precession of the equinoxes has occurred, then we are currently at the total mercy of whatever the universe and fate has in store for us. 

Astronomy - precession of the equinoxes

A slow westward shift of the equinoxes along the plane of the ecliptic, resulting from precession of Earth's axis of rotation, and causing the equinoxes to occur earlier each sidereal year. The precession of the equinoxes occurs at a rate of 50.27 seconds of arc a year; a complete precession requires 25,800 years.

Information to look up in conjunction with and in support of, precession of the equinoxes: Copernican System, Ecliptic, The book, 5-5-2000 The book, Fingerprints of the Gods, The Double Whammy Factor

Factor 1: We are living at a unique point in the history of this planet. With an extremely high degree of certainty, the planet Earth is currently at the end of a complete precession, which includes the maximum angle of tilt on its axis. The only other people to have witnessed this are those who lived on this planet some 26,000 +/- years ago, and they are long gone, as is their written record(s) and account(s) of exactly what happened.

Factor 2: From the Sumarian cuniform texts we can now assume with a degree of certainty that there is in fact a 10th planet in our solar system, referred to by the Sumarians as Niburu, "the planet of the crossing." Niburu from what descriptions and information we have available to us, is very likely a brown dwarf larger than Jupiter, and it is on an approximately 3,600 +/- year highly eliptical orbit through our solar system, and Niburu's last approximate passage through our inner solar system was about the time of Moses and the Exodus. If that timetable is accurate, and I believe that it is, then the next visit and passage of Niburu is close at hand [closer than many would probably like to believe or admit to].

The first factor has been, and continues to exert a great deal of influence on Earth and what is going on in the way of our earthchanges. Think of it in the simplest of terms like a rubber band stretched to it's limits and ready to snap. Even a first or second grader understands what happens when the rubber band snaps back and hits their fingers.

In relationship to factor two. 'Gravity Waves' have struck our sun in the same approximate region within a short period of time, producing massive and spectacular solar eruptions. Logically speaking, the 'Gravity Wave' strikes to the sun appear to be coming from an area where Planet X would currently be right now, below earth's ecliptic, or right where we would expect Planet X to be right now. These 'Gravity Wave' strikes to the sun, whether many like it or not, are having an influence on Earth, therefore, a definite influence on the earthchanges which are underway on our planet.

One factor of influence to the Earth, a single whammy, the precession of the equinoxes, may very well end up being bad enough to deal with by itself. Add to that the calculated factor of an apparent second whammy, the influences of Planet X on Earth, including rapid and/or sudden crustal displacement, and more, and you have all the makings for a catastrophe unheard of in modern recorded history.

Evidence of Rapid & Sudden Crustal Displacement
I have heard it argued by some that the only type of crustal displacement that has occurred on Earth is "creep," or the slow movement and displacement of the Earth's crust. That argument is pure hogwash and disinformation of the worst kind, meant to impress simpleton minds or those who won't take the time to learn more about science and the mechanics of our planet.

From the book, Physical Geology, 4th Edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc., by L. Don Leet Harvard University and Sheldon Judson Princeton University:

"Abrupt movements of the earth's crust" Crustal deformation has occurred at the time of some large earthquakes.

Three major earthquakes in 1811 and 1812 were centered near New Madrid, Missouri, on December 16, January 23, and February 7. These were accompanied by changes in the topography over an area of 8,000 to 13,000 square kilometers [roughly 4,960 to 8,060 square miles].

The crust sank from 1.5 to 6 meters in places, forming swamps and lakes and drowning forests. The largest lake to form was Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. In 1891, in the provinces of Mino and Owari, Japan, a great chunk of the earth's crust moved upward a maximum of 3 meters and sideward 6 meters. After a series of large earthquakes in 1899 at Yakutat Bay, Alaska, a geological survey party found beaches raised by as much as 16 meters. Subsidence was also associated with these same earthquakes in such a way as to indicate a tilting of a large section of the earth's crust."

Some would argue, so what, all this shows is that there was just a small displacement of the crust. I don't consider 8,060 square miles of displacement as small, but I suspect there are those who do, and would consider such a displacement as insignificant. If you lived in the center of such a displacement I don't believe the displacement would have been insignificant.

For those who consider such displacements insignificant, then consider this information, from the same book: "The Prince William Sound earthquake of March 27, 1964, was accompanied in Alaska by considerable vertical and horizontal displacements. These occurred over more than 120,000 square kilometers. The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey found that there was a general south to north rotation of a portion of the earth's crust centered at the northern coast of Prince William Sound."


"The earthquake was felt over 1.3 million square kilometers and major damage to buildings, ports, and transportation occurred in an area of 130,000 square kilometers." "The absolute amount and direction of movement could not be accurately determined, as reference points were also disturbed," meaning that a much wider area of movement and crustal displacement could very well have occurred, and very probably did.

What this tells us, is that rapid and sudden shifts of the earth's crust do happen, and it can happen to very large portions of the earth in the twinkling of an eye. What all of this proves, beyond any reasonable doubt or speculation, is that without any warning or notice, there could be a massive displacement of the earth's crust on a worldwide scale, and that any number of factors or forces, some known and others unknown, could be responsible for triggering such a worldwide event.

Two of those triggering mechanisms could very well be the current completion of the precession of the equinoxes, already underway, and or the influences of Planet X, or both. Neither factor can afford to be readily dismissed by intelligent individuals, or groups of individuals. To do so, would be foolhardy.

Sherwood E.

See another rather lengthy discussion & summation of the pro/con accumulated information by Dennis Rogers  here  .

US Government openly getting ready for destruction of cities in 2003

The terrorist cover story is wearing thin. We and they know it's Planet X coming. At least they are starting to openly prepare for some of the masses now.

See a map of the tunnel system under the US at :
http://www.dnai.com/~zap/tunnlmap.gif   If you can't find it there go to   here 

This came through today from


Brief extract below....the date they wish to get this ready for is january 2003... FEMA Preparing for Mass Destruction Attacks on Cities
Monday, July 15, 2002
FEMA, the federal agency charged with disaster preparedness, is engaged in a crash effort to prepare for multiple mass destruction attacks on U.S. cities -- including the creation of sprawling temporary cities to handle millions of displaced persons, NewsMax has learned.

FEMA is readying for nuclear, biological and chemical attacks against U.S. cities, including the possibility of multiple attacks with mass destruction weapons. The agency plans to create emergency, makeshift cities that could house hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who may have to flee their urban homes if their cities are attacked. Ominously, FEMA has been given a deadline of having the cities ready to go by January 2003 Ė in about six months.

From ZetaTalk
What I have for the public is 1/5 and 1/19. If you're fretting that this is not enough, just wait a few months. Meanwhile, leave me alone, I've work to do. (attitude problem here folks)

Many have your same view of _____. She would not have this attitude if she didn't think she deserved it. This would only be the case with someone that knows she has a very unique position (power) which in this case is a zeta embassary but has not been around enough people of power or rather is spiritually unprepared much to understand how to wield it. This is a telling sign that someone that is not ready to use it properly is given power. The more I study ______ the more I know she DOES have the zeta connection she claims. This whole scenario would be totally unbelievably impossible to hoax. She  is for real. Her claims are real. That is all that is really important. I support her PX claims. Her personality is largely unimportant.

If like she says the pacific shortens, the water has got to go somewhere and a few extra thousand feet is plausible if it needs somewhere to go. These changes will be very severe in places and water will be the biggest killer by far, not quakes or winds.

His name is Mr. X. He called me a few months ago after a 66 year old physicist friend of his asked him to remote view an Edgar Cayce map. He had a special device to allow quick deep remote viewing. Mr. X  had never done this prior. He saw severe earthchanges that were confirmed when he found an  old website of mine that had my material on it that has since been taken down.

He called me and also said his physicist friend had attended a meeting in Russia with several other scientists in the year 2000 discussing the inbound planet. Talking with me, seeing the remote viewed earthchanges and the information from his physicists friend was not enough for Mr. X . 

He contacted several observatories. One in St. Petersburg Russia had been watching the planet for 3 years according to the man in charge of finding new planets. They had a picture of planet X that he was negotiating with to purchase but they backed out at the last minute because of the sensitivity of the nature of what this incoming object portends and pressure for stopping the

You might ask him if there are any new developments. He is fully aware of the observatory in Arizona the Vatican owns but said he couldn't talk about what he knew the last time I spoke with him.

( see more about this at www.detailshere.com/mrxfiles.htm )

This will sound crazy, but I sure don't claim to be all knowing. I build monolithic domes for a living. Last year a built two domes for a couple of family's who told me of a planet that was discovered in 1983. It is on a 3650 year orbit of our sun. They told me that it is coming back May of 2003. There will be what is called a pole shift. When this planet pass by, the earth is supposed to stop in its rotation for about 3 days. Ya, I know, it gets better. Anyway, after it stops it will rotate about 90 degrees - in like an hour, as the earth tries to align itsself with the more powerful pull of this planet. After it passes, the earth will start to rotate again. Now the bad thing is that the population of the earth will be reduced by 70-90%. From what I have read and found, the earth will rotate that 90 degrees in about an hour. Which means our oceans will be sloshing inland for several hundred miles. I am not going to get into everything as there is so much that I have read from Mars polar ice melting, animals flash frozen with tropical vegetation in there teeth and stomach, earth warming , volcanic activity up 1500% in the past 20 years, earth quakes up 1200% in the same amount of time, and I could go on and on. I have looked at zetatalk.com and they really sound crazy, but what do I know. It is a mighty big area out there that we call space. I did look at it for a long time, but never really put too much stock in it as I am very busy with work. Now I am finding out that the people I am building for, not all but enough, are preparing for this event. These people are HIGH ranking military, Gov., and scientists that do not strike me as run of the mill idiots like myself, but what do I know. I do not know these people other than what they tell me. I do know they have the money to do what they want. Anyone who could give me info or could possibly know someone who could confirm or hopefully give proof that this will not happen would be great. Please don't write and say you are crazy this is so bad that it couldn't possibly happen because I don't want it to, therefore it won't. Again I am not predicting the end of the world or trying to cause yet another crazy scare. I am looking for anyone with info, RELIABLE info. I am using this as another avenue of gathering info. By the way my doctor says I am not crazy as long as I stay on my meds and see him twice a week. Just kidding. Well here I go sending this into the lions den for everyone to tear me apart, lets hear it ladies and men.

The "Main" broadcast network here in Costa Rica, where I live had a FULL STORY on the "Noon edition", TV 4 , of, "are you ready for this?", Planet X...... Video charts, the whole ball of wax.. This was the "News edition".. Not a "down played" or "knocked" story, but a full blown report, lasting about 5 minutes... Including the fact, that it was believed to pass by our planet "EVERY SIX THOUSAND" years.. This is equivilante to the US putting it on ABC ...I was "Blown Away" by it...

Varuna, or is it really Planet-X? Hint: BBC was one of the first to show a picture of Planet-X. Their early post of a picture of Planet-X - sadly, the earlier story & picture have been removed from the BBC (British Broadcasting Co. ) archive. But here's the pic :

veruna - 43 times further away from the sun than earth as of May 24, 2001

By BBC News Online science editor Dr
David Whitehouse 

Detailed observations of a recently discovered large object is prompting a reappraisal of the innumerable icy worlds that live in the cold, outer reaches of our Solar System - the Kuiper
Belt.  The observations are of Varuna, which was discovered in November 2000. It was immediately recognized as a very large object, probably the largest in the Kuiper Belt except for Pluto and its moon Charon. 

From  man named Daniel
I have been doing some research on the 12th planet. It is being called "kx76" My inside sources say that the CIA does not want the information out because there would be a rush on "cash"; pulling out of the stock market etc.

My sources also say that kx76 should pass by about 14 million miles from earth and that the last time it pass by it was only 7 million miles away

The dates set as of right now for it to pass by are May 12th - the 17th.


Why were the Hopi so interested in Orion? It makes one begin to wonder why so many cultures, so far apart, have all had an interest in Orion. Hint: Planet-X, Niburu, always comes out of the area around Orion. Is it a warning written in stone?

An ancient Hopi star chart carved into stone:


"If we look closer at the earth/sky map, focusing on one constellation in particular, we are startled to find that a terrestrial Orion closely reflects its celestial counterpart, with prehistoric "cities" corresponding to every major star in the constellation. (See "Anasazi Star Cities" map.)" More mystery, and yet another puzzle piece. Not far from where I live in northern New Mexico... is a massive volcanic plateau called Black Mesa.

It is very sacred to the native Americans living in our area, and a lot of lore and mystery surrounds this Mesa. Many of the blackened basalt boulders are covered in ancient petroglyphs. Some of them look like spacemen, others like a giant flaming star shooting through the heavens, and others even much more mysterious. In addition, carved into the side of this Mesa, on the East facing side, is a gigantic circle with a comet like tale on it, which covers many acres. The direction of the drawing indicates that the object carved into the Mesa is moving in a South to North orientation, like it is coming out of the Constellation Orion in the mid-part of the year. Only when the Sun is just right, can you view this gigantic landscape carving correctly. Is it a mere coincidence, and why would anyone put so much time and effort into carving something that gigantic into the side of a Mesa, if it wasn't important, and meant to send an important message into the distant future?

The ecological evidence does not show any worldwide calamities even within a couple hundred years of 0 AD, where-as between 1500-1700BC there's plenty of it, and again about 3600 years prior to that and so on.

Because of it's tail, trailing moons, dust, and plasmatic electrical anomolies associated with Planet X's passing I can fully understand why it would be referred to as a "Winged Globe."

Prior to each passage the magnetic field of earth weakens like what we are experiencing now. 2000 years ago earth magnetic field was near its strongest ever.

In addition the ecological records show an approximate 18 year period of time where the worst of the earthchanges take place and has a peak. This would correspond to the approach calamities (of which we've gone through at least 7-8 years of them already this time) the worst of the changes themselves (the peak) and then another 8 or 9 years of the earth settling in after the worst happens.

There are several layers of sophisticated disinformation artists that have been at this for quite some time. The powers that be have a huge budget, personnel, time, and resources set aside to counter PX2003 from all angles.

Some have put pressure on renown scientists to make weak arguments for the passage of Planet X at any other time except for now.  Others have fallen for the disinformation and are going along with it unknowingly or are unwilling to face the calamities in their lifetime.

Others blatantly set up websites that prove Planet X exists only to do their best to steer people away from the reality of it's current return. This is done to try to appear middle of the road and appeal to people who have done their homework and found out the reality of PX.

Multi-cultural Prophecies, many of them related to the star out of Orion that looks like a red celtic cross when it becomes visible. The Hopi prophecies, and many, many more: http://www.dreamscape.com/morgana/saturn.htm 

Here is a prophecy by the founder of the Baha'i faith. It was published a full three years before the Fatima prophecies were given, yet look how similiar it is to the Third Prophecy of Fatima. If you have not seen the Third Prophecy of Fatima that was distributed by a Catholic Priest in Costa Rica earlier this year, go to www.detailshere.com/thirdsecret.htm  

I did not prepare for either the end of the millennium, or for 5-5-2000, because of the lack of credible evidence supporting either of those time factors. I am one of those who was keenly aware of the NASA announcement in 1983 of an "inbound" planet into the inner reaches of our solar system, and I found it odd that after NASA made that announcement, relatively nothing more surfaced about that planet until the last couple of years. 

This time I am preparing, largely because of what I continue to observe with what is happening in regards to the earthchanges that I am watching happen, and this time I am preparing for the earliest possible date.

This is a major warning in and of itself, as to what is about to happen, and the warning about this volcano waking up was issued jointly by NASA & JPL http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/releases/2002/release_2002_85.html Chiliques Volcano (Chile) 23.58 S, 67.70 W, summit elevation 5778 m, Stratovolcano Monday 15th April 2002  A January 6, 2002 nighttime thermal infrared image from Aster satellite found a hot spot in the summit crater, as well as several others along the upper flanks of the volcano's edifice, indicating new volcanic activity. Examination of an earlier nighttime thermal infrared image from May 24, 2000 showed no such hot spots. (NASA/JPL) There has been no known eruption of Chiliques volcano in the past 10,000years. Something is happening ***big time*** to the earth, to awaken a long dormant volcano like Chiliques and to excite the core of earth the way it is being excited, and to induce what is happening. Planet-X seems to be as good a truth as any, as to what is exciting both the core of our planet and the sun, because something is definitely exciting them both, and whatever it is, it is external, and it has to be generating some hellish gravitational forces to be doing what it is doing to disrupt both the earth and our sun.

Here is some information that I sent to Pam late last night. "The 2003 date for the next passing of Planet-X was reached by a suspected dating error in our calendar vs the Mayan calendar, and a slip of the tongue regarding the same dating error revealed by Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams show in 1997(This is from Marks book, Blindsided). Many suspect a dating error with the Mayan calendar. I for one am among those who believe that a dating error has occurred with the Mayan calendar vs our modern calendar. Some of the 2003 dating is also based on information gleaned from the zeta web site. 

As for the next passing of Planet-X in 50 years, I firmly doubt that scenario. Even the former Cornell physicist, Professor Jim McCanney doubts that it will be that long, and is also predicting that Planet-X will pass much sooner, possibly as early as the mid part of next year. Another physicist (sorry I can not recall his name) I heard last month, said that it would definitely be within the lifetimes of those in their fifties, and probably well within the next decade.

Also, find and study the writings of Professor Velikovsky, many of which I believe can be found at one of the Sitchin sites. Sitchin is currently backpeddeling on some of his dating about the arrival of Planet-X, but with good cause, his former collegue and scholar, Professor Harrington,  an NASA employee, was suddenly murdered after he revealed too much info about Planet-X to the public. Jim McCanney also did a radio talk show recently, April 3rd, and discussed Velikovsky and Carl Sagan, and how Sagan's sole purpose given to him by those in power, was to destroy Velikovsky and his theories about Planet-X as much as he could. I encourage you to listen to the archive of that talk show and to listen closely to what McCanney has to say about Sagan and Planet-X. "The report of Professors James McCanney's radio show on Steve Quayles Q files below just might motivate you to listen to the archived show found here:

http://www.m2ktalk.com/q_files.htm  April 3rd: -) Mark H"



Jim McCanney has recently released a new book about Planet-X. www.jmccanneyscience.com  The book can be purchased through his web site, and in the book, McCanney is supposed to explain his justification for an earlier arrival date for Planet-X. I haven't read Jims book yet. I am still trying to finish Mark Hazlewoods book, Blindsided, and so far it has been very useful and informative.

Given what is happening with the greatly increased solar activity, volcanic activity, and earthquake activity that I have been personally monitoring since 1996, and combined with the increased frequency of the massive earthchange visions that I am having, I believe that the more dramatic earthchanges, many of them already predicted, will start within the year. I suspect that the earliest passage of Planet-X could come by next year, and probably no later than by the end of this decade.

Many disinformation artists abound over this hot topic, some of them paid being paid by the government. It benefits them and the government, to convince as many as possible, that the passing of Planet-X will be later than sooner. If someone tells me 50 years, face to face, given the ever increasing frequency and severity of the earthchange visions that I am having, and given what I have been observing, and continue to observe regarding the sun, the volcanos, the sea temps, and the earthquakes, I would probably laugh in their face and tell them to take a hike. I am naturally skeptical, like you, because of our similiar backgrounds and training, but there are all sorts of red flags and danger signs going up for me regarding the very real possibility of Planet-X, and this time I am leaning towards Planet-X, the pole shift, and the earthchanges being a very real occurrance within a year at the earliest, and by the end of this decade at the latest.

Deep down inside, and because of the increased visions and what I am seeing, I feel that it will be sooner rather than later. The spirit is not exact about dates with me, never has been, but that is because I fully well understand that the spirit does not deal with time in the same manner or fashion that the physical realm deals with time.

I want to tell you something else. You heard on the Alex Merlinger show that I was a former volunteer Fire Chief in the area and county where I live. As a result of that position I made many friends. A Fire Chief from one of the Indian Pueblo's(Reservations), and a close friend of mine for many years, sat down and had lunch with me the early part of 2001. He related to me that he had just come back from a special FEMA meeting in DC, and that they were sending him extra and special types of fire suppression equipment, and that he should be ready to battle lava flow related fires in our area within a few years. He was bewildered by what he had been told at the FEMA meeting, and asked me what I thought about it. Of course, this was before I became involved with what I know now about Planet-X, and his remarks to me only added to my search, until I came to the point where I am now.

Do your research, read it all, look at all the data, and continue to be inquisitive, and above all, use that natural gut feeling and intuition which you have, to guide you. I am not selling a thing - my visions and guidance,as well as what I write, I generally give away as a gift, much in the same manner that I gave 30 years of my time to doing volunteer service for others and my community, and I did it above and beyond my normal job and hours.

Following is some more information on Planet-X, this time from Rob Solarion, who I also communicate with. His outlook for Planet-X is closer to the Mayan calendar date of 2012, but I privately believe from discussions which we have had, that he might also be looking at a sooner arrival date.

Using that old law enforcement hunch and speculation about the truth of something, in regards to Planet-X, I would say that the truth is somewhere inbetween 2003 - 2012, and that the passage of Planet-X will very likely end up being closer to the 2003 date.

At any rate, I plan on being prepared." It is not one thing that is guiding me in regards to Planet-X, it is the sum total of everything that I have observed, watched, and educated myself to over the years, and that I continue to see in visions, and that I physically see happening right now, which is guiding and motivating me to the conclusion that Planet-X is coming sooner, rather than later.

This is an example of what happens to people digging for the truth

I have a current story for you. Last night I stayed on the net longer than I should have looking over mounds of information about Planet-X. I found an article entitled COMETS, DRAGONS AND PROPHETS OF DOOM, and another one titled ANCIENT MYTHS AND TREE RINGS POINT TO GIANT COMET'S VISIT TO EARTH. I went to the site that was first listed and looked over the information at that site about the articles [reference two delayed posts that showed up on the group this evening]. The second URL that I found at the site listed with the article went to a site called CCI, some official looking British site with the official British Crown logo smack dab in the center of the page. So I flipped on the text version and it took me to another page where I found the search engine, and I entered the COMETS... title information, was taken to a search results page, but oddly couldn't find the article, so I went back to the search engine, entered some other information and was immediately bounced off the server, taken to another page where I was told that access to this server was FORBIDDEN by me, but noticed an exchange of information going on between my computer and the official British govt site.

Oh, the story doesn't end there - it only gets better - one reason you haven't seen me on the net for most of the day. I tried to post the information I had found last night to the group pages, and the Yahoo server says it did not recognize me, and in typical fashion site and tried to send them an email telling them of the problems. Funny thing, all of the other groups that I belong to [8] were working just fine. This morning I get up, log on, and it is the same old story with Yahoo, only this time, when I check my Email I discover two highly destructive trojan-horse viruses that are well hidden in the mail being sent to me, and in addition, I discover a tracking code hidden in my files as well. I immediately trash the viruses and get rid of them, find another address for Yahoo, and ask them what is going on with the group site and make a complaint about what is going on and who is pulling their strings and why. Shortly after that I try and send several private Emails, and discover that my ISP's mail server has gone bonkers, call them on the land line and find out that their servers have been hacked and crashed to the max - right past their multi-thousand dollar firewall and security program, and without any warning from the security system that they were being hacked. [Now who do we know that has that "Carnivore" type of skill, equipment, and programming??? Hint: The FEDS]

So I take a break, since I know that it will be a long delay before they are up and running again and clean up my computer, including getting rid of the tracking code that I was hit with. I simply trash my internet program and reinstall a patched and repaired copy. [I currently am doing this at least twice a month since I became highly involved with the Planet-X issue] It's amazing at the extent that those in power are willing to go, in order to suppress this all important information about Planet-X, the Pole Shift, and the earthchanges. The fact is, and one these goons are apparently not learning, is that I am not willing to cave in to the harrassment and the pressure they are dishing out. It only makes me want to get out the facts and the information about Planet-X, the Pole Shift, and the earthchanges even more. So, after spending the last day getting hammered by the powers, repairing the damage done, and telling Yahoo that I am willing to take this as far as it needs to go in regards to Freedom of Speech, I am back in the running, and so is the group list.

Briton finds clues to rogue planet

Tim Radford, Science Editor
Guardian Unlimited - older article but very pertinent
Friday October 8, 1999

A British astronomer believes he has detected a huge rogue planet disturbing comets at the edge of the solar system. The object, far bigger than Jupiter, is at least 30,000 times farther from the sun than earth is, and any space probe would take thousands of years to get to it. Though it is 10m times dimmer than the faintest star, John Murray, of the Open university, said last night he believed he had detected its influence, because of the way it sent comets tumbling towards a near orbit round the sun.

Astronomers have speculated for decades about a mysterious "planet X", a 10th member of the solar system. But this disrupter of comets could never have been part of the system originally, because it is so far from the sun. It may have been captured in some way, acting as an invisible disturber of the cosmic peace.

Three years ago Dr Murray began plotting the aphelion - the position farthest from the sun - of a set of comets that made rare visits and came from immense distances. He was struck by a pronounced "bunching" from a particular band of the heavens.

"The first thing I thought was: is there a big planet out there, like Jupiter, with its own family of comets? I plotted these things on a celestial sphere and they fell in a band, more or less a straight line."

The chances of 13 comets all from the same region being a coincidence, he calculated, was 1,700 to one. "Suddenly there was the evidence that there was an object out there."

Comets, leftover building blocks of the solar system, exist as a cloud of slowly orbiting debris on its rim. A few are dislodged and fall towards the sun in orbits of thousands of years. "What I'm suggesting is that this planet is going through this cloud all the time and is sending back these comets, and that is why you get this alignment."

Using only the circumstantial evidence of the comets, he was able to calculate an orbit, a distance and a position for the planet. Its motion is "retrograde" - it is travelling in the opposite direction to the other planets - and its plane is at a different angle.

His findings, first proposed three years ago, will finally be published in the monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society on Monday. Astronomers from the University of Louisiana have separately come to the same conclusions and will announce them to a meeting on the same day.

"Suddenly people are taking the idea a great deal more seriously than they were the day before yesterday," said Dr Murray. "If it really is there, where has it come from?"

Planet X Not a planet at all but a battleship???? 
- from the Galactic Federation

I have created a separate page for these lengthy discertations. Go to www.detailshere.com/galacticfederation.htm  ; seems far out but it does match what Sitchin says about our lineage and heritage. 

Another opinion of the Galactic Federation:

The so-called Galactic Federation I believe is just disinformation created by the PTB to make Planet X look silly.  I had a good friend of the family give someone a copy of the  book   Blindsided and after they read it they called their high ranking brother in the Air Force. He said PX was set to pass May 10th 2003. They wouldn't give out the rank or name of the guy. 

Message from Mathew - Mathew was a young man who fell asleep at the wheel and died when he wrecked his jeep; but he continues to communicate with his mother. (I'm just the messenger folks). 

Here's what Mathew had to say about Planet X.   He's not the only one to report there are vile beings aboard this planet that mean to cause harm to the earth. 
S: Matthew, hello! Do you know Kiara?
MATTHEW: Mother, you have been mentally juggling "Yes, I do" and "No, I don't, not really" and now I shall enter this conversation with what is the true case of my acquaintance with Kiara Windrider. Indeed there is a certain knowing of spirits here, but as for a body knowing another body, that is not so. I do believe when Kiara wrote to you asking my opinion that he felt a stirring from me to do so. I have something to add to what Babaji has stated, that is, the message from Babji that is in the book chapter Kiara has written.

There is much talk on Earth in certain esoteric circles of a planet X. Some call it Nibiru, some refer to this as the photon belt and its orbiting and arrival, and still others think of it as an unknown celestial body to be identified when it has approaches more closely. The thing is, there is no one in 3-D knowledge who can speak with any certainty and so there is the tendency to look into the cosmology of ancient records. My mother has no knowledge of such scholarly delving, so she is a perfect one to record -- thank you for laughing, Mother! -- the truth without unintentionally imposing upon the statements an over-layer of conscious philosophic or emotional inclinations.

There is indeed a huge change ahead, which is coming along whether or not correctly identified. I will address some of the theories. The photon belt is more than a mythical meandering belt of photon energy, but it is not the same as the planet -- or more correctly, the asteroid of such size that it is not identified as such -- that has been turned into a disaster and is seeking refuge in a higher spiritual frequency. Far from being "dead," this asteroid is a small planet in size, roughly a Venus-sized body, with an inherently hot center and tortured consciousness and an exterior appearance of such desolation and no possible water that also it conveys that there is no possibility of any kind of life.

Ah! The deception this has caused unwary civilizations in the past! That appearance of being a dead world, a totally lifeless wandering form, is actually camouflage. It is even now populated with beings in a last ditch darkness effort to capture totally all the energy of Earth. You could think of these beings as mercenaries soldiers, those so-called on Earth, because they are a ragtag population gathered by the dark forces to do their bidding, with the promise that they will live richly on a sublime atmosphere if only they will go after this prize planet. This plot is not going to succeed, that is for certain, but it is the topmost level of darkest energies at work here with the aim of achievement. This is their desperation move. At this juncture it isn't known whether this asteroid will be used only as a form of transportation into the area of Earth or whether it will be maneuvered through a series of high technology moves onto a collision course. The hapless army aboard in bodies would be sacrificed in that case, but souls are expendable to the dark forces.

Let me back up. My mother is thinking that this is bizarre, and yes, it is sounding like a poorly written science fiction screenplay. It is only my faulty relation of facts, however, that makes this appear as such an unlikely "reality." I should have mentioned -- and Mother, this is up to you to straighten out the order here so that complete sense reigns from beginning to end -- that what I am relating is a PLAN, so it is a reality in the minds of the planners, but it is NOT a preordained event and certainly not a destined event. It is the desperation plan of the darkness to destroy Earth if they cannot take over cleanly -- if that word can be even used accurately to indicate being taken over by capturing souls rather than an overt invasion such as would be the case if this "bizarre" plot is ever put into operation and the army aboard the asteroid becomes the occupation forces on Earth.

It is true that the beings of darkness don't need a transportation system like this, but again, this is serving their purpose. Twofold, actually: One, it is simpler to convince beings to feast and jolly while planning the destruction of a once-pristine and godly planet, and Two, it fits into the Nibiru philosophy that is being promulgated recently. This asteroid is not Nibiru, but that philosophy is being dredged up because it is serving the purpose of the darkness. Those who believe Nibiru existed and is returning will find this story believable and not think to look further into a possible grand ruse as the asteroid comes closer. The more energy in thought forms directed into this stream, the more "reality" given the asteroid and its appearance the dark forces wish to achieve.

As for the real danger of this asteroid, that it will either destroy Earth by collision force or it will bear forth the bodies that will take over Earth and enslave all life forms remaining, that is merely in the minds of those who are using it as their transport and the puppeteers who are pulling their soul-strings. Yes, it is a large body that could have explosive impact upon the entire solar system if permitted to continue as the dark forces intend.

They will not be permitted to do that because the free will that is collecting against them -- without even knowing of this plot -- will be forming such a formidable barrier to this asteroid's progression that it will be turned off course within your time period of the next six months.

More light than you can imagine in all the universes is accomplishing this. Much is being generated by the extraterrestrials who are working throughout your nights and days to keep the planet stable and prevent the polar shifts even in a moderate measure. That has happened before, yes, but this time it is not intended as there are other plans afoot. Mother, take a break for correcting typos and also to read what I have told Kiara.

S: OK, thank you. .. Matthew, you are right -- this is bad science fiction. Was there ever a Nibiru?

MATTHEW: Mother, this gets into, What is reality. Yes, there was a Nibiru in the minds of the people who millennia past needed to interpret their history, to put some order into the fragments of stories and account for the world in which they were living, Earth. No in the sense that this was not a universal reality, and in that sense, which is the larger, Nibiru is a myth.

But that revolves this once again, that there is some truth behind all myths, so there was something that prompted the civilizations living then to record that kind of history. It was considered a battleship planet, I believe, and that tallies with the present day purpose the dark forces have in mind. That is precisely WHAT they have in mind, you see. In the continuum, what happened millennia past is the very same as if happening now. These are not two separate happenings, not two different conquering populations, not two different times in the universal history of development. And so it is very difficult to state categorically that something is truthful or is fictional because almost always, it is both, not simply Either or Or.

Sollog's Take on Niburu

For a good anti-Niburu letter see this one.  Personally I have seen none of Sollog's predictions come true and if the info he displays in this letter is his true understanding of the universe then I would not believe ANYthing this man had to say.  Remember he predicted Washington  D.C. would be nuked about four months ago too. I include this for those of you seeking information to support your ostrich stance on the issue. 

Dear Sollog,  I was wondering what insight you could shed on the inbound Planet X (Nibiru) May 2003 event. Is this really going to happen or is it a propagated hoax?    Thanks

Answer from Sollog      Greetings,

The so-called 10th Planet myth is based upon scientific fact from ancient cultures. However the planet was destroyed and is now what is considered the asteroid belt in this solar system.

The earth has recently been affected to a higher level in regards to debris from this planets remains than in years past.

Already shooting stars in the form of asteroids from this debris field are impacting the earthís atmosphere at higher levels than we have seen in recent centuries.

The earthís history is full of large-scale reporting of events about bright shooting stars and comets from this ancient planet that was destroyed millenniums ago. Much of the ancient myths about fire breathing dragons are incorporated into the legends surrounding this once planetary neighbor to earth.

Reports of asteroids hitting the earth will become much more common in the near future.

Great displays of shooting stars will also become much more common in the near future.

These great celestial wonders are almost all due to Nibiru.

Several close calls will soon involve near collisions of earth from comets that are part of the remains of Nibiru. However there will be no major impacts for about 20 years.

In the 2020ís there may be a minor/major impact with a comet that was once part of Nibiru, however, the final results of that event are not quite yet set in stone as they say.

Anyway, if a near major impact with Earth occurs it will be in the 2020ís.

If it does not, then we have millenniums before the next major comet collision is scheduled for a rendezvous with earth.

If enough of people upon the earth start to relearn how to exist upon the earth (Elana was her ancient name) then such a collision is not necessary to balance the earthís population. If whole scale nuclear war threatens the planet where most life forms are threatened, it is the proverbial ace up the sleeve of the keepers of this sphere. Such a comet collision can be used as a way to control the virus of humanity upon Elana, if the planet becomes environmentally doomed.

Contrary to what some doomsayers claim, there will be no dramatic warming of Elana in the near future. As soon as enough of the ice caps have melted, the warm water turbo that feeds the worlds oceans in creating the current weather patterns will temporarily stop, and a resulting ice-age effect will then occur over much of earth. The earth is due for a big cooling down rather than a heating up as the green house gas crowd claims.

The major loss of the polar caps feeds plenty of fresh water into the oceans and the result is that the turbo system of the ocean stops feeding the warm water currents around the world.

When this occurs, you have the reverse of a greenhouse effect; you will have a massive cooling of the earth.

Itís a well-designed eco-system built into the earth as a safety device to prevent so-called green house effects.

This cooling and warming trend has recently been found in ice core samples from artic regions. The earth is constantly adjusting its temperature. I believe a scientist even put forth this fresh water theory recently.

What is not built into the earth is a fail-safe device to correct the problems man has caused with nuclear waste and possible nuclear holocaust. If those terrible realities come to pass, then fragments of Nibiru can become part of mans destiny in the 2020ís. But not before then; only minor impacts and great light shows will be seen from Nibiru.

Shalom,  Sollog

Here's another far out analogy regarding Planet X 

-   and more links to examine:

Mt Graham observatory- Vatican run http://medusa.as.arizona.edu/graham/graham.html 

A number of reference websites on Planet X:

Overview of planet X and work of Zecharia sitchen the 12th Planet.


Sitchin's 12th Planet Sighted on Feb 7, 2001 by Swiss Observatory


AMBILAC relevant articles where we mention the above PHOBOS scenario

 OPENING THE ARENA = August 2001






Vision from  Maori elder
 - her vision matches what the Zetas say will happen to New Zealand

In the last few days, Holly and I have received some intriguing email from New Zealand. We asked the sender, Karen Lyster, for her permission to share them with you as they transpire because of the potentially "explosive" nature of their warnings.... See what you think.... - Stan and Holly Deyo, 8 August 1998

Karen Lyster is a friend of ours living in New Zealand. We met her when Stan was lecturing in Auckland last year. She is a very level-headed, insightful woman, not one guided by sensationalism. She sent the following messages which are certainly eye-opening. Before you read them, let us share a little information about the Maori.

Every country has its "original people". For America it is the Native Americans, for Australia it is the Aboriginals, for New Zealand it is the Maori. What do these people all have in common? They are spiritually gifted, closely knit people who generally keep to themselves, share their tribal prophesies with very few outsiders and generally lead simpler lives closely tied to the Earth.

Due to the times in which we live, that being very close to major Earth changes, some have been willing to share their information. Regardless that these three groups of people are thousands of miles distant from each other, their prophesies are remarkably similar.

==================== first email =========================

Hi Stan,
Yesterday, I was visited by a lady who is an Elder of one of the Maori Tribes. Even though she's probably only about 45, she's a decendent from the Royal Bloodline of the Maori Queen. She has what is called, great "Mana", and although there isn't an english translation for the word, it really means that the person has to have great wisdom, earned INCREDIBLE respect, and has abilities like inner visions and intuition. So if you equate her to one the Hopi Elders, you can see what I mean about her presence.

Now, she told me that a few weeks ago she was "called" to go and visit Cape Riangi - which is the furthest most point of the North Island here in New Zealand. She tried getting there three times; but had car trouble and other obstacles "put" in her way; so she returned home back. But again, she was told to go there; and, this time, the "fire in her belly" (as she put it) was far too strong to ignore. She thought it best if she go by bus tour to make sure she got there!

Now, when the bus arrived, there was a lighthouse which most of the other tourists went to look at; but, she was drawn to go out to the farthest most point of the Cape... literally the "tip top" of the North Island. She said she stood on the cliff face and closed her eyes,... letting the cool breezes brush her face. Then, when she opened her eyes, she was looking at a totally different landscape. The sea was completely gone; and there was land as far as her eyes could see. She said it seemed to go on forever. She also felt as it the land itself had "lifted" much higher than it had been previously. After taking it all in, she once again closed her eyes; then opened them once again; and the scene was back to normal.

(Of course this fits in well with Scallion's map of the world as he says New Zealand will gain heaps of land and will be joined to Australia (after a good dunking of course..... :( guess the fish will be ok!!) In fact the Zetas say the same thing ; here is their take on the New Zealand situation:

Zeta Talk - from http://www.zetatalk.com/info/tinfo24q.htm 
Where New Zealand rests primarily on the plate shared with Australia, a fault line runs to the east and to some degree under the land, and this will separate. When the Pacific shortens, the plate to the east of New Zealand will drop below the tipping plate shared with India, bolstering the tip up that New Zealand will experience. Tipping a plate that plunges, on one end, under a mountain range, will be in the main a continuation of what is already happening. However, for the several hundred feet that Indian will drop below its current sea level, there will be a commensurate raise at the far end of the plate shared with Australia and New Zealand, with the major benefit of this raise at the New Zealand end. New Zealand can expect, after all the sloshing about has stopped, to find itself 500 feet above the current sea level. With the melting poles expected to raise the sea level between 650 and 700 feet, this gain will disappear, but what the raised land does mean for New Zealand is that more of it's land will be above water after the poles melt, than elsewhere in the world.

I asked her if the whole of New Zealand would go under the sea before coming back up again; and she held out her hand and made a rolling and twisting motion, saying that, unfortunately, most of the country would go under; but some areas would stay above water.

Now, before she left, she gave me a big hug and told me that tomorrow morning I would wake up to the news that a dike in China had collapsed killing 100's of people. I woke up this morning at 8am; turned on the radio; and that's exactly what was being said. But, I've tried to find it on the news wires here on the net, and can't find it anywhere!! Very preplexing to me, as I KNOW I heard it.

She was one very unique lady to say the least. And I knew you'd be interested in what she had to say.

P.S. Have just found the news item on the Chinese disaster, it's at http://www.foxnews.com/js_index.sml

===================== second email==========================

Hi Stan

Well, first of all, I was just visited again by that Maori Indian Elder Woman who wanted all the data printed out from both your website and Jim Berkland's,... including maps etc.....- so, she left here loaded up to the eyeballs with printed matter to take back to the other Elders for them to study.

I was amazed that she even knew of both of you; because the Maori keep VERY much to themselves; and where they live, they have no phone, no TV, no radio, no video etc etc etc... To be quite frank with you, Stan, I got the disinct impression that it was YOU that I was supposed to pass the information onto about what she'd seen and what would happen to New Zealand. It was quite a shock having someone of her stature turning up at my doorstep! That's why she gave me the prediction before she left about the dikes busting in China and killing 100's of people..... and of course it happened exactly as she had said,... - even her saying I'd be waking up and hearing it on the news at precisely 8am (I'm certain this was to prove what she'd told me on other things were true).

She said that she's been told that Lake Taupo would "blow" (her words); and, she added, she could take me to nearby places where there were valleys that would be filled with 100's and 100's of bodies just floating there after Taupo blows. Then, she went on with her other explanations of how the whole of New Zealand would be effected with all the twisting and turning it would have to endure (not a pretty thought!). Of course, I asked her when all this would happen and - just like the Hopis - she said "soon, very soon"... but she did go a little further than that. However, I was taking so much in from her, I only hope I can tell you correctly what was explained to me.

She said that there would be an event that was unrelated; but when this event happened, it would be a trigger for many major earth changes.... Again, this was to be in China; and it's a subject I know nothing about; so, please bear with me on this one. She said there was this "channel" there in China that they'd been working on for many years; and it was not yet complete. She said work had stopped on it for various reasons; then she told me that up above this "channel", there were 1000's of logs or timber that were perched at the top of this "channel"... Furthermore, over time, some had been stolen; but most were still there (she didn't say what they were to be used for, so it's a bit confusing for me). She said that soon these logs would come crashing down killing 1000's; and, when this happened, it would be a sign for her people that these Earth changes were about to happen with great intensity.

Does any of this make sense to you? Do you know of any such "channel" being built by the chinese? She said it had been started many years ago but never completed.

Anyway, I'm really glad you replied, Stan; because, as I said, I got the distinct impression that it was you that they really wanted this information to be passed onto.

================== Stan's answer email =====================


I will send more tomorrow.... Yes, the Maori Elder was aiming the message at me. The Chinese connection is a signal to me as well. I saw the doco on TV; and I know what she is talking about... It is the Three Gorges Dam Project in China which is to dam the Yangtze River. It will consume over 130,000 acres and stretch some 400 miles along the Yangtze. The trees are being cut and have been stockpiled for later uses including dikes.... The Green group, the US Gov't ... the World Bank - ALL have tried to stop this project as an environmental nightmare.... It has displaced 2 million Chinese from their homes...

Unusual private spiritual message and thanks

 Hi y'all,

This is forward of email from Steve in Florida that came yesterday, 7-

19. The reason I am forwarding this is due to the mind-blowing

account he wrote about what happened w/ his wife's sister in

Boston ... about the "message" they received thru their television

screen last week concerning coming catastrophe.

I have an unbelievable story to tell both of you:

Donna's sister called one night about a week ago and asked what the

hell is going on? She was scared. She and her husband were watching

TV, the power went off and they heard a voice over the TV that was

the voice of her mother who died about 1987. The voice said you have

to get out of there within the next year as a catastrophe is about to

happen. She lives near Boston Mass.

The voice then said that Donna was moving to Arkansas and would be

safe. Donna had not told her sister about the move or anything and

how did her dead mother know that we were moving to Arkansas? A few

nights later they heard a second message through a radio. Her dead

mother said that she had found a place for them in the Green

Mountains in Vermont that was safe and gave them the e mail address.

They pulled up the e mail address and it was the house that was

described and they are planning to buy it and move there. How could a

dead person who had never used a computer supply a valid e mail

address of a place to move too?

This to me is proof of the spiritual aspects that you and Rhonda were

talking about. Their mother was very spiritual and talked about her

near death experience before she died and she predicted the date of

her death 9 months before she died etc. Can she see into the

future? It sure sounds like she can. Donna used to see the ghost of

her dad when she was around 8 and he had died 2 years earlier. Donna

has seen a purple vision that a friend said is an indication of a

highly developed spirit, found it on a paranormal website and said

that is what I saw.

The final amazing thing is that Donna also heard a voice through the

speaker on the computer that she thinks was her mother who had a deep

voice. The voice said I am O K. and was kind of garbled and

full of static. She even managed to record it when it repeated about

20 minutes later. Donna sent the sound to her sister and she said it

was the same voice she had heard. I heard the recording that was

about 3 seconds long and it is no natural sound and sounded like a

faint voice.

Rhonda are your plans any further along? I though you would be

interested in the contacts from the dead. I am totally amazed. How

could her dead mother find her sisters house and our computer? Is she

up there watching us?

We are looking forward to moving and to meeting you Rhonda.

Steve and Donna

The discovery that Pluto's mass is insufficient to explain the discrepancies in the motions of the outer planets has led to the prediction of a tenth planet (planet X) of mass about 1-5 earth masses beyond the orbit of Pluto. Further, the existence of a belt or disk of comets beyond the orbit of Neptune has been proposed in connection with some theories of the origin of the Solar System as a possible source of short-period comets and indirectly as a source of long-period comets. Here it is pointed out that the existence of both planet X and the comet disk at their expected distances may explain not only the observed planetary motions and the origin of comets, but also the recently reported 28-Myr periodicity in terrestrial cratering and in mass extinctions. The cratering period is associated with the precession of the perihelion of planet X caused by the perturbations of the outer planets.

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