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  In church one day two men got up and told their story of struggles, family and time.   Time is such a precious commodity. We are reminded that we give God the crumbs or left overs of our time; and sometimes we even give less to our families; especially the children. I am acutely aware of the time issue having raised or been a part of raising several families now; none of which I felt I gave enough of my time to in the struggle to maintain a living and be a provider at the same time.  Looking back, we should have settled for a little less in our lives and made time for family a larger priority. I am trying to not make the same mistakes with my current family and although God still does not get the time I feel I should give him; he does get much more than I have given him in the past. Ask for God's guidance and you might be surprised at the thoughts his angels implant in your mind and the help they can render. I feel like a neophyte in Christ's world but we have to make the commitment and start taking Christ serious at some time in our lives. Our short time here on earth compared to eternity necessitates spending some time with learning about salvation. Some of us just take longer than others I guess. At first I had to struggle with getting my new children to church; they didn't understand the necessity of making time for communication with the Lord because outside of church it normally just doesn't happen. Recently X Files had a program about the devil who impregnated women and took their babies from them before birth.  It was pretty graphic with the flames of hell and the devil himself appearing to do the deed. It scared my young daughter to the point we had a really serious discussion afterwards about God and the devil and doing what is right all the time , not just when it is convenient, and communicating with God to ensure he is a part of our lives. It changed her mind about what church is all about.  I think it is no longer a club where people meet each other to her now. I think the message of who God is and what he does in our lives and how he protects us from the devil has a little more meaning to her. The devil impacted both kids even more in 2007 when we started doing exorcisms on a possessed woman who came to church. When the demon surfaced she spoke in tongues, eyes rolled back in her head, she became physical requiring restraint,  and there was no doubt who was inside. Close up and in your face. What an interesting time we live in. 

      We all have to deal with making mistakes in our lives.  In fact God was so tired of me making mistakes with women and changing partners every two years and living in fornication with them, that he sent me clear around the world to a woman that was so perfect for me I couldn't possibly want for anything else.  I mean after ten years now we are still on the honeymoon and it just keeps getting better. He obviously was tired of dealing with me.  He didn't make it easy but he did allow it to happen; and he obviously had other purposes in mind besides satisfying my husbandry concerns. Irina's two children are a challenge. Very bright, very personable, and with certainly very different needs. Instilling the power of our Lord in them was a challenge also. Sasha is  into productivity.  Sitting around a campfire and relaxing is wasting time to him when we could be out riding bicycles until dark.   Going to church was wasting time to him also.  I finally got to Jana with the X Files movie of the devil but  Aleks (Sasha)  required reasoning beyond the imagination.   What's interesting to me is I felt the same way when mom made me go to Catholic catechism every Sunday.  I believed in God and angels but I just wasn't interested in letting them into my life. Ever since college I rarely went to church but kept the golden rule pretty steadfastly.  In fact in 1977 when I left the shipyard to run my own heating business fulltime I actually talked with God and made a covenant with Him.  I would do right by people 100% of the time, not only when it was convenient, and he was to keep bringing the next customer down the road to me. It was a pretty good pact.  I had seen 30 other shops doing what I did come and go in the last 24 years and I was still there; not rich, still struggling with finances most of the time, but still in business and had met a lot of nice people in the interim.  I didn't really get serious about Jesus and letting him  into my life and decision making process however until my prospecting partner died in February of 98. And even then, I was deceived by demon spirits pretending to my friend who had just died. But it caused me to explore the other side and I was presented with a lie before I came to the truth some time later. 

   I gained a little insight into the "other side" from having to deal with his death; and some help with that issue from a website called "angelscribe" at www.angelscribe.com . Angelscribe has good angel information on it, and a lot of channeling information that is not from the good angels but from Satan's side of the fence pretending to be good guys. But the input I received from there set the stage for my experiences to come dealing with the problems inherent in retrieving a person from a different country.   I don’t know how I first came to Angelscribe but somehow I got to know Mary Ellen (the site’s host) via the internet and one day , in response to a piece she had posted about a family’s experience with being contacted by a loved one after they had passed away, I had written her about my grief and dealing with the loss of my longtime prospecting buddy whom I called Nuggets. Nuggets and I were very different; he was a staunch Mormon and I a Catholic back then who hated rituals but very firmly believed in the golden rule. Nuggets and I enjoyed each other’s company and dreams of riches when we went out into the mountains prospecting for gold mines and panning for nuggets or looking for lost treasures. We even used our dowsing skills (which I also later found out was a no - no Biblicly) to attempt to find lost people when searches were necessary. He went in for a 4 by pass heart surgery November of ‘97 and never came home. By February, close to his passing, all we could do was hold hands and cry; he couldn’t even talk. It was a very difficult time for me. If I had only had your book back then. I did not know how that old man got into my heart so deeply or why I was grieving his passing so intently. Mary Ellen forwarded my e mail to a friend of hers named Atira who supposedly had the ability to communicate with the spirits on the other side. I had never discounted life after death but without proof I was still not sure about it either. The content that Atira came back to me with, however, caused me to rethink my position, at that time anyway, on the existence of life after death. Atira did supposedly contact Nuggets and e mailed me back with what Nuggets had said. Besides things that only Nuggets would have known about us and which Atira only repeated and had no clue as to what they meant, he said that he was still around, he was still watching over his family, that there was much love on the other side, he was learning a lot more about love, he was very much at peace with himself, he was no longer in pain, and he had the body of when he was much younger. He stated that he was also surprised at how much he missed me but the reason we were so much closer than we had both ever admitted  was because we were friends in a past life also. I now know those were all demonic lies, but at the time hearing he was okay finally brought some peace to my inner self. I bought the book called "Talking with Heaven" by James Prague. His site is at http://www.vanpraagh.com/ I learned more about life after death and what the other side is like from his site and his book than 12 years of going to catechism classes where more questions than answers prevailed. I also now believe his book contains a lot of erroneous information regarding what happens to us after death. 

The Jehovah’s witness guys who kept coming by my place believe in angels even though they do not believe in life after death - only when the resurrection arrives.    The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:7 “the body returns to the dust and the spirit [or breath of life] returns to God.” Job 27:3 tells us that the spirit is the same as God’s breath of life or His power. Psalm 146:4 says, "When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing." Psalm 115:17. “The dead do not know anything.” Ecclesiastes 9:5, "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing." The interval between death and the resurrection is described in the Bible as "sleep." No consciousness of what is happening, or time passing, etc. Dying is like going to sleep and your next conscious thought - which will seem like the next moment - is when God resurrects you giving you back your life. It is similar to going under an anesthetic for an operation ; once it hits you, you know nothing until it is all over and you wake up in the recovery room. Well, that's one version. I've now switched sides to the other version.

I am firmly convinced that we are made up of body, soul, and spirit - a trichotomy. Our body is only elements of the earth. Dust to dust. Our soul is not our spirit and our spirit is not just our breathe of life as adventists preach.   Our soul  is our mind with which we think, our psyche, our emotions with which we act or respond, our will with which we decide - it constitutes our personality, our individual self. God is spirit only. Jesus , God's son came to earth in carnate form, but God the Father has no earthly form, He is spirit only. When the Bible says we are made in the image of God, it is not bodily form it is talking about, it is in spirit. It is why we need to be born again, so the spirit that is in us that is dead at birth from Adam and Eve's sin, can become alive again so we can commune with God. We can only commune with God in spirit.

From the beginning God intended that man's spirit, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, should control his being through the soul. Whenever the holy spirit instructs us concerning God's will, he does so through our spirit. This instruction is passed to the soul, which in turns instructs the body to obey the command. According to God's design, the human spirit is the highest and most important part of man's constitution. We can only have an intimate relationship with God  through our spirit. Affiliations that only teach body and soul, and soul as breathe of life, leave out the possibility of true fellowship with God, which has to come through our human spirit. The Bible says in Ecclesiastises 12:7 that the believer's spirit goes to be with the Lord at death.  The unbeliever's spirit is dead to God and the things of God because it is separated from the life of God and God's spirit;  Ephesians 4:18 and Ephesians 2: 1-3.  When a person is saved, he is born again from above by God's Holy Spirit, John 3:1-8   By this experience the believer's spirit becomes alive to God and the things of God because God's spirit now indwells his spirit.  God, being spirit, created the human spirit (Numbers 16:22, Hebrews 12:9) so there could be fellowship between God and man.  Spirit can only fellowship and communicate with spirit. This fact is the foundation for Jesus' statement in John 4: 23-24, that the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.
I believe we have a spirit that departs the body at death and either goes directly to heaven (we don't have resurrection bodies at that time) and some people that make that journey at death may still end up in the lake of fire at the final judgment  - but they aren't sent to hell at death soley because they were repentant.  Those spirits sent to hell are the wicked, unrepentant, who have no other chance at salvation and will endure the pains of hell until the great white throne judgment when hell and death are cast into the lake of fire per Revelation 20:14. There is only one pathway to the Father and that is through the righteousness and shed blood of Jesus, His son.  I teach my people to understand what is written in the parachute document     http://www.detailshere.com/parachute.htm so they make the right journey at death, as there is no changing travel plans once you die.

 Any communication with the dead is communication with demons on the other side of the fence. They are the only ones allowed to communicate with us. ALL the Johnathan Edwards communications are either faked or with demons, not your dear Aunt Sally or Uncle Frank. When we are in grief we are especially susceptible to these kinds of messages.  See my page www.detailshere.com/channeling.htm  for more info on this. 

BUT, good angels do exist, are with us all the time, and are there to help us. They just do not communicate as demons do. Although demonic deception set the stage for angel help, my angels DO help.

Atira and James Prague call the angels our "spirit helpers", and we have more than one. I called upon them all the time  to help me in decisions regarding my heating business I shutdown in  2000 when we moved to Mexico. One good example comes to mind.

    A couple in Kennewick I had sold a gas stove to called me to say the stove wouldn’t run and gave me all the symptoms. I thought about it a minute, couldn’t come up with much, so I quickly asked my angel for some advice. The next thing that came out of my mouth was to tell the guy to remove the main burner orifice and look for a spider’s nest inside of it that was blocking the flow of gases to the main burner. Made sense to me but I’ve never heard of that before nor ever had it mentioned in any classes I’ve attended. I was very surprised at that idea and could not explain its origin. The next day the couple called me , said the stove was working fine, and that indeed a spider’s nest was what Tom found when he took the burner orifice out. I was dumbfounded. 

But, I had already had proof of my angel helpers in obtaining my new Russian wife. It is an almost unbelievable tale and I would swear on a Bible it would never have happened had it not been for the guidance and assistance of both Irina’s and my own spirit helpers. The first puzzlement was "why her?", why so far away, why such a perfect match?   We found the answer to that after we moved to Mexico. What made me be drawn to Irina on that night many years ago with so many other women to look at on the net? An even deeper puzzle is why did she even write back to me with so many other choices? She had a drawer full of letters from other men. Why me? But she did. In August 1998 after five months of e mailing daily, I flew to Russia to meet her, but I am not a wordly person and this was not without great difficulty. And just 
as our spirit helpers got us introduced, so they solved each piece of the puzzle that unfolded.

    To go to Russia requires an invitation which then has to be converted into a visa at the Russian Consulate in Seattle. It took Irina 6 weeks to obtain the invitation and another 6 weeks to mail it to me here. When I received it I thought it was the visa I needed to go to Russia, as it was written in Russian.  But to my surprise when I tried to board the plane in August I was told that the letter, written in Russian, was only an invitation and that I had to take it to the Russian Consulate to get a visa and that it would take two weeks. That about caused me to have a heart-a-stroke right there. Here, Irina had just travelled 15 hours by train from Yoshkar-Ola to meet me at the Moscow airport and there was no way to get hold of her and tell her I wouldn’t be coming. Hello, calling all angels - if you really are there I need help, and I need it now!

    It’s amazing how the mind works. God and his angels do tell you what you can do. They won’t do it for you; but in thoughts they will show you the way. Something told me to go to the Aeroflot desk, the Russian airlines, and present the dilema to them. I did so and one man took pity on me and called the Russian Consulate and made arrangements for me to get a visa right away. I was lucky and had extra pictures with me and found the Russian Consulate in Seattle. They did indeed make me a visa right away; at four times the cost of waiting the two weeks. Then the trick was to go back to the airport and try to find another flight to Moscow. Did you ever try to book a flight to go somewhere on the same day you wanted to fly there? Nothing was available. My heart sunk again. And again a voice in my brain said ,"Go to SAS Airlines". I did so and presented my story and one of the women again took pity on my cause and sold me a ticket (at twice the price of the first flight I missed). I thought I had it made. But when I went to the gate and they told me to wait I realized she had gambled and that I was just a standby passenger in case someone didn’t show up. Again my heart dropped to my toes and I called upon my angels to make sure someone didn’t show up. Sure enough; two minutes before flight time they called my name and I got on board. In talking to other passengers who routinely take that flight; they were very surprised, as that particular flight they said was always booked solid.

    Well, things could be better and things could be worse. I was going to get to Moscow, but three hours later than scheduled , plus another two hour delay in Copenhagen, and not on the same plane as scheduled, and with no way to communicate such to Irina. When I reached Moscow, it took 1 1/2 hours to get through customs. By then I was almost five hours late and I just knew she would no longer be there. When I came out into the airport greeting area she was nowhere to be found. I again asked my spirit helpers what to do. Then the notion came into my head to go announce my presence over the intercom system. I found the information booth, wrote out a short note in English, and asked the lady to announce it in Russian over the loudspeaker system. She did so and thirty seconds later Irina was there; we hugged and kissed and it was like we had known each other our whole lives. We were not strangers. Why was she still there???  Because my first plane I missed had problems and was five hours late also.

    I was not prepared for what I found in Russia. I found a country that is 40 years behind us in everything. There are virtually no raw materials to build and repair with. No "HomeBases" or lumberstores you can buy roof patch and boards and nails at. It was like coming to Silverdale in the 50’s. Poverty and a low standard of living was the norm. Gardens out in the country are necessities for survival, not hobby gardens. You have no idea how well we have it here compared to most Russians. If the people don’t live in small apartments, they live in log cabins in the country, few with running water and most with outhouses and hand dug wells. All water has to be sterilized before consumption.

    I also thought communication was going to be a great problem. I spoke no Russian and Irina only a little English. The first day was interesting. But we discovered that if we wrote things out on a tablet we could communicate, and then if we spoke very slow we could also communicate. She had an English-Russian dictionary and I a hand held translator (Language Teacher model ER486T) that both displayed in writing and spoke both languages; so between the four methods we did not have trouble getting our points across to each other. 

     I found Irina to be absolutely the nicest woman I had ever met in my entire life, and she still is. She was the most unmaterialistic person I could ever envision. With having nothing herself she still gave coins to the beggars in the marketplaces and subways; such compassion for others. In 15 days Irina, her family, her children and friends caused me much grief when I had to leave. Again, how could people get so deeply into one’s heart in such a short period of time. It was easy for me to make a decision to marry her with such short exposure. What wasn’t easy was making it happen. We first tried to submit papers for a fiancee’ visa but discovered due to the backlog and not enough help, that was a 6 month process. That was unacceptable to me.

    An immigration attorney said if I wanted her over here sooner, I had to fly back and marry her there, and get her over here on an immigration visa. We did that but again with hurdle after hurdle in the way. Each time we asked our spirit helpers for guidance and they came through; showing us the way, reversing Russian decisions, making staunch "no’s" turn into "okay - we’ll do it just this once", etc. Many times, not just once or twice. My second trip to Russia was fun, except for the stress of getting the right things to happen in the timely manner they needed to.

    Instead of taking three suitcases of clothes for the second trip ; I took one suit and a couple clothes changes and three backpacks full of garden hoses, garden seeds, roof patch materials, shotgun shells, coats, a scanner and backup removeable drive for my in laws, and stuff people needed that I encountered on my first trip. I found the whole experience pretty amazing. I’ve always believed in God and kept the golden rule even though I haven’t been a good little Catholic and put up with ritual masses; but it wasn’t until Nugget’s passing and his messages from the other side (that I later found out were demonic) that I was able to move into the next higher plane of spiritual love and understanding. By getting closer to God and his spirit helpers I not only became a recipient of his love and help but was able to serve as his messenger for such to other people in need as well. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Irina and I married on October 21, 1998, in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia with an official three sentence marriage at Zags followed by a church ceremony at the Russian Orthodox church also in Yoshkar-Ola and a reception at her parents following that. She passed her immigration interview in Moscow at INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) on November 3rd, and flew with Jana, 8, and Aleksandr, 13, to the United States on November 22nd, 1998. They like life here. They are very surprised at how friendly strangers are to each other here, especially at  the church we went to. Most Russians don’t greet each other with "How are you", "Have a good day", and simple things like "excuse me" or "may I help you". It is very new and pleasant for them.

    But then I felt my role as dad had to be extended.  Besides providing for and giving my family more of my time and being willing to give hugs when they are asked for, not when I have the time to do so; I needed to bring Christ into their hearts also. They believed in God but God had not been a priority in their lives, much the same as he had taken a backseat in mine for many past years. I can't afford to lose what Christ has to offer. I feel it is the glue that will hold my new family together, providing us the guidance necessary when we tend to wander from the path. My family was not super friendly with strangers (except Jana, no problem) and felt somewhat intimidated by the closeness strangers shared at church.  Irina first felt that church was a "club" of friends getting together; not "church"  because of the lack of rules and rituals. I told her I didn't go to Catholic church because of their rules, rituals, and pagan  customs and traditions.  The non denominational church we first attended  offered us the chance to visit the Lord in a lighter environment without the burden of do's and don'ts. Russians don't really understand true freedom because they still don't have such over there. Freedom is only on paper, not in life as it exists for them. Irina came around because of how she felt after church; good, very good. It is a good feeling and she knows we have to set a good example for the children.   We cannot teach by words alone.  We have to teach by example. You cannot ask your child to do something you are not willing to do.  You cannot ask your child to think differently about something if you do not set the stage first. Jana loves to go to her class at church where the kids her age get together and sing, hear stories, and interact with each other. Sasha did not want to go to the  youth group class for his age. He would rather hermatize at his computer at home. But I found the many activities for them such as going to baseball games, hiking in the mountains, etc. provided good opportunity for me to interact with my new son beyond what I was providing; plus he got to learn about the bible in a non boring environment. So, we're slow learners but I think we're catching on. 

This was originally written five years ago. To bring you up to date; we moved to Mexico in December of 2001, not really knowing why; except everything was laid out for us to do so. Again, our spirit guides had a lot to do with it. Our studies of the Bible had brought us to several conflicting conclusions with the non denominational church we were attending on Sundays; one being that Saturday was the sabbath to rest and worship and why was the Pastor holding service on Sunday.  His answer was that he knew he should be holding service on Saturdays but if he made the switch, he would lose half or more of his congregation.  You may wish to read the farewell address Irina prepared for our departure from there that she was never allowed to present at church at  www.detailshere.com/irinasfarewelladdress.htm   We were told the congregation was not yet ready for that kind of truth. We didn't find a church here to attend for almost a year, but then finally found a sabbath keeping church which contained a christian belief system that sorta matched ours.   It didn't take long to figure out that God had sent us to this area to work with a district that covered many different towns.  

We didn't come her to become missionaries but much of what we do and help with down here is certainly in that category.  Irina published her first book entitled,"I stand at the door and knock" both on the internet at www.iisusbog.com in both Russian and English and in book form in Russia in Oct 2004. I gave a sermon at church recently regarding how we have all been led into deception; you can see it posted at www.detailshere.com/apostocy.htm   The kids have adapted well here. Unlike the US where God has been removed from the school system, the Bible is taught as one of the classes here. It, as well as the church we attend, which actually teaches the Bible, has had a great impact on both of the kids, and actually on all of us.  Aleks graduated from high school last year and received a 100% score for his final paper in Bible class. What a difference in attitude from when he first came over. You can see his paper at www.detailshere.com/bibleexam.htm   Aleks attended Tecnologica de Monterrey this past year with almost straight A's in very difficult courses.  It is one of the most difficult colleges in Mexico. Jana did very well at Lincoln School, a bilingual school, has become very fluent in Spanish, and is now attending Unitec, a Spanish only school and still doing very well.

Jesus is not about religion; religion has little to do with what Jesus does today. Christ's church is not a building or a particular congregation. Christ's church are those people who love Him by keeping His commandments (most people don't even know what those are , let alone keep them) , who help their fellow man whenever and however they can, at any time they can, who have no forgiveness issues with anyone, and who witness their faith to others. Those are the saints that make the journey to heaven at the second coming. There may be other people who remain on earth during the millenium for further refinement, but those who get to go to the 3rd heaven in the sky are the people who do the will of the Father. That event could be within the next ten years.

The facts regarding physical healings by Jesus are astounding. Amputees ARE healed. New limbs are formed, new legs all the way down to the foot are grown, deformed feet straightened, broken crooked noses made straight, lumps made to disappear right in front of your eyes, crossed eyed people made no longer cross eyed, deaf made to hear again, cancer tumors removed completely. Today! Not just 2000 years ago.   There is NOTHING scientific about how Jesus heals today. If the Holy Spirit is in you, and you believe Jesus heals through that holy spirit, you can heal by touching people, or just speaking to them and it doesn't have to be in long prayers either. Similar  doubts as many have are what started me on my journey. I'm a scientist. Read www.detailshere.com/ber.htm  for my bio.  I was head of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard's Radiological control dept  of nuclear submarine overhaul and repair on a backshift at one time. As a scientist I deal in prove it. I've always believed there is a God but a practicing Christian I was not  until I met my wife on the internet and so many divine things happened that enabled us to get together that I came to realize there really had to be a God that loves us and the time of lip service was over.   Since then I could write a book on the many "prove its" we have experienced directly.  We moved to Mexico to retire in 2001.  I didn't come down here to be a missionary. I didn't come down here to preach the Bible. I didn't come down here to learn how to cast out demons (see www.detailshere.com/exorcism.htm for that story). I didn't come down here to get involved in revivals where Jesus heals people, but I am a direct witness to such. I have a 2 hour failed exorcism attempt on tape leaving no doubt about the woman's possession. She screams , fights, speaks in tongues, states she's going to kill us, the whole nine yards. She wasn't healed on that day. That part took three months of persistence. Her family was terrified of her. She's a big gal. Read the page. It's all there. It certainly woke me up to the spiritual warfare battle that goes on for your spirit when you die. Demons tell it all when you speak to them. Ironically this woman got up in front of the congregation last Sunday in church, a year and a half later, a different group than was meeting in our house when the demons surfaced, and gave testimony about her life when possessed and how her life has been since we cast out the 46 demons in her. It was an amazing talk. The congregation was spellbound. It HAS certainly turned her life around. And it obviously fueled my life to witness for Jesus.  At the firemexico.org  revivals here I have seen a blind woman get her sight back ( I have her testimony on video in Spanish), I have seen tumors recess (the blind woman came to get a tumor removed, but got her site back as well) , I have seen a paraplegic get up out of his wheelchair, I have seen a Parkinsons disease man give up his walker and walk. Jesus is truly with us today and Jesus heals and casts out demons today through His disciples. You just have to believe it will happen. Sometimes Yahweh has plans for us we are not aware of. He takes us in baby steps; doesn't reveal the whole nine yards at once because we can't handle it. I'm studying healing right now. In fact I am obsessed with it. I've seen it happen, now I have to be able to have Jesus do it through me. I've got a blind man that stands out in front of the Superlake store in Ajijic that I lay hands on and pray over every week when I go there to buy 7 grain bread. He's still blind but I am learning much from these sites. He won't be blind long. 

 Perhaps discovering healing will be the key to get people who don't believe in God  turned around. Because if Jesus heals then you know hell is real and so is salvation based upon belief in Jesus' death of the cross.  And you already know that part of the story and where it takes us. Annihilation of your spirit is the only other option. The sad part would be missing out on the incredible place heaven is with real streets of gold and single pearl gates and jasper walls and yes, Jesus has built a mansion for each of His people. Many near death experiencers, as well as people Jesus has taken out of body to heaven specifically to be able to tell us about it, speak of these things. No falta! Don't miss it. Keep your parachute on .

Berry Ball    berry@detailshere.com
http://www.iisusbog.com   my wife's site on prophecy.