Magnetic Declination

Magnetic declination is the angle between compass north  - the direction where the needle points 
to - and true north - the direction along the earth's surface towards the geographic north pole. The declination is positive when magnetic north is east of true north and is negative when magnetic 
north is west of true north. Declination is also sometimes called "variation". 

10 degrees west would indicate that magnetic north lies 10 degrees counterclockwise from 
true north.16 degrees east would indicate that magnetic north lies 16 degrees clockwise from 
true north.

irst , find the magenetic declination for where you live.
Go to 

Another resource to compare numbers with is at
Put your zip code in the right column, the left column now shows your exact location.
Click calculate and it will reveal what your magnetic declination is for that zipcode and location.

It's very important that you understand the above if you make your pyramid out of non metallic materials which requires an orientation to true north and not magnetic north which the compass points to. If you want your pyramid to produce energy it HAS to be aligned within 1 degree of where it is supposed to be.
That means one of your sides needs to be placed perpendicular to true north.

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