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Did you know that the average American is walking around loaded with almost two pounds of parasites inside??  If you have an open mind; here's a device that gets rid of them.  Read all of this for the background and info. There's a source to order one at the end as well as an additional resource of information link on just what this does.
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The first inexpensive, effective electromedicine to destroy parasites
(worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) throughout the body

Manufactured by Don Croft, modified from the original circuit published by Dr. Hulda Clark. This drawing is approximate.  The hand only indicates size--it's worn under the clothing, not in the hand.


This zapper follows the circuitry recommended by
Dr. Hulda Clark in her book,

The material cost of building your own zapper is around $25. You will need to test it with a frequency analyzer and the connections may not be durable. We've been making zappers professionally for three years and guarantee our workmanship.

Zapping for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, daily, for three or four weeks will destroy even the most severe infestations of pathogenic organisms in the body, as Dr. Clark has claimed, but will not harm human tissue or beneficial flora. Most people have found relief from a variety of chronic and acute conditions within days and even minutes of zapping.

Although Dr. Clark recommends holding copper-pipe electrodes in the hands during three cycles of 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, I noticed long ago that if one simply puts the electrodes anywhere securely against the body for an hour, exactly the same results are obtained.

We now use pennies as electrodes because the political statement is too good to pass up.

Smaller & More Convenient, Though More Efficient than Conventional Zappers

We made the zapper smaller and with the electrodes attached to the box. We challenge anyone to rationally explain why the cycle of 7/20 was recommended. We've never had a bad report from our "fellow researchers" (customers) regarding extended use of the zapper and we've worn it around the clock without any discomfort or symptoms.  Anyway--Dr. Clark has finally come around to recommending long zapping sessions.

We have had a great many responses from our customers confirming that this design, being more convenient and inconspicuous, gets adequate usage to do the job.  The addition of subtle energies has even made it pleasant and energizing to wear a zapper.

Who will go through the daily ritual of holding onto the electrodes for the requisite 3 weeks, twice daily? Besides--the higher costs of most other zappers is out of range for many people.

Our goal is to mass produce these in order to reduce the cost further. We feel that the simplicity of this technology is difficult for most engineers and health professionals to comprehend.  

Now that agents of the alleged gov't have been shutting down my competitors, this goal may be a little farther in the future than before, unfortunately.  However, in this case, there's no such thing as bad publicity, considering how harmless the zapper is.

We sell many zappers to folks who already have more expensive and complicated versions, because the ease of use of this one is hard to beat and it obviously does the same work and then some.

New Models Available

Dr. Mary Tomanio, of Eliot, Maine, showed me that the zapper increases the body's own energy wherever it has been placed. This can be heard through an amplified stethoscope (available from most medical supply companies for $200). Simply listen to the area with the stethoscope before and after placing the zapper there. This eventually led me to experiment with refining the nature of the energy put out by the zapper.

Several reputable energy healers have told me that the zapper helps raise consciousness through the introduction of microcurrent throughout the body. I'm convinced of this through my experience and observations.

In this vein, I have developed a method of relaxing the body's natural defenses against electric current. This resistance makes it
uncomfortable for a few people to wear the zapper for very long. I have found that long periods of zapping is sometimes crucial in overcoming the more virulent parasites, such as Lyme disease and genital herpes.

Some other zapper makers have increased the current of their zappers to address this. The result is that their zapper is more effective in the short term, but is much more uncomfortable to wear, so very few people persevere with it. . I've sold many zappers to people who are unsatisfied with their high-current zappers.

The crystals are a bridge between the user and the device which causes the electric current to be more compatible with the tissues. In developing this technique, I have gotten consistently good feedback and noticed that the user's belief is not necessary in getting superior results. So far, as of October, 1998, everyone who has used both models has noted that the crystal model is actually more pleasant to use.

What if Wilhelm Reich Got Proper Recognition?

After experimenting with orgone accumulators for several years I learned how to make orgone generators (an equally simple process).  Orgone is chi, prana, life force, etc., and is present throughout the universe.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term, "orgone," in the 1930's and pioneered the scientific application of this energy for healing, weather modification, motive force, etc.  Lately, others have discovered it's value in radionics (

Since offering the orgone model zapper in January, 2000, we've gotten lots of good reports from customers about them.  According to users, orgone zappers quickly relieve pain throughout the body and generally speed up healing.

We've only had to refund 2 of these models as of September 21, 2000. 



All models now have a lower frequency  which other researchers have found to penetrate deeper than the frequencies generated by the original Clark design.

The TERMINATOR has a neodimium magnet and 15Hz + a mobius coil.  We've also begun substituting amethyst (purple) and garnet (crystals) for quartz.  We're also using spherical crystals, which  seem to have a stronger, smoother effect.

Neodimium (rare earth) magnets are much more powerful than any you can buy in a store.  These are the ones you get in therapeutic devices from the MLM companies.  The magnet in the TERMINATOR, though, is much larger.  It seems that the health benefits of magnets may be due to their orgone component.  We'd like to hear the thoughts of others about that.  As far as I know, Germany is the only place where the study of orgone is carried out in universities.

Mobius coils produce a very chaotic energy field when current is pulsed through them.  We've found that the other components of the TERMINATOR seem to organize and focus this energy in the form of kundalini.  The rare earth magnet intensifies the energy from the orgone generator, so that both kundalilni and orgone are present in greater strength.  This has shown to have additional pain relief ability and an increase in awareness and vital energy, which are primary features of regular zappers.

Some care needs to be taken initially, though, with the TERMINATOR, as this model also speeds up the body's elimination process.  This happens through the skin and mucous membranes if there are lesions there.  After the lesions have healed, the TERMINATOR can be worn as much as is desired without uncomfortable effects.

Early on, we discovered that simply killing parasites raises consciousness.  It wasn't hard to make the connection between that and working with subtle energies.  Weird science is hard science.  Working with this kind of makes regular science look like simple mechanics & you might start to wonder why anyone would need to consult institutionalized scientists about this stuff.

We get a kick out of hearing the story of the mathmeticians who proved that bumble bees can't fly.  I put institutionalized scientists in that category.  The real pioneer work has always been done in garages and basements, not in well-equipped labs, funded by the alleged gov't.

15Hz is apparently the target frequency to which the Schuman (earth) resonance has been increasing for the past several years.  As of 9/21, 2000, we believe that is about 12.5Hz.  

We believe that the increasing earth frequency is synonymous with the current paradigm shift taking place, so we are making that frequency available in the zapper to sort of get us used to it.


We've become aware of a screening process in this business.  The people who buy these are generally already convinced that there's something to be gained from using these devices.

The nice thing about that is that we don't have to expend effort trying to justify or persuade people to try it.

We are, of course, available to answer questions, challenges, concerns, etc.  How can a business be this much fun?

Another pattern showing up is that a critical mass is in the process of manifesting.  In our lifetime we may see a dramatic shift in human consciousness which will no longer allow parasitic energies to influence us in the world at large as well as in our bodies.

The Center for Disease Control recently discovered that the average American has 2 pounds of parasites (around 300 species). Why not unload these passengers?

(I've put the above statement in as I read it in the promotional literature of the Aware Corp., a MLM that sells anti-parasite herbs.  I can't vouch for its validity)

There are several versions of zappers on the market from at least 4 inventors. We believe that Dr. Clark's has the most refined circuit and we can attest (from our own observations) that her own clinical research is valid.

The original circuit from which Dr. Clark's was most likely developed was invented in the 1970's by Clifford Harrelson, who lives in Ashland, Oregon.

In particular, we have found that the very low current (4.5mA, max) put out by this zapper is more effective, overall, than the higher current put out by some of our competitors' versions.

This principle (that very low electrical current kills parasites) was discovered accidentally by researchers at Albert Einstein Medical School when a bare wire accidentally fell into a human tissue culture of the AIDS virus, destroying the virus but not harming the human tissue.

For Illnesses Not Caused by Parasites:

Though parasites are almost always a factor in illness, there are sometimes other primary causes--pollution, in the form of metals, petrochemicals, solvents, mold toxins, etc.; energetic barriers, whether created by the sufferer or other agencies.

We are confident to make these recommendations for successfully addressing internal pollution and energy limitations:

A 3-year search for a doctor who is experienced at removing toxic metals and other materials from the body has been rewarded: Dr. William von Peters, who has also been very successful in treating chronic degenerative and female illnesses, can be reached at (888) 824-2726 or for consultations. He is currently president of the Georgia Naturopathic Association. Dr. Peters combines two very rare
qualiites in the healing field: knowledge of the causes of illness and a social conscience.

Many, many illnesses are simply the result of breathing contaminated air indoors, especially in the winter months. The Alpine air purifiers remove these toxins by ozonation and/or ionization, and are the most reasonably priced, good-quality units. Alpine machines don't discolor walls and drapes as the older models did. If you don't have a way to get one, contact Jeff Augsberger at (888)747-2986, or

Dental amalgams can be removed by qualified dentists in your area. It would be helpful to contact a local natural foods store for recommendations. If cost is more of a consideration than distance, this can be done for about 20% of the US cost in Mexico or Canada.

Kundalini is Now Accessible
Without Needing Years of Study

If you are seriously committed to the consciousness-aspects of healing and are not bound by dogma or convention, we suggest that you call James and Rosemary Hughes, at (541) 488-2872. Having said that, we must note that they are very kind, and attentive to the comfort and sensibilities of their guests. Their approach is to gently assist others to access the kundalini which is abundant in the body. Allow some time for a response, since they are frequently on the road and may not be able to check their messages daily. They showed us that subtle energies are sometimes not so subtle, and that "energy" and "information" are interchangable concepts.  

Though I don't have a background in metaphysics, I have found much of the technology associated with "new agers" extremely useful and effective. ~Don Croft

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This is a research device. If you are undergoing treatment, consult your physician before using a zapper. The zapper can't be recommended for people who have pacemakers or for pregnant women.