MAZU GLOBAL   updated 6-19- 2010      This is NOT just another MLM!   to place an order or sign up as a distributor

Taste has been improved and great new improved changes in the comp plan! 
Autoship requirement has been halved.
You can now earn free autoship (reduced to 4 bottles now) each month with little effort. 
In fact you can earn up to 8 free bottles a month now. All new info is on my site at  

Mazu is one of my cash cows. Unlike other MLM's who have good product but a comp plan you 
can't make money with, Mazu has delivered a good paycheck every week for a long time now and has 
now made changes that will put even more money in your pocket. And you can get your compensation 
put on a free debit card they will send you. Monthly autoship to make money on others is now only 4 bottles 
instead of 8.  You can get free autoship if 3 people place a 4 bottle  order and 
you continue earning on other's orders. You can earn 8 free bottles if 6 people buy a four pack. Sell 3, 
get yours free. Any combination of new enrollments, autoships, retail orders - any order counts. 
(My June autoship order was FREE!)  Your autoship is free  plus you remain qualified for commissions. 
That is huge my friends. You can now join for 4 bottles  instead of 8 bottles. And each month that you 
have three four bottle orders on your first level, your  next 4 pack is free and you remain qualified for 
commissions which go several levels deep.


I believe this is one of the hottest MLM's out there, based solely upon what this product can do for you, 
physically healthwise, and the little guy can make good money with this one. I am a product oriented person.
This is the fountain of youth to us baby boomers. Nearly everybody who orders does a repeat order. Read 
on for why this is so.  Cost of product is reasonable at $15/bottle and shipping is very reasonable at $4.95
per order.

This is hot stuff! For all you baby boomers out there, this stuff can help you get  the firm back.
Here's what one woman said. "Let me tell you what Mazu Gold has done for us.  After nearly 25 years 
of marriage, my husband is definitely seeing circulation and blood flow improvement.  Need I say more?" 
This is backed up by others who have emailed me in confidentiality who are using it. The ecklonia clava 
extract in Mazu may be partially  responsible for this. Another component, humic nutrients, in this may also 
help us to keep from getting viruses.  Loaded with trace minerals and high powered antioxidants others 
are seeing joint pain disappear. Another man says, "My legs have almost stopped hurting --my mental 
focus is amazing ---my joints are way better and I feel simply good after I take it. Not jittery just good... 
and in 3 days off my medication for breathing problems...". Another says, "Mazu Gold is fantastic! I haven't 
felt run down, even for a day, in the three months I've been taking it. As an additional benefit, I feel more 
alert, focused and stronger."  Another says, "For the past year and a half I have been taking up to 30 
supplements a day to help with my blood sugar, and nothing really seemed to do the trick. I started 
taking Mazu Gold, and after the first serving I was able to see and feel the difference! My wife hasn't 
seen me this happy in a year and a half!" Another says,"I have severe joint inflammation in both 
hands and also my left wrist. I’m 65 yrs. young and most always have to take a nap in the afternoon. I have 
had 7 major surgeries and only have 15 foot of my small intestine left, so my absorption is not the best. 
Well I have been going like a house on fire and have more energy than I have had in 20 yrs.
In 29 yrs, of being involved with nutritional products, I have seen no equal to this wonderful product.”

Now Mazu contacted me to tone down some of the statements above I had there originally. Can't make 
health claims. So let me give you a quick personal testimony. I live in Mexico.  Mazu isn't open in Mexico yet 
so I have a hard time getting product. I ran out. I was out for over a month, with all my orders being shipped 
to our farm back in WA state where my son and daughter stay. We were supposed to go home for the 
summer but one thing after another kept delaying the trip.  Meanwhile I was still playing volleyball three 
days a week for 2.5 to 3 hours a whack and pitching two softball games a week in the hot sun down here 
in the Chapala - Ajijic area, and helping to put in a hand dug well here at our residence.  I'm no spring chicken, 
I'm 67 years old. Did I notice a difference when I ran out? You bet. 
Aches and pains were coming back, my left knee was hurting again, libido was dropping, harder to perform, 
blood pressure was going up, energy level had dropped significantly. Didn't realize Mazu Gold had made 
that much difference, but it had. I was saved by a funeral. Had to fly back to go to a funeral by a death in the 
family, so I was able to grab my Mazu Gold at the farm and bring it back with me. The aduanas don't ask 
a lot of questions when there are a gazillion people trying to get through the gates. I started putting down 
two ounces morning and night again and in less than five days libido was back, aches and pains were 
disappearing, I could run again, blood pressure started dropping and tiredness went away.. For me that 
was a real eye opener. I had simply taken the improvements it gave me for granted until I ran out.
When I say this is good stuff, I mean it. Cost is very reasonable and it's tough to beat the results. This 
paragraph is not a health claim, it is actual results I experienced from using the product, then not using it 
because I ran out and couldn't get any, then using it again. I'll probably never be without it again.
View the presentations on opening page at 

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 Prelaunch just happened.  You can now order product and access a great back office after you sign up. 

What are people experiencing who use Mazu Gold?
Some people are experiencing a lowering of their high blood pressure . 
See my Ecklonia Cava page  for more on this.
People are using this as a preventative against viruses. It can help prevent viruses from getting into your cells.
It's an extreme antioxidant. Good results are being seen when used against fibromyalgia.
People are experiencing weight loss using this product.
People are experiencing improved memory by using Mazu Gold.  Because this powerful antioxidant contains compounds that are fat-soluble, it has a greater ability to get into your brain and protect it. It increases the 
activity of neurotransmitters responsible for learning and memory. Even better, it can scour out amyloid plaques 
linked to Alzheimer’s, which build up even in healthy brains as you age.
Peo9ple are experiencing a lowering of their cholesterol levels. Because it’s such a potent antioxidant, “EC” also inhibits the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol that leads to plaque build-up. In fact, it does an even better job of blocking plaque formation than green tea. It can  scrub cholesterol plaque off your artery linings that’s built up for decades!
Mazu Gold can enhance sexual performance. Because it disables antiplasmins, “EC” optimizes your body’s production of nitric oxide — a real boost in treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, in one study, it scored much higher than the leading drugs which have side effects in improving orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction — with NO side effects reported!
One of the side effects of using those kinds of drugs is the high potential for blindness and hearing loss. Seriously!
Erectile dysfunction treatment involves maximizing your body’s ability to improve blood flow to the penis. That 
means you need to increase your body’s production of nitric oxide, a substance needed to dilate blood vessels 
so you can form and maintain an erection. But you need to do so while getting rid of any excess amount that can cause damage to your brain and retina. That’s part of the problem with drugs — it blocks ALL nitric oxide from being destroyed, even the excess, which results in the side effects mentioned.
People are experiencing better circulation. A human study showed this powerhouse antioxidant actually regenerates the cells that make up the critical inner lining of your blood vessels, which keep the arterial wall relaxed and dilated. This dramatically improves your circulation!
Some people have been able to get off their diabetes meds.  One patient eliminated two diabetic drugs just by taking “EC” and continuing with his morning blood sugars. In just two weeks, he cut his blood sugar levels by a whopping two-thirds!
Mazu Gold can enhance your body into burning more fat! As if it didn’t do enough already, this unique extract from brown seaweed also blocks an enzyme in your body that triggers fat creation. What’s more, studies show “EC” stimulates your body to burn more fat — especially abdominal fat — by increasing muscle mass!

If you just want to order a couple bottles retail to just try Mazu Gold go to
and click on PRODUCT from the top menu after you listen to the presentation on the opening page. Then click on the order now button at the right on the next page. 
The bottles are small (15oz.) and come 2 in a pack. $39.99 +FREE SHIPPING retail. $15/bottle dist cost still with free shipping. The guys going for erectile dysfunction correction are using 2oz/day and noticing great results.

Note:  Billing address and Shipping address can be edited in the My Account page, top right after you login.

Become a distributor
If you like what you hear and would like to pursue a distributorship click on the OPPORTUNITY button 
from the upper menu. A bottle is only $15 distributor cost. A lot of money can be made here if you are 
willing to put in a little  up front. To  cash in on the larger pools you should sign up for the $159  autoship 
package.  You may very well  get that back first check.  I did.   If you just sign up for the 2 bottle retail deal 
you can buy product but not make the money you could at the higher levels. First purchase is retail, from that 
point on you buy wholesale. The next month is $120 instead of $159; and shipping is free with this company. 
Earnings are displayed in your back office. My  check for Sept was over $500+. 

As of today, you can pre-enroll people in these 27 EU countries. You can introduce the unique 
Mazu Global opportunity to people in the United States, Europe and Australia. Your affiliate web 
site (mine is is now available in  multiple languages – Expose 
the world to your business and the benefits of Mazu Gold today! (Mexico coming soon!)
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

More specifically, Mazu put out this notice.

In order to be an Associate, you MUST place a minimum initial order of one case of Mazu Gold ($159). 
This activates your Associate position and qualifies you for the following bonuses:
Retail Profits, Fast Start Bonus & one level of Tri-Level Bonus. (Next order only costs $120). 
If you choose to start with a 2-Pack ($39.99), you are a RETAIL customer and cannot purchase subsequent 
products at wholesale (unless you upgrade with a one case purchase - $159 - first). As a retail customer, you 
can earn the following referral bonuses:
 Retail Profits on 2 Pack or one case orders and one level of Tri-Level bonus. You are NOT qualified to earn 
Fast Start Bonuses on the Sr. Associate or Partner packages until you Activate your Associate position. 

If you have signed up as a distributor click on "login" in the upper right corner of your opening page,
enter your distributor number and password and it will take you to a very nice back office.

Don't miss out on your Mazu Global commissions - make sure you have Activated your spot!
 Please be sure that you have your SSN or Tax ID on file with Mazu Global to ensure that we can send out your commission check.  To confirm, login to your Mazu Global online office:
On the right hand side of the page under the "Getting Started" section, click on the text that says 
"My Account - Edit Personal Info" and enter your SSN in the space provided.

Mazu Global is a  program similar to 124online in which you make money on everyone who joins the company, 
not just those you recruit, every associate gets paid on total company volume, and MAZU has a 
superfood, a liquid health elixir that does amazing things for your body involved as the product. 
Difference is there is no one a month deal here for recruiting, bring in as many as you can.
Free shipping on all products, no adding ten bucks for freight. A bottle is only $15.

Mazu -Opportunity of the Century
 Do you know anyone with:
·        High Blood Pressure
·        High Cholesterol
High Triglycerides
·        Fibromyalgia
·        Low Energy levels
·        Overweight
·        Rheumatism
·        Immune Deficiency
·        Gout
·        Circulation Problems
·        Brain Fog, vertigo
·        Etc. 

We now have access to an incredible new and revolutionary product that you may have an interest in....
This extraordinary liquid Elixir is the culmination of decades of discovery...
16 international patents and more than 40 million dollars in scientific research and development.

FREE Signup link, more info.


Revolutionary Pay Plan
Your pre-registration has placed you in the most revolutionary compensation plan in network marketing history. 
For the first time ever, you can actually get paid not only on your own Downline, but on your Sideline AND your 
Upline's volume from day one! You even have an opportunity for GUARANTEED INCOME your first 90 days!
25% retail profit plus four other ways to make money.

Category Creator Product
Your product is unlike anything the market has ever seen before. With 16 international patents and $40 million 
in research and development, it is untouchable by competition.

The Unfair Advantage
Your company is the new marketing division of an established international, FDA approved manufacturer with a billion dollar annual capacity.

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