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This is an intense program that often works on cancer at any stage, and has worked for Stage IV cancers. It is the best I know at this time for advanced cancers. I have used it quite a few times on people here in Africa and also for two years in Mexico.

Begin with taking one drop of MMS each hour for at least 10 hours a day. The drop, of course, must be activated with 5 drops of lemon juice or 10% citric acid. You wait 3 minutes and then add 1/3 glass of water or juice and drink that. Do this every hour for 10 hours straight each day.

However, one drop is not enough, that is just to get you started. Once you determine that you can tolerate that one drop, go to two drops each hour Two drops is activated with 10 drops of lemon or citric. The one juice you must not use is orange juice. And forego use of vitamin C while using this method.

You can increase up to 8 or even 10 drops of MMS1 each hour, however that is a lot, and most people will become nauseous and not tolerate that much until the cancer is completely gone. Place the activated mix in at least 3/4 glass of water - or more. That way you can not taste the MMS, or very little. Drink it.

Now the next step is a little hard for some people, but if you want a result it is needed. You must take MMS2 capsules at least 4 times a day at first and then increase to 6 or more times a day. Actually start slowly as with everything. MMS2 is hypochlorous acid, the same acid that the human immune system uses to kill things with. At the time of this writing, you can order it by sending an email to  and he will ship 60 capsules per bottle to you.

The immune system simply cannot make enough of this chemical to kill a cancer, but you can furnish it with these capsules. It's the very same thing your immune system uses. This acid is generated by the chemical called calcium hypochlorite.

You could make your own capsules by scooping this chemical into a size zero gel capsule. Cap it and take a capsule 4 times a day with 2 hours separating each capsule, but go slow. This data is explained on my web site under the MMS2 menu item.

If you doubt my word about this acid being used by the immune system go to Google and search for "hypochlorous acid and the immune system." You will get dozens or hundreds of sites telling you about it being used by the immune system. However, I am the only one who suggests that you take it by mouth. I have been taking it for 4 years, and hundreds of people I have sent it to have been taking it as well.

Actually it is perfectly logical to take it; only people who sell drugs would want you to not take it, because it will cure you whereas the drugs will not.

OK, so now you have the two things that you must take to kill your cancer and this is how you must go about killing the cancer. You must saturate your body with MMS1 and MMS2 to the point of killing the cancer quickly, but not so quickly that it makes you sicker than you already are. Killing the cancer too quickly can kill you, so go slow. You must take as much as you can without getting sick (nausea).

It is a balancing act. Increase your doses until you notice nausea, or vomiting, or diarrhea, or all three. Then stop the intake of MMS1 and 2 until the nausea passes, and start again immediately, but reduce the dose of both MMS1 and 2. You should notice the cancer getting better (smaller or less pain) very soon, or maybe just not getting worse). However, do not remain taking a reduced dosage. After several hours taking a reduced dose that does not make you feel worse, then begin slowly increasing again. Soon you will get the hang of the balancing act.

The minute you feel that nausea is starting, or something else is feeling bad, reduce your dosage or at least do not increase. This goes for both MMS1 and 2. With MMS2 you can reduce the dosage by opening the capsule and dumping part of the powder out. Generally once you are taking a full capsule, you would increase the dose merely by increasing the frequency that you take a capsule. Don't take more than one capsule at one time.

The reason that you would get sick at all is that the MMS is killing cancer and other pathogens faster than your elimination system can clear the blood and make the debris exit. The killed cells dump poison into your system. So called "dirty blood" can cause headaches and nausea. Any other diseases that might be present in your body that are also being killed will be dumping poisons into your body and the body must carrying those poisons off.

Everyone differs in the efficiency of their elimination systems, and in the heavy toxic load they have been carrying that may have caused the cancer. Therefore no one can state that nausea will occur on day two or day ten. When overloaded with debris in the blood, you must slow down the doses of both MMS1 and MMS2, allowing the blood to clear. Gradually this nausea-barrier will improve.

Keep in mind that both MMS1 and MMS2 are chemicals that the human immune system has been using for hundreds of thousands of years. That isn't something I have thought up. There are thousands of research papers that explain that and it has been known data for more than 50 years if not longer than that.

It's probably pretty hard to understand why medical people haven't been using those two chemicals to enhance the immune system for at least 50 years, but they never have. Amazing. The name of the chemical is calcium hypochlorite. Don't use any other chemical. Of course it would be nice if we had pharmaceutical grade chemicals to put in our gel capsules, but we have swimming pool grade chemicals and the manufacturers of these chemicals must maintain a fairly pure chemical or they would be poisoning swimmers.

The fact is, I have checked the quality of swimming pool chemicals and there is no poisonous chemicals used and the trace chemicals are all at a limit below what is suggested that your system can tolerate from the amount that you will be ingesting in my protocol.

So read through this protocol about 10 times, go to my web site and get the data to make the MMS2 capsules if you are not already proficient in this sort of thing. Do it for yourself or someone else.

In my opinion and from the people I have already seen recover or at least get a lot better, you have a better than 90% chance of recovery if you have a stage IV cancer. If you go the medical route, according to The American Cancer Society your have less than a 3% chance of recovery.

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