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Subject: 11-26-2014  Ber's Newsletter update 
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Update on dinar/dong revaluation
Imminent. Don't you just love that word. Some of us have been hearing that word for 4 years now; others for as long as
9 years. What is different today to make the word more meaningful? Well, we know the revaluation actually occurred on
Oct 30th at $3.58 international rate, even though Joe Public hasn't yet been invited to exchange.  We know people, friends ,
family  and specially favored people have been exchanging since Oct 30 at $3.58 market/international rates and above $20
contract rates.  Tony says some of those people WERE Joe Publics and they did get contract rate. Tony has documentation
of those cases; dates, places, amounts, and some of them did receive contract rates approaching $20+/dinar.  Tony
received 9 phone calls yesterday and today from Iraqi's who made purchases at a $3.58 rate; a thousand dollar plane ticket
for 300+ dinars for example, gasoline purchases, etc.   So who failed to let this fly here? Again the US. Now the game plan
is to put out the 800#s to call and book your appointment to exchange  before Dec 1 and for people, that's us Joe Public
Peons, to actually be able to exchange from Dec 1 to within a couple weeks afterwards. The US wants a slow rollout.
Since Govt and banks don't want this widely broadcast many of these locations will not be walk in the door banks, but
private offices away from the big bank buildings. Tony will give us the 800# to call to schedule our appointments as soon
as he gets it (and schedules HIS appointment) . I will do the same for the people on my list. And don't forget and and other currency exchangers will also have locations open 
throughout the US to exchange. They will only be exchanging for market rate; not contract rate but you CAN get money
orders/bank checks from them instead of putting money into big banks who carry lots of derivative debt you could get
saddled with. Be sure and read my page at  and open up the picture graph that
gives you an idea of the scope of that debt in meaningful form. I will not be keeping my money in a derivative indebted
bank. Credit unions and banks with no derivatvie debt are much better bets.
There should be a contract rate available for both dinars and dongs; but if you choose for that higher amount you will
pay more taxes on it and you have to sign a non disclosure such that if you ever blab about it, it can all be taken away
from you. That has already happened to some who have exchanged. I personally think it is risky to sign the NDA.  As
of today you can still go down to a Chase bank and purchase 1 million dong for $54; and you can buy dong as well as
dinar  through  for about $80 using an echeck for dong, $1100/M for dinar. The dong is
expected to come out at a market rate of $1.02 or a contract rate of $2.17 but Tony let slip on Wednesday's call that
people that exchanged received more than that and then tried to recover his statement that he was talking about
contract rate; but he wasn't. His slip wasn't in the notes for that day.. As I see it $54/million for dong returning $1.02 million
USD is a much better buy than $1100 for a million dinar returning $3,580,000 USD. $1100 would buy 20.37 million dong
for a value of $20,370,000 USD  versus the $3,580,000 using dinar. But I will tell you time is short. You best be buying
them today or you probably won't get to.  AND, we have said that before. So. Will this happen?  I believe so. This
should all be over with by middle December for those following Tony and and   For Joe Public having stuck his dinar/dong in the drawer and having went back to Simpsons
on the boob tube; he will either exchange in January at market rate or may never even know that it even happened
and he could have. There will be a lot of those people in that boat who thought this was just one big fairytale. There
are supposedly 4 currencies in this basket; dinar, dong, rupiah, and zimbabwes. You can still buy zims at 
100trillion notes worth about $360,000 each (last rumor - now no one is talking) after lopping 6 zeros for $18 - $20 each. 
That's a pretty good return for a $20 investment.. Not many people own zims, nor dongs for that matter. Govt has done a
good job of convincing people this is all a hoax in order to keep the Joe Peons broke and in slavery. Less than 1% of the
375 million people in the United States own dinars, dongs, rupiahs, or Zims; and the average holding of that 1% is only
100,000 dinars. Talk about stealing the sheeple's dreams. The rich got richer, and the poor couldn't believe it was for real.

You can listen to the replay of Tony's call today at 

Waterless - Oilless cooking
Here's a great place to spend some of your dinar and dong money and improve your family's health.
Please visit our newest website covering stainless cookware, water filters, and in home airfilters. 
To maintain good health today requires knowledge in three major areas; the foods you eat , the water you drink,
and the air you breathe inside your home. They all affect you. It's not only what you eat but what you use to prepare
it in, and how you prepare it that can make an enormous difference in your family's overall health. 
Our site is not only
designed to fully educate you in these areas, but to provide you factory direct for lowest cost, products that can greatly
improve your health


Belkraft manufactures the highest quality T304 surgical stainless 7ply (sidewalls too) cookware available today. Vacumatic
cookware includes flameproof cooltouch handles, whistle vent vaporlock lids, for oilless/waterless cooking which retains
98% of the flavor, color and viramin/mineral content of the food. Factory direct means lowest prices. They also market a 5ply
(includes sidewalls too) European product at much lower cost if money is an issue. Go to   here  for information and watch two
quick videos  and 

Belkraft  manufactures hi tech 4 stage .2 micron water filters which remove bacteria, protozoa, and a silver impregnated
ceramic which destroys viruses. It isn't anything like you would find at  HomeDepot or Lowes and is still very reasonably
priced. Available as under counter or countertop models. Several models are available and actually they have whole house 
filters as well as is shown on our  water filter page.
Belkraft  makes/markets several sizes of home/office air filters with a 6 stage or 10 stage .03 micron HEPA filter capability  that
will take out dust, pollen, allergens, mites, microscopic bugs, spores and especially your loose dead skin thta floats around
in the air the bed/rug mites feed on. Bed mites poop 20 times a day and add literally pounds of weight to your mattress over
a period of time. I have some good pics of what these critters look like  on our  air filter page.

Our contact has been with Belkraft for 39 years; designed most of the presentations  for them that I
show on my site and there is little left to do except assimilate all the information. It took me over 6 weeks
and 50+ pages to do that as you can tell when you go to  and start exploring
and learning. It's a big story to tell. I have pdf  presentations as well as FAQs for each section.

I also offer an affiliate program for others wanting to sell cookware and filters at no cost to you.
I give you your own near duplicate website for free to work like the one you see at .
Your unique 4 digit ID would replace the 1234 you see in the URL.
See details of the affiliate program at

The next part of the equation to good health is the food we eat. Thrivelife isn't just about  25 year long term food storage,
emergency preparedness/survival gear /water filters and much more; it's about being able to consume GMO free food,
gluten free food, MSG free, no added sodium (do you have any idea how much salt is added to canned products as a
preservative?), food raised without pesticides and chemicals, no transfats or hydrogenated olls, food raised without
using steroids, being able to consume milk not containing RBHT, food raised until it is ripe and then quickly freeze dried
for maximum flavor and nutrition instead of being picked green and then served tasteless as well as lacking nutrition.  If better
health is one of your goals ThriveLife is a story you need to listen to, explore,  and a company you need to get involved with
even if just as a consumer.
  for info  to buy product from our consultant site click on "product" - "thrive foods" and at the
bottom of that page select a category; grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, etc.

Email me for a .pdf of their whole catalog. But know if you buy off the factory site you will be spending 10% more than
buying from our consultant site at
 The catalog will give you the product numbers to order.

ThriveLife is a debt free company started in 2004 making unique food rotation storage 
container shelving (and they still do) that made them a small fortune.
Then they took their profits  and expanded
operations to now deal in survival tools, campstoves, camping/survival  gear, tents, sleeping bags, ready to go
bug out back packs, first aid kits, water storage containers, filters as low as .02 microns, purification chemicals, 
and much much more.
They specialize in making freeze dried foods for long term storage, as in 25 year shelf life for 
most items; with no added sodium, no MSG, no pesticides or chemicals or steroids used in 
growing the food, and gluten free with no transfats or hydrogenated oils used. And nothing is from China. Many
competitors sell survival food made in China loaded with sodium, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, steroids in the meats, 
and containing many chemicals and preservatives to give it the required shelf life. Most of that doesn't taste good
and coming from China who knows what else is used for filler; like the melamine powder (used for making plastic
dinerware) found in recent powdered milk from China.

When freeze dried, foods are picked at maximum ripeness and nutrition value when they taste good! Foods
you buy in the grocery store were picked when green. Not only are they tasteless for most part, but lack the
nutrition they would have had if they had been allowed to ripen on the vine or tree. Freeze drying instead of
dehydrating seals in all the nutrition and flavor as produce is picked only when ripe, sliced, diced and flash frozen 
in an instant removing 98% of the water which provides longevity of product as well as maintains all the nutrition
values; WITHOUT ADDED SODIUM or other chemicals needed for preservation that the competition uses.  Read
the labels. Other companies load their offerings with sodium (read the label) to help with preservation, just as the
pioneers, Indians and Eskimos used salt to preserve their meats due to lack of refrigeration and freezers. We all
know excess sodium (salt) consumption is a good way to meet your maker early.

I've spent a lot of time with this company's stuff. I've been to many tasting parties to sample 
the goods. At one party we took recipes and assembled meals in a jar.  Irina and I are extremely impressed
with the taste of these recipes/foods, and the system of putting together chef recipe produced meals in a jar
to save time and eliminate waste is something that will take off  bigtime.
  I've done the math to see how these
products compare price wise with stuff you would buy in the grocery store. Many items are less expensive.
The big factor is how much healthier this stuff is with no chemicals and preservatives used. This can replace
the 25% of your food budget you normally throw out that spoils. This is a big story that can't be told in a paragraph.
ThriveLife is not just about food storage but about improving your family's health, saving you food budget money, 
and keeping the cancer bug out of your life which is what big agro does to us. I've spent much time putting together to tell you all the things you won't find on the company site you need to know
and encourage you to get involved, even as just a "get it at a discount" customer to better prepare your family for
bad times ahead as well as improve the quality of what you put in your bellies today. Shipping costs are very reasonable
as they are subsidized by the company.

Heart Health 
his is absolutely one of the most important aspects of your health you can be part of.     Our affiliate sites have just been upgraded; more info, better organization.

L-Arginine, the magic bullet for cardiovascular health, but you gotta take more than 1 scoop a day 
to get the job done.  On Oct 1 I made major revisions to my heart page. New information gained 
shows a 2 scoop three times a day regimine (not just one or two scoops a day) of using L Arginine CAN yield up to 100%
clear arteries in 6 months. AND you can buy it cheapest by signing up as an affiliate, for free, and making the purchase
off your own affiliate site, saving $5/canister. If you buy 6 canisters the price comes down and if you buy 12 you can get it
for even less. By becoming an affiliate for free you can buy cheapest for yourself make money from sales to others 4 levels
deep. Why would I tell you this instead of making $5/canister off you purchasing off my site? This is a consumable. Everyone
should be on this for life. Here is a 13 page list of the ingredients and what each does for you. By earning only $1/canister
4 levels deep from affiliate sales and showing people how they can buy it for the least amount of dollars out of pocket, more
people will use it and you will earn more on $1 repeat sales as opposed to a larger $5 commission one time.
This is not an MLM, there is:
- no distributor sign up fee or kit cost, 
- no autoship requirement, in fact you don't have to buy anything to earn on affiliate sales.
- you get your own marketing webpage free like mine at  
-  you get paid four levels deep as an affiliate ($5/canister direct sales, $1/canister affiliate sales)
-  order off your own affiliate website and receive cash rebates of $5 (1 canister)  to $60 (12 canisters).
MyCardioForLife heart formula has the most complete formula on the martketplace at the lowest price.
This WILL get you off pharmaceutical meds for high blood pressure, and will also drop your cholesterol and triglycerides, 
lowers diabetes risk, and is a great weight control tool as when your body gets all the 70 plant based ionic minerals that
are in it, it doesn't crave food. I can vouch for that. I  have added a list of 25 things you can do to lower your blood pressure
on my heart page.This page is not just about selling you a can of powder that may save your life. This page has 
many many things you need to know about heart health, such as a DPA test to tell you your arterial 
age and condition.  And a link to get all my heart ebooks for free.  click on articles/videos 
for articles and videos on why you need this. especially watch the videos, they are all good. 
What's in it, the ingredients label?   Go to  
to see this and just below it is a comparison chart for the nearest competitors. The 13 page description 
of ingredients is more complete. As you will see, there is no comparison, Dr. Elwardt wants to save lives, others want
to make money using MLM's which have a lot of fish to feed   His formula has minimal profit in it ; the others have L Arginine
and L Citrulline but bare bones anything else.  MyCardioforLife gives you 100mg CoQ10 PER SCOOP and would cost
$60/mo alone just for that component. 6 scoops/day would cost you a couple hundred bucks and if you bought
MyCardioForLife in 12 canister lots you would only be paying $150/mo for a 2 scoop three times a day regimine, and getting
all the other ingredients that come with it. This is a bargain folks. 

Ingredient list describing what each component will do for you.  A more complete list here.
Also explore the FAQ and Articles/Videos section for more information.  As a food supplement it is available to ship in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico as well as Internationally.

Spam Arrest  
Tired of Spam??? Spam Arrest is the answer! This is cool stuff!
for information and program details

click image to see HTML code    to sign up for a free 30 day trial; only $5.95/mo after that, or as low as 
$3.75/mo if you subscribe for a 2 year period. You will save more than $6/mo in time saved; not to mention the aggravation factor. 

One quarter to one third or of all my email messages each day were spams; unsolicited emails from bulk advertisers.  
I wasted a lot of time daily deleting or unsubscribing from these or copying and posting the addys on my black list. 
But more and more new ones kept coming each day to replace ones I got rid of the previous days. 
Spam arrest is theeeee  answer to all those aggravating ,unsolicited, automatically sent bulk mail spam messages that 
take up your time and divert your attention from what you really need to be working on.

click image to see HTML code

BUT, Hit your "back" button after watching the short video clip instead of 
hitting the sign up button at the end to get back to here to view the 
rest of the information you need to know.
They have an affiliate program also you might  be interested in.   
The least expensive source of vitamins and minerals on the planet. Great company.

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Pets in the afterlife
Thank you for all your kind letters about Cubby. We all desire confirmation that we will see our pets again in the afterlife.
My page at pets-afterlife attempts to assure people that such a possibility exists. Many near death testimonies confirm such.
To some people their pets are more loved and cherished than their family members. Not often do we get first hand testimony
of seeing our pets in heaven, but here is one such case offered me by a lady on my listserve. I thought I would share it with you.
Hi Ber -
I know your heartbreak over losing Cubby II.  I lost my special Freddie, a Sheltie, on July 19, 2002.  I didn't eat or
sleep for three days, and friends stayed up all night with me, and visited me during the day, so I could function. 
I finally understood the term "heartbroken" as my heart literally and physically felt pained.  I have a story for you:

My Father and Step Mother married in the 90's, after both their spouses had passed on.  They were sweethearts in
High School, then WWII and life got in the way of their relationship, and they married others. Each of them had children.
When they reconnected in the 90's, and married, my Step Mother had a daughter who relocated to the same community
where my Father lived, and where my Step Mother then lived with him. The daughter married, and the newly weds bought
a dog.  Life was wonderful.  Buddy was their constant companion, living in the log cabin they built.  A few years later, they
had a daughter, and she and Buddy were best friends, Buddy being very protective of the little girl.

Then, Buddy became ill with the effects of old age, and Buddy passed away.  They explained to the little girl what
happened, and that Buddy went to Heaven, etc.  The little girl was maybe 2-1/2 or 3 at the time - quite young.

At about the same time as Buddy passed away, the little girl's Mom (my Step Mom's daughter) went back to work,
and my Father and Step Mother babysat for the little girl every day, while her parents went to work.  They were in
7th heaven, having her there every day.

One day the little girl had what seemed to be a cold, and her parents took her that evening to the ER, where she
was given some medication.  The medication was properly administered, but the next day, she still seemed sickly
when she was with my Father and Step Mom.  That evening, when at home with her parents, around 7:30 pm, they
felt she wasn't showing improvement, and seemed to be getting worse, so they went back to the ER with her.

As the little girl's Father was carrying her into the ER for the second evening in a row, the little girl convulsed, her
eyes rolled back in her head, and she said: DADDY, I SEE BUDDY! and she drew her last breath.

So do pets go to Heaven?  I think so.  And I fully expect to see Freddie, and all of the other wonderful pets who
have walked this walk with me.  Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without them!

"To silence a preacher from preaching judgment is like being awoke from sleep by a fire alarm, and then just silencing
the alarm, and going back to sleep." --Unknown

Gun Control
As gun registration and subsequent confiscation (that seems to be the sequence) seems to loom on the horizon
I want to make sure you watched the two videos below.  Sweden has very little crime because it is mandatory the
citizenry be armed and be taught how to use their firearms.  Crime rate in the US continues to decline as the citizenry
becomes better armed. I have a huge collection of articles where guns save lives.    I receive
more articles every day even though you simply don't see these cases in the bought and paid for news media. Doctors,
hospitals, and pharmaceuticals kill hundreds of thousands of people each year and they didn't even have to have a gun
to do it. The little girl in the story above died of either an overdose of medication or too much medication in the prescription,
or the prescription was filled incorrectly. The hospital confiscated the medication bottle right away so it could not be proven
who was at fault in the case. But she did see her doggy as her spirit was taken from her body.

I personally hate guns. I don't take pleasure in shooting guns at all; well maybe my 28 shot pellet pistol at tin cans
or my 28 shot Beretta CX4 pellet rifle. I have used both on Mexicans trying hop the fence to enter my property at night in
Mexico. They did the job without anyone getting seriously hurt.  They sure sting good though and they will break flesh.
Pellet guns are about the only guns you can own in Mexico without going to jail for it. If they break into your house better
to have a compound bow which is also legal. Shoot someone with a 9mm, self defense or not, and you could be there
for a long time. It is one reason theft and breakins are so common in Mexico; the average citizen is defenseless because of laws.

I shot one deer who was eating my young fruit trees up when I was younger and decided I didn't want to do that anymore,
haven't killed an animal since.  I don't even duck or goose  hunt. These are God's creatures.  There are exceptions; snakes,
scorpions, some spiders. But I probably wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone trying to harm someone else. That's what
concealed carry is all about.  A 9mm Sig Sauer P938 in a Sneaky Pete holster (
can't be differentiated from a cellphone carrier on your belt, but could certainly stop
a sociopath in a Mc Donalds if it ever became necessary. If you need a gun you need it now; you don't have time to go home
and unlock a safe somewhere to get one.
Russia is now allowing it's citizenry to bear arms as they've also discovered less
crime results from citizens who can defend themselves, unlike the millions of Russians slaughtered under Stalin who disarmed
his citizenry. DUH!  Texas has introduced legislation that would nullify any federal laws mandating gun control inside the state
of Texas.  So the question is - Who is responsible for the largest number of murders throughout history?
This 2 min video gives you the answer; governments who disarmed their citizenry.

This longer video tells a more complete story, a must watch story to know exactly what happens when govt
confiscates your guns.  Please watch this all the way to the end..  
There is actually two parts; the 2nd part starts at about the 46 minute mark and has a lot of facts and statistics in it.
The message is when the people had weapons they could defend themselves, but when they were disarmed by
their governments, they were slaughtered; in every case.  Australia recently took all firearms away from it's citizenry.
Since then violent crime has risen 42%; why? Criminals know  their victims aren't armed and can't defend themselves. 
Sexual assaults climbed 29.9%. Women in Australia are three times more likely to be raped than women in the US.
Shortly after gun confiscation in Australia armed robberies increased 69% and home invasions increased 21%.
Our US govt is on track to becoming the next killer govt. Obama is hellbent to remove your guns from you. An armed
citizenry is the only obstacle in the way to full dictatorial powers and total enslavement of the people for him.  Once that goes;
we are toast. Wake up and fight for your rights. It's not guns that is the problem; it is the pharmaceutical industry and drugs
not only killing people but creating socio paths.  An armed citizenry can stop a sociopath before he kills a lot people. You
won't keep the sociopath from getting his own gun.

Why is this important?;_Israel_Parts_Company_from_Them;_Germany_Abstains/39381/0/38/38/Y/M.html
Read this article about Obama, his support of today's Nazi movement,  and the US's involvement in the ethnic cleansing
(genocide) of Russians in the Ukraine and you will begin to understand the dangers we have in Obama as president.

Still think Obama's amnesty plan is a good idea?
Consider these statistics compiled and published by the Los Angeles Times:
Interesting that the LA times did this. Lou Dobbs reported this on CNN and it cost him his job. The only network we
would see this on would be FOX. All the others are staying away from it. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican
this should be of great interest to you!  Just One State - be sure and read the last part......try for 3 times.
This is only one State.................If this doesn't open eyes, nothing will!
1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes.
This is because they are predominantly illegal aliens working without a green card.
2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers..
5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.
10. In L.A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish. (There are 10.2 million people in L. A.. County.)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over
70% of the United States 'annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York) results from immigration.
 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens. We are fools for letting this continue.  statistical source : the Los Angeles Times

What about teaching Islam in our schools? Do you know your children are being indoctrinated into Islam at this very moment.
Islam is a false doctrine. Muslims came from Ishmael, man's answer to many descendants of Abraham. Issac came
from Sarah, God's solution to the problem.  Abraham was stopped by an angel from killing his son Issac, not Ismael as the
Qu'ran tries to teach. Allah is not the same God as the God of Israel. Allah is not a god at all. Jesus Christ is not just a
prophet as the murderer Mohammed was.  Jesus IS God the son. The Bible of Christianity does not tell Christians to kill "infidels"
(anyone NOT believing in Christianity) as the Qu'ran does. Folks you need to start studying before Islam takes over the United States.
Here's what one marine had to say when he found out the misinformation that was being taught to his daughter in high school.

Why risk your life playing football when you can grow potatoes for the homeless?

Where does 53% of your tax dollars go?
Depends upon who you listen to.

The internal Revenue Service scandal

Who Owns US Inc., The IRS, The US Federal Reserve and the British Crown?
Please watch this 5 minute video
Now watch it again. Absorb it and say WHY???
67% of your tax dollars go to the crown of England in London.
23% are  paid to the 300 Shareholders of the US  Federal Reserve ( a Private  Bank having NOTHING to do with our federal govt )
10% are paid to the employees of the IRS to keep the IRS Operational and to keep them silent regarding the scam of what is really going on.
The 1040 form is a one year contract that is why they want you to sign it each year ...

Vatican City is a Privately owned  Sovereign State, Located in Rome, Yet has nothing to do with Rome or the Country of Italy
The Vatican owns The Crown  ( the Crown is not the British Monarchy as most are led to believe.  The Crown is the City of London,
which is a private sovereign Country located in the heart of London and owned by the Rothschild Family ).
The Crown is Similar in Setup to Vatican City in Rome.
The Crown is the creator of the Worlds Artificial Banking System and Artificial Legal System called the UCC.
The Crown is the Major Shareholder of the US Federal Reserve.
The IRS is a Private Company owned by the Crown ( City of London ) and is  Incorporated in Puerto Rico.
The IRS has nothing to do with the Government of the People of the United States of America.

Since 1913 Non of the Income Taxes Collected from the People of America by the Private IRS
has ever Gone to fund the US Federal Government.   HUH?

Where are Funds sourced in the US to pay for Roads and infrastructure in the US?
Roads and Infrastructure in the US is paid for from Money collected on State Housing Taxes, as well as 
Excise Taxes collected on Alcohol, Tobacco, Gasoline etc, etc

Where are funds sourced to Operate the Federal US Government?
Black Budget and off Book transactions. There are two Account books, one for the Public Domain and one
true book for Internal ( the boys Club ) eyes only.

STUPID AND SLAVES OF THE ULTRA ELITE!    When will we wake up to this ruse?

For those of you who think chemtrails are jet exhast, how do you explains this one?

Benjamin Fulford tells it like it is. Who really runs the United States?

Was the Ferguson, MO. shooting of Michael Brown
or just another false flag hoax to put this country under martial law?
Watch this video and decide. There was no Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. It appears it was all staged just like at Sandy Hook
where no children died or the Boston Marathon where actors with no legs were hired to pretend they were maimed.  It was all staged.
Doesn't that make you feel rosy about who is supposed to be running our government?

Update on PTE, PT, Silver Success, and HCi25
You are not going to like this news. I dug into this quite heavily over the last couple weeks  and
came up with the same conclusions in every program. Hey, our money is still in the banks, but it has been
hogtied and is making money for the black ops side of our government; no longer for us. Go back up a little
further and reread who owns the IRS and where the money you give up in tax dollars really goes.
67% of your tax dollars go to the crown of England in London.
23% are  paid to the 300 Shareholders of the US  Federal Reserve ( a Private  Bank having NOTHING to do with our federal govt )
10% are paid to the employees of the IRS to keep the IRS Operational and to keep them silent regarding the scam of what is really
going on. Where in that list is funding of our government?  It ain't!!  IRS has nothing to do with our federal governement. It's all a ruse.
Black Budget and off Book transactions and fiat paper the fed prints and saddles us with the debt of is what funds our government;
not your tax dollars.

Here's what happens, and has happened to all of the above programs, I don't think HCi25 is going to be able to
pay us either.  The absolutely corrupt US Govt comes in and sees the money this trading thing has made and as soon as it is large
enough they flle against the account and freeze it saying the trader was illegally selling securities. And none of these programs were.
The bank continues to trade the account giving up most of the interest to govt  to fund their black ops operations. The bank makes
profit too, all at the expense of the people whom the funds really belong to. That's you and I.  Remember a program called Crown Inc.
He bought businesses and received a percentage of each business' profits and he paid us for four years straight without a hiccup.
PTE did the same thing; many years of payout without a hiccup. Then someone told him about how lucrative bank trading could be.
He took in funds from people to do these high dollar bank trades with.
The trades worked, the bank got the money. But the bank didn't give the trader the money to pay out the people with because govt
stepped in and said you are illegally selling securites. The money was never returned to the people. The bank kept trading it and
splitting the returns on it with government and does to this day. Meanwhile the man trying to make money for the people has been iced
away in a 25 year federal prison sentence. I know because I send him money periodically while he earns 46 cents an hour making goods
in prison that has Made In China labels attached to them and they are sold right here inside the US to help fund the black ops programs.
The US has the highest per capita incarceration rate of any country in the world, including China, because our prison system is simply
a business run to fund our corrupt government because our tax dollars are not used for funding our government.  Why do you think they
are trying to take away our guns?  Because as soon as people wake up to what is really going on, there will be a revolution. Hundreds
of thousands of armed citizenry will descend on DC and the blood bath that will ensue will be worse than the revolutionary war and
we will take our country back. You want to know what is going on in the US; listen to Putin; he will tell you what a bunch of snakes
run our country.
You have to go to Russian news sites (like  ) to find out what is really going on in the US.
Wish I had better news for you.

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Parachute of Jesus
Statistically the Bible does not tell us what percentage of souls go to heaven or hell at death. 
Near death experiencers, however, have been told these numbers by angels; as low as .1% to 2.5% go the heaven at 
death. Why is that number so low? It is why "Parachute of Jesus" has become a 150 page book instead of a single page 
tract handout on salvation. The book has now been completed; available as a paperback, available online to read, and is 
available as a free .PDF by request.  We have learned much about heaven, hell, and the afterlife and would like to share 
this information with you; especially concerning the short time we may have left on earth. Put into practice what we have
learned and greatly improve your chances of making it through the pearly gates when you pass on.

Watch just two videos to get a better idea of where are at here in the end times. Ken Peter's testimony where he was shown
a vision of tribulation and even witnessed the beheading of his wife and himself.
His vision  when he was 15 in 1980 included
white boxes in every home with lines across them (think personal PC computers which we didn't have in 1980). He also saw
huge flatscreen TVs that didn't exist in 1980 that could listen to you and record your conversations and watch you which didn't
exist in 1980; but they do today. You can't buy a big flatscreen screen today at Costco, Best Buy , or Walmart that does not
ave this technology  that few know even exists.  They watch and listen even when turned off. You have to unplug them from
the wall and disconnect them from cable and antennas to be free from their spying. The vision was taken from him until the
day before he turned 44 and was then returned to him.  He was told by Jesus he would not see his 50th birthday and he
turned 44 in 2012.

In the  Howard Pittman vision, ( ) Howard was a minister had a near death
experience and requested to visit God Himself in the throne room to plead for an extension of life on earth. God saw him but
it didn't turn out as planned. He thought he was doing good but God reamed him out well, stating he did things for himself,
not for God. In this vision God speaks of the parable of the sower in which only 25% of the people who hear the word obey
the word and endure to the end.  The other three fourths who heard the word lost their salvation. That parable is why my
Parachute book became a 150 page book instead of a single page tract handout.  That doesn't count the 90% of the people
who aren't interested in hearing the word to start with. So if only 10% of the people are willing to listen to the word to start with
and only 25% of those have sufficient background in God's word to retain their salvation who do hear the word; what is 10%
of 25%;  2.5%. Ouch. While Pittman was waiting to enter the third heaven where the throne room of God was his angel escorts
told him that in the  15 minute time frame this was all taking place; 50 people had gone into heaven and 1950 did not make
the cut out of that 2000 people. Again the statistic only 2.5% of the people who die on earth make heaven at death.

"The Nephilim Agenda"  is a you tube video intro to Irina's newest book "Children of the Fallen - How History became Myth" 
It starts with the fallen angels who came down from heaven
spoken of in Genesis 6.  The book of Enoch speaks of these.
These were the Annunaki. They mated with human women and created the hybrid race called the Nephilim. The giants.
These were evil beings. God tried to dispose of these evil creatures with the flood but some survived and walk amongst us
today. She
follows them through history o warn you what they are up to today regarding eliminating God's seed from the earth. 
Wonder what chemtrail poisoning- dumping tons and tons of aluminum, barium and strontium powder on us, GMO engineering
- attempting to alter our DNA,  Monsanto - poisoning the earth,  viruses and vaccinations containing RFID chips in the syringes
are all about?  What's behind the Georgia Guidestones attempting to reduce earths 7 billion population to less than 500,000,000? |
Planned genocide?  Irina created a video at   summarizing her newest book.
The video is entitled The Nephilim Agenda, AND an also be accessed at her site .

God Bless
Buenos dias
Que Dios le bendiga