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How To Have Total Privacy Online
Wouldn’t it be nice if nobody could track you across the Internet? This way
you can keep your information anonymous. You can surf the Internet knowing
that people will not take your information and use it fraudulently. If you
think this is something only those elite hackers can do you wrong. Anybody
can do it if they know how. And soon you will be one of those people.

Here’s how it’s done:

1.. Right off the bat if you haven’t already guessed it you are going to need to open Net Detective 2000.

2.. Click on the tab labeled “Internet Information Sources”.

3.. In the “Categories” section of the window find and click on the button with the word “Information” printed on it.

4.. Now down underneath the window that has the list of sites click on the tab labeled “Privacy” (it should be the second tab from the end).

5.. In the list of resources find the one labeled “Anonymous Surfing on the WWW”.

6.. Highlight it, and click the arrow to the left just to the left. This will launch your web browser. Now your web browser should be showing the ANONYMIZER.COM.

7.. To search with anonymity find the field at the top of the screen just under the logo. Put in the web site you are wishing to visit (i.e. ) and click the button labeled “Go”.

8.. Congratulations! You are now surfing the Internet anonymously.

Privacy is important, keep yours safe. You now know how.