Publish to your own mail list for free or at minimum cost!

Problem - most mail account servers won't let you send an email to more than 25 people at a time and then on top of that, everyone gets to see everyone else's email address which is a real no - no. And setting up a true listserve with your ISP is expensive. Mine was $45 to set up and $45/quarter to maintain. That wasn't too bad until I then had the need for multiple lists and some of those only got sent to once a month which didn't warrant the cost of setting up a separate listserve for each of them.
Solution - The add2it mail system.  You can start out to test the system or even use the system for FREE if you don't mind someone else's ad  on your newsletter. 
You can choose from:

Mailman Free  
(with someone else's ad on your page  and up to 10 lists and  5,000 people) ,
Mailman Standard (which allows mailing to 20 lists  of up to 20,000 people with no one else's ads on your page - and only costs a one time fee of $34), 
Mailman Pro (which has unlimited numbers of lists and unlimited number of people to send to  as well as no one else's ad and contains other features and costs $79).

Compare features of the different systems  at  but please come back to and click on order to order so I can get credit for your order.  There is an affiliate program. 

I chose Mailman Standard which works just fine for my multiple Trade / Project list people.

The system is more than just a listserve; it allows you  to manage your
ads and track your ad responses accurately.
See the set of links describing each method/offering at the third yellow box down at :

Add2it Go-To Pro is

a powerful advertising link management tool
its easy to use
low cost and invaluable for anyone who publishes ads and ad links
automatically generates ad links
forwards the responding visitor to a specific location,
tracks each response
provides you with detailed statistics reports
helping you to improve your ad campaign by identifying which ads work and which ads don't.

Malacka, Webmaster of The Writernest :

"Thanks for the wonderful, prompt and courteous service! You've got an outstanding product line and you top it off with unbeatable customer support. That's a winning combination if I've ever seen it!"

David Hanson, Webmaster :

"THANK YOU! I *Sincerely* mean that! It's no wonder we like buying from you...Great Scripts with Excellent Support. Will be looking forward to more script releases from you. Thanks again."

Gary Speer, Editor / Publisher, G&S Publishing :

"I think that new 'install.cgi' with the latest version is TERRIFIC!! I FTPed the files to my cgi-bin, called the install.cgi script, and BANG! It upgraded to the new version faster than I could believe."

Mike Hills, Publisher, Daily Classifieds :

"Just writing to let you know of the great service you have supplied me.

I thoroughly appreciate both the time and effort you have put into getting the script working on my servers, on all 3 occasions.

Customer support is the key to any company, and on a scale of 1 - 10 your customer service is a good 12.

Thank you once again, you may pass on my address to any perspective purchaser, for confirmation."

Wayne Lockwood, Publisher, Electronic Marketer's Communique

"After searching for the right tracking software, I finally settled on Add2it Go-To Pro to track all of my advertising campaigns in my home based business.

I found that it was extremely easy to set up the links in many of my advertising campaigns using affiliate links and URLs. I publish two ezines, one for business and one for health. This tracking software was flawless in what I needed tracked in my ezine issues.

The many times I had to email Frank on certain questions I thought that I was actually imposing, yet he was very happy to assist me in getting the answers that I needed.

Whether your business is large or small, I highly recommend purchasing the Add2it Go-To Pro to simplify your advertising tracking needs."

Yes, I too was frustrated at losing advertising monies I had spent buying sponsorship ads, solo ads, even those paid safelist only to find out that I did get some leads, but where did they come from?

Did that click thru come from that XYZ advertisment? or from the ABC advertisement? From this safelist? or that one? Talking about spinning in the head!

And all of that money that I had spent. If one could only find a reliable tracking software before they start their advertising campaign, they would not have to waste a lot of advertising dollars throwing those greenbacks out to the wind.

You can know where to never pay money for advertising that didn't work for you, and where to spent a bundle of money to make more.

Now you don't have to make the same mistakes as I did.
You can know where your ads are pulling the clicks.
You have an unlimited number of tracking codes that you can automatically create.
Stop wasting your money on ads that don't work!


Add2it Go-To Pro was just released February 6, 2003. With state of the art in tracking software coded and designed to meet any online business requirements, you will never again have to wonder where those potential buyers are coming from!

.....and to boot, in addition to all of the advantages and benefits this program has will literally knock your socks off!

Click here to find out.....