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The following may well be a cut and paste hoax from the disinformation artists.    In fact many think the NASA disinfo artists are behind this. They quickly made up a lil artsy photo, sent it around and then knocked it for being a fake. In fact the increasing amount of disinfo coming from them is currently adding a lot of credence to the fact X is very real. And the pics below  may be real; you have to be the judge.  One analysis that says this matches a Hubble picture and represents a spaceship with smaller craft around it can be found at 

A  pro / con forum of discussions on the pics presented below can be found at 

and a great followup at 

The website he used to post the pics WAS in fact removed from the net the day after he posted the pics. 

The original pics can also now be found at 

Dear friends,

finally I decided to tell the world what I know. We in Russia did know about PLANET X even before IRAS found it. As far as I know, classified research results in Russia agree with ZETATALK. In the early 90ies, Russia sent an "officially non-existing" space probe called NORLOK directly towards Planet-X, mainly to trace the exact path to get a better estimation of PLANET-X impact on EARTH.

These photos are made by the NORLOK space probe:

I am afraid that this page will disappear very soon, thus I recommend to copy the images.

Oleg Mandurek