NASA Insider speaks out about Planet X

The subject has come up about why the Government does not tell us the
truth (about most things) from the Kennedy Assassination to what you
will learn today ... and there are many, many more subjects in
between. Is this the sole fault of Government? Should we depend on
others to discern for us the truth from the lies? I think not, for the subject is far too complex a web, which we have all shared in creating. Let me state and then re-state my point: A Godly mind with a discerning spirit to see Truth is needed in people. It can be taught ... but it ultimately will come down to a choice of
each person to use what God has given us. IF YOU SEEK THE TRUTH, you
will find it. But it must be YOUR choice to start the journey of

OKAY, what I am talking about are LIES. Lies exist everywhere.
Consider the role, for example, of our educational system? The
reality is that there is nothing so vulgar left in human experience
for which some educator from some institution cannot be found to
justify it. In the name of literary license, anything passes off as
permissible. And the caution I want to throw out to you in this mini-
lesson is this. We so often let the everyday stuff of our lives get
in the way of finding the truth; we sit and just accept what the
media, educators, and government dish out to us without a sense of
questioning its validity.

There are 2 books written quite some time ago with contrasting points
of view concerning our society and how it would eventually become.
These books are the futuristic visions of George Orwell's 1984 and
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World: What Orwell feared were those who
would ban books.(Conceal truth) What Huxley feared was that there
would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who would
want to read one….(That certainly is true of today!) Orwell feared
that the truth would be concealed from us.(Yes, it is.) Huxley feared
the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.(Ahhh, this is the
Greater Truth!) Orwell feared we would become a captive culture.
Huxley feared that we would become a trivial culture…. As Huxley
remarked: the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the
alert to oppose tyranny "failed to take into account man's almost
infinite appetite for distractions." In 1984, Huxley added, people
are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are
controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what
we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us. I
am not going to decide right now who was more right. I personally
think a combination of the above opinions are right.

But what I am saying is that The powers-that-be in the world (you
know the ones we call THEY) they use FEAR to control whole segments
of the world's population. Plus, any pleasure, whether good or
illegitimate can make all of us slaves, stupid, and unwilling to take
the time to seek the truth. Hunger for even the simple pleasure of
food may become a life-dominating drive. Oscar Wilde said, "The only
way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." He's got it wrong!
The unrestrained appeasement of desire only expands hungers. Does not
our experience tell us so? It is true. The fences of our moral
pasture have been torn down, leaving us much room to graze. But let
us remember what G.K. Chesterton once said: Any time you pull down a
fence, always ask why it was put there in the first place. That is
good advice. But where does all of this point to? In other words,
where does the buck stop ... where does the responsibility lay?

The answer is that it lay with you (and me)! If you turn to God, if
you seek the Holy Spirit, you WILL BE GUIDED! I know. You may not
understand WHY all the time, but if you GO WITH THAT INNER VOICE, the
Holy Spirit, then you will one day realize some of the WHY's of life.
In the case of discernment, the Bible says so many times to use your
brains, your mind, your reasoning. Have you been using yours in life?
Have you dug into the library and internet to see WHY you have a
Social Security Number for example (did you know it's voluntary)?
Have you dug into your History to see WHY and HOW "they" changed the
history books? Where are the "lost" tribes of the House of Israel?
Who are the people actually controlling the modern nation of Israel
today? Have you sought out quality sources of news or do you just
accept what is given to you? Huxley feared the truth would be drowned
in a sea of irrelevance. What are you focusing on that
is "irrelevant" and that eats up your time and existence so that you
too become one of the masses who does not know which side is up in
life? Is the Government responsible for my ineptness and not knowing
the truth? Did the Devil "make me do it"?

I think not. It is your responsibility to seek the Truth. Where is
the thirst for Truth in today's society? So before we get into
today's main subject, let me re-state my point: A Godly mind with a
discerning spirit to see Truth is needed in people. It can be taught,
it can be learned ... but it ultimately will come down to a choice of
each person to use what God has given us … a brain, and a decision to
seek the truth. Seek and you shall find. I implore you to jump-start
your brains to seek the real truth in life.

OK, now onto the main subject. Let me give it to you bluntly and
straight and then go back over it one step at a time with detailed
analysis. Here it is …

A 10th Planet was discovered that crosses into our solar system
approximately every 3,600 years, and it passes between the earth and
the sun as it makes its elliptical orbit around our sun and then
heads out for another 3,600 years. NASA discovered and excitedly
disclosed having found this tenth planet, which is called Planet X,
the X standing for the Roman Numeral 10. It was December 30th, 1983
that announcement was made by the chief scientist of the Infra-Red
Astronomical Satellite telescope (IRAS) to 6 daily newspapers.
Immediately after that, the huge curtain of silence and coverup came
down on this subject. This FACT that this planet exists and that
passes by earth every 3,600 years is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to everyone,
especially Christians, but there is a huge curtain of silence. The
biggest and most play-acted curtain of all modern history is being
performed right now as you get this information!!!

This tenth planet is 4 to 5 times the size of earth, and 100 times as dense,
meaning that it has a large gravitational pull. Each 3,600 years as it
comes by the earth, it does not collide with earth as it passes by,
but the intense gravitational pull DOES AFFECT the earth tremendously.
It has done so in the past, the last time approximately 1600BC.
The gravitational pull of this tenth planet, on its way toward us right now,
is already beginning to show its effects on our entire solar system.
When Planet X crosses between the earth and the sun, the earth’s
surface plates (the land masses) will be shifted; the earth may actually
stop its rotation for 3 days while it is in the grip of this massive planet
as it speeds past the earth; there will be mega-huge earthquakes; there
will be massive tidal waves; there will be extremely high winds and
hurricane force torrential rains; there will also be meteor showers from
the debris dragged along in space in the tail of this planet due to its
tremendous gravitational pull. There is nothing scientists can do about it.

Scientists forecast that as much as 70% of the earth’s population will
not survive the moment of the passing of this planet; another 20% will
starve to death in the aftermath, and only about 10% of the population
will survive. The powers-that-be in the world today have a massive
media blackout and disinformation programs designed so that world
markets do not collapse and massive panic does not take place.
They have designed the "War on Terrorism" to hide the real truth about
troop movements, government changes, homeland security, and many
other items on their agenda throughout the world. And they plan to
use their agenda, IF THEY HAVE TO, in order to control any chaos
and panic.

Before we get into Biblical understanding of this subject, allow me to
further support the information that I have just stated. For example,
A group of scientists in Russia in the year 2000 held several meetings
to discuss the inbound planet discovered from one of their largest
observatories. This led to the infamous "2003 Problem" which the Reuters
News Service wire reported on Sept. 13th 2000. The top government
officials of Russia called for a commission to study the problem which
was said to expect to cause "a string of calamities" and "a massive
population shrinkage" They openly wondered whether Russia would
still even exist as a country afterwards. Why? Because most of the old
Soviet Union is fairly low-lying land, and the polar icecaps will melt
during these next 2 years causing the new sea level to be around
700 feet above what it is now, and most of the old Soviet Union,
including much of Russia, will be under water.

The polar regions are melting fast right now. Just check the news.
Massive blocks of ice, the size of the states of Delaware and
Connecticut, have already fallen off and are melting now.
The Alaska glaciers have been studied extensively and the RATE at
which they are melting is increasing at an alarming pace. The reason
for all this melting is that the earth has a molten core and it is heating
up from the inside for various reasons that get technical, but basically
due to the influence of the coming Planet X.

We have known about this tenth planet for quite some time.
You see this tenth planet was already known to be out there as early
as the early 1900’s when astronomers noted its affects on the outer
planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Ancient stone tablets with scientific information from a civilization
known as the Sumerians, who lived some 6,000 years ago, were also
deciphered in the 1800’s, and these stone tablets told us exactly
where to find Pluto and also detailed what they called, Wormwood
or The Planet of the Crossing. In other words, scientists have known
about Planet-X for a very long time, but only in the early 1980’s with
the advent of infrared telescopes launched into space were they able
to SEE far enough to actually detect Planet X and plot its course.

But let’s continue with some interesting facts. We have a network of
people who have verified that some NASA engineers are building
dome homes (the strongest know structures to man) in certain parts
of this country in anticipation of the destructive passing of Planet X.
The elite have already built mini-cities underground. There’s much more …

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