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The establishment has much discussed this moment, when there will be serious attention given to the object, moving, in the skies. At the turn of the millennium, it was thought that NASA and their buddy system would call it a nova. However, with the attention given to the Zeta coordinates, they understood that motion in this object would be under too much scrutiny. Where explanations that the common man might buy will be floated out, such as the recent pronouncement about CO2 causing slowing rotation, the establishment knows that the educated man won't buy into this. Even the little guy, perhaps without wealth but with a brain, can sort though what he observes and hears. To confirm that the inbound object is a Brown Dwarf, moving at the rate it is, would raise questions as to its distance. This in conjunction with the closeness to our coordinates would likewise confirm, officially, ZetaTalk. They would prefer to hide, and ferry the anxious to Nancy and Troubled Times.

The governments in the know about what is coming, or those suspecting based on rumor in the highest circles, have only a few options. They could come clean, admit a cover-up, and then run and hide to save themselves. This is unlikely to happen, until perhaps the last week, as these individuals enjoy power and privilege, and are loathe to give it up. They could employ strong arm tactics, invoke martial law, and refuse and eliminate any questions about earth changes. This requires a military and citizenry well in agreement with these means, which does not exist in either the US, Canada, or Europe. Even China found the Internet rebutting their lines, re Tianaman Square. The uproar, even after 911, over loss of individual rights, showed the US that their citizenry were not in agreement. Thus, they have evolved a third tactic, which it to allow discussion, but ignore it. In other words, no comment.

In Europe, there is likely to be more open discussion of the matter, as in the UK the Planet X issue re-emerged recently. Britain is also resentful of the US, and the European Community resentful of both. Thus, each country is likely to respond individually, depending on the public and administrators. Where the country might fare well, there may be open forums on plans as to what to do, in case. In countries where there will be devastation, such as in India, no discussion will occur. In countries where there is already suppression of news and discussion, such as Saudi Arabia, there will be continued suppression. In Scandinavia, which will fare well, there may be open government plans to assist their populace when the time comes. Thus, as with people, each government or country might take a unique tack, an unexpected tack, and our predictions wrong or right, depending. These matters are in the hands of man, who has free choice, and not our hands.

Uneasy Public

The public at large is already uneasy. They are considering what they see about them, these past few years. The weather absolutely cannot be explained, and the weatherman is ignoring this, which in and of itself is a cause for uneasiness in the common man. Crops go awry, businesses go belly-up, bankruptcies increasing, and powerful companies like Enron try rip-off games that cannot succeed in the long run. The degree of arrogance in the powerful US administration is stunning, so much so that few talk about this openly, yet they feel this. In Europe, the weather and behavior in the US is openly discussed, but no solutions or confronting is done by their governments. The establishment is at a loss as to what to say to their public. They feel they cannot admit, as this will cause panic, and they cannot deny, as there will be angry questions. They can, however, ignore, a favored tactic in any case for those in politics and corporate management. Stall, have no comment, refuse to engage, refuse to answer the question, and pretend the issue is not before them.

At the same time, due to the unease of those who must meet the public, and demands for some official explanation, there will be a need for a exit route. If they want to reduce the demands on government, on themselves personally, they will turn the anxiety elsewhere. They will turn it onto ZetaTalk and Troubled Times, specifically. This will start slowly, at first increasing requests for interviews and information. The great leaders will be off in their high offices, allowing the stoic souls in Troubled Times and Nancy to meet the anxiety of the public. This is anticipated to allow the common man to address his situation by either:

  1. planning and preparing, or
  2. resigning himself to a sudden death.

Both are messages the governments wish to give the public, but cannot without explaining why they are continuing to save themselves at the public's expense.

ZetaTalk has always taken the tack that the bad news should be offset by what-to-do. In other words, the public will close their ears if there is nothing they can do, as an individual. But to the extent that an individual can see a route, a means of saving themselves and helping those in their heart, they will not go into denial. Troubled Times, under the influence of Nancy who would have it no other way, has followed suit, and is filled with common man achievable solutions. It is unique, in this regard, on the Internet and elsewhere. Outdoor survival assumes a short period of time, post Cold War sites dealing with nuclear threat assume the ability to stock up and then return to normal life. Troubled Times is the only site that discusses a post catastrophe situation, long term, world wide, in a practical manner. It does not take names, refusing to do so, encouraging the little guy to join with friends and those known to him. It has the feel to it of an answer, and thus those who read it heed.

Thus, for Troubled Times and ZetaTalk in the months ahead, there will be more publicity. This may require more mirror sites, more publication of the nonprofit booklet, and more interviews by Nancy. All of this is in place, and can be readily done, so should not cause consternation in the group or distress. It is doable.

Star Charts

Following the posting of an infrared image taken on Jan 5, 2002, the establishment was uneasy but felt the presence of an existing star in the near vicinity would suffice to explain, in the main, to the man on the street, the image. Those following the debate closely, which several thousand are, were not so confused, however, but indeed recognized, in spite of the image makers later protests, that two objects were present in the new image, not on the star charts. In that once is an aberration, in science, but twice is a pattern, the lights went off when the French team came through again with an image taken on Jan 19, 2002. This had the astonishing association of being:

  1. a legitimate image, taken by a student given access to the equipment as a part of a training routine, and
  2. having the stamp of the observatory, and
  3. accompanied by an ESO star chart to be used as comparison.

They were horrified. All attempts to suppress such an occurrence had slipped through their fingers, as they had not gone down to the level of trainers and students in their covert warnings to astronomers. The cat was well out of the bag by the time the establishment became aware. Thus, they huddled, no comment being the mode, as Noted by Steve Havas who found it odd that David Tholen of the Hawaii complex was absent on the sci.astro Usenet for days after this announcement. The options were discussed. Should they call it a new object, perhaps a nova, and deal with the motion according to our coordinates later? Should they ignore it, and have their lack of interest rouse curiosity? Should they state that this is an existing object, the excuse used on Jan 5, 2002, always the most comfortable answer.

They chose the latter, and proceeded to insert an object in the star charts that would be downloaded by interested parties in the public, so that the public, comparing, would find the new object identified in France an old object, and dismiss the image. They proceeded, but Steve Havas is a gifted contactee whom we have great confidence in, and thus he was guided as to where to look, and when. His early post that he was suspicious when Tholen did not post a comment to Nancy's announcement shows he was aware that activities behind the scenes were in process. Caught in the Act! is his statement to sci.astro, and this it was. By pointing to what was a botched doctoring job, in time for many throughout the world to follow in his footsteps and do their own checking, he produced a catch-22 for the establishment. Should they proceed to fix their botches, hurriedly done by inexperienced image fixing disinfo artists, they had to worry about astronomers worldwide comparing the new star charts to those they had in their possession already.

Thus, the decision was made to withdraw the botched and doctored images, leaving Steve looking like a liar. This supposition was posted today, Mar 2, 2002, on sci.astro, by Nancy, so that those astronomers around the world, who number in the hundreds, who have done their own comparisons and been horrified, will be alerted to the plan. Thus, though Steve may come under some heat, he should and we are confident will, understand that many are out there have proof now of the cover-up, and the search for Planet X has now intensified a thousand fold. For each astronomer looking, or thinking, there will for every astronomer finding the images being doctored, the bastion of integrity the star charts are supposed to be being dooctored, there will be dozens, each, that will be talked to privately in hushed tones about this matter. A wildfire has been lit, and cannot be damped. And Steve cannot be touched else suspicions will go wild.

Prison Gangs
Prison populations are well know to the public, who hears the horror stories of activities both by the guards and prisoners, in the news and in the movies. The guards are scarcely better than the inmates, being inclined to sadism and lording it over others when in control. During the shift, prisons will spill out and prisoners escape. These will as expected become the primary Service-to-Self gangs in operation after the shift. However, less the public expect Ghengis Khan to reincarnate in essence, the opposite will occur. Such gangs require a continuous supply of food and goods to continue a looting and savaging campaign. After the shift, supplies will run out quickly, and dead people offer no satisfaction to these marauders. They will quickly, as we have stated earlier, find themselves without the means to keep warm until the morning, and without anything but each other to eat. Weakened, and decimated by infighting, they will succumb to disease and defense by Service-to-Other communities who will give in return the aggression they sense in their attackers.

In the US, Texas was to become a prison state so that Bush Sr. could have his hordes in the Aftertime. Bush Sr. was aware of the Zeta predictions, but being highly Service-to-Self listened to these aliens voices instead. They are interested in agony, great despair, and raising hopes and then dashing them achieves this end. Likewise, the Texas trend to house prisoners and mistreat them, has a Service-to-Self base. Rather than cost cutting, Bush Sr. intended to have them released, escape, and be his savaging horde overtaking survivors in the US. Do you think it an accident that so many prison escapes occur, in Texas? This is by plan, occurring earlier than expected. This was setup during the time when Houston also was established as the best stop for a carryon government, in underground bunkers. Bush Sr. and his Service-to-Self advisers were scarcely listening to any advice we gave, and thus discounting, omitted to be concerned about flooding in Texas, which will be overrun with a flood tide. Thus, prisoners locked in prisons will drown, and those escaping will likely meet this fate, except for a few like wet rats crawling onto shore, alone.

Personal Decisions
We have predicted that mankind in the main will go into the pole shift unaware. Most of the world has no access to the media, or the Internet, and relies on the senses of seers within their culture or their own intuition. As prophets have emerged over the years, warning of the coming earth changes, other cultures such as Africa have also been rich in their own folklore, though the West has been unaware of this. The indians of South American, the tribes of Borneo, the Australian Aborigines, all have their seers and prophets of old. You are aware of the Hopi warnings, the Red Sky story, but this is just a small part of the underground lore among the American Indian. Most hearing at this time, or even in the recent past, about the coming changes are not planning any action at all. As astonishing as this may seem, this is because of a predictable set of steps the thinking process goes through.

  1. The first thought is that action should be taken. This requires health, resources, and teammates. Should the individuals have this, in youth, energy, the ability to travel, and others of like mind, they make plans. Should the individual not have this, in that they are in poor health, old and tired, or blocked from travel due to finances or responsibilities, they move to the next step.
  2. The next thought is what to do in the event the warnings are true. For those trapped, by either inability to move or finances, the conclusion is either death or slow debility. Should the individual be strong enough to consider the warnings affecting their immediate locale, and concluding that life would be horrendous afterwards, they subconsciously decide to allow death to overtake them and their loved ones. This is no different than the decision that those beset with cancer or the final stages of a debilitating disease make - they go with the flow. Should the individual be weak, frightened at the thought, they move to the next step.
  3. The next step is denial, and this takes many forms. Denial is usually loudly shouting down the offending message, or ignoring it. In any case, it is put aside. Once put aside, the individual moves to the next step.
  4. Distraction is the final and lingering step that those in denial take. Work, play, overeating, overexercising, or getting drunk or dopey. Taking up religions, deciding that saving the local song-birds is the most important thing that one could be involved in, whatever can consume the consciousness.

If a quiet resignation to death is not taken, will a frantic running about after false promises occur? This is unlikely to happen, in spite of the plans of the Hazelwood crowd who hoped to reap millions if not billions from the public due to their panic. Those in step 1 who have funds will make their own plans, and if they have no funds, will be of no interest to the ilk of Hazelwood. Those in step 2, who have decided that nothing much can be done and they must resign themselves to the inevitable, will not send Hazelwood funds. Nor will they run into the arms of strangers. They will, if they have religion or poetry in their lives, rely on this heavily. Music and poetry may have a renaissance, an upsurge, as adoption of orphans and the underprivileged. Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters.

Twisted Logic
Self Preservation = Service-to-Others

To those thinking of moving, leaving family behind, and wondering if this is a Service-to-Other decision, this is a decision that bears on the following: If the family refuses to address the possibility of a shift, in spite of all the evidence, and the individual finds they would die with those in denial if not leaving them, then the answer is clear. Leave. If the individual finds they are leaving family that is aware, but unable to move, or children and the sick, then the issue resolves around whether they are needed to help others in the new camp, or more needed at home. This puts the issue into saving oneself over caring for others, a common 3rd Density decision issue. This decision is up to you to deal with. If the individual is taking others, children and others unable to live on their own, with them, and this is a strong factor in their reason for moving, then the answer is clear. Move. Thus, where strongly driven by Service-to-Others desires, this should sort out easily, but where a desire to save the self only, or heavily mixed in this direction, it is a 3rd Density orientation decision of which we cannot be part. It is your decision.
Service-to-Other = Rug Mat
Our words about Service-to-Other are often interpreted by those looking for rescue as a life line, meaning that we, the Zetas, or anyone taking our words seriously should give up all and rescue them. This is the same argument used on those running soup kitchens or administering welfare funding - give us whatever we want, as you must else you are not doing your duty. Of course, this is a twisted interpretation, as the soup kitchen is handing out sustenance to those starving, not serving meals at their demand, and the welfare office is on a budget with rules. So why the loud clamor? These individuals seek to bog ZetaTalk and Troubled Times or whatever group trying to get the message out boggled in demands and chores, thus ineffective. A second motive is based on a sense that the current human administration system, the governments of the worlds, are already pulling back and seeking self-protection vs. taking care of the citizenry. They sense the Transformation in effect, and are trying to line up in the new welfare lines.

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