The Mr. X  Files

Mr. X  is a wealthy  businessman  who was not content with just reading about Planet X but went out to find the truth as well as the proof.  He found it.

Latest 2 hour phone call with Mr. X

He said that he learned the weather changes the year before the passage would be exactly as they are now. The winter in Germany and Paris is like no other and is more like early spring.

Another man in his 60's in New York state I talked with confirmed a few days ago that a lake he's driven across and had frozen over every year of his life has not frozen this year for the first time.

He told me German authorities have been watching him and that his professor physicist friend can't give any more infomation out from Russia. He told me to read between the lines and he would not elaborate further.

He is liquidating his entire operations (at least as much as he can given the time restraints) and relocating to a safe place with all his family and some friends. He said he had shaved 4 months off his timeline to have his survival facility in place since we spoke last.

He has direct inside information from the world of high finance that within 6 months the economy of the world will collapse. Japan is on the brink now. He received this info before Enron. He says he wants everything in place by July of this year and preferably by June.

From another phone call today I learned gold shot up $20 and oz today.

He gave information he obtained from one of the most powerful but lesser known individuals that commands Nato, a spanish man ; there is a long time plan for the end times in place to create a rift involving Russia, Nato, and the Chinese. A European target would be selected to be nuked sometime before the passing of Planet X. A possible limited nuclear exchange plan has been in the works for quite some time.

He believes the world will be fully aware of PX by this fall through the use of amateur telescopes.

He reconfirmed that PX is definitely due in 2003.

He has info that he could not share because of my phone, email, and this list being monitored. He is completely out of the verification stage and has all efforts aimed at survival.

He believes that what is coming is a lot worse than most believe. Two weeks ago he had a vision. He's rarely if ever had a vision. In the vision he ran upstairs because of his wife crying out. He looked out the window and saw an army of 12-15 black, ultra-wide, monsterous, powerful tornadoes sweeping everything off the surface above ground.

His interpretation of this is that all his plans that he had made so far would be completely inadequate. He needed to completely embed his survival facility underground a few feet with interconnecting tunnels to 2nd and 3rd shelters.

He said that for those who aren't enclosed in this sort of facility that they have little to no chance of survival. The fine dust in the air will kill many that survive the initial shift but don't protect themselves from this toxic dust in the air.

You have no idea how credible this man is. Yes, the Canadian in Germany that first called me within the last 2 months after being asked to remote view an Edgar Cayce earth change map and then found my first donated website within 3 days of that.

The one who contacted the observatory in St. Petersburg Russia to hunt for PX only to find out from the man in charge of finding new planets there, that they'd been looking at it for 3 years and were very worried about the substantial damage it would cause during passage. At first he thought they'd only seen it for 2 years but later found out it was 3. They had apparently read up on PX's history and gave him a label from the ancients called "Raja Sun" that translates into "Great Star."

Mr. X had never done any remote viewing prior to that but only went along with his professor friends suggestion to give it a try with the professors special remote viewing sound device.

This is the same professor physicist that attended the meeting in Russia with a group of scientists that were discussing the inbound planet in the year 2000. It turns out the professor had asked over a hundred people to use his special remote viewing sound device that allows them to get into a quick delta brain state. He asked them all to remote view the same Edgar Cayce map with the same results each time. All described seeing the devastating earthchanges.

The account of the meeting in Russia from the physicist and the remote viewing session wasn't enough for Mr. X . So, he went looking on his own and found my web, called me, and then went to a few observatories which I've only disclosed info on a couple of them for reasons I may reveal latter.

Yea, he's found that more information he was searching for and hopes to liquidate two major assets he has in time to turn it all into a limited small scale survival community of a few hundred thousand dollars.

I'm a bit blown away by it myself but it's not at all that different from what all I've come across thus far. I just didn't know he had done such a complete check using his array of contacts of all the interrelated issues such as this pre-planned war and the financial collapse.

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